Xareav (NA)
: I think you misread the patch. It wasn't intended as a buff to MF - they simply realized that the current return for upgrading her e was so bad from ranks 1 to 2 that it literally wasn't worth doing, so they fixed it.
No, they realized it was too weak at rank 1 considering the mana cost. Leveling up now actually makes it gain less power. Either way, not really a buff.
: Patch 9.15 notes
Pretty sure Riot removed the cursor in this patch to help drown out the comments about how bad Project Jinx looks
: Shhhh, don't give away our secrets.
Hey, Riot gets paid either way so it really doesn't matter.
: Personally I'm sad about the Wit's change, but mostly because this probably means I won't be able to play Wit's End Nautilus and somehow top the damage charts on my team any more. To be fair though, that probably shouldn't have been possible in the first place.
I feel like that could still work. If anything they're pushing the item more towards tanky melee champs and away from ranged carries. Maybe you won't deal as much damage but it still sounds like a good item for... whatever it is you're doing.
Dessem (EUW)
: I thought Riot allowed players to define the meta? Camille seems to be picked more in the jungle than in the top lane, so why nerf her for jungle then? Wouldn't it make sense to embrace her being a jungler now and nerf accordingly?
Players pick up on stuff because it's strong. Camille was designed as a top laner but got shoved into jungle after some nerfs and people realised how broke she was at jungling. But I think the real reason is that the exact same thing happened to Vi when she was released: designed as a top laner, relegated to jungle. So I think now they are embracing Vi as a true jungler and Camille as a true top laner.
: Patch 9.3 notes
Oh cool, another crit item that will probably be lackluster on marksmen and picked up and abused by bruisers!
Mawmog (NA)
: Being black
Officer Caitlyn wants to know your location
: Sylas available now!
Wait so Sylas has three emotes already and some champs have less than 1?
Dopapod (NA)
: Literally every other champion that has a similar ability (Malazahar W) draws turret aggro onto themselves... it should be the same for yorick.
Walkers have always drawn turret aggro afaik, but what's new here is drawing MINION aggro. This "bugfix" is a flat out nerf to an already dead and beaten champ.
Nalisai (NA)
: Just curious when you're going to make some skins for the less visually pleasing, non-female champions? Urgot, Rumble, maybe Zac?
Urgot literally got a skin a month ago and recently had a VGU making him not visually unpleasant anymore
: Patch 8.22 notes
Oh look, Toy Soldier Graves made it to live.
: Patch 8.18 Notes
> If you're assigned Jungle in draft queues, you'll load into Champion Select with Smite already selected! You're still free to swap Smite out (or swap to Smite if you aren't assigned Jungle) in cases where you're running an offbeat comp or want to switch roles with a teammate. THANK YOU LORD JESUS IT'S ONLY BEEN 3 YEARS SINCE YOU MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO JUNGLE WITHOUT SMITE AND THIS HAPPENS WAY TOO OFTEN
M1A48 (NA)
: I understand your frustration against Morgana, but have you considered how slow her q projectile is?
Honestly I don't even have trouble playing against Morgana, but when you're in the bot lane, you always have to worry about what your lane partner is doing and the answer is usually "not dodging the binding."
: Patch 8.15 Notes
Hey, just thought you guys might like to know you nerfed the WRONG Morgana ability! The problem with Morgana isn't that she can keep a carry safe forever, it's that she can spam her binding without penalty throughout the entire game and landing it even 1/100 times is basically a guaranteed kill. 50 mana on the most overpowered cc ability in the game is disgusting, and the cost doesn't scale up enough to ever make it an issue. Put E back the way it was and nerf the Q mana costs to 60/70/80/90/100. ffs Nami's W costs **130 mana** at rank 5 and that spell doesn't even do anything impactful.
adjoth (NA)
: So is Pyke's 'R' supposed to go through shields? Because it did, at least the shield from {{item:3048}}.
