: https://media.giphy.com/media/eBCP5amz9IdHi/giphy.gif
You look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado. :)
: A Way to Balance Sterak's Gage for Juggernauts, Bruisers and Marksmen
I know Riot rarely reverts item changes showed on PBE, but for the sake of the game's balance and champion abuse, I have to admit this is an excellent idea. Like the original post says, the exact numbers could be tweaked by Riot according to what they feel right, keeping the current nerf (-100 HP) or not. You guys should really upvote the original post; I would love this idea to get a Rioter's attention and who knows, hopefully find its way to Live servers.
: General Question: Is it a support or a mage?
I support with Maokai also. With him, I feel like I don't have to trade-off anything much, since I can just build him tanky and he's still gonna have a large impact in the game. When you analyze his kit and how you can affect team fights with him, you quickly realize he is a well-rounded champion for this role. - His sustain from his passive procs more often since there's 4 people bot lane. - He has 3 CC in his kit. - A dash root that gives him excellent ability to pick targets. - His E is incredibly strong since it can be used for so. Freaking. Many. Things. I could go on like this on how he's a great support, and I'm surprised I personally never see him played in this position other than by me.
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
**What aspects are most core or sacred to Brand's identity?** {{champion:63}} - Using his Q-W-E abilities in different order provides different bonuses such as damage amplification, CC and AoE. Riot please, DON'T remove this. Tweak it if you want but don't remove it. I love the interaction between the abilities! - His % of maximum HP DoT effect, to shred tank easier. **What issue bothers you the most when playing Brand**? {{champion:63}} - E feels uninteresting to me.
Divewing (OCE)
: In the end, regardless of all the thematic stuff, Talon's state of balance is resting on a knife's edge, the only thing that's keeping him that way is his risk-reward scale. He has huge risk (no true escape bar flash, long target jump so is somewhat easy to hit with CC, squishy), in exchange for low counterplay, fast, abrupt burst (he can come in from almost anywhere, the second you are out of position). This passive tips it towards medium risk, but retains his high reward, THAT, is the problem. I hate being Devil's Advocate, because i really honestly like this idea, but as it stands now, it would be unfair to give this to talon, he'd either need number nerfs (which don't actually solve the problem), or a kit change.
Don't worry brother, it's 100% okay to give our opinion about something we're passioned about. And you know what? "This passive tips it towards medium risk, but retains his high reward, THAT, is the problem." When we think about it, this statement actually makes sense. The new passive would need to be implemented as part as a much bigger gameplay update for his kit. Does my suggestion makes Talon's gameplay more loyal to his theme and does it make him more mechanically interesting? I honestly believe so. But would it be too much in a kit that allows him to burst people down so quick? That's the question.
: He sort of has an identity as the AoE assassin, but whether that's actually a healthy thing to have in the game is debatable.
Well, when people complain about Talon strenghts, the main issue is usually "He doesn't have counter-play since his combo is too fast." I personally never heard anyone complaining about the Rake and Ult being a problem in terms of how much AoE damage they do. So I don't think they are unhealthy for the game. For instance, people complained much more about Ekko's AoE damage because his kit his much more filled with defensive tools (Slow, AoE stun, movement speed increase, healing and a low cooldown dash). In that case, people felt like the AoE damaged on that Ult was too much.
: No, it would break him. Talon is meant to be an assassin who goes in, stays in. Not a cheap ass champ who goes in, and pussies out. That's called leblanc.
The difference between LeBlanc and the new Talon passive is that LeBlanc have 100% control on when she can activate this ability. Talon on his side, would need to succed his assassination attempt to use this power. This is why it's not really a pussie out ability.
Divewing (OCE)
: That's a short term fix. His kit right now is binary and a little toxic. You passive only serves to help him and hinder the opponent, whilst simultaneously leaving the previous problems unsolved. Talons kit isn't going to be fixed with 1 thing, it'll require 2, 3 maybe even 4 changes for that to happen
The thing that confuses me a little bit about him is how much efficient he is at deleting squishy targets while being one, or if not THE, assassin that deals the most AoE damage instantly. In other words, his niche isn't focused. His Q reset + Ghostblade makes him an excellent splitpusher. But you really want him in team fights for his AoE damage. If Riot eventually reduces his AoE potential, it will push people to split push even more.
