: What makes a champion concept good?
I think it's pictures. Most people just take some random picture from deviantart or so that befits their champion as closely as possible. That attracts viewers, no matter how extensively the champion was designed (though sometimes keeping things simple is simply better ^^). For example, if you took any of Riot's champions and wrote down the concept (with a changed name and ability names) in here, in the boards, *without pictures*, you wouldn't get any viewers and probably even negative feedback. tl;dr: clarity is best.
: Wouldn't Vi just rip the door out and use it as a weapon against anyone, or is she more "civilized" than that? Otherwise, nicely done, take a +1
I don't understand. Why would she rip off her own door to fend off a saleswoman? ^^ But thanks for the +1 :D
: Entry Confirmed! You should be able to add more past the character limit by editing it in. In my experience the character limit simply limits the initial posting. Of course that may have changes, it's been awhile since I've fought with it. If that doesn't work feel free to link a Part II, I'll make it work.
:D I think the edit trick is working, thanks ^^
: [CCC] October Champion Concept Contest!
[Edga, Valoran's traveling Festival. ](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/6QqZ9TQL-edga-valorans-traveling-festival) I hope you like it, but I do have an ... uhm .. question ... I kind of ran out of space in that first thread. Could I make another and label it part II? ^^
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Nhifu (NA)
: Level 1 Soraka items
Isn't starting with Flask better then, if you just want to be a Heal-bot? Since the flask also grants you Mana and with that you can spam your Q more often? But it does sound interesting, starting with Rejuvs. I don't think anyone can really do that ^^
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: [Champion Concept] Baku, The Magister of Dreams
: Stupid idea that completely misses the item's point?
: > \UNIQUE Passive: +**8%** Cooldown Reduction; this amount increases to +**15%** if you are walking towards an allied champion with less than 40% Health. Just wondering, but did you mean Move speed? because it already has CDR built in as a stat. If you did mean move speed, then I like the idea, it seems almost like a baby version of the part of Soraka's new passive that they are working on. The only problem is that this starts becoming a really expensive looking item for a support, but other than that looks pretty good, nothing huge but nice enhancements. P.S. Three cheers for Ardent Censer showing up in worlds!
Yeah I meant Movement Speed, thanks I hadn't noticed ^^ And I just thought it could be a nice upgrade for Supports in the late-game when everyone has money a plenty :D
Aamano (NA)
: Ardent Censer
[I feel horrible for posting this link](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/fancreations/IIEE8VAY-ardent-censer-upgrade), but here's my take on how the item could be improved ^^
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Zsu (NA)
: This is to all the {{champion:157}}'s out there.
Well it's a late game crippler. And getting the item so much earlier you won't have the AD to make it useful, countering people who rush the current Infinity Edge and pull the game through with it ^^ It's also gold inefficient, btw, because it builds out of Avarice Blade, an item which you usually don't buy first, because it doesn't give enough combat stats.
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: Annie's W is the cone, Annie's E is the shield. Just sayin'. EDIT: Cho'gath's Q is rupture... sorry I can't help it.
Muhahahahah! I haveth deleted the evidence ! :D (Thanks >.>)
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: [CCC] September Champion Concept Contest!!!
I'm a bit late, but here it is: [Baku, the Dreamwalker](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/jcEOOxh6-baku-the-dreamwalker). It's my thoughts on how a 'tag-on' system could be implemented, but also how Nocturnes vague lore could be expanded. I hope you like it!
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: Give Lulu a new offensive E
I like the first one, but it would be cool if it had a Trundle Bite slow on activation.
: Say Amumu buys a 1000 hp item, there are 2 i think in the game.He now loweres his enemies magic resistances by 85 from ONE item. The average lvl 18 melee champion has around 52 natural mr. Anybody past 2.5 seconds would be one shotted by mages due to amplified true damage and they couldnt outrun the debuff due to the speed boost... Additionally , its not important if a single ability is entertaining, but the kit as a whole. Amumu is fun to play so i dont see why and how the passive change should or could change that. I'd say don't fix what isn't broken. Both champs are healthy and balanced, and i dont see how those changes in numbers can be remotely accurate without testing. Sorry for the bad grammar, im not from an english speaking country and dont care enough to bother fixing the mistakes if i can be understood.
What? ... uhhh what? One 1000 HP item would make Amumu lower enemies Magic Resistance by 17.5, total. NOT 85. Did you take 75% bonus HP as the value?
: Balancing a champion isn't hard in the slightest. Unless you're referring to the coding.
