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: I have a friend from the east coast that still plays (I moved out west) but he is fed up playing until the packet loss issue get resolved {{item:3070}} reunite friends!?{{champion:32}}
Well hopefully you guys can play together again soon! We're working on improving it, so you guys can get back on the rift!
: When I was just starting high school I had moved from my lifetime home in New Hampshire, and the circle of friends I had made there I had been friends with my whole life. They had told me about league for a while and I finally game it a try. I was immediately hooked. When I had moved I had developed severe depression but league and Skype managed to tie me to my friends in an easy and quick way that kept me sane. We still spend our days chatting away on Skype for hours to this day. In the last few months, we don't really play LoL anymore, or like where the game is going as of now, but I'm grateful for what it did for me in my own little crisis. Can't believe its almost been 4 years already, ha ha. Well, that's enough outta me, I'm hitting up CS:GO with the boys in a few. Catch y'all later!
Glad you were able to enjoy it for a while, even if you're not playing these days :)
Peakay (NA)
: I live in Ecuador, my best friend lives in the U.K. and the rest of my good friends live in the U.S. and league is the game we play the most to have fun together.
Oh man, that's a long way away! Glad you guys get to stay in touch :)
: I moved across states for a job in September; one of the few ways i can hang with my brother is by playing League of Legends (or, recently, a bit of DOTA 2). We aren't very good, but it's fun anyways :)
Yeah, even when you're not winning, if you've got a good group with you it can still be a lot of fun!
: I have a best friend who I met in high school that lived less than a mile from me. From high school til years after graduation we'd play Gears of War 2 or other couch co-op together. It became nearly ritualistic after a while. Things happened and eventually he had to move to Hawaii from our home in Texas, living with his wife who serves on an Army base there. He's a stubborn guy who doesn't like to try new things, but after suggesting LoL as a game for us to play together despite the distance he learned to grow attached to it. Now he feeds mid lane and mains support to hide his poor CSing skills.
Awesome! Yeah, I miss doing lots of couch co-op. I never really had consoles growing up (just PC), but when I'd go to my friends' houses we'd play couch co-op (or competitive) all the time! Mario Kart 64 was a major one, and later on I remember playing the first Gears of War to death with a buddy. Actually, some of my best gaming memories are playing Eternal Sonata with my friends in college (the combat is all realtime and can be played multiplayer!).
Kaltvene (NA)
: All of my closest friends have used video games to stay in touch. Right out of high school, most of us went to different colleges. Naturally we played WoW at the time (this was 6 years ago) just like almost any other group of friends that needed those virtual ties to stay in contact. Over the years, I made a few more extremely close friends, though as new friendships developed (due to being close physically) the old ones slowly started to dwindle. People started getting interested in other games, and everyone stopped playing together. I realized this was going to be a huge problem due to the fact that the same thing would happen with my undergrad friends that happened with my high school friends. I started playing league in S1 (Judgement Kayle, ftw) though had a hard time getting a lot of my friends to join. Slowly but surely I introduced and coached over 10 of my closest friends (most of which did not really know one another that well) and eventually formed a tight knit group that played League together constantly. Fast forward to now >>> I'm currently in dental school (super busy life), and my best friends all have their own demanding jobs. These friends of mine all live 4+ hours away from me (my best friend over 6), and I rarely get to see them. But thanks to league, we still have the opportunity to catch up, relax, drink beers and have fun together just as we did 4+ years ago. I love this game.
Yeah, I've got several friends from back home that use League as a primary way to keep in touch and hang out with me. Heck, sometimes I just have the client open to use as an IM client, haha (despite the fact that it's maybe not... the best IM client ever).
: I have a friend that I met for 1 week at a camp and found out he likes League, we got together and we play a lot he's a closer friend then some people in my class, It's my grade 8 year and I have a lot of close friends from when I was in grade 1-8 (That are still here) and I met him and he's about equal to my friends in that short time.
It's crazy how fast a friendship can grow when you spend a lot of time doing something together!
Mr Godyr (NA)
: ***
Oh man, I'll see you there! W8 a minute....
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: How I leveled up IRL through video games
I didn't have much of a plan when I finished high school and went to college. I was kind of going because it's "what you do after high school," you know? I'd always been into games as a player, but somewhere along the line I started thinking about them more critically and got interested in both the artistic and business aspects of the industry. This led me to really evaluate what I was going to to school for and what I wanted to get out of it, because I realized I wanted to be in a position to share my passion for games with the rest of the world. That's why I'm so happy to have gotten into the marketing end of games, because in a lot of ways my job is literally to share with players how excited I am about a game/feature/piece of content. Without getting seriously into games and the business behind them, who knows, I may have ended selling toilet paper at an ad agency or something. I'm grateful that I get to work on something that personally speaks to me and is an important part of my life outside of work as well. Thanks, video games! (Also, Lubu is the dopest, and I'm going to find my way to Atlanta soon!)
: The 6 Best Song Parodies from the League Community
We had this on repeat for a while at the Anime Expo booth, and now I can't get it out of my head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ebz0lVVbRho&feature=kp I would contend that it's better than pretty much every song on here! Also, it's not a parody, but my boy Badministrator put this out recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7Lnump5Aas and it's hella hot. Like goddamn the man can flow.
: Hatching a Protatomonster
Also, if you haven't watched that behind the scenes video for last month's video, you should. It's CRAAAAZY how much work they put into the analyze mode. Seriously talented.
: Hatching a Protatomonster
Protato have been upping their game for a while now. The Analyze Mode is soooo cool!
: I am Badministrator AMA
It seems like collaborations are a big part of the LoL-inspired music scene. You've even mentioned a couple hot collabos in the works, which I'm looking forward to. Do you have a personal relationship with other artists in the space? That is, do you ever hang out, play, chat or whatever with them when you're not working on a piece together? Thanks for doing this, love your work!


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