: Revert Runes
If only Riot actually cared about making their game better.
: Yup. This game was destroyed the minute they hired Ghostcrawler. He brought this stupid Runes Reforged system from Blizzard, so add that on top of the Chinese high paced crap that Tencent is making them do, equals the shitfest of a game we have now. I would take Dynamic Q back if it means they would revert to season 6 or 7. That's how much I hate this.
Yet Ghostcrawler claims hes not the reason for the games state its currently in. I swear if Riot ever wants to fix their game, the first step theyre going to need to do is get rid of the guy that ruined WoW.
: I'm surprised no one has been talking about the pace of games.
We havent been mentioning games ending sooner because we all already know this. People have been saying this game is more snowbally than before, thus meaning games end more earlier than before.
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: Revert Dark Harvest? Thoughts?
Notice almost every champion used in that video is AP. So maybe nerf it on AP champions.
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Nadiri (NA)
Season 8 who knows. This game is just who one shots the other person first, no skill needed.
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Rexxiee (NA)
: I dont think you understand on how overpowered the new dark harvest was, thats why it has heavily nerfed already.
I do understand it was very overpowered at first, people were getting 700 damage on it within 30 minutes. Now 30 minutes in people only have 200 on it, and thats when theyre fed. Its doing less damage than electrocute which has a 20 second cooldown. Sure DH resets on takedowns, but all laning phase and most of mid game its completely useless compared to other runes.
: What's so wrong with the farming focus of current Dark Harvest and that it's the rune system's ONLY farm-based keystone, though? Why does every keystone have to be about either poking or chasing the enemy champ?
Riot wants you to play the way they want you to, instead of you choosing your own play style.
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: Laptop with i7 7700 HQ and GeForce 1070 getting low fps spikes under 120 fps
You need 16 gb ram if you dont already. If you have that then i have no clue
Allkh (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=JAAAAAAAAAAAAYCE,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=YhEnjbpj,comment-id=000100000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-29T07:41:19.109+0000) > > when he Es you away you use your mobility to get back up to him. Reminder that you're talking to a mordekaiser main.
In that case you either A. Use your shield to cheese the Jayce when he all ins (I know from personal experience). B. Build Doran's shield/Resolve and farm till you get Ninja Tabis and Rylais. If you dont die pre-6, you cant 100% 1v1 him from there on.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Vladimir is irrationally afraid of blood. He's trying to conquer his phobia by using hemomancy to transform blood into shapes that don't scare him, like butterflies. LeBlanc's plans are actually built around luck and people severely overestimating her abilities. She improvizes everything she does and hopes that her opponents mess up while trying to outsmart her, instead of coming up with a proper scheme on her own. So, really, Mordekaiser played himself.
: > [{quoted}](name=destroyer22719,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=YhEnjbpj,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-10-28T22:44:50.796+0000) > > You need to get your brain checked. You can meme all you want about "DUH JAYCE IS SO BROKEN HURR DURR" but when you look into it, Jayce is very much weaker than Camille. 1. He has no keystones that are inherently good on him. 2. Almost all of his poke, which is not only his major strength but also the only thing he has going for him, can be negated by the enemy laner taking Doran's Shield + Second Wind. 3. Said poke can also be blocked by minions and costs a lot of mana if Jayce keeps spamming it. 4. He barely has a passive. 5. His dash requires a target, meaning he can't jump walls with it. 6. His Hammer W barely does anything beyond a passive mana restore. 7. Incredibly high cooldowns for someone that's supposed to consistently poke down the enemy. 8. Once a Bruiser or Juggernaut gets into melee range he's done for as he has no defensive spells beyond a knockback. 9. He barely has item customization as he doesn't synergize with a lot of items and is almost always relegated to build Armor Pen for his poke to deal any damage. 10. Said focus on Armor Pen leaves him incredibly squishy and it's almost suicide to go into Hammer mode in a teamfight. Now what does Camille have going for her? 1. At least four Keystones that are good on her (Press the Attack, Conqueror, Electrocute and Arcane Comet). 2. **A free 20% maximum health shield on engage** that chooses exactly what shield would benefit her the most in that situation. 3. Not one, but **TWO Auto Attack resets** that give bonus range, free movement speed and the second one **deals double the amount of damage and 40 - 100% of it is converted into TRUE DAMAGE.** 4. AOE that cannot be blocked by minions, heals her, slows the enemy, and deals **percentage maximum health physical damage.** 5. **TWO DASHES,** the first one having a range of 800 units and doesn't require a target, and the second one having the same range towards enemy champions, **stuns the first target hit, and grants her an Attack Speed steroid.** 6. An ult that gives her **untargetability** as well as being one of if not the best lockdown tool in the game, as it creates **impassable terrain** that cannot be exit. Did I mention it also gives Camille's basic attacks **percentage health magic damage?** 7. Incredible item customization. She synergizes extremely well with Trinity Force and it is her core item. She can build a wide variety of both offensive and defensive items, since he's going to deal a truckload of damage either way with her true damage as well as two different sources of percentage health damage. 8. Said flexible item customization along with her free passive shield gives her incredible survivability and she almost becomes a pseudo-Tank with how hard she can be to kill. 9. Literally her only counterplay is "Just CC her". But sure, let's meme about how unfair Jayce is with his negligible poke and only 2/3rds of his kit **actually doing something noticeable.**
You knew a lot more about Jayce than I thought you would. All the points you made about him are exactly right. Id like to add that his team fight is really garbage compared to a camille.