It executes any champion below the HP threshold. Since shields are not HP, it ignores the shield. If the champion is not in execute range, then it will deal physical damage and should interact properly with shields.
: as a hardcore aram player (over 100000000 games in total) i'd like em to keep new heals area effect thingy and warmogs removal as permanent changes. mastery improvements, reroll points everything looks on point now. as for the map itself it looks pretty good for a change so why not just to add it as a map rotation?
Not sure if you just put too many zeroes, but I'm almost positive you don't have over one hundred million games of ARAM.
: Patch 8.11 notes
PLEASE FIX PKYE W SFX IT'S DEAFENINGLY LOUD FOR NO REASON (at least in spectator, idk about in game)
: Patch 8.10 notes
These Pulsefire skins need to stop. PF Ezreal is old and outdated and probably the most overpriced skin in the game. PF Cait looks absurd with that ridiculous giant motorcyle-gun. PF TF looks like a steampunk neckbeard. PF Shen looks like a generic Graves/Garen beefy tough guy. PF Riven is probably the only decent one, but only because it looks like her sword design was ripped from the Monster Hunter Charge Blade design.
: Your Shop Returns
Have you guys considered adding a re-roll feature with each My Shop? Don't get me wrong, I think I've bought at least one skin each time, but say for the people who are picky and like to complain, you could give them a one-time chance to say "I don't want any of these skins, give me a new batch." It would be a small risk as you lose the chance to buy any of the first skins, but if none of them are ones you really want, having a re-roll would feel good.
: End of season honor 5 reward, where is it?
I guess that's just how it's supposed to show up. You see a picture of a chest but there's nothing to actually open. A bit lazy and confusing on their part, but a gift's a gift.
: They're literally giveng them a 50% discount right before retiring them... Like seriously dude put the tin foil hat away.
I think he's talking about the Legacy Worlds Orb, which costs 20 extra Worlds Tokens and all you get is a "Legacy" skin, which is code for "old and outdated."
: Aw man, kinda liked "Lust Dust". I found it kind of funny.
Didn't fit in with the new theme, imo. Old Evelynn was (unintentionally) silly, but new is strictly demonic business.
merlinsen (EUW)
: Would really like to see a solution on the grevious wounds part. For example as support Zyra if i wanted to stop an enemy vlad i can only build morellos and as support you can't afford a Morellos that is even less gold efficient later into the game when i want to buy it.
Supports do not need reliable access to Grievous Wounds. That would not only nullify the usefulness of Ignite, but pretty much relegate the role of healing reduction to support only. Why spend gold on healing redux when the support can do it instead? And they will do it every game if it is packaged on to a gold-efficient support item. Basically takes the problem of Morello (too damn good) and moves it to support.
: Patch 7.20 notes
Just like to point out that new Evelynn's W was originally called Lust Dust and now it's called Allure. Thank you Riot for addressing that absolutely ridiculous name and changing it something less awful.
: Your Shop is open!
Well I have to say that I was disappointed with my first shop, but after you guys fixed it there are two skins in there I would like and I appreciate you doing a good job, so here take my money.
: Your Shop is open!
I've been pulled into buying several skins from the Secret Shop over the years. This time I don't have a single skin that I like... Can we get a reroll?
: Rewards for old Honor are out
I was proud of my blue ribbon back when I had it and I will be proud to show off this icon. A little weird that I haven't received it along with the basic icon, but we'll wait and see.
: Neo PAX Sivir and Epic Capsules
So basically we have 4 months to scrounge together 10 gemstones? That's roughly 12 weeks, which means you could earn roughly 12 chests, and given that we have like 1% chance to get a gemstone, there is virtually no chance that anyone will actually be able to unlock this skin unless they just happened to have 8 or 9 of them saved up already or they sink a ton of cash into capsules.
: 10 bans now live in Ranked
I don't see why you can't just implement 10-bans in a similar fashion to pro play. Just let the first 3 ban simultaneously, give it to the other team, pick 3, then ban 2 simultaneously on both sides. I don't really see what about the snake system makes it only viable in competitive play.
