: Ban System
Because Tyler1 did it nonstop for a long time. He's now a streamer and has a large viewer base. He set the wrong example and now Riot is making an example out of him to show everyone else that they will not allow toxic behavior. If they allowed him to continue, then they would basically be saying that it's okay to be toxic.
: Wierd bugsplat
I posted a thread about it earlier. Upvote that one as well pls as I have done for yours. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/avF9eAWd-client-crashing-during-load-in-causing-afk-low-priority-punishment
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: New Client Crashes and i get an AFK LOW PRIORITY BAN
This has been happening to me randomly for the past 2 seasons. I've stopped playing for about 8 months because of it. It happens at least once every 20 games. This means I get low priority queue once a week. It's ridiculous. Riot needs to fix this.
: UPDATE: Play games that matter with /remake
@Riot Games: I strongly disagree with a person that is DC'ed getting punished by the leaver buster since most of the time it is NOT something that the player themselves can help. AFK'ers should however be punished. If a player has no history of leaving a game or AFK'ing then there should be no punishment but if a player leaves or DC'es from a game and has a history of more than 2 DC's or AFK's in the past 2 weeks, then they should be punished for grieving their team. The LeaverBuster punishment should increase with the increasing number of left or DC'ed games, which I'm pretty sure it already does. The innocent players should not be punished for a technical issue that might occur. After all, RIOT does not get punished when they have technical issues. Once the issue is resolved they continue like normal and put in efforts to keep the issue from happening again. Riot should be more understanding towards their player base.
duroboss (NA)
: Received a leaver buster for a Bot game that I reconnected too.
I too suffered a punishment from leaverbuster on a game I reconnected to on the last update.
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