: > [{quoted}](name=Jackin ur lawn,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=zZjvUoub,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-20T13:33:58.107+0000) > > The only thing Kindred is powerful in is plagiarism. How so? ~~Is she~~(I always forget wolf is a thing) Are they a blatant rip off?
google Chiara Bautista. While the wolf/lamb concept isn't hers alone you can look at her drawing style and look at Kindred and it's so similar....on top of the personalities of kindred parallel her drawings. People used to think she created fan art of Kindred but she drew lamb/wolf way before Kindred was released, who was conveniently released after her drawings got popular.
Herminator2 (EUNE)
: Is it ok to borrow jungel camps from junglers.
Yes it is. Junglers who rage at you and think they are the only ones to deserve/control the jungle mid-late game are to be ignored especially if they hog the buffs.
: Played with a Vayne ADC a couple weeks back, lane was okay but ended pretty even. However, our mid and jungle were on a general rampage, so i quickly went to their side and started cashing in hard. Meanwhile, Vayne alone and pushing on the other side of the map gets killed twice and starts raging at me. I'm just like... "Im helping the actual carries for this game yo. Keep farming and maybe you'll catch up one day." {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
No offense but you sound like a terrible support.
: Kindred theory
The only thing Kindred is powerful in is plagiarism.
: And Rhaast is a Krampus-like figure
Kled would suit Krampus way better.
: God I love coming back here every now and again to see just how hard Riot can keep shitting the bed and MAN do they never disappoint. Just when I thought they couldn't top themselves, they do shit like this rofl. People may talk shit about EA being evil, but at least they are competent at being evil. This is like watching Wile E. Coyote try to catch the Roadrunnner.
ΑοΚι (EUW)
: Honestly I feel betrayed... I'm totally fine with the fact that Ivern is an unpopular champ so it makes sense that it took a decade for him to get his first skin after the release skin, but srsly... I mean SRSLY??? I'm a Ivern onetrick with over 1 million mastery points on him and I was totally looking forward for his skin, but there is no way I would buy Dunkmaster Ivern! It has nothing to do with his theme and doesnt even fit his playstyle or anything that would be an argument for it. Dunkmaster Ivern is the same as Sewn Chaos Amumu in my opinion and it's hard to believe that this skin will sell anyway decent. There is only a small amount of Ivern players and even from a lot of them I only got a respond like "this skin sucks so hard riot must be kidding" or "well nothing we can do here, guess we have to wait until season 13 or so before we get an decent Ivern skin". If Riot really pulls it off and releases Dunkmaster Ivern I'm speechless. They actually managed to tear the heart of an Ivern player apart
They probably will. They didn't pull Asols or LB's. If you haven't been paying attention lately Riot doesn't care for the community's opinion, they know some people will buy it even if they hate it so they know there will be profit and then they can fill their skin quota via laziness and force more esports and prestige skins down our throat. :)
: The whole thematic argument doesn’t work here
It's like you missed people saying if he was a basketball player he wouldn't be the player whose dunking but the one who helps fend off the enemy team so the actual Dunk master (Darius) can score. I hate basketball with a passion so I don't know nor care to google the position name that's better suited for Ivern but yea... What you are trying to say about the community is actually a comment towards Riot - if they were doing sports theme skins they could at least have them make sense. Also Ivern isn't your typical basketball player, he's more like that tall nerdy kid in school who gets forced to play basketball and isn't actually half bad because of his height.
: > why did we have to get this redundant trash? Well, because the majority of people wanted it. Bewitching Tristana and Little Demon Tristana can easily coexist. Consider that skins are supposed to be parallel universes. Yes, Bewitching Tristana summoned Little Devil Teemo. And maybe (we don't know yet), Little Devil Teemo and Little Demon Tristana live in the same universe. Here is the thing now: They are summoned and we never got a statement how this works. Maybe the demons which the witches summon are beings from another dimension? It is entirely possible that Tristana could then summon her demonic self from another dimension. Easy to explain. I just thought that Little Demon looked the best of these and being an impish demon fits Tristana both visually and personality-wise.
