Gilgayu (NA)
: >--Turtle's Ward: Udyr gains additional tenacity while shielded by Turtle Stance. At max level he is immune to crowd control effects while shielded by Turtle Stance. --Bear's Might: Udyr gains resistance to slows while under the active effects of Bear Stance. At max level he cannot be slowed while under the active effects of Bear Stance. Come on man... they are basically the same thing
Yes, just like {{item:3009}} {{item:3111}} are the same item
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: Describe the item's name LITERALLY
{{item:3124}} I believe a metallic blade would serve one's purposes better... {{item:3022}} A normal mallet, but significantly more brittle. {{item:3143}} It might be useful, but not as much as actual armor.
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Sparkle (NA)
: Do you? Cuz I really hate that. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news for you Colossus fanatics, but that bug should be fixed with the 7.24 patch. Instead it should remember your last selected page from game to game.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Sparkle,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kVorigk0,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-05T06:02:37.609+0000) > > Do you? Cuz I really hate that. > > I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news for you Colossus fanatics, but that bug should be fixed with the 7.24 patch. Instead it should remember your last selected page from game to game. wtf why?! I want my money back!
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Poske (EUNE)
: Thats like bulding Ga first item on yasuo so that you stop dying If you are gonna give a tip atleast dont suggest something autistic Building defense while behind is generaly a mistake
I'd rather have a Viktor build Frozen Heart *than* die every few minutes trying to earn gold for Lich Bane. Better to be useless than a useless feeder. Edit: how'd I not notice I put 'and die' instead of 'than die'...
: > [{quoted}](name=JVP15,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=5FNzH6Bg,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-06-01T20:20:00.294+0000) > > Frankly, I think every champion in League has eyes for Taric. Even Caitlyn and Vi and, well, we know what food they like to eat (it ain't sausage). {{champion:421}} is attracted to Taric too, on account of how Taric doesn't just look beautiful, but he sounds beautiful. > > ~~I would totally sink into those hunky arms and let him slowly caress my body~~ I mean I'm not gay. But what about champions like Thresh, Kindred, Mordekaiser? They don't really have human emotions.
Correction: Lamb doesn't have human emotions. That's Wolf's territory.
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: why not show a indicator to the enemy which minions yasuo used his E on?
He has an escape ready. Any Yasuo dumb enough to use _all_ the nearby minions isn't a problem. You're supposed to play with full knowledge he has unlimited escapes and engages at his disposal. I say he should get nerfed into the ground, and if you exclude Yasuo mains I'm pretty sure at least 80% of players would be fine with that. But since the popular vote doesn't mean anything, ban every game.
iLLp (NA)
: on behalf of the people playing ranked with these shit udyr changes. fuck udyr players. on of them just ruined my ranked match
That wasn't an Udyr player, that was a player who chose Udyr. That guy has played 2 games on Udyr this season and is an ADC/Top main (47% of his games are on adc with an 11% win rate. Almost impressive, really)
: > And you can build something like without feeling weak or like a total troll. With Deaths Dance you should feel like a troll. Don't you need attack speed more than lifesteal?
With this rework? No. Just use Tiger Stance's AS to get the 3 proc thing, and the ~~inappropriate~~ scaling on the bleed will be delicious. Next just add in living with 12 hp because you activated Turtle Stance right before you died thanks to DD's passive and you've got yourself a ~~hilarious~~ balanced build.
: I'd rather they gave his R it's base damage back
{{champion:104}} Speaking of giving something back...
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: I think you misunderstood. Once Nasus gets going, he is very hard to stop. All you had to do, was get Nasus going, and you did your job. If you didn't, Illaoi would've gotten going, and Illaoi is a 1v5 champ when fed. So you absolutely did contribute to the win in an extremely important way. Not everyone is a late game 1v5 carry. In fact, very few champs are.
Oh I understand that. But what if Nasus was on the other team, and Illaoi was on mine pushing in so I can't gank for her and getting killed for it twice? Instead of winning through a small contribution, I could have lost through almost no fault of my own. I was ahead, but not enough to fight a fed Nasus. Mid was doing alright, but Vel stole most of Jhin's kills and Jhin was wandering into range of Ekko to get one shot. A fed enemy Nasus would have destroyed us.