I'm not sure why you said that >_> I didn't say balancing was hard, not at all and not for Riot. I'm saying most people complain about Reworks, even though Riot wants to better the game.
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: Reward for most bastardized champion in League goes to...
C'mon guys, give Riot a chance. They're (probably) really trying to make the game better with these reworks, and most of the time you *all* go complaining about them before they are actually testable. (Though you aren't technically complaining in this thread, but you get my point). I'm actually very interesting in how this new Soraka will turn out. Her passive seems extremely ~~interesting~~ fun.
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: While people think about damage potential, I usually think about carry potential in her aspect. While this is true that the damage has been nerfed on Cassiopeia, her way of carrying the game seems more relevant to her usual build. Think about this: start off with a dorans ring but instead of harassing, you are farming your lane indefinitely. now that kind of farm with stack your passive via potential to carry. If left unharmed, she can reach 30% CDR in no time (or at least 15 minutes or less). In her use of farming with scaling, with the use of twin fang potential (and probably spell vamp isf she buys it early). her damage can outscale any other mage late game, especially Ziggs. Now you're saying that her ult is the MOST unreliable in the game. This is not true. The way to use her ultimate is the AOE Cast in teamfights or if someone chases you out. You're saying that this removes more damage to her kit? Think again when she tries to outdamage you by a percentage. Remember that passive? She can build rabadons and scale additively (or multiplicatively?) with her AP. At 150 stacks, she has 6% bonus AP with 30% CDR. Yeah, that will be considered "overpowered." But at 375 stacks, she has **15% (x2)** 30% bonus AP. With that massive AP scaling, she can deal even more damage than Malzahar if she so chooses. Damage nerf on abilites? She definitely deserves it. Overall scaling with her kit? This pretty much solidifies her entity of bring down champions and being able to carry the game with her teammates. Just watch out for her poison.
It's actually 30% bonus AP at 375 stacks ^^ And I really loved your arguments.
Opeli (NA)
: HEY I CAN ANSWER SOME OF THESE > - Or did *he* turn Shurima into the dessert it now is, as he is the Emperor of the Sands? If ANYONE can turn anything into a dessert, I *need* to meet them. Yesterday. But for real, he didn't turn it into a desert. It was a already a desert in his lifetime. > - Does he have some kind of connection to Renekton and Nasus, or was he 'born' in Valoran? > - Why did his kingdom/ why did he fall? Surely it wasn't because of Xerath, they trapped that guy in a box. But what then? > - And how did he re-appear? Xerath is immortal, sure, but that guy? > - Is he also an Ascendant? HIS LORE ISN'T EVEN UP YET, MAN. JUST HANG ON > - Was it because Shurima was a landlocked kingdom and he had no otherwise noticeable access to water? No, they have magic water or something dope like that. > - Would he rather be friends with Renekton or Nasus? Xerath is besties with Renekton, but he as Emperor is surely somewhat smart and will see that random fury is not good, right? Yeah, you got it. He doesn't appreciate reckless fury.
Thank you :D I'm just hyping a lot ^^
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: just make your own :O
If only I could. ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻
Dudermen (NA)
: he also used the old hexdrinker for the middle one and Aatrox's dmg w for the 3rd one. (sry if english is bad)
I needed an image and it was the only thing that looked remotely similar ^^
ploki122 (NA)
: I'm fairly confident that Vorpal Spikes procs Liandry's, Rylai and Spellthief. Not all attack modifiers are simpy on-hits. As for Zac/Amumu, they still have insane spammable AoE abilities (Tantrum and the whole Zac kit). Similarly, Kayle would proc Basalt based on the description. EDIT : oh, and brand's apssive also procs both spellthief and liandry, making him an *insane* bully. Overall I feel that the synergy with Spellthied and/or Leona is stimply too great
Didn't know that Cho' Gath part ... (know I want to play him) But Brand's passive is DoT, so thats 5 extra magic damage per tick and no mark proc. I do see your point though that the item would be ... immensely powerful ... on certain champions. I'll have to re-do the math for them ^^ Edit: And thx for the feedback
ploki122 (NA)
: Just wanted to highlight a few abuse cases : **Leona** : If she gets Basalt blade by level 4, her innate's damage is basically doubled (35->65), level 5-6 she still ends up eith 80 bonus damage per spell. I don't believe it's possible to survive nay engage she would ever do if she manages to land 3+ procs, let alone outtrade her. **Cho'Gath** : Tanky Vorpal Spike Cho'Gath is now the only viable build. You will basically explode everything in every teamfights with those 35 extra damage worth. Otherwise, you can also take the one that lets allies proc it, and deal %hp damage ot the whole enemy team on most hits they receive. **Amumu/Dr. Mundo/Alistar/Karthus/Mordekaiser/Zac and a few more** : Similar to Cho'Gath, Volcanic Halberd allows you to build 100% tanky and be one of the biggest threat ever. **Evelynn** : Her hate spikes are now *Hate* Spikes with capital letters. **Teemo** : Support teemo or Kog'Maw means that yo uwill always have the +30 damage proc on auto-attack on enemies buffing your damage output beyond any measure.
