: Missing out on the 10 year anniversary :(
So i just logged in and now i see that they are missions not actual daily limited rewards. never mind. lol
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: Sounds like a crap internet connection dropping packets. If it only happens in LoL it is not your mouse/keyboard.
i know my internet has definitely gotten worse over the last year and i'm planning on calling my providers. but the ping ms in game is totally fine when ever i get the delay. still i wouldn't be surprised if it has some colorization some how.
: It honestly sounds like youve maxed out your troubleshooting abilities and besides suggesting the things youve already tried, the boards really cant help you. I would honestly take your computer to a computer shop and have them take a look at it. They will be able to troubleshoot it, run diagnostics, etc. If you live in Canada, I would recommend taking it to Canada Computers, if youre in the US, find the nearest computer parts store and take it there. These computer shops usually have a repair department.
ty for the help. i'll definitely look around in my local area to see if there are any shops that can help. i'm not quite sure what exactly to ask though since everything else works fine for the computer it's just league (to my knowledge). i'm not sure how packeting works with other applications or what. thanks again.
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Xphineas (NA)
: If its a new keyboard; unplug it. Plug it up when the computer is shut down. Plugging in new appliances while the computer is running causes the connection to be worse then if you do it shut down. Try this, then perhaps try another keyboard (if you have one?) then finally try reinstalling.
i tried the unplugging of my keyboard and mouse and it seemed to help...briefly. sort of...sometimes...i tried it a few times including while in game and it sometimes helped and sometimes it did nothing. i really don't want to do a full restart of my computer but it's looking like i might do it just to see if i can actually resolve this problem. i'm just so sick of feeling like i'm fighting against my computer more than the enemy team.
Xphineas (NA)
: I had a similar problem. I ended up quitting league for a while. When I got a new keyboard, that fixed it. I also did a re-install of the computer, like deleting and re-installing everything.
hmmm. the keyboard is new so i should hope there's nothing wrong with that, but maybe i'll try re-installing everything.
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: 2-3 second lag delay with perfect ping/fps
did you ever find a solution to this issue? i'm asking because i have the same issue right now and i have not found a solution/gotten any help really.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Ivern a Tree Guy,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=OeVYGgTP,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-01T02:51:51.704+0000) > > I have windows 10. And the thing is some games run totally fine. I'm pretty sure my computer is up to date on updates but I'll definitely check again. Check Drivers and that use movement prediction is off
drivers for display adapters are up to date. is there a specific one other than that i should have updated? i have geforce experience as my display adapter btw
: Is your Windows 7 machine fully up to date? My brother had issues before when I put W7 on his PC where his games ran bad since it didn't receive all the main updates.
I have windows 10. And the thing is some games run totally fine. I'm pretty sure my computer is up to date on updates but I'll definitely check again.
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: [CRASH] Loading screen stuck at 100% / 0%
I keep getting this issue every couple of weeks for 2-3 days in a row. it's so irritating. it's the exact same thing for me in NA. que up for a game or ranked 5v5 get into loadings screen. get to 100% then after 5 minutes get disconnected and penalized. then play 5 games of arams or nexus blizt or norms then load in completely fine. i hate it so much and i've made board post of this before in the past but i never get any help or feed back from anyone especially anyone from riot. it's so annoying.
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: Getting ridiculous
i'm having similar issue and it's super annoying i feel you. when ever i go to play ranked i get disconnected. every single time. most of the time it shows i'm loaded in at 100%. by the time i try and reconnect the game is either over, league crashed, or i just keep getting disconnected at 100% and can't join the game. it's so god damn annoying. i've gotten penalized 3 times now for 5 games each penalty. 20 minute waits per game. and the most annoying thing is that when i go to play aram during those penalty games i connect perfectly fine with zero issues. it's when i go to summoners rift ranked that all the problems are mostly occurring at. and i play 80% ranked games so league is just dead in the water for me right now and it's so frustrating. i've made 4 boards post in the last week and not a single helpful comment has been made by anyone let alone anyone at riot. i also checked my internet with the tool tip after being "afk" and it turns out my internet speed is "great" showing it's 94/100 for speed. i've been playing league since season 5 and i still love the game. but honestly i feel like riot is just shitting their pants recently. trying to push out as much content as possible to try and stay relevant. and in doing so they end up fucking up their maintenance and servers at the expense of trying to keep people as interested as possible. only problem is i don't care for half the shit they're pushing out. i just want to play league i don't care about a new aram map or pyke being released asap or an aatrox rework. i want to play league not get penalized when ever i try to play league to rank up. i do admit i play league on an older macbook pro but i've never had this many problems with league ever before in such a short amount of time. it's super annoying. 2 weeks ago i wasn't having any problems at all. this past week almost every other day i run into at least 3 bugs, crashes and other shitty things. Something hat might help you actually is just hitting "enter" or "shift" when you have the black screen when loading in. i did have that issue about a year and a half ago. but i'm not sure if it's the same issue that i had way back when or if you're having problems more like the ones i just described. let me know. unlike riot i'm actually curious about your problems
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Dewm (NA)
: Getting disconnected several times a game?
i had a connection issue a few days ago along with a bunch of other people. yesterday i was connecting just fine but then after a 6 hour maintenance update today i go right back to disconnecting and being completely unable to connect. feelsgood
: Having a real tough time connecting.
same i keep getting booted out of loading screen even when i'm at 100%. didn't have this problem earlier today but then Pyke was released and i can't connect now.
