: singed rework concept, just to get rid of some of the lame parts of his kit
I see no reason for his E to apply on hit effects. Currently a portion of singed’s skill ceiling is being able to consistently do the “sky auto attack”. Where you auto the person you flung while they are in mid air.
: Free skin for helping me pick my off-season champion! (details in post)
If you want a strong champion that can carry and has a lot of skill expression, you should go with {{champion:78}} . She is a great top laner currently, and does well against a lot of popular champions like {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:84}} Her kit is pretty easy to get a hang of and has a lot of depth and outplay potential. For example her buckler passive can be used to last hit a minion in a fight to get a shield and live burst if you cannot easily reach before dying. You can also use the buckler to bait people to walk near walls when they try to step on it to deny your shield, in which case you can stun them into the wall with your E and still gain the shield. Her W is great in this meta for preventing ganks from popular junglers like {{champion:64}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:5}} with its dash block. The dash blocking also can be used to peel assassins with dashes from your team. Her ultimate can also change games. Using it correctly can result in removing a carry/frontline champion from a teamfight and making it essentially a 5v4 or 5v3 for a few seconds, but it can also save people so knowing when and where to use it takes a while to master. Poppy is a champion that can snowball in lane and easily set up kills when roaming mid or tping bot to get other lanes ahead. She is very good at protecting your jungler if he gets invaded due to her E being easy to set up in the jungle. Another plus of poppy is being able to be played mid as a counter to assassins. Poppy can't always kill them in lane, but she is very hard to snowball off of. This is usually helpful when your midlaner is a squishy mage. You can often trade with them and prevent assassins from snowballing and occasionally get both you and your mid laner out of bad match ups at the same time. For example mid:{{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:39}} with top:{{champion:50}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:8}} The big downside to poppy is she depends on the mid or adc to be good in order to consistently win games. A poppy with 2,000 gold lead is very strong mid game, but she can't close the game off by herself due to poor objective taking. She can definitely keep enemies off objectives with her W and ult, but if your team cant secure them, then she will struggle to get you ahead.
: I disagree, This is absolutely awful for him. Nautilus will not survive beyond the point of getting an additional W off in most cases beyond the early game the nerf instead, or at least I think, will give him less of a chance to walk away and escape to live the fight after he's done his job.
I agree with you on that they probably won't do anything for him in later stages in the game but hurt him. But the fact Riot is focusing on his W is a good thing, if after some of the changes that tone down damage across go through and he is still bad, then I hope riot will just put more power into his W so he can actually tank and duel.
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: Tank changes for 8.16
As a former nautilus jungle main, thank you for acknowledging that he can be played in the jungle. These changes seem nice in theory but nautilus drains his mana very quickly and loses all his damage still while his shield is popped off. Would you consider maybe giving nautilus bonus damage to jungle monsters on his W if these buffs don’t help him in the jungle as much as you hope they would?
: Why are hook champs almost exclusively in support? Because that's what they're made to do: hooking an enemy is _literally_ fishing for a victim. If a hook champion is the fisherman, the marksman/markswoman is the vendor just down the road from the pier. And remember that Pyke is being marketed as a support/assassin hybrid. His kit is made so he fits a more supportive role early on (while he has lower damage) and still be capable of fishing for his OWN meals later. Honestly I think it's rather thematically fitting that the other "hookers" are supports, even if they are hybrids of another class: -Nautilus is the soul of a man stuck inside a heavy-ass dive suit, so what's he gonna do besides throw his anchor and make waves? -Thresh is the Warden, not the Executioner. He chains up his victims, Flays them into submission, and imprisons them while the rest of his crew has their way. -Blitzcrank kinda falls the same way as Nautilus, being a heavy steam golem that knocks people around (more specifically up but then it'd be a sex joke) and pulls them to himself by means of rocket-fist-attached-to-a-rope (he's a giant hunk of metal, not much is gonna be heavier than him so why not?). As far as I can tell the only other real "hook" champions are Darius and the new Swain, but theirs are shorter range and the rest of their kits are made from square one to be able to set up and execute their own kills. In my opinion, it's about time Riot made a champion who blatantly ventures out of the support role mid-game. Though many are upset by recent changes (and I do understand the frustration: they should be looking at the overall player-base, not just the eSports scene, when making balance adjustments), I just play the damn game, and I'm quite impressed by some of the more recent champion designs. I'm pretty excited to see what they have in store after this.
