: I was hoping for a comeback excuse why you are banned.....guess you deserve it. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
unfortunately it doesn't show what he types. But he types after everything i say, "fuck you i take all your minion waves". He also calls me re%%%%%% and a fa%%%%t, among other things. Then he did the same to top and bottom and they both flamed him even harder. The top guy spammed KYS to him because the jungler was waiting until the laner backed and then takes the minions and then backs. I have told people before hey jungler please dont push the waves or take all the minions from the laners, we fall behind like that. And the jungler usually says my bad or something and everybody moves on. I have had a 1 day ban and a 14 day ban before. 14 day ban was from a custom game with friends where we were all super toxic to each other in chat for a joke and 7/10 of us got the 14 day ban. Someone said riot doesn't undo permabans even if you apologize. I guess they only undo permas if you're tyler1 and make them money. oh well
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: Oh ok I see the problem. Basically you have more than 20 games with Ornn. He has a hiddend passive where after you play him 20 times the 2nd activation of the ult only works if you headbut the keyboard. Go in the practice tool again and try headbutting keyboard. Post results {{sticker:galio-happy}}
:( bug still in effect - anyone else test this yet?
: Wait when you go for the headbut on the ult how do you press the R key? Did you Press R and hold or double tap?
double tap R to activate, R to head butt (double tap) - I played 20 games with him before the patch and never had this issue
: Those should definitely be hitting. I havent had or seen any issue like that in an actual match though so maybe the bug is limited to practice mode.
played 4 games with him normal draft - same issue
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