: [The Best Champion Concept Ever] Zafer Kul - The Templar Of Death
I will say I do like the art and the over all concept of the guy. Summoning minions, especially on a death champion is a fun idea. My issue is with his passive and overall play style. For starters his passive is like three different passives. The basic attacks draining your health is like punishing the character for trying to cs. Although he gains a good portion of it back I can't imagine him not being zoned in lane. Camping under tower appears to be this guys only play style. My next question is where would he be played because of this? Top and Mid would most likely get him zoned and bot lane would be a joke with how much poke you would be receiving. As a jungler there is some cool potential due to his shades coming up and helping you kill monsters. Plus that opens up the build path with the new AD jungle item allowing you to murder tanks with your %HP damage from your shades. The only issue is when using health on basic attacks in the jungle you will most likely die. It that doesn't kill you lee and shaco will come out of the bush and make sure you are dead. Just for one second... {{item:1419}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3006}}... every 2 hits you are dealing 9% of the target's maximum health and 18% of their current health, you are also slowing them so they cannot run away. The first two hits drop the enemy to 75% of their health. Two more and they are at 54% Six hits in the enemy is at 37% Eight and we have less than 23% of our health left. All of this damage without even accounting for our base attack damage. Plus your summons can apply this effect so if I turn and clear a wave of 6 minions I have 12 shades. Drop a Q stunning the enemy and you easily have 24 auto attacks with no way for them to respond. It doesn't matter if they have 4000 health and 300 armor, that man is dead. My main point being, early game every single character counters him. Late game, he wins. I really like the idea and I think summoning shades is nice, if anything I would keep that (no on hit though please). Just change up his other abilities, maybe giving him a passive like old Syndra's where his abilities gain effects at max rank rather than taking away his ulty for it. Figure out where you want him played and make some of his abilities excell in that area but make sure he requires enough mechanics that he can outplay and be outplayed. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Yes it does bounce in between its sections as long as there is an other champ within range. Brand just totally destroy's this bug outright due to the AoE and the burning passive that scales off the targets max health, which Kalalipan should be building. Though I already made some tweaks to this bug just from the small feed back. Going to be adding more in a bit actually, mainly just additions rather then tweaks.
Cool! I am glad my feed back helped! I will have to get working on one of my champions so you can let me know what you think!
: [Champion Concept] (Rework) Shaid, Lurker of the Dark
I love is passive, I had a concept for a jungler with the exact same passive! As for his abilities; they are all pretty reasonable, the only one I would be worried about is his E. I imagine this guy being played as just a high damage mid laner. Now the base damage is 220, +60% AP, so if I have 500 AP it is 520 damage. I feel like that would be reasonable except that fact that it is amplified 80%... 936 damage, TO ALL ENEMIES IT PASSES THROUGH! I would either take away the 80% damage bonus from being hidden, but that feels like something that is very unique to this champions kit, the idea of not being seen. Instead I would suggest that it stops after hitting the first champion, you can use it for wave clear then and still not half health an entire team just by camping in a bush XD.
: The different interactions with CC was meant to help against the weakness to AoE spells within the game as well add another layer of depth to the champion. Like for example good Kalaipan players would be able to maneuver around so well that they can block certain cc or reduce them too. It can make for some interesting plays with it. Though I will admit maybe I did go a bit too much on the resist to stuns and polymorph. I still want it there but I might lower the value to them. You instantly saw his weakness though, AoE spells. Especially his worst enemy {{champion:63}}. Onto the current health poison. While it does seem like 20% of current health, believe it or not it isn't. One thing about current health damage is that it gets weaker and weaker the lower the targets health is. Every time the damage ticks then the damage after gets smaller too. I ran calculations is the thing and over the the duration of two seconds the damage would be 18.55% of the original HP. It is meant to give Kalalipan a bit more of a clearing / dueling tool. Could lower the values of it though to a max of 3% current health. Also make some clarifications on the poison too. Feel free to leave your feed back on any other champs of mine :D I dont mind newer feed back.
Lol, I did notice his weakness right away because brand is one of my mains! So here is one other question for you, in the situation of brand's ultimate... is it going to bounce between his sections? That could be a scary amount of damage! I can see where his poison passive might not be terribly powerful, it does fit the juggernaut role, but I hate those guys XD. In which case just toning down the tenacity on his segments might be the only change you need! I am going to have to check out the other champs now!
: [Champion Concept] Kalalipan, Kumungu's Plague
Wow, I really like how in depth you went with this guy! It is a great concept with the fact that he breaks apart, I imagine him being this huge champion that is simply terrifying. The thing is having each section take damage separately could present some challenges, for example many of the forms of CC in the game can be seen coming, if you were to simply turn your self quickly enough you essentially have extreme amounts of tenacity. Add merc treads and the elixir of iron and you might as well be immune to CC. On the other hand I fear he could be demolished by AOE based champions. If each segment takes its own damage then a Nunu Ulty could erase this guy. My only other real concern is that any physical damage also deals 20% current health... a blade of the ruined king is 8%. Overall, I really like this idea, it is 1000x more in depth than many of the other concepts I have read and your little in depth tabs are something I love, as I do them when I am making champion ideas too! I look forward to reading these other previous champions you have made! I hope this sort of helps, I don't want you to feel like I am just shooting down your idea. Have a great day, and keep up the awesome ideas!
: "Ahri is more appealing than Urgot for most players." {{item:3070}} {{champion:6}} {{item:3070}}
{{champion:6}} FOR LIFE!
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: NA Server Roadmap Update: Upcoming NA Server Move
This is a great move! As for all the people who want to complain about having 100 ms... THAT WOULD BE A GIFT! The lowest ping I have ever played with is 99... the norm for me is usually closer to 200. If this lowers my ping even to 150 I would be so happy! Thanks Riot for always trying to make things better!
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Krazon (NA)
: This is an interesting concept, though I do feel that she could (just barely) be playable as an ADC.
That is fine, I would put her as a jungle main and secondary ADC.
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: Champion concept. Ikarus, Lord of the Shadow isles
Rarely do I see champion concepts that are both fair and interesting, but this is awesome! The only thing I would change is his R it feels a little odd that he would basically make a {{champion:30}} wall. It would be cool if (since he is king of the shadow isles) he summoned forth a bunch of tormented souls or undead minions, something like that. Still really cool idea.
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