: Can Xin Zhao E reset when he gets a kill?
I play xin zhao on my main. His cooldowns are so damn low it basically resets . I can honestly only carry my bronze games with xin zhao jg or chogath mid. Xin is already crazy strong that would just make him op
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: Lethality Items
You can cancel a ton of lethality with {{item:3047}}. I build this item on everyone its so OP. Mages, tanks, even my adcs.
: There are far more factors that go into play. Considering she went into the left tree, we can assume she also took the 7% armor shred. She may also have taken bounty hunter, and with the mass of kills and damage she outputted, i would doubt she maxed that out to 5% more damage, which ups her 3 auto burst by as fairly large amount. Thats 24 armor off, enough to drop it from 75% to almost 70 I believe. Add the 5% damage increase as well and she could easily be doing 125 per auto instead, a literal 10% increase in auto damage. I also never factored in her ult, which gives 90 AD, or her Q, which is on a 2-4 CD cooldown and increases her next auto by well over (AD*3.25)[i think thats the math for it] I get that you are upset she does a fuckton of damage, but vayne is one of the premiere late game carries and is meant to do such absurd damage to tanks. She could build no AD and still mess you up. And i really want to emphasize the rank of the player, as she superior mechanically than either of us, meaning she could easily have been levels and items ahead of you for longer than i know. The only other way I can math it away for you is with actual video.
No no you got me wrong im not upset ive just seen it happen and when i play vayne late game a shen is still able to kill me i just dont get it (and im still fed). Vayne was plat but she still died to me a bunch and she was fighting a level 10 xayah who basically fed her ass off so yeah.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: May I ask why that is?
incredibly high damage with the passive low gap closer low base cooldowns etcetc blocks all auto attacks.
: For starters, that vayne was plat 4 and you didn't have much max hp as you went Ravenous Hydra, netting you just under 3000. Im going to guess you had around 300 armor with base and runes, meaning you take 75% reduced damage. vayne had ~200 AD with IE and 100% crit, making every auto do around 450 vs 0 armor, so with 75% reduction brings that to 112.5. **PLUS** Statikk shiv and RFC, meaning when it procs it deals (160*2.5)[its modified by crit chance and crit damage] = 400. You likely had around 54 MR, reducing this damage to about 240. This brings her first auto damage to 350. Her first 3 autos together do: (113+240)+113+113+(12%*~3000), doing roughly 940 damage. it would take roughly 9 autos to kill you. With vaynes approximate 2.2 attack speed, it would take 4 seconds to kill you. The math does add up :)
4 seconds is alot longer than she took, she killed me within 2
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Takazaki (NA)
: do you not understand how true damage works? % HP true damage, also {{item:3036}} gives bonus % damage based off HP difference she has always been known as a tank shredder, same as kog
Kog does 8% magic damage. Im pretty sure I clearly said I am aware she does some % true damage ( I think 12 ) EVERY 3 hits in my title. But that doesnt explain the insane damage for the rest of her autos. This vayne had no lw item.
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: based on the site you want to use for discredit mine darius win rate 51.17% garen 49.60% but pretty much every one would state that that site is 100% true with their stats lolalytics.com/champion/Darius/ is the site i used with complies data from all regions and you can break it down by elo if you want or region and far as your statement all of league players are bronze to gold what elo are you? oh wait according to your op.gg you arent
I already explained this to you earlier. You have to decide who you want to cc. If you dont cc the garen then your team will just die to his E. Well if youve decided to cc the garen then your adc and other squishies are free to any other damage by your assasins etc. Garens silence is incredibly strong. Snares have cooldowns, if garen is chasing someone, he can just Q after they slow him and take more damage and Q again since the cooldown is so low.
: based on the site you want to use for discredit mine darius win rate 51.17% garen 49.60% but pretty much every one would state that that site is 100% true with their stats lolalytics.com/champion/Darius/ is the site i used with complies data from all regions and you can break it down by elo if you want or region and far as your statement all of league players are bronze to gold what elo are you? oh wait according to your op.gg you arent
Garen has a speed boost and a release of all slows
: based on the site you want to use for discredit mine darius win rate 51.17% garen 49.60% but pretty much every one would state that that site is 100% true with their stats lolalytics.com/champion/Darius/ is the site i used with complies data from all regions and you can break it down by elo if you want or region and far as your statement all of league players are bronze to gold what elo are you? oh wait according to your op.gg you arent
Yes and if we were all stupid to consider that people only own one account you would be level 17 {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} . My elo is quite high on 3 accounts, And even if that were true Imaqtpie is challenger and hes an idiot so... Let me make this easier for you? How is darius ever going to get near any of the champions with dashes, escapes, roots and stuns, and knockbacks?
