: How can people be in Bronze V without doing it on purpose ? Honest question
1. New to the game 2. Rarely play 3. Play for fun 4. Dont care about winning 5. Trying new champs/roles they never played 6. Dont seek to improve
: >3 you need protection Tellt hat to ADC's m8. They claim they're UP if they have to build a chain vest or nul mantle to survive the burst of a 4-0 mid laner.
{{item:3047}} {{item:3026}} All good adcs mostly build these two items
CLG ear (NA)
: Tracer
Widowmaker > Everyone
: Wait plat are the top 27,000? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Wait, is that right?
Plat 1 is top 27000 players yes
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: And then, I would AA something with Fleet Footwork and BT and be back to full LUL
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: Who is best girl and why?
{{champion:84}} Silverfang skin. Reasoning: Dat ass.
emajul4 (EUNE)
: Move duo to flexque
I just dont like duo queuers because theyre normally bad at this game. Just think about it, they need a duo to rank up into an elo where they dont belong.
Wolfzy (NA)
: protection from what? The top lane bruiser who cant do anything in this bot lane meta :)
As a Jayce, if I saw you building no armor/health, one Accelerated shock blast would do 65% of your health mid/late game.
Ernie (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=JAAAAAAAAAAAAYCE,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qNG8rNpE,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-04-19T01:23:33.451+0000) > > As a Jayce one trick, I hope you suffer for butchering my champ No one likes OTP's.......... and no one likes Jayce...
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BBW Chaser (EUNE)
: Jesus Christ Top lane cant get a break?
As a Jayce one trick, I hope you suffer for butchering my champ
Luralin (NA)
: Country music is tasteless trash
Trucks, Beer, Red Sundress, Farm, Women, Cowgirl, YEEEEEHAW - Today country music Old country music was good tho
: "{{item:3087}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3036}}" ftfy
Nobody would build that, 1 its too expensive, 2 it has no ie, 3 you need protection
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: "Mages should run out of mana if they cast constantly in long fights"
Mages should run out of mana when they spam abilities early game but not have to worry about mana that much mid to late game. Think of any game that has a Mage in it (like skyrim), you start out with no mana and are very weak. But once you level up a lot you dont have to worry about mana and youre op.
: Can we have the smite buffs back? @Riot
I liked the old smite buffs because they made the game more unique and made it harder for junglers to farm camps. Now I find junglers ganking my lane lvl 3 with full health and its bull shit.
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Rosumary (NA)
: am i a asshole for giving a homeless man $5?
People actually thinking this is real is funny.
: Do you guys still have any hope for mid season?
Nah I have no hope. Players said when new runes were introduced, "Guys stop complaining, this is something new that will take a while to fix." Then in pre-season while we were still complaining people would say, "Guys its only preseason, Riot will have this all fixed when season starts." Then season started and still no changes and people say, "Just give em 3 months, it takes time for them to balance it." 3 months later and people are now saying "Mid season Riot said theyd fix the game on bot lane." Let's be honest, if Riot wanted this game fixed they could do it. There are hundreds of posts on the forums a day complaining about too much damage, catchup exp, how 1 man can make you lose but 1 man cant win the game. Riot likes the game like this because its what the Korean players prefer.
: So you complain about that only ADC’s and Junglers have impact. Then you post a picture of the enemy ADC and jungler having the smallest impact... and your adc jayce that was fed and couldn’t impact the game Then the other picture is the enemy JUNGLER having no impact at 12k dmg. And the enemy adc doing less than top and support Zyra almost catching up . Not to mention you were 3k ahead of everyone in the game, 5k ahead of all your teammates and yet you lag 20k damage behind the enemy MID karthus. That’s weird it seems like the ADC and Jungler didn’t primarily influence the games both times and it seems your just trying to hop on the circle jerk I’m getting tired of seeing... especially when your examples clearly show that the Adc nor jungler influenced the game to the point where they carried the game. Pls don’t downvote me boards! Clearly the Caitlyn was why he lost the first game combined with the damage of op jungler Kayn they almost did half of what TOP BTW, teemo did. But wait teemo did more damage than mid, adc, and jungle combined?? Can’t carry as top btw For the second game I’ll say this. The jinx actually output a good amount of damage while your adc didn’t do much But cmon that ww was literally doing nothing. You have 16 kills a massive gold lead at the end of the game so you must’ve had a pretty huge lead early.. so you couldn’t close out the game before 20-30 mins in a meta where everyone and their brother are complaining about games ending early. Your adc gets outscalled, mid (you) get outscalled and zyra starts doing tons of damage. Don’t think that’s the Adc and Junglers influence there.
My point was your adc and support is gonna feed or the enemy adc and support will feed. Notice how in most those games the adc/support were like 3/20 together? Thats what im talking about.
: Next patch is gonna be small cause of MSI. Mid-season patch will be extremely large (8.9)
People said dont worry, its pre-season, give Riot time. I dont think patch 8.9 will fix anything.
