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: Long queues
They shifted some of the aram servers to support the arurf game mode.
: Please Bring Back Nexus Blitz!
It doesnt have to be Nexus Blitz per say, but a game mode that includes the following would be nice for filthy casual players like myself after getting bored of 1k aram games in a season: * Short game duration would end at 20 minutes no matter what * Can pick your character * Get one blind ban per person * Different map than Summoner's Rift that could have a secondary objective like shrines or alters or whatever * New items that don't have to be 100% balanced like they had on the Butcher's Bridge and Nexus blitz * You aren't forced to play specific characters in their specified ranked roles * Higher passive gold to play around with specific builds but remove or reduce bounties * No ranked ladder for the mode I'm sure there could be more things to be listed but this covers the basics.
: Possible Memory Leak (or something similar?)
100% the case of memory leak. I played about 8 games of poro king in a row last night. After playing for a while, I left the post match screen on in the background while browsing some online forums and youtube. When I went to close the client and shutdown my computer before I went to bed everything just froze. My entire computer froze from the client. It took 30 seconds for the Windows task manager to open when it normally takes one second. The league client was the only program open at the time. Even after after the client was closed my computer took much much longer than usual to process normal tasks and to shutdown.
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: HEADS UP: Chromas for champions and skins are available for BE in the store for a limited time
Thanks for the comment i bet there was a bit of checking back and forth on the OP's part. I was a bit disappointed in the shop though. First of all the essence emporium is a mess to sort through if dont have an exact chroma in mind you are looking to get. Second I dont purchase any skins but i own like 60-70 from chests over the last 3 years of playing, but none of the specific skins I have have available chromas for blue essence for some reason like the cosmic queen Ashe, praetorian Fiddlesticks project Akali omega squad twitch dunkmaster darius pool party graves star gardian xayah; I dont even understand. I guess beggars cant be choosers and I will just not be able to get anything a bit of a let down though.
: Micro-balancing ARAM has unintended consequences and should be stopped
I was wondering if someone would make a post of this even though I dont think they will touch these changes for a long while or even balances new champs coming out like Senna if shes really good in aram. Some of the biggest offenders imo are {{champion:28}} , {{champion:7}} and some other that got huge damage reductions and damage bonuses. I played against a leblanc the other day and we were all squishy with no cc on non ult abilities and she could just one shot anyone for free once she had ludens with her ult double w and there was nothing we could really do. Meanwhile other assassins got no buffs that arent particularly good in the first place like {{champion:131}} or {{champion:121}}. Then there are champs like {{champion:145}} who got 12% more damage and shes not even bad in aram or {{champion:81}} who got no damage reduction but all he does is mostly poke endlessly for free on melees. I dont even play {{champion:37}} anymore shes useless af since she deals significantly less damage takes a lot more and provides not good utility since heals and shields are halved. She is basically just a flash ult bot at best if you can get a 4 or 5 man ult. The same goes for other heals and shields supports who got nerfed. I thought the entire point of the micro balancing was to make games not completely hopeless in some situations, but that still happens a decent amount of the time.
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: Game won't load after Champion Select
I posted a response to this bug in another thread. Just log off of your desktop as soon as you realize the game wont load then log back on to your desktop and log back into your league account. You might be a little late to the game, but this bug happens a bit to me and this solution has worked every time.
: My League client won't open up the loading screen, and I've been losing LP and getting Leavebusters.
You dont have to restart your computer. Just log off then log back on. I get this bug once ever 4 game or so and this makes the game transition from lobby to ingame every time. You can usually do this fast enough to join the game within the first 10 seconds of the match starting. You may have to close other applications such as your music playlist but its the fastest and best fix imo until they actually fix the game.
: Why are Diamonds in every single one of my normal matches?
I have my original account which level 200+ and i play vs plat and diamond all the time in normal games since i played a lot of normals last year. I made a new account 3 months ago and even though there are not as many plat and diamond ranked players in the normal games on that account there are still quite a bit. I thought since the account is only level 37 as of right now i could avoid them to play with my brother who has not played much league in the last year. My first game played with him after a year break on my main account we played a normal game vs a diamond 2 vlad player who hard carried the game for the enemy team which made him not want to play at all afterwards. On the level 37 account I saw a diamond 4 players in a normal games when I was level 33 which surprised me since there are hardly even any games on the account yet. Either there are just much more plat and diamond players in general due to the new ranking structure which lowers the value of even being diamond, or many diamond players are dissatisfied with ranked and are bashing people in normals (sometimes they feed they arent god-like by any means).
: I can't evne follow the reasoning behind things riot is doing these days.
Unpopular opinion Riot wants the game to be in a perpetual state of negativity to continuously keep people buzzing about the game. They think people will get board of the game if it were 90-95% balanced unlike it is now where it is 60%? (meaning there is a meta, and somewhat of champion balance, turret adjustments, jungle exp nerfs, established bot lane rules, etc.) balanced.
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: Crash dump (cant play the game)
This is happening to me as well, and I made a post about it not long ago myself. You can make a temporary file which has the error data but that doesnt do any good for the user.
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: Extremely inconsistent ping for no reason
I was waiting to see for myself if other people had this issue or if it is just me. My ping has been spiking constantly (62-170 and up to 1k in teamfights) in game ever since patch 8.23 launched. I do not think i can do anything about this since i didnt change anything drastically in the last month on my end. I guess im just a laggy for fun player only to play aram and nexus blitz and not worrying about dc'ing in game while my internet seems to be working fine. Actually my internet is not fine since comcast sucks but still.
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: Has anybody else just, ceased getting excited for new champions?
The last champion i was really hyped and still play is Jhin. I think marksmen generate a bit more hype than any other class because of the small champion pool due to balancing. I'm glad one of the new champs is a marksmen so people might hopefully forget about the virtuoso
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