Norglics (EUNE)
: at lvl1-2 what items are u talking about?:O
> [{quoted}](name=Norglics,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nlswuFx1,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2018-08-09T14:05:05.506+0000) > > at lvl1-2 what items are u talking about?:O I said in my post that at early levels the increase in damage is indeed due to runes.
Joeda89 (NA)
: Clearly wukong deserves the upcoming pbe nerfs.
I feel like your argument doesn't really work if you're just focusing on one region and one tier... I mean you could take any champion you want and then cherry-pick the stats from any region/tier you want and find some way to justify why only that region/tier should matter...
nelogis (EUW)
: A Comparison Regarding Damage From Season 8 And Season 4
I'd say that I think part of the reason why damage seems to have increased a lot is the shorter games. A while ago they increased the amount of passive income you get, and overall items are being built faster then they used to. So offensive items would be being built earlier, making it feel like damage is higher at equivalent points in the game. Before those items are bought though, the increase in damage probably is due to runes (and previously, keystone masteries). I have to admit I've never bought into the higher-damage complaints _too_ much, but stuff like {{item:3143}} did used to have more armor, and {{item:3083}} {{item:1011}} did used to give more health, so I do think that champions are less tanky than they used to be. While we're looking at old clips, I'd like to share a few of my favorites from the old seasons. Notice how each of the carries at 25 minutes only has one and half items. I think in games today we have two and a half items at this point. This also got Olaf nerfed in the next patch. This one is pretty funny.
: Champion Roadmap: August 2018 - Nexus
Hope they make Morg fly during her ult, that would be cool.
koshkyra (NA)
: Prediction on nunu rework
Wuks (NA)
: Thank you, Boards Community. (& smol giveaway - Concluded!)
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Thoughts on the Worlds mission requiring a PvP SR game without any ranged champions?
I mean, I guess it's technically fine since missions are optional and all...
AnuvOr (EUNE)
: Star Guardian Quests
Just don't do the missions lmao, ward skins are literally worthless
: Kind of relieved the mission rewards are dogshit anyway
Agreed. There should be literally no reason Gameplay is complaining about being "forced" to be social or that the quests are "too hard" because literally no one cares about ward skins.
: Hey Riot, do you remember ...
I mean, the video seems to have a pretty good like-dislike ratio.
La Spork (NA)
: Reddit is so much better than this place.
: Does anyone talk about the mythical ELO Hell anymore?
: Hey Riot, how did you come up with old champion kits in the early days of LoL?
Actually I think I remember someone once saying that Kassadin was initially played as an AD champion that blinked up to enemy mages and autoattacked them to death. I also remember hearing that initially most skills only scaled off AP, which would explain AP ratios on AD champs such as old Sion, old Master Yi, and Tryndamere's E. Interestingly enough, while searching for stuff to back this us I found another cool link: There's a comment down there about Kassadin.
: Hey Riot, how did you come up with old champion kits in the early days of LoL?
This isn't from 2009, but I think this shows a good picture of stuff they were trying to avoid in 2010 if you haven't seen it already:
: Why not let Towers do True Damage? Or maybe let them change to True after reaching max damage?
Malza (NA)
: How to make Darius a useless champion with one simple trick
This assumes that you get him low HP while you're already in range of his Q's axe radius.
: Someone has to say it and i will say it
My only wish is for {{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} to be removed and {{item:3078}} to get reverted so I can play Triforce Kog once again.
: PSA: If you're an ADC, you build Infinity Edge
When playing Kog'Maw I usually prefer {{item:3508}} as a 4th item over {{item:3031}} . 5th item excluding boots is usually something like {{item:3022}} {{item:3026}}{{item:3157}} so there's no space.
Wundafoe (NA)
: How do I get better?