Cho' Gath wouldn't proc the extra damage of Voidblade ಠ_ಠ On-hit effects =/= spell damage And Teemo could only mark enemies with his Q. Then, as mentioned: DoT effects do not apply Volcanic Halberd's nor Basalt Blade's mark. The Spammable Karthus Q *would*, however ... ~40-60 extra magic damage on-hit for allies doesn't really seem to be worth the 2650 Gold cost on some of those champions. I mean Liandry's Torment would probably give you far more independent bonus damage and most the time you don't have a fast-attacking ally near you in the Mid or Top Lane (you can't proc the Basalt Blade or Volcanic Halberd damage yourself). I do agree on Evelynn, though, she would abuse the item to no end ... (maybe I should put in a 1 second cooldown or something ...)
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: I put this comment in another persons Scrying Orb discussion thread, but it applies here too; They should just get rid of Scrying Orb altogether, and buff Clairvoyance to fill its role. My proposal for Clairvoyance buff is; **Clairvoyance is now a passive that buffs your wards and trinkets** * Increases the range you can place any ward by 50% * Sweeper Lense gains benefits of level 9 upgrade from the start. * After purchasing your first Trinket upgrade, you can change to a different one at no cost. Too OP? Instead of a passive, give it a CD for the increased ranges.
Summoner spells =/= passive effects.
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: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
Moonlight Leona and Sunlight Diana, please :D
: Hey, I have a couple questions, Firstly, so I can understand your thought process behind these items, 1. Why do you feel these items need to be added into the game (what purpose are you trying to accomplish) 2. In what situations do you see these items being very effective or vice versa what situations do you see these items being an bad purchase.
THANK YOU for the wonderful question (sorry again). I feel this item should be added into the game to highlight **Last Whisper's** purpose. The item *is* good for Marksmen to deal a lot of damage against squishy targets, and it offers Cooldown Reduction and more Attack Damage than Last Whisper, however you cannot/ should not buy both, as they do not stack. However, if you buy **Peacemaker** you no longer deal as much damage against Tanks, and if you buy **Last Whisper** you no longer deal as much damage against squishies. So you have to ask yourself which you want to do. With the **Peacemaker** being stat-wise more attractive (80 Attack Damage and 10% CDR > 40 Attack Damage) I believe more Marksmen would pick *it* over **Last Whisper**, granting tanks the chance of fulfilling their role without being nuked down. **tl;dr** : It makes you specify whether you're an Assassin against Squishies over an over-all damage dealer. I can't really answer your second question as it depends on the match-up. If you're up against a bunch of Assassin's and Damage Dealers I suppose the **Peacemaker** would be better as you would deal more damage and have lower cooldowns to use your escape abilities more often, however the higher cost prevents you from buying other things. And if you're up against Braum and Graves bot, with Amumu Jungle, Renekton Top and Orianna Mid, then I think **Last Whisper** would probably be better, as they all have a lot of Armor and Defenses. P.s. : Last Whisper offers more Armor Penetration at about 89 Armor. I hope I could answer your question somewhat and thanks for asking :D
: Let's get our creative juices flowing!!
Moonlight Leona and Sunlight Diana :D
: I think that would be a little much; she basically has the Phage passive because she can permaslow with her Q. My favorite passive rework suggestion (this is *not* my idea, forgive me, ~~I forgot the user who came up with it~~ [found it, credit to NachtStrider](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-skins/i7glrE5T-ashe-ability-updates)) is that her crit should only proc on champions, not minions, and would charge when she's not attacking *champions*, not just in combat in general. It would give her a reliable edge in trades without affecting much else in her gameplay.
I like this. It would have to load slower then, but I still like it. Props to whoever made it.
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: I made a quick one, but... It doesn't like the boards:
I can't do something like this, but can't you use the letters of Riot to make it? Or would that screw up the black-white balance-thingy?
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