: how do you justify ignoring the stats of the higher play rate and ban rates ?
Because league players arent the most brilliant people on earth People play what's fun or what they think is OP. The majority of league players are bronze- gold elo. Darius still has no gap closer. And your stats, oh your stats are so so so so so so wrong http://champion.gg/champion/Darius/Top But you havent answered my question, so time to ignore. Good luck.
: LMAO whatever dude garen isnt broken and darius is just like all other juggernauts ( ps garen is a juggernaut too) and out of all the champs you listed in your OP darius has a wining win rate in all those match ups you can refused to see the stats that are based on the game and continue to make shit post with no actual facts to back it up
A game is won by 5 people in a team. 1-2% extra win rate is not a huge deal. Jax, Fiora, etc dont really build sponge-tank, darius usually does except for cleaver. Which may work better in team comps as being a sponge, that still doesnt change the fact the champion alone is useless and cant fight. The only fact that is important is he has no gap closer, no speed boost, nothing stopping you from just walking away from him. That's all I need.
: garen only has true damage if his passive on his ult marks a villain darius ult is 100% true damage and it resets and he has aoe damage on Q with a heal, a slow, and a grab and built in armor penetration you are wrong in every aspect of this.
This isnt an argument about garen vs darius. Its about how useless darius is. And darius is completely useless because that AOE is smaller than an adc's auto range, his slow and grab are if he gets close enough to you which will never happen. His armor penetration is for an auto attack or Q which will never matter because his attack speed is so slow he does so little damage. It resets if he executes someone which is never going to happen with a decent team in a tank meta Meanwhile garen has to Q, E and an adc will almost die, if not R.
Veraska (NA)
: Juggernauts are for the most part not options as a blind pick, CC, kiting, ranged champions all fuck them up to much I see darius right now as basically a counter pick to melee champions who can't cs from a range, riven kled WUKONG, etc. You at least get to be a dmg sponge late game, your opponent does not Not saying that's how it should be, just how it is right now
I can see kled killing darius actually. Maybe even a wukong. I could imagine him smacking and monkey twining out for days. Riven in my opinion is a garbage champion. Shes got good mobility and damage but when it comes to team fights, she isnt a sponge late game and we are in a tank / support meta with lots of cc these days. One major problem with darius is if youre in his face you take way less damages, less stacks of hemorrhage, and end up losing. When it comes to team fights he has no true cc besides a slow. If youre trying to peel for your adc you have a short apprehend and maybe a slow, but thats it really. Other top laners like {{champion:14}} {{champion:58}} etc have stuns and more mobility to get in.
: He's the exact same as all other juggernauts. Either he's absolutely unstoppable or he's worthless.
I dont see how he would ever be unstoppable with how slow he is. He just doesnt have the potential to get fed in lane against most toplaners who aren't idiots (if not lose lane ). The average support will just cc him and a ranged champ will just kill him.
: lol so wrong its funny darius wins vs garen now where is your leg to stand on oh i provided the stats and link with them darius way better champ then garen
You must be lacking some serious education if you think a 1-2% < 50% winrate is significant. Win rate is dependent on a lot more than just one champion . But most league of legenders dont get this because they would rather drop out of high school or college Garen has a silence, speed boost, crazy base damage on q, and e, shield, execute (25% true damage). Darius like I said will never get his stacks because hes going to get kited for days.
: Trundle's sustain, not Darius's.
Im concerned who youre fighting because Jax for sure can just walk into darius stun and hop away repeatedly. Renekton can do the same thing dash in stun dash away. Fiora is fiora, she does true damage and before darius can chunk any damage she just kills him.
: {{champion:122}} garbage but {{champion:86}} broken? thinking.... darius vs trundle has a 51.60% win rate darius vs nasus has a 52.24% win rate darius vs ren has a 52.57% win rate darius vs firoa has a 51.13% win rate darius vs jax has a 51.27% win rate darius vs xin no data found cuz xin isnt played top on a regular basis darius vs garen has a 51.50% win rate http://current.lolalytics.com/champion/Darius/counters/
Its time for you to go take a break for the day. Garen is broken and darius is still useless. Garen doesnt have to earn his damage. Darius does.