Divewing (OCE)
: Nice idea, but there's a big but. Talon is the lowest counterplay assassin of them all, on par with rengar, and THAT, is the reason he has no true escape. Before this idea could/would be implemented, he'd need the rest of his kit reworked. In his current state, especially with the new item on the horizon, this would make him probably worse to sea with than rengar.
In my opinion, I would accept any kind of nerf like reducing how wide W rake is, reducing E range a little, reducing the spread of the ult's blade, etc for a more interesting passive (in the case the new passive make Talon too much strong).
La Bello (NA)
: > literally no passive until he kills someone please god no not another... a decent Idea but I dont want another {{champion:119}} fiasco also 1.75 seconds is way to short. He should also gain that when exiting a brush that he has sat in for 1.75 seconds too.
Can you please precise where exactly I said what you quoted? I am pretty sure I didn't write that. The 1.75 seconds is short on purpose. The goal is not to have time to reach a secure place, but to have an edge to juke the other champions.
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Streeton (NA)
: talon i just cant play him without being bored to death
: Talon Rework
(Talon lover here) Before giving you my opinion in answer to your 2 questions (about possibilities of what Riot are preparing for Talon), I'd like to clarify some of Talon's strengths, weaknesses and playstyle to set up the table a bit. **Strengths:** - One of the fastest and most damaging AD burst rotation in the game. (W>E>AA+Tiamat>Q>R>R) can be done in less than 1 second I believe. - Easy to get a grip-on since his attack pattern is pretty straight forward, his skill-shot very easy to land and his general skill cap kind of low (Imo). - The whole burst also contains a decent amount of AoE damage which is a tad unusual for assassins in general and is very welcome in group fights. **Weaknesses** - His only reliable escape is his ult, which comes at a high cost/long cooldown for an escape tool when compared to other assassins ({{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:121}} have much more reliable escape for instance). - Mana management can be somewhat tricky to deal with at low levels, especially against non-mana users such as {{champion:55}} or {{champion:238}}. - Very straight forward all-in means Talon might not be as flexible as other champions who can generally deal with a greater number of situations. Also, unlike most of them, Talon doesn't have any tools to let him escape if he's losing the fight (except his ult arguably). In other words, ahead he's lethal but if not, he will barely impact the game (unless the squishies of the other team aren't grouping). **What aspects of Talon's kit are you hoping to keep around and what parts do you want to get rid of?** To be honest, there's very little changes I can think of. If I was the one updating Talon, I would simply give him more interaction with his own skills, without directly buffing or nerfing him. And without changing his gameplay too much. His cooldowns, ratios, mana costs are all fine to me. I mean, once you learn to use your W well in early game, mana management is not even a problem. The new CDR to AD items helps Talon since he's more of an AD caster than an auto-attack reliant champion. I can think of 2 changes. First, make E more interactive. Push players to complete certain conditons for an enhanced E for instance. E on slowed opponent applies X debuff on him. E on a bleeding opponent applies Y debuff on him. And since those debuffs are most likely to be stronger than a 0.25 second slow, let's remove it. I think it's a great way to create some interaction in his kit, give him a little bit more option depending on which debuff Talon wants to apply for the situation, and create an even bigger gap between decent Talon players from great ones. Second, change his passive. I would remove the current one since it's uninteresting, dull and makes a difference in late game only. I don't think Talon needs bonus damage in his kit. He is the Blade's Shadow, so I would give him a 1.5 second invisibility after a kill without assist. Goes down to 1 second if a team mate or more has/have an assist on the kill. Just like his ult, Talon can prepare Q or Flash without breaking invisibility. Name it something like Shadow Devotion or similar could be great. That would fix his problem where he's so vulnerable once his combo is done, without the possibility to jump or dash away ({{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:238}}) **What niche of the assassin class should Talon occupy?** This question is kind of tricky since Talon's current niche is already...not really focused. Lemme explain. He has this amazing capability to delete squishies in less than 3 seconds when played well, which makes him an remarkable solo kill assassin. However, his whole combo also deals a lot of AoE damage. So basically he's the guy you can send to stop an ADC from split pushing, but also the guy you want to have in case a team fight occurs. I'm not sure which one of these role Riot are gonna focus on. For me, I hope they won't downgrade too much his solo kill power in order to give him more team fight power or vice-versa. I like how I can play Talon right now and by the mid-game, I can decide if I want to split push towers with my AA-Q and GhostBlade, if I want to go delete an opponent that is isolated or if I want to stay with my team in case there is a big brawl. I love to at least have the decision, since I know a good Talon can fulfill those tasks well.
