: Since Nexus Blitz is going to be a permanent alternative to Summoner's Rift...
Yea roughly... 38 minutes and 26.35 seconds for the average game time would be perfect.
: > [{quoted}](name=JPizzle132,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JEcAdEgE,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2018-08-01T06:22:49.734+0000) > > I literally calculated it, like with a calculator, not just guessing, look at the post. He does 100-0 you at level 3 with just dorans. Using heal you survive with exactly 10 hp (ok maybe +/- 2 hp for rounding the decimals). Again that's assuming you literally didn't take a single auto from anything before the combo, and that he only gets off 2 autos during the combo. > Looking at it again, he would actually kill you by 26 hp even after heal if he had electrocute instead of arcane comet. Go into a custom game right now against a friend. Use E-Q-W ignite even with comet and a auto or two you will not 100-0 someone unless it's a champion like janna with very low base stats. I literally tested this 3x even vs squishy targets like Vel and such and you legit cannot 100-0 with 1 combo.
This is a really good idea. Don't know why I didn't think of just doing this. I did this brand vs caitlyn and the full combo gets her down to 40 hp so you're right not full 100-0. I believe because the bot took nullifying orb. It's still 95%-0 which like i said means if you take just 1 auto before the combo, the combo 1 shots you.
: Ah shit. I totally mental boomed on Teridax68's question. I was on my phone and misread the question as "are we considering ttk as well as overall damage" - and my reply was both, because those are both things we're looking into, but his question was "has ttk also remained relatively unchanged". I messed up the answer to that question. :/ TKK is decreased (faster to kill champs) depending on champ, runes, and items. We'll be talking about that in a bit more detail on Friday (as well as what our plans are). Super brief though is we're going to see if we can siphon some damage from systems on either 8.16/8.17 (8.16 is a bit dubious because of playoffs, but could be doable scope depending), with some larger solves to come later in the year in preseason.
Really?? Awesome!! https://media.giphy.com/media/OrMzQ9Dn3lnfq/giphy.gif
DivineSTR (EUNE)
: If champions were in Spongebob
This is so well done hahaha
: I think you might be BSing here bro. Brand cannot 100-0 you at level 3 with just dorans even if he lands his entire combo with ignite and autos.
I literally calculated it, like with a calculator, not just guessing, look at the post. He does 100-0 you at level 3 with just dorans. Using heal you survive with exactly 10 hp (ok maybe +/- 2 hp for rounding the decimals). Again that's assuming you literally didn't take a single auto from anything before the combo, and that he only gets off 2 autos during the combo. Looking at it again, he would actually kill you by 26 hp even after heal if he had electrocute instead of arcane comet.
: Considering Caitlyn outranges Brand and shouldn't let him walk up to her....probably, but whatever floats your boat. Let's also assume Cait just takes the Q to the face because reasons even though if there are no minions between them she can also net him thus dodging and outranging the Q while also doing like 1/3 of his health from the net+headshot. But these scenarios don't fit the narrative so we must assume Caitlyn stands still and doesn't use her massive auto attack range to zone Brand off and that only Brand knows how to play the game.
Ok let's assume you're against a brand and he never lands a single Q, what are you gonna think about that brand? That he's freaking terrible because he never landed a single stun. It goes both ways, that's not the point of what we're saying. The basis of the two sides to the debate is do you think that you should be able to kill a 100% full health champion by landing one single stun? The rest of brand's damage is actually just completely free if you land the stun. If you think yes landing one skill shot earns you an instant kill with no further real skill, that's where we disagree. I'm not hating on brand specifically, in fact he's probably fairly balanced at the moment. But that balance is in a meta where most champions can 1 shot each other in a single combo from 100% health to 0% with no items.
: Riot Direct AMA!
Not a question, but one positive I can say about league I haven't had issues with my connection in a loooooong time so if that's your fault then good work! :]
: "jUsT DoDGe hEr AbILiTieS BrO"
He needed to dodge ignite
kile147 (NA)
: The condition for Brand's full combo is being within 625 range of him and getting hit with a single skillshot. That's kinda the point, is that there is a lot of damage loaded behind a single skillshot, and most champs aren't any different. Shorter TTK means that a 1.5 second stun is far more punishing than it used to be, and shorter windows create far more punishment.
saltran (EUW)
: Not that I disagree, but is also needed to say that Piltover's Finest is lterally the adc with LOWER base hp in the game, even less than Ezreal.
Yea maybe I should have chosen a different champion for a better example :/
: I mean, he said it contributes. Not that it's the whole cause. They said they'd have another post, this one relating much more towards damage creep itself than Tanks, which is what the last one was about mainly.