: I get your point. It just doesn't negate my original comment. Honestly riot has overly incentived cowardice under the label LCS Big Plays
Jayce main here with 4k+ games on him and been to diamond on multiple accounts. >He just knocks them away and runs if he misjudges the amount of poke he has to deliver before his all in. First of all, if you're a low elo player or you just dont know how jayce works, youre supposed to go up to him in aa form, then when he Es you away you use your mobility to get back up to him. Secondly, Jayce's E is on a 16 second cooldown until Jayce's start leveling it, which they dont do until about lvl 14. If a Camille uses her E (Hookshot) to engage the Jayce, shes really screwing herself over that trade unless shes going in to ult. Camille should be engaging head first, then she uses E after Jayce uses his E. Also Jayce isnt a "Big Play" champion. He plays pretty bleh now due to no armor runes, Dorans Shield, heals, Resolve, and Corruption Potion + Time Warp abusers. Thats why Jayce is so bad in the top lane now is because when he goes to harass, he takes minion aggro and takes more damage than before. While the enemy that has dorans shield and or resolve basically negates any damage he deals with his autos compared to before. Junglers that gank Jayce is almost a guarantee win as well due to Jayce's lack of cc, squishyness, and mobility. >Honestly riot has overly incentived cowardice Almost every champion in Season 8 is cowardly at the moment, so I dont understand what youre coming at here. In a season where people can get 100-0 at level 4, no wonder they play cowardly. Look at Sion, is behind and cant kill? Just ult away and youre good. Jax and behind? Just hop to a minion behind you and helicopter out. Jax and fed? Just hop to the enemy helicopter and 3 autos he dead. Wu and behind? Dash away with invisibility. Akali and behind? Shroud going invisible and wait for your jungler to come. You get the point.
: Would Hail of Blades work on Darius to achieve really fast hemorrhage stacks?
I tried it on Jayce in PBE, and his W with Hail of Blades does 4.83 attack speed for 3 autos. In other words, when I built full crit, I was killing people in less than a second with just my autos.
RazerProFX (EUNE)
: I used to main ADC, is that good for maining in bronze?
Yes, adc is the second best role to play at the moment. Sadly I dont have any advice for how adc players should play, so I cant really help you there. I can tell you that the best ADC champs right now are Draven, Kaisa, Xayah, Ez, and Jhin. Never play Sivir or Ashe. Thats all I can say about adc.
Arammus (EUW)
: most fun to play champ and why?
Probably Draven honestly. Youre always on the move to catch your Axe. Getting a kill rewards you so much you can feel it on the inside. You autos do insane damage lvl 1 which makes it fun. People get beyond tilted when a Draven kills them. Global ult.
RazerProFX (EUNE)
: How do I climb?