: Please show me a resourceless champion with Xerath level poke. Or even an energy champion -- Zed and Kennen are notorious for the amount of poke they *do* have without a manabar, but that's nowhere near the level of even a mediocre mage. Almost all of the truly resourceless champions are melee, and often squishy. Gnar is one or the other. Now if you're going to say "then what's the point of playing a squishy melee with a manabar", {{champion:121}} {{champion:91}} think you have a point because they really are a bit weak right now, but most of them have unique things they can do and/or their mana problems aren't as bad as a mage anyway.
Good point(s). I'd also like to add that I don't think mana management in general is the issue regarding Talon viability/usefulness in this meta. Experienced players knows how to manage rake to be efficient since they'll try to get CS and poke in 1 rake, and generally they won't use it until rank 2 in it. And for Q, they will only use it when a second minion is about to die and you need the auto-attack reset. Yes his % win rate isn't atrocious like Kha Zix but he still remains a very rare pick. One of my theory that explains why is the arrival of the new AD itemization. It isn't rare at all to see the opponents rush early armor these days. But the new AD itemization should help Talon right? In a way, I believe so. However, Talon is one of the only assassin who goes in without the possibility of going out if things turn bad for him. Most other assassins have a non-ulti skill that helps them get out of a fight they're losing. Talon's only defensive tool is his invisibility but since it's attached to his ult (which has a much longer cooldown than a normal skill), he needs the 2nd proc fast for damage. So using it defensively means he didn't win the fight. That being said, now that people rush early armor to counter the rise of AD champions, most champions are now really hard to kill in one combo, something that Talon used to be able to do much more often before. And since Talon's strength is far to be prolonged fights, he usually dies before he can do a second rake. I also noticed that the current most highly rated % win rate champions are surprisingly immobile. And I thought this was League of Mobility... Maybe this means Talon can do better this season? Champions who can easily get out of reach after his Cutthroat are generally are generally doing better against him nah? Not counting the tanks, Brand, Miss Fortune, Malzahar, Anivia, Lux and Swain are currently having high % win rate and from my experience, Talon does good against them (except laning phase against Swain...) I might be biased since I don't currently play ranked, even tho I love to watch streamers/professional players. My opinion is based of what I've seen in those replays and my normal games with Talon. Anyway that's just my 2 cents. :)
Noxxio (EUNE)
: http://i.imgur.com/p5Bnmb5.jpg Neither am I.. c:
Well done xD
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Trias000 (EUNE)
: http://i.imgur.com/UNvnqeQ.jpg
: And here's the thing. And this is one of the only times I'll ever dare do this, but as someone who's played for 3 years I think I speak for multiple people when I say: we can deal with the preseason being out of whack, and "big" changes, we as a playerbase can handle it maturely and learn to adjust. But this is a complete mess and Riot is unapologetic about it, the reason so many long time players are leaving/threatening to leave is not because "Riot ruined the game" it's because we see a negative trend in their thinking in that they would even green light something like this, let alone ignore fears and negative feedback and actually go through with it. Trial and error is not how you balance a game that's already established itself, and giving the players an ultimatum on how they're "supposed" to play is not how you keep customers. If they're willing to make changes like this, how much further will it go? When are we gonna get the patch notes that say "We're removing Evelynn and Yorick from the game because they just don't fit, and we can't balance them?" When are we gonna get the patch notes that say "We've implemented the ability to play the game from 1st person view because we've identified a market for that and (insert buzzwords here)?" When are we gonna get the patch notes that say "Instead of making a brand new game based on LoL's IP which we think you all might really enjoy, and have the resources to do, we're just going to turn LoL into that game?" It's in the patch notes we're reading now, but not all of us see it, those who do, are worried, saddened, and enraged. The company has become too unpredictable, too brazen, too willing to make what seem like unsolicited changes simply because they can. This type of headstrong thinking is necessary when you're doing something new, but devastating to something that's already established. Long time players want the thing they love polished, cherished and meticulously taken care of, they do not want it replaced with a new thing with the same name. This is not what long time players want, nor is it what they deserve to be quite honest. Before this preseason Riot was arguably the best game developer **_in the world_** at understanding these points, and it seems they've suddenly gone to the dark side. It's too much to bear for people who were here for a long time and see the differences.
