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: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
I am confused by your designs. I thought you were trying to help ADC's as they are declared the worst role in the META at this moment? So your idea is to NERF every crit item by roughly 5% and buff their MS by 2%; oh and destroy PD by 15% less AS and a shield that uses the same passive as other items; so you cannot benefit from the Maw's Shield and bonuses? Oh and don't you think I wouldn't see that ninja NERF to IE; a bonus 25% vs (old version) 50% crit damage? How are any of these changes good besides the Revert of Essence Reaver? Overall, 85% of the items just got nerfed. Unless your buffing all crit base champions to compensate for these item nerfs, we are about to be flooded with Lucian ADC (not like he isn't S tier already) and maybe see Kai'sa back to being a perma ban as now she has mana items but the new ER is covering that. Oh that Spear of Shojin item looks like a weaker version of our current ER that Jax uses to pop off. Is that the proposed way to nerf Jax is to nerf the items that make him broken... oh wait, no it doesn't stop him from having a Short CD on his E with 40-45% CDR build and never ending leaps so you can never escape from him or duel? Lets be very serious here now, The 5,000 gold IE was a great design. It solves almost every crit damage champions issues; they gain AD, they gain crit chance, they gain AS, and gain MS. This was the dream item for crit base champions; similar to Trinity Force is for Bruisers. This would also solve the issue of needing 4 items to reach 100% for all but 2 champions (Tryndamere & Yasuo). What the item could of done is been is it gains 25% crit chance at start and increased to 50% crit chance based on the amount of crit you have on your character; thus needing 2 crit items for Yasuo to not break him. But the main issue was that 5,000 gold value, which was way over priced. It has the same value as Trinity Force, thus it should be equal to the price of Trinity Force. The items cost were perfect also, 1300 for each of the 3 items that are useful all the time and get that power boost when item is finished.
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