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: Hm, my proposed changes for Teemo (that I just made up): Passive: Attack speed buff reduced to 20/30/40/50 (from 20/40/60/80) First attack during element of surprise deals additional 10 +4*Level +30% AP magic damage (So, maximum damage is 82 +30% AP) W: Cooldown changed to 18/17/16/15/14 Passive movement speed changed to 10/13/16/19/22% +2% AP Active movement speed changed to 30/39/48/57/66 +6% AP that decays over 3 seconds to it's passive value (so, in average it's doubled, but you get higher burst of speed after use). Also, lower cooldown because 17 seconds for a movement speed buff at max rank is ridiculous. R: Shroom duration changed to 300/390/480 seconds from 300 flat at all ranks (so 5/6,5/8 minutes instead of 5) In summary: small increase in mobility (though, with higher AP it will be pretty good), more benefits for trying to gank from the passive and a partial revert on the shroom duration nerf. Also, Teemo cannot get a jump because his damage source is all targeted and thus cannot be dodged. As such, he shouldn't have that much safety.
safety... i dont think blind is that much safety spell neither move quick. only his mushroom is, but that is also not that good anymore. think about gnar or lulu, they have lot of escapes with aoe slows
RedPoro (EUW)
: 10/10 ~Icetea50
pls no spam Kappa
: Just gonna say this as an avid Cho player: For teemo to beat cho, harass and rush attack speed, and push to drop two towers before he gets back to lane.
Yes, in straight up 1v1 situation that is possible. But in solo q or teamgame, if you rush attackspeed as teemo top, hmm u knu, if cho lands 1 rupture Teemo gets 1shotted. ;D or jungler can just punish teemo since Teemo will be under cho's turret? ;)
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