: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
This change doesn't "Increase the number of jungle v. jungle interactions in the early game". To start off, with rift scuttler being buffed heavily in terms of exp and gold it will mean that if you don't get it you will fall behind greatly. If two camps and rift scuttler give lvl 3 and 4 camps give lvl 3 then its worth roughly 2 camps of exp early game. I understand the intention of trying to make junglers have to duel each other more often, but this change will just make it so you are more reliant on your laners to fight over rift scuttler. If it spawns top side and your top/mid get shoved in early there is zero early interaction you are 100% forced to give away rift scuttler and fall behind greatly, vice versa for bot spawn. This just makes jungle more relient on laners for them to have early pressure. With this change instead of junglers ganking laners, laners can gank the jungler when they are taking rift scuttler lol. This change also doesn't "Encourage variation in optimal pathing". For the second point, if rift scuttler spawns topside and your laners have early shove, you will just start bot side buff into chickens into buff then go and take rift scuttler with your laners that have early shove. If the enemy jungler contests he dies because his laners don't have lane priority and can't roam. The enemy jungler can't take your jungle and counter jungle you since you took your camp on the opposite side of the map already. The enemy jungler gets fucked not because he pathed incorrectly, but because his LANERS don't have early lane priority. Really bad change imo. If you want to stop junglers from ganking early make camps worth more so they have an incentive to farm instead of ganking lanes. Right now there is little incentive to farm your jungle if there is a gank opportunity because if the enemy jungle takes a camp from you, you don't fall behind. So Riot nerfs how fast jungle camps spawn, makes them do more damage, and nerfs the gold and exp they give to stop junglers from farming and force them to gank. Now instead of lowering spawn time or buffing the exp and gold they give. Riot now wants to stop junglers from ganking, what are we suppose to do now? It's like you didn't think about laners at all and their impact on roaming to the rift scuttler when you made this change. I want the jungle to change, but this isn't the way to do that What is the enemy jungle suppose to do here. [(https://i.imgur.com/YUaU4kW.png)]


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