Yea you're right he did say there would be another post, so hopefully he does address it. I only posted this because from his first post, it seemed to me like he was actually excusing damage creep by saying "It just FEELS that way to you guys because none of you want to play tanks!" when in reality it feels that way because ^my post above^
: Bruh they have no idea what they're saying. I've read another Rioters post here on the boards saying "overall damage hasn't changed throughout the years, because according to the datas, everyone deal almost the same damage *per game*". No shit everyone would deal the same during a game if they have roughly the same max hp, the issue is receiving these damage in 0.1sec, or people dealing true damage with their kits when they aren't supposed to deal true damage.
Exactly man, like atleast give me a second trade opportunity so I can outplay or strategize. There's no counterplay to dying from full health in one combo other than actually playing 100% perfect and/or hoping they never land a single stun -_-
Vekkna (NA)
: You forgot the 134 damage Brand's passive deals at level 3 (assuming 0 AP) *after* being reduced by Cait's MR. Also, Comet only scales off bonus AD, not base AD.
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: This is just what kids want. Any veteran gamer would know a good defence is a good offence aswell but the community in ALL games has been infested by kids playing games above their age level. Just like GTA any normal gamer would know they get ripped off with shark cards.. kids don't care Parents pay. CoD any gamer know that supply drops rip you off kids dont care poppa pay. EA with microtransactions they don't care half the community has others pay for it. (Another example of damage creep is similar to a specialist in CoD:Bo3 Battery. One option has her with an active armor that sucks up at least 2-3 hits the other gives a grenade launcher that is only good vs campers. Guess which one is popular? Yeh the launcher guess which one the pro players use? The armor.) Take League now. Game is a shitty mess kids don't care they think they deserve to climb without improving and they think that the rigged matchmaking is just bad luck. It is not i have personally tested it for years with new accounts since i had access to an extreme ammount of accounts even legally and not. Promo is rigged. I used to be a masters level player at my prime peaking at 100lp masters playing vs mid range challengers (500-600LP players) wasnt doing spectacular but held my own and carried via macro.Whne i smurfed in gold/plat had 95%+ winrate but one thing was always certain promos would always be harder than actual high elo games and half of them had RQ's. System is rigged aswell. Every winstreak equals a losestreak. My old premade is currently plat 5 with diamond 3 mmr and he had 100% winrate for 2 days straight he got nonstop inters and dropped and entire 30% winrate he was making a joke about it with me on facebook. Inters are not punished for the sake of keepign the grind going.Intentional feeders rarely get punished this was tested in SEASON 6 during SEPTEMBER where i INTENTIONALLY LOST a total ammount of 30 games in a row without a single punishment and i had clear signs of griefing in all my games ( yeh i was a dick ).Inters are kept (besides the extreme ones of running under tower constantly) so people will grind more game to climb to their wanted division. Meanwhile people who get fed up get banned because it drives away the soft hearted community. Clear sign of it was a Soraka wintrading on STREAM in a tyler 1 video AND another example on MIDBEAST stream a few days ago i think.
Yea dude League microtrades and macro used to be like a chess game with counter-play and positioning. Now post 15 minutes you're full health and try to ward over a thick wall right outside your base cause you're behind, a blue kayn flies out of a wall and your screen is grey before you even see the triple lethality items duskblade proc'd one single auto that did your full health bar. Now instead of consistent skill shots, wave management and positioning, it's all about whoever gets killed from full health in 0.1 seconds after a lucky stun in laning phase first. Whoever does that first has the advantage in the team fight at 20 minutes that decides the game. That game with Soraka was painful to watch :/
Jamaree (NA)
: To be fair, as much as this community wants to act like it didn't, people begged for a lot of these changes. People whined that games were too long, the meta got too stale, that tanks did no damage.
Yea people did true -_- I think they were right though (maybe other than tanks, if they don't like the idea of actually just tanking, they should pick something else, not complain about tanks not doing damage disproportionately high considering their defensive stats), and riot just took it too far with every change. They really hit a sweet spot though where tanks were doing a little too much damage, but at least there was team composition counter play to it. Games were just a little long at 50 minute averages, where it needed a little something to increase the pace just a touch to like 40 minutes (today's rift herald? Elder Dragon?). Alot of little tweaks to specific champions was what was needed. Instead it was *Lebelanc/kat pretty op in high elo* "Nerf stats a little until it balances?" "Nah let's do this" *removes abyssal scepter because of literally 2 champions, adds 7 new items, changes like 16 items (mostly increasing damage IE banshee's veil)* Everytime a balance problem showed up they were just like "alright screw it" and starting doubling effective damage on everything through a bunch of crazy ways.
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