But the majority of people wanted it because they presented the idea, they could have easily put something else there instead. Riot is tanking on their skins lately, while I'm sure she will look awesome as people have said she's already Bewitching so it's like Riot forgot about that lol.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Dunk master Ivern...
I don't understand what is going on with Riot's creative team lately lol, especially when it comes to champs with a small fan base pool. There are so many ideas for a new Ivern skin and they ignore all of them? For a ugly Basketball skin that doesn't fit the Champ? And you could say yea it's a popular skin line but you know what else is? Elderwood. They have done SO many champions wrong in the past 8 months? It's getting kind of ridiculous.
: champions that i wonder why build AP instead of AD
Well lol, Akali & Katarina both profit the best healing from hextechblade and their damage lies more so in their skills or lich bane empowered autos (which also brings in fizz and nid) and (minus nid but keep fizz maybe bring in elise) they combo very well with Zhonyas. All of them need mana sustain (even if ur cougar nid her other form skills are just super costly). I've seen people build AD on Ali more than AP tho tbh, it's just his stun is AP and his stun hurts with barely any items so with a little more ap its a big ouch. Plus alot of the AD items require constant auto attacking and alot of those champions would just...die if they played more on their autos than skills.
: None of the champions you mentioned have as wide of an area of effect as Neeko's R does. None of their ults provide hard cc, with the exception of Morg, Who needs to remain closeby to channel it and is relatively squishy and easy to kite. I like how you mention that tibbers is instant cc, which it is not, Annie's passive provides the cc, which is highly telegraphed since she needs to charge it up with spell casts, providing plenty of counter play and opportunity to pull out. Neeko has the ability to stun 5 champions, and deal up to 2k magic damage with this ult, if she has the AP. While she does telegraph it, she has mobility and stealth options, as well as flash, ghost, or phase rush as an option. It's incredibly powerful, and the fact that she can charge this from within stealth with a speed boost is absurd, none of the champions listed have that type of convenient setup.
Morg also needs like 3 items before she can burst as much as neeko can with half an item built lol.
Krynnˉ (NA)
: she's also a squishy mage with no mobility and requires her to walk straight into the enemy team to hit it, with addition to the fact that it has a wind-up that gives plenty of time to react to it. Some counterplay options: {{item:3190}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3053}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:25}} and many others
She has plenty of mobility.....
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: ADCs aren't weak, but I finally understood why people think they are
Tbh I shit on Jhin as Tristana and it is the most satisfying thing in the world lol. But if you feel you are struggling in lane skip leashing, play safer? Like you can only give as much as you can get some games but people forget a lot of the adcs (like Cait) still require strategy before they can just build items and auto with not much thought.
Rock MD (NA)
: League is still a strategy game, it's just nobody wants to use strategy
Yea. They don't want to use strategy and they most certainly don't want to communicate. I got flamed for not being able to read someone's mind.
: Chat Restriction
You know support is pretty nice they will generally point out what is wrong with what you did but what you probably did was use a word you don't think is that bad (i.e lol you're such an idiot) and that got flagged. Reports are based on individual actions, and if you feel your teammates really need to be looked at send in a more formal report into support. But chat restrictions are probably saving you rn with the amount of trolls constantly in game so take it as a blessing.
: Man do I really love this game and it's community.
I honestly don't know what happened. I really don't. I remember last year people would mess around because it's preseason okay whatever. But how people are currently (it's just constant trolling, flaming, griefing, inting, etc) and consistently acting and that they are all different people acting like this and they all think they can just get away with it is troubling.
: Theory about the toxic community
I'm going to be pretty honest. While League was not the first game to have a toxic community it is the first game to have the most atrocious vocal player base that actually echoed into other games and have since created a toxic domino community throughout all games. I'd say streaming has probably also aided in this but I remember coming from a smaller mmo and looking at the boards and thinking wow these people are pathetic and here I am years later and now actually playing the game and still thinking the same thing. You can honestly tell the majority of the player base at least now has never played a sport because they honestly get mad for trying to keep it sportsmanlike. The way they troll and grief and flame you for correcting them or trying to be polite but also like hey you kinda messed up here, is disgusting. The silent acceptance of racism. The way they so freely tell you to kill yourself or validate calling people F**ots is disgusting. The complete acceptance to being constantly bullied by their teammates? Embarrassing. The sexism?????? Keeping in mind that all of these people are just as likely to be grown men as they are children and you literally can't tell because of how ugly and childish their personality is. That the company ALLOWED this to foster? This is all league.