> [{quoted}](name=Yormaughm,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VdcOYX6b,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2015-11-16T18:07:01.543+0000)>Long time players want the thing they love polished, cherished and meticulously taken care of, they do not want it replaced with a new thing with the same name. Well said and written. For sure, it's always exciting and welcomed to have a few new additions here and there; Scuttle Crab, Dragon powers, some neat items with actives, etc., but too much at the same time leaves the game in an unbalanced state and the kind of unbalance state that is hard to work in since Riot might not tackle the right thing in the right order. I really hope they manage to prioritize their upcoming changes, nerfs and buffs in a way that is gonna help the game quickly. For instance, Pre Season 6 could have added its different aspects (Masteries, AD itemizations, AD Carry mini-reworks, etc.) in 2 patches or 3 maybe instead of a big one. This would have let some time between each updates to adjust everything along the way. In my opinion, the new changes aren't this much broken when you look at them individually (with the exception of certain REALLY OP things). When thrown all at the same time in one patch, it's easy to blame a specific change for the mess while the reality might be even more complex since every single change in League of Legends, even the slightest change, has the power to buff or nerf something else indirectly.
TendajiX (NA)
: Titanic hydra actually resets your auto instead of the animation whoops i should build that instead.
I didn't know Titanic Hydra resets it :O
Szunray (NA)
: I've been playing around with "melee carries" lately lol I rush ravenous, into phantom dancers, then deaths dance/ Mercurial schimitar. I Split as well. He's a real monster, takes at least two just to stop the guy from eating all your towers...
Split push Trundle can eat tower like you say and the best thing is to split push with your TP up and land a nice E for your team when you TP in a team fight, not only that but they will also have to bring minimum 2 people to deal with you on the tower {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
TendajiX (NA)
: I rush bork then get ravenous hydra ( I split) followed by deadmans . w, e behind them oh gawd OH GAWD NOOOO "An Enemy has been slain". The q and hydra both reset autos for 4 rapid autos omg its great.
Even tho the Hydra active uses the auto attack animation, it's unfortunately not a real auto-reset :/ But yes, BoRK with Ravenous Hydra are excellent offensive options for Trundle! Coupled with the bonus from his Q and the max% HP damage on his ult, from there he can just go with defensive options for the rest of his build and his dueling capabilities will be tough to top off :)
TendajiX (NA)
: How it feels to play trundle in this meta : http://www.gifbin.com/bin/102014/1414429357_camel_bites_man.webm Trundle is the camel
With the help of movement speed runes, utility masteries such as Swiftness, Wanderer and Explorer, Swiftness boots, Deadsman Plate and Frozen Mallet, I just played a very fun Trundle game! I was tanky and sticky a lot!
: I complain and vent frustration all the time when I'm losing lane
> [{quoted}](name=HateDaddy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xEqjsM7Z,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-11T15:51:24.906+0000) I suggest yelling at inanimate objects, sometimes a laundry basket does the trick for me. Fucking laundry baskets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRzOK0YUVfs] Sorry I had to, it really reminded me of this scene xD
: You're not "obligated" to be nice. You're expected to not be a (huge) jerk. But if you NEVER say anything nice and spend all your time whining and complaining, well, you're gonna annoy people. And if you're a competitive person who wants to win -- motivating your teammates works a lot better than tearing them down.
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: +1! I recently had a game where someone on my team panic-locked Hecarim. While a top lane main, he wasn't strong with Hecarim. He said he'd dodge for us, but the entire team said he'd be fine (including someone in their promos). He had a rough start, but the entire team was super supportive, and the jungler gave him a bit of extra help top. The Hecarim ended up carrying us to victory, in part, due to the positive nature/encouragement of the team. ^-^
That's awesome Katey, it clearly shows that the positive behavior of your team contributed to reassure Hecarim and win the game :)
: Yes! Someone who is like me! Once, I tried this during a game when I started playing League not too long ago and we actually obtained some good synergy and we managed to take down the enemy nexus in like 20-30 minutes while cracking a few jokes here and there and these were random people I'd never met!