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: Disconnect when i reach 100%
same thing keeps happening to me. i got disconnected from a ranked game. tried an aram. disconnected 3 times from that then finally loaded in. played a custom game after that, loaded in fine. went to play a ranked then disconnected again at 100%, tried to reconnect but then the game ended and i get 5 penalty games. real great. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Scabbyyy (NA)
: Lost lp for game that i reconnected late to
I had the same thing happen to me. Was there for the first 12 minutes of my game dc'd for 8 minutes because internet disconnected i came back at 20 minutes and was there for the last 14 minutes of the total 34 minute game went 1/2/16 as Braum support and lost lp at the end. I don't think its fair at all. Maybe i can see not gaining or losing LP but even then i don't think it's fair at all. At the end of the game in the post game lobby it said i was not legible for "end game loot" but i feel like LP is not loot its what you're entitled to for winning a game that your were there for at least a minimum for half the game.
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: Who's the Sea monster in the middle? I got Cho'Gath, Kog'maw, Ur'got, Malphite, Nami, and Rek'Sai if you wanna count her. I can't seem to figure out who's the middle one though.
I wasn't sure who it was for a bit either but i think it's nagakabouros aka illaoi's {{champion:420}} god, i looked up a picuture of nagakabouros and it looks pretty similar to this one https://www.google.com/search?q=nagakabouros+god&safe=strict&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiQtafi5eHTAhUh74MKHV63CboQ_AUIBigB&biw=1206&bih=646#imgrc=afcPqQs4CC9kSM:
: @riot my favorite thing about ranked is how toxic everyone is to their teammates
Honestly just hit "/mute all" works like a charm {{champion:103}}, trust me
: Blackscreen Client
Is it just immediately after you put your password in? I had a similar problem where when i was in the loading screen of any game/game mode my screen would just go black instead of showing the loading screen. and the solution was just to literally press "enter" and that fixed it.
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: Garen's isnt true damage unless your the villain which only on the most recent killer on the enemie team, you don't get to choose this ether...
well isn't that a relief seeing as he still shreds all of my armor with his e
Áery (NA)
: I get Caitlyn traps are apart of her gameplay identity
* This is true, i hate her instant casting/storing of traps. maybe if they had a certain distance she can only cast them like cassiopeas W miasma {{champion:69}} that would e a bit more fair
Kai0ken (NA)
: Ive tried to load into 2 ranked games on separate occasions and got black screen and wasnt able to click retry or cancel. so i got sttuck and now leaver gave me lower priority queue when I didnt do anything. And the league logo wont get out the middle of my screen. Ill have to restart. Riot , get me out of lower priority queue.
hit enter when you're in the loading screen it if turns black and you can't load in. I had that problem for months but i think it's a different problem from what is happening to people like me and others. Although when i was in the loading screen it did stay black a bit longer than usual...for like 10 seconds but then it went away. Hopefully riot will fix the solution and sorry to hear about being in low priority but it will make your climb harder and make you a better league player. :)
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: We can get rioter's placements game but not another {{champion:202}} skin?
I swear to god if {{champion:202}} doesn't get an arclight skin i will go crazy, i need this to be a skin
: 1. We can get rioter's placements game but not project{{champion:427}} ????{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
I will pay good money for elderwood {{champion:427}} also really wanted old saint {{champion:427}} but i'm not mad at all about santa {{champion:201}}
: Kick off the 2017 Ranked Season with the dev team!
Still waiting for {{champion:245}} and {{champion:26}} to have a new shared skin theme
Zeo521 (NA)
: Removing Jungle Smite Buffs
Yeah I'm not excited for this preseason.....playing add is going to suck with talon having his wall jump up every 2 seconds and reneger getting 30% bonus ad for killing 3 people....removing smite and adding plants is destroying skill needed for this game and making luck a more common factor....idk i have hopes that riot will fix everything by the time the preseason and that they will listen to people complaints and comments since I'm pretty sure no one likes the changes to the jungle or addition with plants. Im hoping it all gets sorted out by the end of the season.
: Just ban him, riot wont help with this
: I have never experienced this benevolent bug before. I have 400+ Darius games this season.
yeah i have also played a lot of darius but i don't ever remember his q giving two stacks
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: Black Screen Solution : Press ENTER
Thanks man! I just tried this in a custom game and it worked!!! :) I had been waiting 3 months using a older laptop and it was a struggle to play league. Now i'm going to try a normal game and see if it works.
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: same for me . I've been trying to find a solution but nothing works :/
What type of computer do you have?
: [CRASH] in champ select
I'm having the same problem. I can't play or spectate games. I have a MacBook Pro and right after I finish champion select my screen just goes back, but it still says I'm in game. It doesn't show the loading screen or anything.
: Black screen
Also I can't spectate games either..
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