I was D1 season 7, the advice i can give you is to main jungle Kha or Graves. If you dont want to do that, then i see you play top lane. With top lane, you want to harass enemy every time they go in for farm. Even if it means missing some farm, because in the end youll poke the enemy out of lane so much they wont be able to farm. Thus you get more cs than them. Second you want to one trick a champ. Play a champ you find fun, fits your playstyle, and stick to it. For me I mained kayle first, then shen, Nasus, then finally Jayce. The first 100 games of Jayce was boring, but eventually I loved playing Jayce. Just stick to one champ that you enjoy playing and then stick with them and youll eventually build a connection with that champ to where you want to play them all the time. Ward for jungle. Zombie wards are best top lane right now because Junglers like to camp that lane due to lack of vision from Mid lane and your jungler to help you see the enemy jungler. Only tp bot lane when its necessary. A lot of times in low elo when you tp, your adc/support just sit under tower farming rather than engaging with you. Use your abilities on enemy instead of farming. When your wave is pushed to enemy tower. You have three options. Harass the enemy under his tower, go invade their jungle, or gank mid lane. You dont want to back unless you have low mana/health. Always stay in lane for as long as possible. Every time you back, youre missing out on about 5-7 cs, and sometimes more. Thats about a few hundred gold lost because you decided to back. Instead of backing with full health/mana, go take your junglers Krugs or Gromp depending on which one is top side. Your jungler never does these, and if they do, then theyre not jungling right and you just saved them time anyways. Dont always go for kills. When I play i focus on denying the enemy cs by harassing them nonstop, while also pushing wave and farming at the same time. 15 cs = 1 kill. And normally i like to be 40+ cs more than my opponent in lane at the 10 minute mark. Which means I have about 650 more gold than them.
: Build a Void Staff?
Rarely helps. But {{item:3151}} would be better
: You realize that a tank meta is an ADC meta, right? Because when tanks are strong, you NEED an ADC or a consistent DPS champion to take them down.
Terozu (NA)
: Opinion: Tank metas are the best Metas.
If tanks had less damage then id enjoy tank meta. But when a malphite ults your team to half health and still takes a shit ton of damage to kill, then its just absurd and unfun.
: What ranked Tomorow looks like
Tomorrow = Ban Pyke, Watch everyone dodge, wait 10 times for game to finally happen without someone dodging, but you got autofilled.
: this implies women only play this game for female champions.
I actually feel like most women do indeed play games only for female characters. Look at almost all twitch egirls, they play Ahri, Raka, Janna, Lulu, Vi, Nidalee, and Jinx. I cant even think of the last time ive seen an egirl play a male champ.
meco78 (EUW)
: i can atualy suprise u how much i can carry as a support. i ranked up from b4 75lp to s5 50 in just about 2 days . with braum 40 games 92% winrate . now im silver2( i already uped to s1) but im struggling in this division since i lost my focus into ranked but working on recovring . but thanks for the tip ^^ {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
I played alistar and Leona top lane last season in silver elo and had a solid 80+% wr till i reached plat 3 elo. Low elo you can play pretty much anything and still win. Im just saying when you get to higher elo as a support, youre gonna regret it.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: he can, i tested it and he can, that was 1 week ago i don't think they changed it
They did. I tried it last week and it worked. But now if you take Nimbus Cloak, the game automatically changes it on Jayce to nullify orb or Mana flow. Essence reaver does grant the passive when you ult.
meco78 (EUW)
: Is mainning 1 role enough to carry ?
Main jungle or adc. Play Kha Graves or Shaco in jungle. Play Kaisa, xayah, Ez, Jhin or draven adc. Those are the only two roles that matter right now that you can carry with
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: Can we please make armour feel impactful again?
Health is the new Armor mate. Trust me, just build damage/health items. Then build just one armor or mr item.
: California being the 5th largest economy in the world by GPD. Impressive.
Texas, New York, and California are home to pretty much all Company Headquarters. So its not really a surprise lol.
: What Champs are lacking in Counter Play?
{{champion:121}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:102}}
: The cycle of boards: People constantly bitch about how unfun ranged tops are (specifically Jayce) so Riot adds new resolve runes, buffs d shield, and makes it so missing casters isn’t as punishing so melees don’t get poked down as hard in lane. So now Jayce players will bitch about how these runes invalidate their lane prowess.
