Esyre (NA)
: i ain't that much a comp wiz but everyone here seems to have a similar problem with the graphics card, i am on a mac and I've had 0 problems, these are my specs mac mid 2010 prossessor 2.93 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 8GB 1333 MHz Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024MB again i am having 0 problems with this, been playing games since the patch no problems
could be because you have a different GPU. Most people who own macs have a NVIDIA GPU
: Im on windows and it freezes my pc when i login to my account i have tried everything but nothing works
I think you're in the wrong thread... this is a issue in-game, not in the loggin menu...
Etonio (NA)
: I have a mac and my league is running fine. Not to belittle your issuebut I don't think it is all mac users, and I heard that some pcs were having the same issue. Hope the problem so many are having gets fixed.
looking at all the posts and complaints, I'm pretty sure almost all (minus a few) mac users are having problems
nęrD (NA)
: I don't know if this could be of any use, but maybe it could be a problem with Yosemite users. I think this is the case because I'm using Mavericks and I'm doing just fine, but all my friends who have Yosemite experience these problems.
Im using Mavericks but I still crash. So I don't think its JUST Yosemite....
: Still no answer from Riot ....{{summoner:6}}, pls post if you have some news.
Cardmant (EUW)
: Try relaunching the game, it works for me.
: Same as above, but running on 10.9.5. Related, but my client has been extremely buggy and nearly unplayable since I downloaded the game in 2013 or so. Crashes have happened on the old HUD occasionally, but the main problem has been the notorious freeze screen on death, and EXTREMELY long load times. There have been times when I've disconnected, had to reconnect, and have been kicked for being AFK because my load-in time takes so damn long (approx 3-5 minutes for each game, compared to a MAX of one minute that my friends who run the game on PCs sit through). Unrelated, but I've found that I have to keep alt-tabbing into and out of the League of Legends application to have the loading progress. It's really weird, man. To give you an idea on how frequently this happens, I've been LeaverBustered twice now because of this issue. I know the client's still in beta. Do you know when Mac users will have a properly functioning client?
Exactly the same as this person ^ OS 10.9.5
: Same here Can play for a good 5minutes then game crashes.
I can't even relog anymore. game won't let me.
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: HUD Update
when does this release?


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