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: I knew it was probably coming. Turning Pallis into a Darkin, I mean. I didn't like that it was looming, but I knew it was probably going to happen. I've always had a soft spot for otherworldly creatures that aren't necessarily malevolent, but rather alien. Their idea of 'good' might be far detached from our own, but they try anyway. Sometimes with disastrous results. That was the impression I got from Pallis. It didn't understand the weird nonsense forms or reasons for being that material folks had. It was lonely. It was hurt. And when it was finally freed, it tried to help. Maybe it got sealed away in the first place because it was trying to help, and it simply didn't understand enough to comprehend that its helping maybe wasn't so helpful after all. We didn't just lose Varus with the update. We lost Pallis, too. And that was a real shame. I saw Pallis as a glimmer of, maybe, some side of the Void that is something beyond dark malevolent hunger and really hoped it would be expanded on. Instead it got scrubbed. It's hard to get invested in characters if you know they might vanish with the next Lore update. I used to follow the lore of League pretty closely but... not so much anymore. So many things that I enjoyed, both mechanically and thematically, are gone now.
Pallas was the glue that held the story and its themes together. It's not even unreasonable to suggest that it could still be a Darkin if nothing else had changed.
: I would rather you have written out your topic, since you know, we're on forums and not the comment section of Youtube.
Fair point, I might edit my script in, but it's literally over 14 pages so I thought that might be a bit much.
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