: I can play on EUW from New Hampshire and not have issues with it. Any connection issues you are having are 100% your fault
Connect to another server doesn't make your connection bad. Also, it's not what you pointed on the first place, but you got where I wanted to: this system benefits only the ppl with almost perfect connection. League has many players and not everyone is able to have a 5-star internet service, you know. The old system had it's failures, but it never put me 35 seconds behind with the timer.
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: New Champion Q&A: Jhin, the Virtuoso [COMPLETED]
Hello. I'm curious about some things with Jhin: 1. Is he loyal to someone? I mean, he likes to kill things, but I wonder if he is able to have a partner or someone he could rely his back. You know, he's a Marksman, that said, he has to have support from other people. 2. I get he's evil and has a twisted mind, but, **is he evil, evil?** What does he thinks about Thresh and his quest for endless torment and torture for his victims? Or Jinx that just wants to destroy everything? 3. How much of his body is still human flesh? 4. (It doesn't has anything to do about Jhin, but I had this on my mind for some time and I hope you guys may answer) All the concept around Kalista is that she comes for those who were betrayed to claim retribution. As shown on her promo video, she appears before the traitor and announces that she is comming for them. I wonder if, on the hour of their death, do they see Kalista or Kindred? I remember rioters saying that Kindred may appear with many forms from people to people. Thanks and great job developing him!
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
What are your thoughts about current state of {{champion:22}}? I find myself struggling to activate her Q when being engaged with, no abilities synergy to build up stacks but to auto attack. I think that right now she has too much "set up" to finally be into a fight.
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: Yes, there should be inherent limitations, because there should be no reason why she is able to block ignite. Considering what all she has access to.
Exactly. As for the Exhaustion, it should work similar to Morgana's E, denying the CC aspect of the spell (slows), but keeping the damage reduction effect.
: on the other hand, there are several matchups in which Fiora completely loses if she doesn't Riposte PERFECTLY.
This is not what I am trying to discuss here...
: its the ability that takes the most skill in her kit. you need to time a riposte in response to a major ability which you have to anticipate in addition to hitting the skillshot.
And I agree with you. It's a great thing to be rewarded for perfectly blocking a Champion spell, but being rewarded even if your enemy don't hit you? (50% slows)
: Did you know that exhaust and ignite are instant, and if you use them on a parrying Fiora, you are either bad or you are lagging really badly (in which case you'd probably lose to any champion).
I belive you didn't get the point os this post. What I am saying is that there should be a limit to what defensive spells can do (specially if it's not an ultimate), in this case, the summoner spells. Take as an exemple Morgana's E, Black Shield. She can block the CC aspect of the ability (slows) but she cannot block the damage reduction effect. And just for you to know, I do not use Exhaust or Ignite, as I play most of my games as an ADC. I just pointed this in case someone didn't know.
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Meddler (NA)
: We think he's a little on the weak side, so are putting some small buffs to him in 5.16. Most significant one is that his W movement speed bonus is stronger and, while its duration has been shorted, it can now also be procced for Lucian by his allies.
Have you guys ever considered making his passive appy true damage with chance to crit? This would help him to deal with late game tanks/juggernauts. I think that Lucian's biggest problem is at late game, where he gets outshined hard by the other carry since he delas like no dmg to frontlines...
: Why there isn't a in-game voice chat yet?
Lol you guys. I really don't get the point. If someone just flame on you, simply mute the damn person or disable voice chat and live your life. If we keep avoid doing things that would improve if used right, but get scared because of the bad use, we will never get somewhere. -_- Unfair advantage to those who have a mic? please, stop. Just to be clear: I am talking about a in-game voice chat that almost everygame has today but we're still living in 2000s, texting. I am not talking about a premade party who will definitely use skype or so, but on soloqueue or normals. Why do I have to invite random person to my TS server or add someone on Skype JUST to play one match? It makes no sense. The game should offer it by defaut. The same way people can be completely jerks on voice chats, they can be even worse texting. How many games did you lost because someone was "busy" flaming eachother on chat and always get off guard? It is a simple thing: Do you not like voice chat because you're afraid of trolls? Disable the content. Do you like it? Use it. Everyone wins.
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: Detailed Feedback for the Update to Summoner's Rift
The map is great imo, and I have just a few things to add here. The first thing I think that should change is the Dragon Pit. It just feels strange for him to spawn and just lay down on the water and have a nap(?). At least give him a rock or something so he can get dry. The other thing is with the Red base. If you look to Red Nexus, you will see some kind of blue pulse coming out of it, the same blue glow appears on the Blue Nexus, but it doesn't feel right with the Red Nexus. It doesn't match the base color. It should glow Red instead of blue. http://i.imgur.com/y6HXyYS.jpg
: Give in-game Janna her tattoo!
As we're discussing about Janna, why she doesn't have elven ears on her Forecast skin? It's just not Janna without it.
Vesh (NA)
: This is a really really well done analysis. Like seriously. It's true that a dedicated heal spell cannot really be interactive. However, maybe there is some cool space to make a heal that is somehow enemy-interactive. Nami's does this to some degree, and I tend to think it's one of the better designed heals in our game. I actually think your older idea for her passive had a better direction. Damage reduction feels really shitty for everyone involved and is incredibly powerful for how unappreciated it is. In general we want to create interactive gameplay *patterns*. It's acceptable for a single spell to have little to no interaction provided it is a part of an interactive pattern. Currently Soraka's W is not this. I'm working on a couple of different pattern directions currently and have tried a few others that have failed. Your goals for starcall being important to the overall pattern are good, but also remember that starcall by itself has low overall gameplay/counterplay. There might be something cool we can add to the rest of the pattern that makes a simple heal an integral part of interacting with enemies. Gonna test some stuff today and if any of it shapes up to be promising I'll share some of the results!
Just a question: Have you guys considered to take her E to a different direction, like making it cleanse CC? I mean, if she's intended to be a true healer she should have cleanse CC skills. This would make her a crucial choice for a very agressive lane like Thresh or Leona.

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