Hookers make sense as supports thematically. Nautilus was a hook support but he was a jungle support like ivern. He didn't have the damage for kills but he could clear well and set up kills for his laners. He was my favorite champion to play because of this and how cool he looked when I started 5 years ago. Now it just sucks to see the same champion I used to love playing so fondly be unavailable in his original role.
: {{champion:122}} isn't a support and he has a hook when he pulls doesn't he? Lol
not exactly a hook, though it is really similar. I kinda forgot he had it/never considered him as a hook champ due to its low range. But you got me there ._.
Elisheva (NA)
: You can play any champion in any role. Franky his kit makes for a much better jungler than support. At least it did before riot ruined the jungle.
Yeah, I used to main him. Now when I play him in the jungle he just clears too slow and can't keep up with any of the meta junglers.
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: Can we buff Black cleaver to 35% armor shred and make it Melee only?
I don't feel like most tanks can directly 1v1 fighters tbh unless they are ahead. Black cleaver buffs would not solve how fast adcs melt fighters
: Everyone's complaining about how games are decided in 10 mins but is it the game's fault?
League has lost 20% of average game length since season 5. Challenger games average less than 20 minutes this season when they would last around 27 minutes. I guess everyone got worse and started feeding everywhere, including challenger.
: Things That The Balance Team Failed Ivern On, A List.
"Every other jungler" {{champion:111}} {{item:3070}}
Hópe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Critmaster Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0HJpXphQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-05T00:09:57.354+0000) > > and riot hasnt even adressed the issue as if its not a problem for month since before preseason. > > 2600 gold for a zeal item. > > 2600 fucking gold in the lane with the most potential for gold generation. can we get 2600 gold atmas impaler back? because apparantly we dont give a shit about cost effectiveness of items anymore. I understand you think its stupid but if 2.6k for a zeal item is too ''cost effective'' then the same thing can be said about Duskblade at 2.55 with arguably the best power spike in the game that early. I think Stattik shiv needs a decrease in damage if critical strike on champions but not minions. Id rather see the damage go down than the price get adjusted because either way when they get it it hurts.
I would be happy to see Duskblade be made less cost effective tbh
Anags (NA)
: How can you say Skarners damage is okay when literally every skater game you play you do the least damage in the game. He is just a meat shield cc not used to setup his team. Also his old queue granted movement speed and attack speed increase which stacked 5 times. This was before the passive that allowed him to stun. People build gauntlet and just chased people down. They took Skarner in a bad direction with his passive and removed most of his damage. He is rarely played and normally any other champ would be as or more effective in the same situation.
I am not a fan of the rework either. I thought he was more enjoyable to play before the spire gimmick but we unfortunately have to live with it until they rework him again. They for some reason moved that movement speed and attack speed to his E and ult instead of the Q. Which makes little sense unless they really wanted him to lose if he missed E. Skarner's damage is not stellar, he isn't going to be bursting anyone like {{champion:102}} or {{champion:59}} . But he can gank and almost ensure that the enemy laner dies if he has follow up. He just isn't winning any fights with it when he is by himself unless he is able to stick on a non fed carry.
: Skarner Gameplay Questions
{{champion:72}} is not a bad champ at the moment. He isn't amazing, but I think he is in a good spot. Skarner is just not very riveting to look at and play for most people. I personally enjoy playing him but few other people do. Skarner used to be about the same before his rework, besides the spires. Skarner's old passive was Crystal Venom and allowed him to autoattack a champion that had 3 crystal venom stack on them to stun them. Skarner's abilities applied crystal venom so he would have to fight for about 2-3 second before he could get a stun off. Now this passive was moved to his E where he can instantly get a stun off if he lands it when he autos the champion hit. He had cdr for all his abilities when auto attacking rather than on just his Q. His W is basically the same as it was before but now is max HP scaling. And his ult is about the same as well but has Base AD scaling to incentivize him to build more AD items. Skarner's damage is not that bad, just he needs to be in his spires to fight. Before all of his nerfs it would be impossible to duel him in his spires and he cleared the jungle very fast. You can't really have a stat check tanky duelist who has 2 forms of hard CC in the game and have it turn out well.
: Looking for a new main (wants suggestions)
{{champion:14}} He feels very satisfying to play. His kit does not seem very complicated when you start playing him, but there are a lot of subtle things you can do with him that make him hard to master. you can drift on edges of walls rather which allows you to change directions instead of crashing into them which can provide you to escape or engage options from unexpected areas. Learning to position the Q can take time to master as well since there are areas in nonbush fog of war that sion can hide in and still hit unexpecting enemy champions with it.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Xayâh Bôt,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pVrA7osO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-05T16:44:43.901+0000) > > It already should work on self healing and shielding. They're only changing the wording to make that more clear, I think. The change is to make it work on heals/shields from others being applied to you in addition to self and those you cast on others.
