: The skin was acquired by most by abusing a flawed system. There's no reason for this skin to be thought of as "Special" when in the end nothing special was done to acquire it. 90% of people who have the skin got it illegitimately, sure it sucks if you did get it legitimately and you get lumped into the crowd. But you got the skin, you don't deserve anything else for doing what you were supposed to. It's like how when people ask for a reward for being nice. But the reality is, you have the skin, people who got it before the system shut down got a legacy border, and going on further about it is just immature. Next people will start whining about Legacy skins coming back and them not feeling "as special". The reality is that you're not the only one who may want the skin, and wanting to be a special snowflake about having it before others is nothing to be proud of.
but for those who actually put in the work of referring a couple of friends and working through games to make sure they all hit level 10 was a struggle and so that for the ones who did get this skin legitimately can have some flair to show off hard work. maybe just a little name tweak or loading boarder. Not everyone abused the system. I could also argue just because people people got the season 2 riven skin, it make them special? Like "woah they made a micro transaction on a skin in season 2 they should get rewarded for that." practically same argument, but she got tweaks for her re-appearance in the shop. it shows dedication to the game maybe not years of experience, but some peoples hard work referring friends and help them level, or grinding 5 smurf accounts to level 10 was still a pain without runes and masteries and that is another form of dedication to the game in some way which is why I thought that way when they were re-making these skins re-obtainable. No need for the aggressiveness.
: I don't see a problem with this. Given that the skin was NOT specifically called out as an unobtainable skin though (Championship Riven was mentioned as being limited time, if I recall correctly), I think something like the name would be a better change. That said, I can see an argument for not doing this though, as a lot of the time the refer-a-friend program ended up simply being bot account or similar non-meaningful players. Hence why I'd opt for the name change if anything -- it keeps the original intact, without making it TOO special.
Yeah I agree something not "TOO special". Something for those who actually worked hard to get friends to start playing the game, even more, getting those accounts to level 10. I really think a name change would not be too hard and would do the justice. Thanks Djinn {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Because "some people" aren't rich enough to throw $75 away for 3 skins.
I just don't find the ultimate skins Iconic or anything special. It would be cool to get them though.
: doesnt change the fact that you can buy an account with championship riven for like 300 dollars and they took it down to a 75 dollar value this year
But selling a LoL account is technically Illeagal.
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bump, please help I keep lag spiking for no reason these past few days I would go from 35 ping to 300+ for a few seconds then go back down to 35 about every 10 seconds...


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