So people bitch about Jayce poking them down, which Jayce's kit is literally made to do so he can reach his potential mid game then win game. When the game gets past about 25 minutes, Jayce's time to shine is pretty much over. And when Jayce cant even win lane now because dorans shield and resolve just let you soak damage up, it makes Jayce never able to reach his mid game potential. If Riot really wants to fix this, then make it to where you have some sustain. Not where you can literally walk up and ignore all of Jayce's damage because you took resolve and dorans shield. Or just learn how to play against Jayce lol. I played against Jayce all the time back then when people bitched about him, literally build ninja tabis first item and Sunfire. Then Jayce cant do anything to you til he get bc.
KZ Engel (NA)
: what kind of music do you listen to
The Weeknd Trilogy and his new album.
: i can see the game staying like this for a long time ADC are supposed to be strong Jungle is supposed to make an impact AD is supposed to gangbang Mages
I think op is just talking about if the game will ever be like it was in Season 1-7. Where being good at the game actually mattered.
: I feel like league's only popular cause people can't afford to play much else
I only play because its popular. If this game wasnt popular id be out
: Become an OTP. Seriously, that's the answer. Rain, shine, off-meta, on-meta, play one champion. You will get so good at that champion that it won't matter what your matchup is.
As a Jayce otp with 3k+ games on him making it to Diamond on multiple accounts I can 100% tell you right now if you one trick a champ in Season 8 you wont be able to win your games. I was Diamond 1 Season 7 and cant even win a lot of games in silver/gold/plat in Season 8. My Diamond 3 friend switched from Top Lane Renekton/ADC Vayne to playing Graves/Kha jungle because he cant play Top or ADC vayne anymore. He legit never played jungle before and he is Diamond 4 right now and Diamond 5 on another account by just playing those 2 champs. Right now if you want to rank up, play jungle, play kha or graves, and just rank up the lp. One tricking is pointless.
: So PUBG is suing EpicGame/Fortnite for same gaming concept.....
Pub G just mad because Fortnite has a better business decisions than they do.
: Replace one word from a champions' quote with "Free Real Estate"
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: They will update that. It can take a few mins.
Yet riot wont unban my account because they dont think its with the "right" owners. Funny stuff
Larius01 (EUW)
: If you could have any champions powers whose powers would you want?
{{champion:75}} Punches Spider *+3 damage my fist does* 400 punches later Punches ground, crater happens Idk if we're counting the cane part but just move the power from the cane to my fist
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: Can someone explain to me how "smurfing" is actually fun?
The reason I like smurfing as a D1 player from S7, is that its great for building an audience for Twitch. Me going 27/3/13 in silver then linking my twitch at the end of the game normally gets me 2 followers each times. While in diamond elo if you link your twitch, nobody goes to it because they dont care. I also like smurfing because for some reason it helps me improve more at the game than playing against players that are very good, I dont know why but it just does. I can smurf on a low elo account then go back to my main account and be better than i was before. Im guessing its a mental thing. Otherwise I dont like smurfing because its boring and it annoys me seeing people building weird stuff and getting 4cs/m. Also I find more people in gold elo actually wanting to win their games. While in Diamond elo people pick Sion adc and Raka mid lane because theyre bored.
: You were banned for the same reason everyone else gets banned. There was a compulsive feeder on your team. You told him to stop feeding and farm under his tower. His little feelings got hurt. He reported you for making him cry. You got banned.
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Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Ah, you are the troll on the forums?
: all of which ruin jungle diversity, make the OP junglers like {{champion:19}} even worse. and completly fuck up the jungle for zero reason becuase the laners cant be bothered to place a fucking ward and play safe for the 30 seconds before they hit lvl 3...
Top lane: Wards river at 2:30. Enemy rengar come up through enemy tower, in fog of war, in the brush, enemy rengar jumps on you at 3:10 because you warded river instead of brush. Top Lane: You ward river. Enemy amumu comes up through your red side, around to your tribrush, then comes up behind you when youre in the middle of lane. Mid lane: You ward top side river and hug top side. Enemy Graves/Lee/anyone that can jump over walls jumps over wall into brush and ganks you. Mid lane: You ward river brush at 2:10. You stay close to river brush just in case of a gank. Enemy jungler come through river, then on your side, and ganks from behind mid lane. Bot lane should have no excuses beens they have 2 people down there. They have double the warding power thus should not have problems avoiding ganks.
Kei143 (NA)
: What does it say when you log in?
Says account suspended. I went to my email and nothing there. No chat logs when i log in either
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