Glad to hear that :) It's always super nice when people are even cracking a few jokes no matter if the game is doing good or bad, it feels like I could lose and I wouldn't be as disappointed compared to when I lose and my team didn't talk to me at all during game
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Castanean (EUW)
: Tips against Talon?
One thing you need to remember is Talon is most likely to jump on you when at least one of your abilities are in cool down. Backing off from his Cutthroat every time you have an ability on cooldown (for instance, an ability for last hitting a canon minion) is a very good idea.
: Nah he would still be sticking with his puns of damage. Maybe he would toss in something like "see that? tons of damage in an instant", "give me a sec" or something along those lines.
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: This is it boys. Soon Taric will be everywhere, and there will be no stopping our new king. No one will be able to stop the point and click stun of death now with this buff and Sunfire Cape. Bow down to our new overlord, Lord Taric. Gems shall become "truly" outrageous once again.
Bowing down in front of Taric is very, very dangerous.
Ataraxas (NA)
: Making talon's E stackable? (Twice)
As much as I want Talon's E to get some kind of buff (since it is currently pretty lackluster), an ammo system is far from being the right solution. While it's true that many, many other assassins have multiple gap closers, think about this: Zed's, Kassadin's and LeBlanc are their ult, Katarina's and Kha'Zix's need a kill to reset and Fizz's costs 130 mana at rank 5. Talon's gap closer is the best type one (blink) and costs only 55 mana at rank 5. And I believe he's the only champion that can amplify his damage against an opponent, apart from Poppy. Yes, all things considered, Cutthroat is a little bit sub-par compared to the other gap closers in the game, but with an ammo system, it's basically improving it by 100%. Imagine you go in by dodging a skill shot, the opponent flashes, you go in again dodging another skill shot, and you only used 70~110 mana and you still have your ult unlike Zed or LeBlanc... That's incredibly overpowered... In my opinion, Riot should rather give Cutthroat some interaction with his other skill aspects; The Q bleeding or the W slow. For instance, using Cutthroat on a bleeding/slowed enemy refreshes the bleed/slow. Or stuns the opponent for 0.25 instead of slowing him (ignores the minimum movement speed cap and allows the cancellation of channeled skills for instance). Etc. I believe these suggestions make Cutthroat on-par with the other gap closers and give Talon a little bit move depth in his gameplay mechanics without making him too much strong.
: Funny! oh and not that this matters but I just gave you your 666 lifetime upvote
Ahaha that's sick xD and one of my best LoL friend has Jester in his name :P
XeroKimo (NA)
: I shall fix da title When bard purposely ult his team and gets them blown up http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/trollface/troll-face-smiley-emoticon.png
Then the .gif would be something like: http://ak-hdl.buzzfed.com/static/2014-05/30/7/enhanced/webdr04/anigif_enhanced-buzz-32329-1401449939-17.gif
: Bard was so under-appreciated when he came out. Yeah he's a little gimmicky but his kit is still awesome to play if you're good at the playstyle required to use him (i.e. a roam heavy champion). Also I love how accurate the OP is! XD
He is under-appreciated, true! :/ Mostly because ADC are used to tanky supports that can hold their hand during all the laning phase, while Bard is one or if not the best roaming support, he's gonna spend some time to roam mid, deep ward and collect a few Chimes. I know it's stupid to leave your lane if it's pushed or dangerous to leave your ADC alone, but what differentiates good Bards from great Bards are the players who have good judgement with their calls. "Should I create this portal here, should I ult now or later, should I Q now for the slow or wait a few seconds for a possible stun?" etc. Bard's kit is filled with conditions and even downsides, but he is a very challenging and rewarding (and extremely fun) champion. Like a high-skill/high-reward champion.