: Is it weird that Leona and Braum can't proc shield bash?
: ***
Tbh you're closer to being racist than the OP is lol.
: Edit: You know, I have to admit, I was wrong here. While it might not be racist, there were some odd chords struck to me, especially that last line. I talked with a couple friends about it, and I can see why I could see it racist, but at the same time, why it isn't either. Sorry bout that ^^
Can you please re-educate yourself on Racism and what actions a culture does to another that makes it racist? Because stating true facts about another Country is not fucking racist.
: It would be fair if I was able to simultaneously play the top, mid, jg, ADC and support all the same time to guarantee no one on my team is *drunk* But I'm never so lucky
You have no idea how happy I would be if I could support myself lol.
: Community wants DH balanced?
It also shouldn't travel like comet?? I had a Jhin kill me with it because apparently it does that too? He auto'd, I lived and then the red dot of doom traveled to me and oh look he suddenly killed me even tho I survived his bloody auto.
Papuga (NA)
: Has anyone here tried to play Yasuo? I have and it's not as easy as you think to wind wall key abilities. Regardless, I agree that it is a bit too powerful a tool. The instant cast fram cancel is too strong and allows it to be too omni directional. I liked the suggestion to make it start outside his character in the direction the wall will errupt. I also agree with the difficulty of hitting him while he is inside the wall. You make it just around the edge of the wall but the edge still blocks it. I feel the wall is too wide and not well defined enough. I would like to see the wall narrowed or to not block projectiles from the side.
The only challenging thing for Yas is procing his Q for a tornado.
: Played Ahri vs Yasuo today, windwall can block my entire kit... Pog.
Remind me again, why you wouldn't bait out a windwall before comboing?
: Windwall is the least of our concerns now. You thought a projectile blocking wall was bad? how about immunity to all targeted abilities and auto-attacks just for being able to locate your W key? {{champion:84}}
So play champs whose skills don't need a target to cast? Akalis problem is her ridiculous early game lifesteal boost off 1 item. Not the fact that she goes invisible (INVISIBLE, NOT INVINCIBLE)
: It should only block ranged auto attacks and SOME Q W E abilities, not ultimates. There's no skill in stopping a Nami ult.
Technically, it doesn't stop Lux ult and I believe Zyra ult.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hotarµ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pytdEbPB,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-24T03:15:19.777+0000) > > I think with some tweaks champions like Yasuo could be made bearable, honestly. Yasuo is a champ that can only be truly balanced and actually sticking to the design purpose of the champ if he started the game with actual CD, has nearly 0 base damage, and W at the very least is half as thin, isn't omnidirectional and cloaks Yasuo entirely for some reason that allows him to block spells even if Yasuo uses W in the completely wrong fucking direction, and only appears for a very brief period to reward timing, as well as that Yasuo can only trigger R if enemy is hit by his own tornado and not every single spell in the game given how many displacements there are in the game for some godly reason (I mean, why would he needs it when his kit is already 0 CD?), etc etc. Let's be real. Riot would never do any of these things to Yasuo. So we should just delete the utter abomination he is.
Madjack01 (EUW)
: Is this what the boards have come to?
People have every right to be mad? Who are you to try to silence that? Lol. Plus there’s actually a lot of good ideas out there.
: I thought turret plating would be a shield that you had to kill before the tower's real HP showed up
: Rant: I'm so sorry, Diana mains.
But like all Diana’s skins outside of Infernal are moon related? So because she doesnt get one skin line the whole world is ending????? Leona has long deserved an legendary**(technicalities but it’s just with both of them together - epic) skin and she pulls off the eclipse effect so beautifully on the W. It’s silly how upset people are about this? Diana literally just got a new really cool MOON RELATED skin (Tidecaller) and while YOU seem to hate Blood Moon it is hands down one of my favorite skin artworks and ig aesthetics. Also Leona and Diana aren’t rivals.
