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: he has gotten a nerf in his latest rework, his damage is now severly delayed by that bleed effect. its similar to leblanc. also health and magic resist are worse? what? what are you smoking? p.s. just because he beat you hard isnt a indication that he needs to be nerfed
It's just a champion I struggle against, and I'm not sure what to do about him.
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robothax (NA)
: describe your main's e with a gif {{champion:136}}
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Strad (NA)
Can't hit the Play button though.
: Client version rejected by server!
: Patch 6.6 notes
yay! More {{champion:245}} buffs
Guys it's Sion.
: Goes and takez out z mortgage to buy 17000 chests, doesnt get a single gem for hextech annie. RITO PLZ
I bought about $65 worth of crates and only got 3 gemstones total. And with the drop rates and amount of chests allowed per MONTH, this is going to be a while.
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: Be Victorious
My guesses are {{champion:89}} , {{champion:15}} or {{champion:10}}
: New Champion Q&A: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
Was Kindred's original design to be more burst damage type or sustain damage? What I mean is how has Kindred's play style changed throughout development?
: New Champion Q&A: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
Will Kindred be more of a surprise burst champion that pops out and attacks, or a more sustained damage carry? I'm just curious about the amount of potential damage output from a champion with a non-damage ult.
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: A dark path, Forsaken Jayce does tread
Literally both Darth Vader from Star Wars and Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy, especially with the black outfit, the hood, and the hammer.
: 7 Ascension Tips
{{champion:121}} is very powerful on this map due to the easy separation of enemy champs, copious amounts of bushes, and poor visibility to really take advantage of his ult and passive. He also just generally gets a lot of kills because of his early game damage by starting with 3 abilities
: Azir Q&A: Gameplay - COMPLETED
I played Azir on the PBE, and he had a bug where when you used his Q, his soldiers wouldn't travel as far as the indicator, or would travel in a different direction. Has this been fixed?


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