Qarekeo (NA)
: I'm going to take this thread completely seriously. Some good times to use {{champion:432}}'s ultimate include: 1. Catching a fleeing or mispositioned team 2. Stalling a dragon kill if the enemy team is fighting it (I actually single-handedly stole a dragon at 70 health using this trick, yes I'm bragging) 3. Saving a tower if it is being attacked and your allies are running to it 4. You happen to see an enemies global ultimate and need to save yourself or a teammate 5. You can separate yourself from the enemy just far enough to catch only them in it while fleeing Poor times to use his ultimate include: 1. When yours and the enemy team are mixed together. It's very confusing and can have unexpected results 2. When your team is chasing a single enemy and are near them. It's likely it won't help them 3. On or near your allies in general (unless it's situation 4 on the above list) I hope this helps!
Playing normal games only, I have approximately 73% win rate with Bard since his release (My turn to brag :P) That being said, I can confirm your advice are indeed correct and helpful and I even add another advice: - Separate the front line of the enemy team to be able to focus their carries, or vice versa.
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: Canadian Alistar
1350 RP with bacon and maple syrup particules and fx 10/10 would buy again
: > [{quoted}](name=Jamatrix666,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=1HofBs9n,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-02T03:20:44.882+0000) > has little to no damages > > Those Meeps pack one hell of a punch in the early game 0,0 That's kinda contradictory xD
Sometimes I use 15 AD runes for early harassment, combined with Spell Thief's true damage and 1 Meep empowered auto-attack, short trades are pretty good at early levels :P
: Just to be clear. I am not in any way saying bard doesnt need a few buffs. Because he does. What I am saying though, is that he isnt a troll pick. He isnt SO BAD that you should want to report, or harass people for picking him. He needs a little more to help his team with, since he can really hurt his team too. Just a few personal buffs id like to see on him: His passive movespeed boost while out of combat, is increased to 10 seconds, from 7. This will help him get meeps, and then get back to lane, without leaving his adc hanging for too long. Thus hurting his team less. Q: the slow/stun should be the way it is honestly. I know there is a lot of controversy about it being extremely hard to land, and not doing much if you miss. But trying to buff it in any way makes it feel like it would be too strong. W: Cost is actually fine, bard collects meeps, and generally never runs out of mana anyways. This being said however, the charge up time is way too much. 10 seconds is an eternity in league, lower it from 10 to 8 seconds to charge, and also make it give a third of the health as bonus mana. Im not sure how I can word this, but lets say bard's shrine gives you 75 HP, I would like for it to also give you 25 mana on top of that 75 HP. E: I feel this ability is great as it is. Very cool, very new, and allows for some interesting plays, that we would NEVER see before bard. R: the infamous team killer... I think its super weird how the enemy team can see where its going to land, even if its fired from very far away. it should work more like ziggs' ult where the area of effect is only visible to enemies for a brief time before they are hit. (note: this may already happen, im not sure actually, but it seems like enemies can see where its going to land even if i fire from like 2000 units away. )
I recently posted a thread sharing my experience with him. I invite you to read it, you will probably find it interesting. Clicking on my profile picture should lead you to my comments and threads, the one I'm talking to you about is named "@Riot: Bard made me a better player in general" Also, I agree with you, he's fun and not as bad as people think. I can't wait for when the community realizes it so he can get the recognition he deserves. Riot has done a good job buffing him patches after patches, I hope they will continue their work on him to make him slightly less punishing.
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: Bard is perfectly fine as far as how Riot made him to be..I just don't think it was intended. Where they went wrong with Bard, in the case for why many people hate him, is the fact they made him a late game support. In which case he'd be the first of his kind. Everything in his kit is perfect with a few kinks and QoL's needed but generally it's perfectly fine. The only issue is the part where supports are needed most importantly (early game) is where he's bad but late game he becomes a monster. His passive is the main thing it's meant to be shitty early on until you collect a ton of chimes (late game) then they pack quite a ton of utility into autos His Q's stun is shitty early on especially for the cd on it and for it being his ONLY damage spell. Late game it gets a decent stun length, cd, and does decent damage. His W takes forever to charge and at level 1 it's a pretty horrendous heal for 100 mana..late game mana cost are irrelevant, his heals are pretty nice, and since he's not stuck bot he can leave 3 anywhere on the map for plays as well as the instant heal + ms being awesome. His E isn't really useful in laning phase and has a rather high cd. Late game it becomes a massive play maker for baits/ganks etc. Has a nice cd on it and grants good ms bonus when moving through. His R is pretty standard throughout the entire game He has the makings of a late game hyper carry (like say, vayne) built into a support. Every other support is amazing early game and standard late game.
