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: As others have mentioned this is still a test version of Nexus Blitz, just one that looks less rough than the first take on it. If it finds a decent enough sized audience we'd certainly want to look at other possible themes.
Can't wait to see what it looks like down the line! I would LOVE to see an Ionian themed map.
: Azir Gameplay Update: Goals and Directions
How do you guys feel about how he currently moves/positions his soldiers? When his Q is used, it sort of converges them all into one area. While this is good for a bit of extra damage, it gives his soldiers a bit smaller area of influence. Here's my idea: What if instead of soldiers moving in a line toward the cursor, they instead moved in a line that was parallel to Azir's path to the cursor? So instead of this: We get something like this: Basically, it would allow players to create mini "formations" of soldiers. It would let Azir make clustered groups of soldiers for higher damage output in a small area, or spread them over a broader area to control more of the map. I feel like Azir should play like he's commanding an army, and choose the way they form and move. This sort of change may help that theme.


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