But does it work on morde's passive?
: What changes would you make to league right now?
I would stop straight up nerfing champions who are overperforming in their off roles. Hypothetical example: -Xerath is balanced at mid lane -Overtime he experiences some changes but still remains balanced when played mid. -the changes however caused him to become a pick ban jungler -He gets straight up nerfed -He is no longer good in the jungler but he now underperformes at mid Something like this can be avoided if riot tweaks damage to monsters or interactions with monsters rather than damaging a champs main role
Rioter Comments
: I can write an ESSAY about why Singed is my least favorite champion and why he should get a full overhaul or be removed. But here's the gist of it. - His gameplay is just so _dumb_. What Riot member looked at the cancer proxyfarming gameplay that someone came up with and thought that they shouldn't try to fix it? When he proxyfarms it's so annoying because you can't do anything about it because you'll just waste your time when he runs into tower and now he has a CS lead, so you just have to let it happen. - He's so ugly. Just look at his design, look at his skins, look at his abilities... what about it looks appealing in any way? I can't handle looking a his splash art on any of his skins and he completely ruins the SSW skin line for me. - WHY DOES HE HAVE A FLIP? I'm going to preface this with saying that I don't read lores, so this is probably something in Singed's lore or... something. But why an old man who is also a chemist can flip a mountain is a bit questionable to me. I can kinda see Volibear and Urgot having it because they are both almost images of 'strength' in a way so that makes sense. But an old man with potions, I just don't get it. - His dance. <--- just that.
Not gonna lie, I know he is annoying but his gameplay pattern is so unique with the proxy farming that I don't want him to get changed.
: Since when has the "X: respawning in Y seconds" and the "X: Alive" ping been not toxic?
Example of how it can be useful Someone playing {{champion:16}} and is dead. Their team is fighting Pings ult - Ready Pings self - respawn in 4s Example 2: Enemy jungler is alive while you are doing baron/dragon without your jungler alive even though you have the numbers advantage Ping enemy lee sin - alive to let your team know that it may backfire
Durzaka (NA)
: No, the match up is HEAVILY in Gnars favor given equal skill. So if Shen is more skilled than Gnar, the match up is still in Gnars favor. Gnar DOMINATES Shen in lane. Skill gaps can only make up so much.
The point is, gnar was already losing. You should never be able to go toe to toe with someone who was beating you before hand, that now has 1K gold on you as well as 1-2 levels after buying one item.
Durzaka (NA)
: If he doesnt go to pick up his boulder, his ranged harass as a 18 second cooldown. Which is basically as low as Mega lasts. Which makes that a terrible form of harass. The mobility spell is also incredibly short ranged without the bonus hop from mini. His W is his only strong tool when hes Mega in lane, and its also delayed and short ranged. Shen vs. Gnar is a terrible match up for Shen, regardless of what happens. Some champions have a very hard time against other champions. Just because Shen cant beat Gnar doesnt mean he is a problem.
The shen v gnar match up should favor gnar if both players are of equal skill. Not to sound arrogant, but I knew shen way better than my opponent knew how to play gnar, but once they bought frozen mallet the gap in skill was closed. When someone is on an even playing field champs like shen struggle hard before the mallet is bought and afterwards don't even have a chance to play the game in same lane alone. The shen example was one from personal experience, it often happens with most melee top laners that I play against gnar. Usually if I beat gnar in lane phase it is in the early stages. He buys mallet and I cannot fight him despite having the advantage. I would say 18-10 seconds is a pretty fair cooldown for how much the ability does. You aren't expected to throw it and not pick it up from 1K range and harass freely. It seems like an ability made to encourage gnar to actually interact with his lane opponent
: Your joking right? So you're saying because he's hard to read that makes him a poor design? Does that mean WW has the same poor design because early game he is near unkillable in a 1v1 because when his health is low he has nearly 100% life leech?
Not because I can't read him, but because I can't fight him in his mini form after he buys frozen mallet. He has tools to chase and disengage. He is bad design because after he transforms he gets counterplay to his kit. He should start with counterplay
: His Mega Form isn't "weaker" per say but has more counter play. Which is what I think you're going for here?