: Why should they consider arabic? The company that made the game is american, their language is english.
Are you really asking why they should consider a whole group of people when taking names from their language? You really must be American.
Terozu (NA)
: She is a minor!!!
She is also NOT INTO MEN.
: The old rune system actually allowed differences in play style too. Much greater than we have now anyway.
: Make a way to mute laughs/taunts
Is there not a option to mute champions? Because I believe I did that with urf bc all the Garens gave me the biggest headaches.
: There's no more hope for Riot
What really irks me is the fact that they released a patch like this and the skins that are the least popular then went on holidays like? You realize other people have holidays too and they may have wanted to spend it playing your game except you blew it up and yolo'd out???
Naalith (NA)
: I think that the games are roughly the same length, but last season late game basically didn't exist and this year midgame is being pushed out by the new changes. Basically as soon as the towers fall out becomes a 3-5 minute fiesta then someone wins.
Right so how is that the same length prior? Prior to this patch I didn't have consistent games where 15 minutes hits and we are for sure losing and done, now that's like every fucking game lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=Malix Farwin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NXzOWJOQ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-11-22T18:30:07.714+0000) > > Won't really argue with you there on the games still feeling short but do they feel better and comebacks are much more possible now? Yes. This. I used to hate shorter games but I've been enjoying myself a lot the past few days. Games are short but comebacks feel possible.
No. They don't. Not to me. Not with my luck it has made the games much worse, people give up alot more even if the enemies have shut down gold who cares we lose GG IM GONNA FEED AND INT OR JUST SIT IN A LANE AND NOT PARTICIPATE IN TEAM FIGHTS.
: > [{quoted}](name=lumanachi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NXzOWJOQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-22T17:24:54.101+0000) > > no one wants quicker games :l That really depends on the game. On one hand I love those 34-34 games where it's neck and neck and results in one good play to change it all? Yes. However... Those 43-10 games where people refuse to surrender and turtle? I could do without that.
No offense but how often does the last part happen now(pre this patch)? I would rather risk having that kind of game compared to the games now or where they may be trying to get the future of league to go too.
mack9112 (NA)
: I really have yet to play a game that it felt like that rune was breaking any champion. Looks like you just played a game that a leblanc smashed your team maybe you it's more your frustration with the champ?
No????? Maybe if you just started playing 2 weeks ago this is acceptable logic because, well, you're new but this has nothing to do with frustration over a champ and everything to do with a very very broken rune. If they have a range all they have to do is wait for the range to pick off someones hp half way then the rest of the team will jump in and you are dead completely because of one rune it wont matter how much items you have or what class you are playing or how much shut down gold you picked off your enemy (l0l) facing Dark Harvest completely and totally nukes you because of Dark Harvest. That's it. I've seen it on so many champions who didn't even bother to use the old Dark Harvest but now do because it's game breaking for pretty much every champion.
xZabaksx (EUW)
: Atleast we had this {{champion:555}} in the middle
Anyone else find it funny that pyke can be completely overpowered but isn't blasted on forums about how much they hate him because he's not a girl? Because I do!
Opop (EUW)
: I mean considering most of her interactions to females are flirty, it feels off, unless she's that sex starved, it feels weird to me. I'm not gay but I assume that like straight people, they have preferences and don't look at the first thing that shows up with the intention to fuck. For example, look at Illaoi, she has like 1 or 2 lines to Braum, and she's being flirty there, after establishing that it makes sense she wouldn't have flirty lines for Ezreal. Yes you can say ''but in her tribe it works like this!'', however this is Riot's first attempt at making a character that has been gay since release. Her story didn't have to mention that, in fact it could be that her vo was recorded and then they decided to add that tidbit to her lore, it just comes of as ''hey guys don't forget she's gay and that's a big deal about her!'' In my opinion, if gay people are to be normalized then making a big deal out of their sexual orientation is just harmful. Oh and in regards to Zoe, her flirty lines are directed to Ezreal, again, establishing that she has a preference and is not just flirting with every male character she sees.
