: 2017 All-Star Vote: How to choose your dream team
Definitely voting for Jensen after he got screwed for MVP from the casters. Can't decide between Contractz and Smoothie tho...
: Jerry Jones wouldn't let them in. He's probably one of those people that think it's just a bunch of kids playing in their parents' basement.
Haha might wanna delete this comment after today. Jerry Jones just invested in an eSports team so...
: Dream Teams Assemble: 2017 All-Star Event Update
My favorite all-star mode was the Aram they played awhile back. So funny!
: "We are concerned that the new teams we are taking $10,000,000 from will not get a large enough fan base. To combat this, we are making there less LCS games to watch, forcing fans to watch the new teams if they want a similar amount of content." --Riot Games 2017
So true Jaunty!! XD
: I kinda like this idea of a single long season with checkpoints to determine reps to International Events to a degree, though I think maybe combine it with my idea I've posted of have everyone play each other at least 3 to 5+ times
Agreed! Three times would be ideal too. Less tiebreakers. I'm glad you liked it, wasn't expecting an Immortals fan to approve of my last paragraph haha, I'm just salty cuz C9 had to go through a lot to make it to the Worlds Group Stage while finishing in the same spot as IMT in Spring Split. I guess we should've just beat Dignitas and never been in this situation. Either way, glad to see you guys at Worlds! Rooting for y'all
: NA LCS: Format update for 2018
Here's my solution: 12 teams. One season. Split into thirds. Play every team twice. Total of 22 series. 1 team with the best record at the end of the 1st leg. Represents NA at MSI. 3 teams with the best records at the end of the 2nd leg. Represent NA at Rift Rivals. 6 teams with the best record at the end of the 3rd leg. Advance to the NA Playoffs. Team with the best overall record at the end of the 3rd leg. Qualifies for Worlds. Gives more incentive to win regular season series. Team who wins the Split Finals. Qualifies for Worlds. 6 teams that did not qualify for the NA Playoffs enter a "losers bracket" 6 team tournament. Winner of that tournament enters the Gauntlet. If 1 open Worlds spot (One team wins the regular season, separate team wins the NA Playoffs) Gauntlet consists of 6 teams in a single elimination tournament. (the 5 NA Playoffs representatives and the winner of the "Losers Bracket" tournament) If 2 open Worlds spots (One team wins regular season AND NA Playoffs) Gauntlet consists of 5 teams that didn't qualify for Worlds in a 4 team double elimination tournament (4th seed vs winner of Losers Bracket decided on a play-in series) Winner of the Gauntlet qualifies for Worlds. 2nd place then plays the winner of the 3rd and 4th place Gauntlet matchup (again, double elimination with the exception being the play-in series). Winner of the 2nd/3rd place match. Qualifies for Worlds. Thus, teams have incentive to win throughout the regular season (to be eligible for international tournaments like MSI and RR). Teams are required to finish on a win to qualify for Worlds. (Removes teams like Immortals who did not qualify for Spring Playoffs, finish second in the Summer Playoffs and qualify without actually winning anything. Lastly, bottom teams will still have a chance to qualify for Worlds as incentives to not quit (for example, conference basketball tournaments to qualify for March Madness). This could make LCS more exciting to watch throughout the year and keep storylines fresh. Thanks for reading this! GLHF!
: NA LCS Offseason, Scheduling, and more
Cloud 9 and FlyQuest!! Leggo fam
: 2015 Worlds Winners’ Bundle
We want the Harrowing


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