: Yes skill does matter. It will always matter. Your issue is that your lack of knowledge of the game prevents you from understanding what the next level of skill is like so the rest of the game that's completely unseen by you might as well be non existent. Whenever you think that there was nothing you could've done better always remember the same thing that I do "A challenger player can consistently solo carry 100% of all games all the way up to atleast low diamond". If you start to believe it's out of your hands then you won't learn to recognize any mistakes or learn at all and just stagnate in the same place.
A challenger player can do that. But let's say there's a player with a Gold skill level in Silver with a team that performs in that specific game as if they're low Bronze. That Gold player just has to take a loss because he doesn't perform on a challenger level? One thing I forgot to mention is that the ranked system is probably a pretty accurate judge of your ability to *carry a team*, but *individual skill* isn't the same thing as carry potential. Some people, like me, prefer to support their team rather than hard carry and get punished for it by trash teammates. A good support with a crappy ADC loses lane against a moderate supp/ADC because the supp sets up nice plays that the ADC doesn't know how to follow up. Like if I set up an alley-oop and my teammate goes for a rebound instead and misses. Let's look at Illaoi: complete nightmare in low ELO, complete trash in high ELO. Why? Because High ELO players will dodge the tentacles and disengage when she ults, while low ELO players will just group up and fight. If I dodge and disengage but my team stays in, how do I win that fight? If I tell them how to beat her and they still don't listen, how do I win that game?
Igotlazy (NA)
: Your skill will shine through given enough games. It's nearly impossible for a blind computer system to track individual skill throughout a game. The Mastery Rank system is just comparing your average gold and kill/assist contribution versus the average on that champ. It can and has been abused.
i agree with both points, however that's just the thing: given enough games. That allows for you to go on a rash of games that you had almost no control over and get kicked down 2 tiers. Sure you'll eventually get back, but it's not really fair that you lost all that progress in the first place.
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Zerenza (NA)
: What if Tiamat built into an AP item?
The AP version of Tiamat is called Luden's Echo
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: Bronze - Gold Players: Tell me why you think you can't climb solo queue
I don't know how to carry these people. I make mistakes sometimes, yes, but if Rito boosted my account to gold I'd be able to easily hold my own. What I don't know how to do is carry these people. And that's what your rank shows: not how good you are, but how well you can carry your team. That's why dynamic queue is easier. You don't have to worry about top trying to engage on the riven they've died four times in a row to, or bot coming mid after they've feed their opponents and bringing their opponents with them, or jungle literally never ganking, or mid just feeding outrageously. If I had four teammates who have silver skill levels playing against five opponents with silver skill levels I could tip the scales. Now you'll read this and think "he's just blaming his teammates" and that's only about a quarter true. The real culprit is the impossibility of gauging a player's actual skill level. All Riot can do is tweak this MMR system till it's as good as it can be and then it still won't be perfect. So the trick to getting out of more ELO is to Jean to carry people who aren't as good as their MMR would suggest, which is a personal goal, not a team goal.
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: Have you no shame?! Have you no honor for your own fallen Devourer wolf? Don't you remember how he gave you company through the lonely minutes of farming the jungle? You monster.
The difference between ghost wolf and wolf is life. How can I find ghost wolf again if all the wolves are alive?
Voidac (NA)
No regerts. On behalf of all Udyr mains: "We do not know pity, even for [them! It was] a necessary sacrifice."
MeilinII (NA)
: Red posts confirm Summoners still exist in the lore, it's only the institute that's gone. What Summoners are now remains to be revealed. There's a good chance Zilean is linked to a particular summoner now, rather than the IoW.
Well that would clear things up. Do you have a link for the post? Because my search only came back with [this post]( in which they say in no uncertain terms that summoners don't exist (except as names for us, the players, who no longer have a place in the lore) down in the comments.
: well if you read the lore lee sin was a summoner who accidentally killed a boy and blew up a village. he became a monk to atone for this and when noxus invaded he burned his eyes in protest.