: I don't have problems as {{champion:122}} with any of those champs except Trundle, and the issue with him is that he can play like a puss and leverage his innate sustain to stall out the lane until he gets enough items to actually win it. Most people I see playing Darius are honestly pretty bad with him, which is surprising given that he's not actually that hard to play well.
Out of curiosity? What sustain if the enemy champions wont let you Q them.
: Darius's problem is he can't teamfight anymore because of tanks and supports being broken AF on his own merits he's not bad at all
What you said is 50% true but also the above champions who arent tanks even counter him in lane.
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: the ad dont make it worth the buy the cost is high . she dont do aoe damage or multiple on hit targets she is a single target type of champ the reason it works with champs like lucian is his passive which applies on hit effects and mf with her Q and ult its not ideal on most adcs 40 ad for trist who is a crit base champ who auto attacks dont have any use for the item its not optimal in any situation
It gives 24% armor penetration, bonus health, 200 cool down. the armor penetration alone is basically = bonus AD
: http://current.lolalytics.com/champion/Tristana/items/ these are the items built by trist and when you claim you dont know why no one is playing her Tristana has a win rate 51.44% for Platinum+ players whilst the very best Tristana's are earning a win rate of 57.35% with the average rank of these top players being in Diamond II. 30.32% pick rate and a 18% ban rate LoLalytics ranks Tristana at 7 amongst all champions earning a tier grade of Challenger. by both of your statements its clear you have zero clue how to play or build her thanks for playing
There is nothing stopping trist from building black cleaver. It works. anyone who doesnt build it has not done their math and seen the value of black cleaver.
: go look up trist and see if she builds it
I dont need to look up anything, I build it and it works.
: nope not really thanks for playing
: not on trist
: never seen a black cleaver on trist lol thats new and she is fighting for best adc in game currently with twitch soo she is played plenty but cant bother with trist right now gotta nerf and perma ban garen cuz he is broken
Black cleaver > {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} unless they have a heavy healing mundo or someone.
Kraythax (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=JackSparrow94,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gmeXzIA2,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-02T23:44:25.327+0000) > > I just tried him and he sucked > I usually play {{champion:5}} {{champion:31}} in the jg Twitch jungle is trolling, pure and simple. I call those game "Lost in the Lobby".
It doesnt make sense man ive definitely been buttfucked by a twitch gank before.
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: Well yes, he is a very braindead and easy champ. He's meant for beginners. And he doesn't blow up the pro scene because he's only really much good AGAINST beginners. Here's the thing. You're not wrong. Garen does hurt a lot and is very tanky. Your problem is in not understanding the game enough to know WHY that is and WHY he is that way. Garen hurts a lot for a big tanky guy, true. But what else does he have? It's sure as hell not his skill at peeling for his back line. He can't initiate teamfights well either. He can't get picks like the enemy team. He can't dive the enemy's backline and burst their carries with ease like an assassin. He's a tanky pile of meat who's only strength is being too burly to bring down fast and too good at dealing damage to completely ignore. This does not make him broken, overpowered or the like. This is EXACTLY how he is supposed to work.
Thats not how it always goes. Garen doesnt have to go into teamfights first. All it takes is a thresh or sona sup to ult, and he q's in, or a zac or chogath jg on the same team to start the fight.
: Why do people think it's cute to say gg ez at the very end?
Because your average league of legender is a degenerate troll with an ugly face and no social skills. Consider that 10's of thousands of people spend time of their day to WATCH qtpie. That guy is their "role model" Theres your answer.
: He has no real CC and no real gap closer. Therefore he gets very high stats to make up for how easy to kite he is by anyone with the means to do so, and how easy it is to escape him if you're one of the many, many champions who has good mobility in their kit. He is the exact definition of a juggernaut. What part of this is confusing to you? The high AD is so he can still kill squishy champs that he actually manages to make it to. If you can't handle Garen, I'm sure you REALLY hate Master Yi.