Yes that is what I'm going for. He becomes easier to fight and is more preferable for me to fight when he is mega. Shouldn't a champion who has a transformation that is intended to make him more terrifying discourage his lane opponent from fighting him?
every1 (NA)
: Why are you complaining about Gnar? I’m a Gnar main and lemme tell you something: He has a great Lanning phase. He also has a great team fight stage. I didn’t read your whole post, but he is pretty darn balanced.
I was not stating gnar was unbalanced or overpowered. I am saying that he is poorly designed due to how he can abuse melee with his range and ability to become unbearable with frozen mallet. He is badly designed because his supposed power up transformation actually makes him easier to deal with in lane since he losses his range.
Wráthful (EUNE)
: you sound like u never witnessed maokai's healing lul and fiora's true damage for whatever reason
Maokai has a lot of sustain but when he is balanced he is not anywhere near as bad as gnar with frozen mallet. Fiora is different beast all together with an unhealthy amounts of damage and mobility
Durzaka (NA)
: Mega form is straight up bad in lane. End of story. If I could play Gnar and not hulk out except when I want to ult for an all in, I would, 100% of the time. Because with no sustain, his Mega form gets punished HARD during the laning phase. If you wanted people to fight as Mega during the lane, Mega would need significantly more power, which would buy his team fights drastically. Not really arguing that mini is oppressive or not. I tend to agree with that. Although I don't think it is nearly as bad as you think (plat+ hes chilling at a 48% win rate right now.
How is he terrible in lane? He is tanky, has ranged harass, a mobility spell and hard CC. He is similar to tanks like sion and nautilus at that point. Also gnar isn't performing well now, but that is because of the nerfs. For anecdotal evidence, I played Shen against gnar. Early game I punished his mistakes hard and ended up killing him two times. I still could not pressure enough to prevent his farming due to his range. He bought frozen mallet and basically scored a free kill on me because of it. If both players are at top lane and one is clearly doing worse in CS and kills, then there should rarely ever be a situation where the champ ahead loses unless they make a poor dive mistake or get ganked
: Hardest 10 champions to master
A lot of the comments you have gotten so far are good examples. I'm also not surprised that no one mentioned mordekaiser. Although mordekaiser doesn't have anything that looks too complicated in his kit, he has a very high skill cap. Due to how low his base stats are and how immobile he is, it Requires a lot of skill to get yourself in advantageous situations as morde but it becomes very rewarding due to how much you can dominate when you get a lead.
Durzaka (NA)
: >Gnar is the only champion that has a transformation that makes him weaker in lane. There is a reason for this. Mega Gnar is the team fight form. Its meant to be weaker 1v1 because in a team fight he is godly, with the high damage and Slow on his Q, the aoe stun on his W, max hp damage on his E, and the monstrous ult that he only has access to in Mega. His mini has to be powerful for him to lane at all. But the difficult part in playing Gnar is actually getting to use Mega and your ult effectively in team fights. In short, he should be weaker in Mega form in lane.
His regular form shouldn't be weak in lane, but it also shouldn't be as oppressive as it is after he buys frozen mallet. The mega form is not bad in lane, nor should it be from a design and lore perspective. If gnar got better when he turned mega in lane he would have to force more fights and take more risks. Right now gnar can turn mega in lane, then just wait for it to go away and proceed to bully his opponent again with his superior mobility and range.
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Glîtchy (NA)
: Why are people desperate to get Tyler1 back?
From what I understand, People want him to be unbanned because they say he has reformed. Tyler1 still plays league even though he cannot stream it. Often times he gets those new accounts banned just because riot finds out that it is him playing. His new accounts (to my knowledge) don't show any toxic behavior. He hasn't even been getting chat bans or games where he runs it down mid or steals the adc role from people due to having support games in his system. At this point I don't know if he should be unbanned, but it seems he is making a conscious effort and is actually friendly in game. I don't think it would be a terrible decision for riot to consider unbanning him but it would have to include very strict guidelines.
Grism (EUW)
: Is it just me or is Kled very strong in laning phase?
He is strong and he should be in lane considering his teamfight is pretty mediocre outside of his ult. A kled that is not ahead really struggles in teamfighting especially after dismounting
Hõund (NA)
: Climbing as a support is it actually viable or not?
It depends on the support you play. Advantage of being a good a support in high elo helps you climb if your adc is good. Advantage of playing support well in low elo is that many people don't like playing it and you will face more autofilled supports who either aren't good at the role or try to carry with a mage support. I feel that as a support you don't have to be as good as other roles in order to climb. Not because support is easy but because most people in low elo don't like doing it and an adc with a good support (you) will be much more likely to win than you being good at adc/other role with a bad support.