Rioter Comments
: Great name OP but using a game where your team is made out of early game champs with 0 teamfighting against a teamfighting late game team with a Malphite who is against full ad is a bad example as your team threw away it´s chance to win after you failed to end it before the enemys got 3 items.
Cant end a game where everyone can do insane damage even when theyre drastically behind you in gold.
: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love the instant feedback on the reporting!
We dont care about you being sensitive to some stranger youll never meet again buddy.
Keti (NA)
: lol in the first game you had an all AD team vs malphite galio. And you're surprised you lost late game? It's easy to bitch about losing with good KDA when all you play is fucking jayce.
You ignored bot lane feeding and making us stay behind from winning. >It's easy to bitch about losing with good KDA when all you play is fucking jayce. Just because I one trick means I cant complain about losing? You brought nothing to this conversation, why bother commenting?
: Damage. Too. High.
I got killed by a Kat in .27 seconds a few games back. Pretty sure damage needs to be nerfed to where she can kill me in .3 seconds so i have time to react and counterplay. /s
xAatrox (EUW)
: You deserve this playing a mean champ like this, and enjoying yourself abuing your enemy making them suffer cuz of how broken and unbalance Jayce kit is, no worries dude, Jesus is here to make you lose even if you got 500 kills
You clearly dont even know anything about Jayce. Jayce is in a bad spot right now and even in Diamond+ has less than a 50% wr overall on him. He rarely gets played either because of how bad he is. Im sorry you dont know how to play against him (even though hes very easy to play against), but that doesnt make him broken and unbalanced lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=Je suis Rubick,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q0eW14ul,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-15T13:05:11.248+0000) > > That's why I play Sion > > gank bot lvl 6 > gives my adc a double kill > > also teleport That is still relying on your botlane to win. If my botlane already fed 4 kills before this time It won't work.
Or be like me, gank bot lane 4 times, get them 5 kills, they still feed mid game {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: What is your favorite animal and what is mine?
: What is your Favorite Color and What is mine!
BLACK https://ih0.redbubble.net/image.53560975.2549/flat,800x800,075,f.jpg
: > [{quoted}](name=JAAAAAAAAAAAAYCE,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=X4KQRwl6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-15T18:59:53.106+0000) > > Your first mistake is wanting to play champions that belong in the top lane. Top lane is the worst lane to play and you will have no impact on 99% of your games. > > Go with Braum support, at least you can impact the best lane in the game Who else would you recommend?
> [{quoted}](name=F1SHEYES,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=X4KQRwl6,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-04-16T02:51:47.372+0000) > > Who else would you recommend? If youre wanting to win, Top Lane: {{champion:54}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:75}} Jungle: {{champion:35}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:77}} Mid Lane: {{champion:131}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} ADC: {{champion:145}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:498}} Support: {{champion:267}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}}
: Is gold considered a good elo
No elo is good. I have been to every elo from bronze 3 to Diamond 1, not one is "good". A good player tho, yes high gold would be good. Meaning if you went on a smurf account when your main is Gold 2 then you should be back to gold pretty easy.
ChuShoe (NA)
: The problem in this picture isn't that league is based around teams more https://imgur.com/0f1A4ek **It's that vayne is 15/2** get real. If you were 15/2 I garen-tee you would've obliterated the enemy team. And that's not just botlane having a huge impact on the game, that's just the result of your bot lane playing poorly/their bot lane playing better, in which case, the better team **should** win. Anyone who's fed is a nightmare to face, and it's not just about your jungler or adc, it's about everyone. I've seen plenty of tops carry my games, I've seen plenty of mids carry my games, EVEN when bot is fed. This IS a team game, complaining about having a "bad" team really just doesn't make sense to me.
> If you were 15/2 I garen-tee you would've obliterated the enemy team https://imgur.com/C3Shjj3 https://imgur.com/EFvAscW https://imgur.com/IVnq8Dh https://imgur.com/eqsc1n5 https://imgur.com/1P1icWt https://imgur.com/wmpTNKj https://imgur.com/kIHxrvJ Man you're right, complaining about bad teams really doesnt make sense. These are all well deserved losses all because of me. /s
: Who do you main? (3 years later)
CLG ear (NA)
: would u date a girl if she was taller than you?
As a 6' 3" male, if I even saw a woman taller than me then thatd be a site. I have only seen one chick taller than me and she was about 7' tall on our schools basketball team. But to answer your question would I date one? Yes, I love long legs on a girl
Luralin (NA)
: Why do people like pandas
Because they look cute. Havent you seen the video of the baby panda going up to the zoo keeper hugging its leg?
: gotta move to part 2 man.
Didnt see this was a year old post lmao
: What does your main say about you?! Part 1
-Mains jayce -Scrolls down to the J's -See's J4 and Janna -Jayce isnt there -My luck
Risen29 (NA)
: Streamer quits, outlines some key problems with direction of the game
Ive said a lot of this stuff on a few of my other accounts on the forums. Especially the top lane Dorans shield and Resolve sustain. Yet I got downvoted to hell for calling it out. I was Diamond 3 in Season 7, and I main top lane Jayce. But as a top laner you cant do anything against Dorans Shield and Resolve. If the enemy takes dorans shield and you take Dorans blade or longsword, then you will get out damaged in trades by a lot. Now I moved from top lane to mid lane and its been a bit better, but solo carrying is still not there. Its all based on who has the least amount of morons on your team.
