: Esports is an **incredibly diverse** team to work on, which is part of the reason I love it so much. I work on Esports Special Projects which means that my role is even more diverse than most. As Brick Fort mentioned, there are a lot of different roles, but there are also a lot of opportunities to work with every team, which is mostly what I do. Right now I'm working on some great examples of that which I unfortunately can't talk about, but I'm also working on Lolesports content and improving some of our internal processes and data. If you are passionate about esports and have the knowledge and experience to back it up, i'd say that just about any field of expertise could be applicable. We need everyone from devs to engineers to writers to people who are just great strategic thinkers. We need people who make everything work then we need people to figure out how they **should** work. This could be designing what the LCS looks like, deciding whether or not we need a Challenger Series, or any number of things.
Thanks a lot for the info!! This sounds like it would fit me perfectly. Does this also mean you will be working on esports internationally as well or is it split up into region? For example, would the team at Santa Monica work for Worlds or would it be a mix of all the separate esports teams coming together to set up Worlds?
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: Riot Games Summer Intern Q&A
@Riot Brick Fort and Riot Katana: For esports, what do you guys do exactly? Do you promote esports, set up or prepare events, contact and speak to the teams? I would like to know more about what you guys do in the world of esports. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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