I dont mind Master Yi, I play alot of chogath xin zhao ashe tristana and with those champions I can kill master yi any day no matter how fed he is. I absolutely am disgusted by garens true damage. The stacks he gets on black cleaver , his damage ratio , his movement speed etc. The problem with garen is not only in lane but in teamfights, he can be the second tank to go in and just spin to win. His damage output is strong enough that he needs to be almost focused vs the enemy adc which means while this tank who deals 1000+ damage with one E is being focused the enemy adc can do what they want. Almost all other bruisers and juggernauts have to earn their damage. Garen is a brain dead easy champ.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ladynaldst6969,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=so1Jn2Oh,comment-id=000100000000000000000000000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-02T20:37:56.760+0000) > > hes still broken lel you keep saying he is broken yet you don't provide anything to support this. Garen is one of the weakest juggernauts in the game, he is insanely easy to kite and he for the most part is unable to do much. He isn't strong a high elos. He is just decent enough at lower elos yet you come here saying he is broken and your entire argument is "he had this item, infernals and nothing else to reach this amount of AD" ok... that tells me nothing about how he is broken. You are not telling us how many infernals. Garen is barely an issue in gold so are you even lower than that?
high damage, high armor, high healing, high movement speed. almost no one is broken in very high elo if you play properly
: > [{quoted}](name=Ladynaldst6969,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=so1Jn2Oh,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2017-09-02T20:20:27.102+0000) > > you must spend alot of time in bronze and silver if you can tell someones rank by the &quot;Way they talk&quot; no, i just read dozens of the same shitposts like this and looked at the peoples profiles. sitting at the bottom of the ladder has been the common denominator of these people so far. you were making a mistake, when you didnt realize he had baron buff and ad runes. shit happens and thats fine. but instead of admitting this, youre still ignoring the facts you were presented with and dig yourself a deeper hole and make yourself look like an idiot. this kind of ignorance is probably why youre stuck where you are.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ladynaldst6969,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=so1Jn2Oh,comment-id=00010000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-02T19:13:01.374+0000) > > hes broken everyone explained to you already where the ad value came from. a lot of it was baron buff and some from ad runes. you already said that it was your first time playing fiora. so if you want to beat him.. i dont know. how about practise your goddamn champ? because fiora can fight and outscale garen. she can even beat him early if she doesnt fuck up on trades. from the way youre talking i can already tell youre hardstuck somewhere in silver 4 to bronze 5. literally everyone ive seen call garen broken has been down there so far. the bottom of the barrel and the worst of the worst of players. if im correct and your mmr is down there, then garen isnt your problem. you need to work on your own gameplay before you can judge which champions are too strong and which are not.
you must spend alot of time in bronze and silver if you can tell someones rank by the "Way they talk"
: nope not broken learn to play
w.e floats ur boat even though everyone disagrees
: not in that game the game in question your account is unranked you went 4-16-5 as fiora and that garen was gold prove me wrong
: ***
Thanks for the insults. I was higher rank than garen on both of my accounts. ITs a known fact hes broken at this point.
: > [{quoted}](name=Critmaster Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=so1Jn2Oh,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-02T13:18:32.257+0000) > > post the game please. This user played Fiora against Garen, got rekt super hard lol
It was my first time playing fiora. Dont hate. Also armor is pretty damn strong. I usually play some combination of healthy speedy damagy xin zhao with just tabis and that helps a ton
: lol he runs in a straight line at you ... any champ can gap close with flash and his bonus armor /mr from W is .5 for cs killed which dont really start til lvl 3 when it is most likely taken Garen has a win rate 50.49% for Platinum+ players 4.53% pick rate ( which is low ) and a 1.2% ban rate which is practically non existent garen is over all a bad champ and so many champ out damage him. out tank him and offer so much more then he does
Im not plat +, and plat + has at least some teamwork. In lane garen is a massive lane bully, if he does get on you he does assasin style damage. You can only cc so many people
: lets see he has no gap closer... his W dont scale with damage... his ult dont scale with building damage his only two abilities that scale with damage is Q and E typically champs that dont have abilities that scale with damage tend to have higher base damages
the garen bonus armor buff early game is incredibly strong, so is his health regen. his cooldowns are already low and his damage is high. He can flash for a gap closer, also he can take alot of damage and just Q his way to you. Not to mention his Q is so damn fast its hard to land your roots with that guy charging and silencing you for 10 years.
: it would be better if you could show through replay what happened,
Ill check later for a replay but Im pretty suspicious of this team, their graggas ulted me into the baron pit and baron immedietly did like 1800 of my health.
: Was it that he just did that damage and you died, or was that what the death recap said?
It was just him doing that death damage.
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