: ... maybe you should troubleshoot your install? or your computer.. or your network.. instead of blaming leagues dev. go to the help and support or send a ticket.. and describe the issue in more detail... you say "freeze", do u mean bugslat? are u getting "attempting to reconnect" define "freeze" what is your OS, your ram.. your PSU, your, graphics card. when was the last time u did windows update.. when did u last update your drivers... you have have the correct ports open on your firewall and program exceptions? stop blaming riot and do some troubleshooting and as for help.. are you playing on wireless? are u getting packet loss. have you ran a Tracrt, a win mtr. i give riots balance team shit because they cant do their job for shit... but the REST of riot can.. the issue your having is not riots fault.. and all u have to do is ask for help and send a ticket, believe me riot will get back to you and help u solve your issue.. they are VERY good about this
I never have to do any of that crap when playing Blizzard games, Steam Games, PC Xbox games and Fornite... EVERY single game on my computer (execpt Riot) boots up in seconds and ready to go with ZERO lag, ZERO Crashes, and LOW ping times. If i have to do all that unnecessary stuff your telling me just to get league of legends to work properly then i say to you sir/ma'am that it is defiantly Riots issue, not mines..
SprixOk (NA)
: client keeps on freezing for 5 minutes straight for me fucking fix your client
this has been going on since 2012. Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill doesn't even care whats going on in their own business.. they only thing they care about is their bank account..


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