: Legacy Client Now Retired
Will we be able to spectate the Top Solo/Duo and the Top 5v5 queues again? The new client seems to have the "Spectate Game" option, but none of the players appear as in game, so none of them can be spectated.
: Practice with purpose
So, who's going to be the first to create some custom game modes for Practice?
: Patch 6.16 notes
> DID I STUTTER? The ghost doesn’t cancel its basic attacks when ordered to attack a unit it was already attacking Okay cool, could you not have taken less than 5 minutes to make this fix for {{champion:83}} as well?
: Patch 6.14 notes
Why is it that you balance some champions around professional play, while others you balance for Normals? Perfect example is {{champion:114}}. Basically I read her patch notes as: "Fiora fell out of the top 5% and that is unacceptable to salty Fiora mains raging everywhere so even though this champion is in a good spot we're going to make her slightly more viable in competitive." Otherwise there are dozens of champions that are barely viable in a casual Normal match and you just kind of glance over them with a casual "meh."
: Q. What is in the champ mastery formula A. Uhh... just play normal That seriously doesn't help the people asking this question. I don't think it has occurred to Riot that the reason why this is such a popular question is that the grade you receive at the end of the match almost never matches expectations and seems arbitrary. Which is why people want to know what categories to perform well in because playing normally doesn't equate to you getting an S. Now Riot can keep saying they won't tell anyone because then people will try to play for stats (as if playing for good stats isn't a good thing), but the alternative is people play for stats based on popular theories on what helps. So Riot believes it would be problematic for someone to pick a champ and know what averages they need to beat in order to get an S, and then work toward that goal in game, because maybe someone decides to afk farm for a bit to hit a cs quota. The problem is Riot gives people incentives to care about the ratings and so people will go into games with the end goal of getting an S rather than winning anyway. Only instead of knowing what averages they need to beat, they do the same thing Riot thinks people will only do if they knew the exact formula, which is play for stats that are popularly believed to increase rating. An example of this is a recent gbay video where he is trying to get mastery level 7 on irelia. After failing to get an S by playing normally, he looks around for popular theories on what gets you an S and decides to afk farm away from his team as much as possible, and ks at every given opportunity because to the best of his knowledge kills contribute to your rating far better than assists. So instead of giving people the rubric on what they are being graded on (like any actually legitimate test giver who wants to be taken seriously), people resort to playing for stats regardless if their goal is centered on mastery rank. Only instead of trying to beat an average of 8 kills or something specific for their champion, they will just attempt to ks all game long, or extend the game to farm kills/cs. Good way to encourage unhealthy gameplay. EDIT: Glad to see the post generating a discussion (120+ comments so far) but keep in mind a couple things 1. Different roles do in fact have different rating criteria (saw a bunch of comments wondering if this was the case) 2. The issue I mostly discuss in this comment is how despite Riot not divulging the formula, players nonetheless play for stats but to a greater extent than they would if Riot was more transparent. 3. Where I think the system is lacking most and possible change ideas? http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/jUxEs8pi-differences-between-the-champion-mastery-rating-system-and-a-common-academic-grading-system
Once I got a Pentakill with Jinx and my score at the end of the game was like 10/1 and my cs was decent maybe not god level but I still only got an A+. The only factor I can see that would have kept me from getting S was that the enemy surrendered instead of us destroying the Nexus. I've noticed that surrenders very rarely seem to earn you an S. So the goal is, "beat the enemy but not so bad that they end the game early."
: Not enough Nerfs? Better nerf Irelia!{{champion:39}}
Triforce too strong? Better nerf Irelia.
: Patch 6.13 notes
> both unplayed and depressingly weak. So it's a good reason to buff {{champion:223}} but not good enough to buff {{champion:163}}?
Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
If Diana wins does she get a Commando skin? Sunglasses are important for blocking damage from the Sun.