... once again, you fail to read past the first line. > Please, good sir or maam, do tell: What is Lee's sin? What is he atoning for? Why is he blind? I challenge you to answer any of those questions _**without mentioning the League or summoning**_. Because summoners don't exist anymore, Lee couldn't have used summoning to kill the boy or blow up the village. Setting himself on fire was also an attempt to atone for the same crime. So once again, without the League or summoners, what is Lee Sin's lore? I'll tell you: a blind monk named Lee Sin wanders into the Freljord to find Udyr, and takes Udyr to Ionia. That's the only part that's still canon.
Meep Man (NA)
: Has Anyone Seen Bloodthirster Used for It's Passive Recently?
Has anyone seen 'it's' used correctly recently? I'm sorry, but it had to be done.
: Zilean's back story barely relies on the Institute of War. All the Institute does is prevent his detached retina of the mind's eye from making him an invalid, the rest of his story exists outside of the League. It won't ruin him or his rich story to mildly modify the part that still uses the old lore.
Before the Institute and summoners were removed from the lore, Zilean had a reason to fight: being summoned prevented him from bouncing around the timestream, but that meant he needed to fight for them. His current lore very clearly states that he can't change any of the events from the past so there's no need for him to go around throwing bombs at everyone unless he's just that much of a prick. Most other champions have a reason to fight at least: Udyr needs to guard the spirits and fight Lissandra, Lee Sin is atoning for a crime that isn't possible anymore, Ekko is fighting for Zaun, Garen and Darius are ~~trying to tilt us all~~ fighting in their endless war, etc.
: Lee sin has good lore wtf
I have a feeling you didn't read before typing, so I'll just quote myself here: > Lee Sin and Zilean have a rich backstories that simply got blown apart by the removal of summoners and the League. Please, good sir or maam, do tell: What is Lee's sin? What is he atoning for? Why is he blind? I challenge you to answer any of those questions without mentioning the League or summoning.
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Sharjo (EUW)
: Oh Guys, Baker Pantheon's going to be an actual thing!
PANTHEON'S GETTING PANTS!! I didn't wanna say anything, but seeing him falling feet first from the sky in a skirt was really making me uncomfortable...
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Ypherion (NA)
: That's along the lines of what I would try first. My experience in designing communication features is that there are always edge cases that make what seems to be a really simple problem way more challenging than expected. It's infuriating when comms don't behave as expected, so tolerance to edge cases has to be pretty low.
Perhaps it should be done on a vote system: a toxic player has 4 teammates. If 3 of them mute the player (or perhaps there can be a 'vote to mute pings button on the scoreboard?) then that player is severely restricted or even completely restricted from pinging for the rest of that match. That would get a little complicated with premades, but if we wait for the perfect solution this may never be solved.
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: Break a Champion
{{champion:77}} No longer uses mana. W Instant: ~~Gives a shield~~ Temporarily increases Armor and Magic Resist by 5% bonus HP. W Passive: Grants a shield for 20/30/40/50/60 +(2 per unit slain). E Instant: Also breaks any crowd control effects {{champion:44}} All skins no longer wear a shirt. {{champion:111}} R: Targets hit "along the way" are now also stunned for 1/1.5/2 seconds. {{champion:98}} Passive: Players realize all his abilities scale with AP W: Also grants a shield for 30 / 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 (+ 60% AP) R Passive: Targets are no longer able to run away from the fight for the duration of the channel. R Active: Shen teleports to an ally, taking all the damage they receive during the channel.
Thomiko (NA)
: _When all your team is dead and your the last one standing and you suceed a Pentakill... _{{champion:202}}
Penta? As Jhin? That's clearly failing your dreams.
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Kuzja1 (NA)
: You last played Champion is your alarm clock
{{champion:77}} "WE ARE NEEDED" "Duuuuuuuuuuude..." {{champion:77}} "HEAR ME, AND RISE TO MY CALL!" "Can't I rise later?" {{champion:77}} "... Our rage is beyond your control" "Ah, shi-" [You have been slain]
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