: yeah arguing is pointless....just keeps bumping this up giving it more attention than it deserves.
You're not even bringing up any valid points to argue about. You're just saying the same thing over and over which is, "If you dont like team games gtfo lol".
: WTF lmao. So you choose to play a team oriented game and then complain that "a team game is not good or fun." Then why dont you play play a solo non team based game? There are thousands of games out there and you as a person who says a team game is not good or fun chose a team game to play. It makes zero sense. Also, since you brought up Faker. If you watched his streams you would see he rarely pops off like he used to. Players skills do demish you know. You cant be the best forever.
Clearly I like League (mainly just because of Jayce). So there is no reason for me to leave until they rework Jayce someday. League wasnt always a team oriented game, it was based off who is better at this game. I had a game with MLGB Grey (if you even know who that is), and he lost in Plat 2 elo. Team games once again dont show your skill. League was a game where you could be good at the game and show off your skill. That is a healthy game, because once you get to Diamond elo you have 4 good players on your team and 5 good players on the enemy team to show your skill off to. I dont know why im arguing with a Bronze 2 player, like I said you players rarely care about the state of the game and rarely even know the state of the game.
: What champion do I play AHHH
Your first mistake is wanting to play champions that belong in the top lane. Top lane is the worst lane to play and you will have no impact on 99% of your games. Go with Braum support, at least you can impact the best lane in the game
: omg can we stop? So many posts every day like this. Ok we get it..you dont like the game anymore. Ok move on, its not the only game out there. So what if you cant solo carry anymore. In my opinion that just means the game is the way it should be. ITS A TEAM GAME. The game should always be which TEAM can out preform the other TEAM...not just which team has the better PLAYER.
Being a team game is not good or fun, it doesnt show your true skill. CsGo: You can solo carry. Call of Duty: Can solo carry. Dota 2: Can solo carry FortNite/PubG: Can solo carry your team. And what do all these games have in common? Popular, teams, fun. Imagine if League has always been this way. Faker might not even be popular because he would've never gotten the spotlight of his skill, outplaying the enemy team, and carrying the games. Look at Faker today, the best player in the best team, Skt, didnt win Season 7 worlds. In Season 7, if you even watched worlds, Faker couldnt do anything. His team mates kept dying, he sat in mid just getting camped over and over again, and its all because catchup exp doesnt punish those for roaming, and jungler loses no health for smiting the camps. Faker couldnt win lane due to all the roams and couldnt do anything in general. The better adc was winning those games every time, while everyone else just sat in their lanes farming and hoping not to get ganked. If you want to play in a game that revolves around 0 skill, players spamming abilities and walking up to everyone to do damage, then i feel sorry for you. Edit: Not flaming, but you are Bronze 2. Most people in that elo dont care what happens because they just play for fun, not for competitive gameplay.
Rioter Comments
: Someone tell me the point of soloque again.
You know why longer games were better? Because if you got a lead, you influenced the game by ending sooner. But with games being too short, that means everyone is doing crazy damage making the game reliant on your team to just be smart. It doesnt matter if they die as much because everyone is doing insane damage as is. More damage = shorter games = not easy to solo carry Less damage = Longer games = Solo players can win lane and use their advantage while everyone else is behind Too bad Riot doesnt care, I see people complain about this game everyday being too snowbally and reliant on bot lane, but Riot literally does not care. I have never seen this many people post about wanting to quit League, League being unfun, League being unfair, etc. in so long. Last year in Season 7, the most youd see is people complaining about Ardent Censor which took Riot 6 months to nerf, or about Vayne/Yasuo.
Elohaven (NA)
: Hey Riot - I think Yi needs a 100% look at with Conqueror
Wait till you see Tryndamere doing 1800 true damage to you with it :)
: Because every game has to have a useless item. Like the wooden sword in terraria{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: I know this one - They didn't explain that you have to put in your nation code at the start of the number, in the box with +XX. For the US, and I think Canada, it's +1. Then just plug in your phone number with area code in the next entry. I had to have a friend explain this to me. They did a god-awful job with that particular screen. It's confusing as fuck since people most people are unaware that a nation code is a thing, and furthermore, the phone number entry form has "1234567890," which is 10 digits long, where most US phone numbers are 9 digits, including the area code. If Riot had typed out an explanation about the forms, that would have helped a lot.
Thank you. I have never entered a nation code before for my number, didnt even think that was a thing. I kept putting my area code there because I had no clue what it was,
: Hihi! If you're having issues relating to Clash, I'd suggest hopping into the [Clash Discord](https://discordapp.com/invite/league-clash-beta-na), where we have folks who worked on the feature and know it inside and out.
How come im unable to enter my phone number
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