: Leona would just smite the heretic down. {{summoner:11}} ._ .
Except Diana jungle is totally viable while Leona jungle... not so much
: Rethinking Ranked Fives and Tuning Dynamic Queue
Okay while everyone is busy arguing, can anybody clarify how teams work now? I'm talking about how teams qualify for stuff like Challenger Series or LCS. With no more Ranked 5s, how does a team even "exist" in League anymore?
: Patch 6.12 notes
No more love for {{champion:163}} huh? Pretty much gave up on that champ?
: {{champion:157}} Why can't yasuo get op on urf? and his cold down on his q just stay the same as normal blind pick but it gets lower to 3.25 or 2 second riot
Yasuo Q scales down with Attack Speed and it has a minimum cooldown of 1.33s. Also his E cooldown cannot be lowered by any means except rank. So yeh, Yasuo isn't great on URF but a regular match is kind of like URF for Yasuo ;)
: I am still waiting for Nemesis Draft to return, it was so fun playing low playrate champs against each other, and seeing what most people view as weak.
{{champion:163}} Your time has come
: RGM, IP, and tons of damage in Ask Riot
> To address this over the past year, we’ve permanently reduced the price of many runes, held rune and rune page sales You reduced the price on the most common runes, the ones most players would have bought before the reduction. This only helps NEW, NEW players who literally picked up the game last Thursday. You haven't had an actual rune sale in about a year and a half. Rune page sale =/= more runes
: Chromas, Yorick and Champ Mastery in Ask Riot
While everyone else is complaining I'll go ahead and say that I'm excited for the {{champion:83}} rework. Yorick was the very first champion I bought in League of Legends so many years ago. My interest in the game has faded slightly, but I think with the upcoming rework I'll be happy to play my favorite champ again and actually feel like he's a part of the game. On that note, I hope you do keep what makes Yorick Yorick. His kit is very odd and doesn't really fit a particular niche. He can play virtually any role (bar ADC) with relative success but isn't considered a monster in any one lane. What I also like is that playing as Yorick feels like no one is paying attention to you. You're just a lonely gravedigger who doesn't want to do anything but dig up minions and stay in lane forever. Many of the best games I have on Yorick are the ones where I'm not directly participating in fights, but keeping the backline zoned off of my team. Yorick is the undying nuisance. I can fight a 2v1 while my team is behind me winning a 4v3. A lot of times you don't get assists for the things you do on Yorick, but in the end it's not about the gold.
: Super Galaxy ACTIVATE!!!!!!!!!
So, is copyright the reason you decided not to use Super {{champion:3}} Galaxy or did the dev team really just let that one slip?
: > [{quoted}](name=Izzrael,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=qd9PeLdL,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-04-22T21:14:00.992+0000) > > But you haven't had a sale on Tier 3 runes in over a year. What's up with that? They reduced the prices for them :p
Reduced the prices of the ones everybody already had. thx no thx
: Starter tier 2 runes to go on 1 IP sale
But you haven't had a sale on Tier 3 runes in over a year. What's up with that?
: State of the Season: Coming up on mid-season
I'm just a lowly nobody, but here are my two main concerns: Please do not ruin my {{champion:161}}. I don't really know what needs to be changed about him other than maybe he's too long ranged to have good interaction, but he hasn't even been popular in SoloQ since preseason. Second, the buffs to the buffs (Red and Blue) are a bit concerning. If they are too strong in the early stages, all it would take is one early invade to kill you, take your buffs, and then ruin your entire game.
It could possibly be Mechakali {{champion:84}} on the right, but I'm pretty sure it's a splash update for Mecha {{champion:121}}, who looks more like a Power Rangers bad guy than in line with the rest of the Mech skins.
: Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger
I'm surprised no one has really pieced together that Aurelion Sol _is_ Ao Shin. He's a top lane mage dragon whose initials just happen to be AS. Rip in peace Ao Shin
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