There's different levels of flirting though ontop of Neeko and Illaoi have completely different personalities. Everyone keeps going towards the Ez comment and that is frustrating because you're trying to use a compliment as a way to shush the fact that she is 110% a lesbian. She is just complementing him because to her and how she views boys he is not filthy and gross.....not all compliments towards someone suddenly mean you want them on a sexual level.
: I was really excited when I heard Neeko was going to be openly lesbian. But after I saw all her quotes/interactions, I gotta say, I have a burning HATRED for this champion. And I don't appreciate people attributing my hatred to her sexuality. Maybe I set my expectations too high when I heard she was also gay and was happy to finally see some representation after 144 straight champions; because I've almost never actively tried to look up every piece of lore/every interaction for a champion before. Needless to say, I was underwhelmed at the immature, ignorant mess of a personality I found. I'm not saying its bad, I'm just saying I hate it. And I'm sorry that the only openly gay champion in league was handed a personality I hate, But that doesn't mean I can sit silently while people laud her personality. On the bright side: I do think her character is entertaining to watch, and she is a welcome addition to the game I like how well designed her personality is (note: Being well designed and being likeable are two very different things) example- I like and find kinda funny how ezreal justifies his stealing, but that doesn't mean I don't think ezreal isn't morally bankrupt, lol. Same applies to Neeko, Well designed, but I hate the design. And yes, shame on people who think her sexuality represents her because it doesn't. It's just a part of her, its there and you will notice it. And that's not a bad thing.
You know what I'm really sick of....like really sick of....is why are lesbians always portrayed as hating men simply because they do not want to fuck them?
: This is hilarious as your entire argument hinges on neeko being the first gay character and shes not even the second one but third, nobody had a problem with varus being gay just with his primary story of family revenge being deleted instead of added to, everyone recognizes that Taric is fabulous. Shes just poorly developed champion in both lore and kit hence the hate, good storys show you who someone is they don't tell you which is something lgbt designers seem to have no concept of even understanding that point. I also have to question the elders mental state and wonder if the elders are responsible for the homelands destruction because out of all their people to save they choose to save the only one who cannot produce more offspring even though that was the purpose of the elders buying time? Why not save someone in the village who was more like ahri, or rakan? seems a poor choice to save your peoples lineage unless you wanted the lineage to die out then its an excellent choice.
Did you ever consider the issue with these people also lies in that it is a female that is gay? And if you're confused it is very very obvious how much a portion of this community does not like females in anything outside of the weird fantasy's they create with them where they control and dominate them and when they cannot do that their brains fry. Additionally more often than not the porn hentai images of FEMALE champs are almost always accompanied with male genitalia even when it's between two female champs?
: I only hate it because now we have to talk about it for 3 weeks and there will be 0 interesting threads on the boards
lol, yea, such a tragedy people are happy for once on league boards...how dare they! ?
: I mean, I feel that speaks more to her quirky and energetic nature more than to her being gay.
Agreed. People are overreacting towards her so much it really shows their true colours lol.
: The health shard is a complete joke.
I was so excited for leona with the new skin x: I'm honestly at a loss because they just completely ruined the tree.
Rioter Comments
: Bring Back The Old Rune System + Make Runes Free
Dude I hate these runes so much and I mean the ones released 8.23 I don't understand why they did this but I have been enjoying leona up until this point. It doesn't matter what I take people just explode me EVEN THOUGH IM SUPPOSED TO BE A TANK?????????????? Like I don't understand. I faced a team where 4/5 had DH and no one could survive them not even the bulked up Darius. DH was a good "underground" choice but now it's just ridiculous lol and cheap like the new prestige Akali. And to remove the bonus stats on the branches entirely is an ugly decision. Riot really has a knack for a ruining a good patch because of a select few people and I think I'm fully at the end of my straw on this one lol.
: Well it's official i guess.
Expecting people to be completely quiet when they are consistently faced with verbally abusive people is fucked up. You're basically blaming the victim because they aren't docile and quiet like you like them to be.
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