While it's true that he's a late game support (I recently played him a lot this days, had a lot of success and fun with him), his kit is so much...punishing and filled with conditions and downsides. People who love Bard like me don't really ask the removal of these conditions/downsides, because let's face it, they make him unique and fun to play. **But in my opinion, those conditions/downsides could get softened a little bit.**
: >Magical Journey: Allies who use the portal are granted 6/12/18/24/30 armor and magic resist for 3 seconds. Enemies who use the portal lose 6/12/18/24/30 armor and magic resist for 3 seconds. I'd leave out the second part. Boosting defenses is enough, but a buff and debuff in one is a bit too much for a possibly teamwide effect.
Yeah, while the Magical Journey is most likely never to be used by more than a couple of champions every time, there is still the possibility that all champions use it, and the stat difference would become really too much overpowered in Bard's team favor. I just think this Magical Journey should give a negative effect on enemies using it. A short stat debuff sounds the best option.
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: It's still his biggest weakness. And with the game being so largely revolving around teamfights, this isn't an issue isolated to full team 5v5s, any semi large skirmish has him at a weak state because he can't respond with more than one ability, outside his ult. If either his W was more applicable as a thing that could come into play halfway into a fight (or if he could just flat out have more of them so more areas of the map were advantageous to his team), or if his E was relevant as more than an ok escape or sweet engage, then he'd feel a lot better at being around fights. Especially his W feels really tricky to get good use out of after laning phase ends, because the map is so big, and the cooldown is so long alongside the recharge time, so you can't really fill up a reportoire of fall-back heals easily before a big push. And if you put them too far forward it's too easy for the enemy to disable them with no real consequence (at least Rek'Sai tunnels are esaily replaced, has a much higher cap and makes them spend time to destroy). If I put them down in a fight, they're not useful until after the fight is over. Again, it's mostly the long charge time on his W which makes him feel like he brings so little to a fight lasting longer than his passive procs (so giving him better scaling on the amount of meeps would also help). Not because he feels bad, but because he feels like he can do very little to affect the outcome of fights when they happen. Which might not mean that it's the case that he's got little he can do, but that's what it kinda feels like, because two of your abilities are very situational, and one other takes 10 seconds to get meaningful effect (if an enemy doesn't step on it).
I think the charging rate of his W to get the maximum health should be 10/8.5/7/5.5/4 seconds, decreasing every rank put in it.
: Nah, its literally his numbers. His scalings were shit and his base stats were too. He was essentially a bad kayle.
Fortunately he's getting a little bit better patches after patches :)
: When you die to Darius ult as Wukong
I hesitate between laughing nervously or facepalming myself to death.
Voluug13 (NA)
: Actually, they re taking the lazy and arrogant way. The (biggest) problem isnt Bard's numbers, its his kit design. Its flawed and too full of braindead counterplay, downsides and conditions. It has a lot of potential, but it ends up as that, potential Bard can only achieve in a vacuum where he can poke without reliation, mobility doesnt exist and team communication is perfect.
> [{quoted}](name=Voluug13,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t2Wu0gHA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-04-16T02:55:41.707+0000) > > Actually, they re taking the lazy and arrogant way. The (biggest) problem isnt Bard's numbers, its his kit design. Its flawed and too full of braindead counterplay, downsides and conditions. It has a lot of potential, but it ends up as that, potential Bard can only achieve in a vacuum where he can poke without reliation, mobility doesnt exist and team communication is perfect. He was **designed** to be "full of counterplay, downsides and conditions". For sure Riot knew about that. With the right amount of tweaks and buffs tho, he has the potential to be a competitive high-risk high-reward support. He needs to be worse than other supports when played badly, but also better than other supports when played close-to-perfect. At release, even someone who would master him wouldn't do better with Bard than the other popular supports. But with the recent buffs and the one incoming on PBE, he's becoming a force to be reckoned with when played right.
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