Since you say all your attention is on CSing, why not jump into training mode and practice CSing? Eventually, it will become more and more automatic, and you'll have to focus less to do it right. Having high CS can make or break games, since just a bit of gold can determine when you get those crucial item powerspikes or not. Once you don't need to think as much about CSing anymore, then you can use some of that freed up mental space to focus on other things, such as map awareness, trading well, poking when they go for a minion, planning out your moves, etc. Secondly, I would say that concerning objectives, try to capitalize on kills by getting towers/drag/baron afterward, especially if you're ahead or if the teams are even. So if you roam and kill their bot lane, then you can get their tower and drag afterward. Pay attention to where you see enemies on the map, because it'll give you an idea of where they definitely NOT are. If you have slight edge and can win teamfights but not under their tower, then rotate around taking towers/baron/drag to increase to lead. Concerning teamcomps, I would say that since we're currently in some kind of tank meta, at least have one really tanky person to act as your frontline. I'm only Gold V, so the amount of advice I can give is fairly limited, but I think my reasoning for these is pretty solid. To improve I would suggest going on YouTube and just searching for "league of legends game analysis" or "league of legends game commentary" and really try to understand the decision making going on. Good luck with your efforts!
Rioter Comments
: Putting Stockholders in Charge of Corporations was a Mistake
Yeah, it's Tencent's fault we couldn't have Grave's cigar and why Rito can't give us 1 refund per year.
: A tender Noxian
So what you're saying is... time for our old hag champion.
Zerenza (NA)
: So about Urgot
That's being a juggernaut for you. Although I wish Urgot had a better way to stick to targets near him. I've been playing him a bit, and I've learned that he IS a juggernaut and his mobility doesn't count for much. You'll still get kited around, and he might as well be melee, really.
: Post the last book you read Just finished yesterday.
: "we dont want to make 2 champions having the same ability"
What? Where did you even hear that? I'm pretty sure that Sion was reworked because he was outdated and had an unappealing playstyle. Like almost every other complete VGU. I swear, almost every time there's a quote in the title, it's made up.
: So NOBODY thought that "Before the F.L.U.D.D." would be a terrible name for a documentary?
fUlBwOlga (OCE)
: When will Kayn be released?
99% sure that it's tomorrow, since champions are usually released the day right after the champion spotlight goes up.
: Urgots R negates Kog'Maw Passive!?
I just went on PBE to test this out, and Kog's passive does indeed trigger. /thread
: So riot cant release sexy females "because its too mature" but they can put children in blenders LOL
: one of the biggest things that holds kog'maw back is life steal
Nah dude Kog'Maw's winrate is already above 50%. Let all champions have their weaknesses and strengths.
ADC Bard (NA)
: Proof that bronze is easy
Did you int in that game you lost
: Know any good conspiracy theories?
The Gerald Nye Committee's findings that bankers pressured Wilson to enter WWI in order to protect their investments.
Wuks (NA)
: [07/11/17] The Direction of GD & Miscellaneous
Can you give us back yellow GD? EDIT: Wait I just realized something, since this is just renaming Miscellaneous to GD and making it chronological view, wouldn't that basically be the same as archiving Miscellaneous?
: Just wondering how many people have Tabletop Simulator
There's where you can play online for free.
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: gonna go through skyrim but using the most obvious story choices to perhaps see what the true end is
Are you playing as a Nord? Remember that Skyrim belongs to the Nords.
: FEK: Version 5.3
: Everything is subject to abuse.
> [{quoted}](name=How Do You Meta,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=5u9t0fEU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-31T02:16:00.662+0000) > > Everything is subject to abuse. ^
: Why can Garen's E crit when every crit item except IE is inherently shit on him?
You said it yourself, IE isn't inherently bad on him.
: It's my Birthday :D
happy birthday dude
Salron (NA)
: What do you guys do when you're bored
CLG ear (NA)
: post in this thread and I will give u a song
: Remember when Riot Used to give Champions they Nerfed to the Ground a Skin to Compensate?
: How to beat a fed yi as a champ without cc
Make sure to always bring CC. If you can't, then heavy burst should work.
CLG ear (NA)
: To whomever stole my copy of Microsoft Office
: what promises has Trump actually kept
> [{quoted}](name=ScissorsNstuff,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=NVVZ3Unr,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-24T04:08:32.277+0000) > > Assume that all failures were intentional. Why?
brad (NA)
: hey guys its me yenn eleven
That's terrible Yenn Eleven. I hope your next game goes better.
: What did you have for dinner, GD?
: Why I'm feeling this is not a Tank Class update..
Who said it was a Tank Class update? It's clearly a Tank item update and an ADC item update.
: Is new lee skin garbage??
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