: Delete One Champion From League Of Legends
{{champion:67}} I would say it is the burst+true damage+ invisibility+ self peel+mobility but the following puts the icing on the cake. Enemy Team: Kites well and pentas my team My Team: Tumbles in 1v5, dies, then flames her team
: Nautilus is no longer a jungler. i got a solution.
I'd say Riot should give his shield bonus damage against Neutral non epic monsters. And focus on buffs that don't make him as oppressive to face in lane, but enhance his clear speed like you said.
: dont buy kayn theres to many things wrong
In what world is 340 base MS considered SLOW?
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Divewing (OCE)
: I'm beginning to feel nothing I can say will change your mind
There isn't much to change. I like that he is more thematic. I like that urgot is disgusting and menacing. I like how the new urgot looks, but I am just frustrated that he got completely shafted without retaining much of his original gameplay (if any).
: I don't understand how you think Poppy kept anything either. Her role has completely changed, and saying her ult is similar at all makes no sense.
Poppy kept her Wall slam which I would say was the second most unique thing in her kit besides he ult. Her Ult isn't the same either but I think the concept could be similar. The old ult was used to single out a target so poppy could kill and remove them from the fight, but now instead of removing them from the fight by killing them, she displaces them away. She completely changed roles yes, but she at least kept some of her gameplay aspects (more than urgot kept at least which isnt saying much to begin with)
Gunpoint (NA)
: All those reworks were great though... especially Galio's rework.
The reworked champions were good and enjoyable to play. I love poppy and sion. But They are not the same champions as before the rework, Poppy turned from an assassin into a tank. Sion turned from a champ that could be played AP or AD to a tank. Galio is one that I don't know too well since I havent played old galio or new galio much. It feels bad to lose a champion and playstyle after a rework when the reason why you played that champ may have been due to their kit or old lore.
Divewing (OCE)
: And that was thematic? This is my entire point, they don't care about Urgot, they care about long range lock-on spells with a point-click-instant-suppression ult. I was ready for Talon to lose his Q, E, and hell even his W. I didn't care. All I hoped for the rework was he would still look and feel like Assassins Creed Protagonist #16. That was delivered, and it even managed to do it while (sorta) keeping his W. Now I miss his old E, and the Q is a poor replacement, but it's not thematically damning, and I know it's for the sake of balance and it would be unfair of me to complain otherwise. THAT is the core difference here. Nowhere in OP's post does he complain about what urgot looks like or feels like. It is only complaining about the fact that he does "not have X"/ "X was removed". Urgot could have been replaced with a cute ditsy anime girl and he wouldn't care provided the kit is the same. So no, he does not miss old urgot, he just misses his old abilities
The abilities of champions is how they are usually defined. No other champion besides urgot lost everything in his kit in a rework. The ability to reduce his foe's damage is gone. He lost his range. He lost the conditional slow on his auto attacks and acid hunters. He lost his suppression (at least in the sense that it doesn't really matter). He doesn't need to keep everything but he didn't have anything from his old kit preserved except for how his grenade is used to interact with his primary offensive ability.
Divewing (OCE)
: I can be sympathetic with this to a point. Everything you have described as what you enjoyed about Urgot were the things that made him toxic to begin with. From everything you say, it almost seems to me that you actually didn't care about Urgot, you only cared about his kit, in which case, you shouldn't have much of a problem with Malzahar. He has a point and click suppression. Urgot's theme and fantasy was enhanced so dynamically with his update, so saying he is "not Urgot" is simply untrue. He plays differently after his update, sure. But the concept and fantasy is the same.
They turned urgot from a lane bully who could fight against both ranged and melee champions if played right. Now he is a monster that once tuned right will bully pretty much all melee champs that don't have escapes and get destroyed by ranged champs. he is a lot more binary and less satisfying to play. Riot could have released a new champion under a different name with the same design and the only similarity between the two champions would be that they are fat guys with robotic legs.
: At least Urgot didn't get his look completely destroyed like Poppy, Galio and Sion (Poppy and Sion were ugly tho).
How did poppy get destroyed exactly? I understand sion becoming less goofy and galio becoming stupid were big changes. But poppy didnt really have a massive character or model change with respect to her original design
Rioter Comments
: He aint viable in the top lane anymore bud. Gets shit on by everything that moves, top.
He is more viable top than he is jungle at least. Heard riot would give compensation buffs to tanks like him later
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