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: I have something in mind for a long time about this. And it is about making every role separate from the rest and items intending to be used by a specific role be more effective to that role and inefficiant for everyone else. How this works is simple Take each role and depending what it's intended strengths are, boost the appropriate base stats while at the same time significantly reducing the rest. For example, what's the primary role for an Assassin? Bursting someone down quickly and either get out if they can or die with them. What stats work for that? AD or AP. So, boost their Base AD significantly if they are AD and for AP it works differently. At the same time, reduce their defences and HP pool. A tank is supposed to have defences and soak up damage while doing some aoe and have some cc to soften up targets for their carries and disrupt the nemy team. They need defences and survivability. So, what do you do for them? Bost their defensive stats and HP pool and redutheir offencive stats, aka AD by a significant amount. For mages, and AP assassins, their role is to either burst someone down and kill them fast or control the battlefield with a lot of CC and AOE. what do they need for that? AP and some more control oriented also need survivability. So, they get more AP and moderate base stats, higher than an assassin but lower than a tank. A bruiser is meant to disrupt the enemy team and lock down a target so that they take them out or cooperate with their carries/assassins to do so. They are tough and pack a punch but also, have to pick their fights carefully, they are not unkillable. An assassin should be able to kill them and either escape or die with them, an ADC should be able to kill them by kiting properly but, if either assassins or ADCs stay too close for too long, they will die too fast to do any significant damage. They get moderate defences and offensive stats, each tuned individualy based on their kit and lore to suit the character. Bruisers are a hybrid between a fighter and a tank anyway Fighters are essentialy melee carries. High damage, moderate to low survivability and some defensive mechanics, Trynd's ult, Yasuo's W and passive, Fiora's W etc. This class gets high offensive stats but moderate to low defensive stats, based on their innate defensive mechanics. That's high base AD but moderate to low armor and mr. A support is a tanky champion with a lot of utility and lockdown meant to support his carries, ALL OF HIS TEAMMATES, NOT JUST THE ADC, that's for those adc players that want their support exclusively for them... grow up guys. So, they get high defenses and HP. And finally, our beloved and hated ADCs... These obnoxious champions that only know how to right-click and move around. They are as fragile as the assassins but with almost equaly strong attacking capabilities. I say almost equaly because Assassins are casters whiled most marksmen are AA based and don't do nearly as much damage as an Assassin with their abilities. Like assassins, they should have HIGH base AD and low armor, mr and hp. So, now that we got that out of the way, let's talk itemization. All items shall give stats based on the BASE stats of the bearer, Critical chance being the only exception, none has individual crit chance alone and it should remain this way. They also have other passives that work independently but that's it. So, each item will provide it's stats as a % bonus of the bearer base stat. So, a bloodthirster will give X% Base AD and it's passive that works independently is it's lifesteal. Same goes for Ravenous Hydra, it has it's lifesteal as a stat, well, since there is no base stat lifesteal, this stat will become a passive for the item. For an armor item, let's say, thornmail, it gives X% Base armor. And an example for hp items, a Warmog's armor will give X% of your base hp pool and of course, as you lvl up, it will also give more hp because your base hp pool increases. For AP items, they will either stay as they are because there is no base AP stat, or Every champion that scales with AP will be given a Base AP value of 100 base AP, and all abilities will be changed to scale with bonus AP and the scalings on the items will be made so that they are the same as now. But, it's easier to just keep them as they are, it is the same thing. Now, this way, items meant to be used by an Assassin/ADC/Melee Carry, will not be effective for a tank. Tanky items meant to be used by Tanks/bruisers and some fighters, will be inefficient for an Assassn or an ADC. Those items will also be less effective for fighters than for tanks or bruisers. And thus, there won't be Tank assassins anymore. Each role will have distinct strengths and weaknesses and the game will be a lot more balanced. Of course, some champions will have some tweaks in their kits to compensate for those changes. So, what do you guys think?
How are tanks supposed to CS with no AD or AP?
: I feel as though swain is best mid right now. Enemies are squishy enough to scare them off. I feel as though he is weak but has scary snowball potential. Could you add a 3rd option for neutral?
Unfortunately it won't let me edit the poll
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: Can we make ibg melee only now?
> [{quoted}](name=ToxicPrint,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=x1ps5bj2,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-31T22:43:52.123+0000) > >And it's so obnoxious that someone whose hard to catch already with all the range, poke, and blink to kite the hell out of anyone. Sounded like you were describing Kalista.
: Raise the true damage on Ignite.
butenz (NA)
: Buff Support
What would that summoner spell do? It can't be an exhaust because a solo laner could easily take it, win duels and reap the buffed passive gold benefits as well. You'd have to make a whole new summoner or rework an old one so it is completely defensive in nature and requires a teammate to use. Something like a damage reduction buff that only affects another teammate.
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: I'm a support main, been so since I started playing at the end of S3 and I've got to say the vision changes hurt supports more then riot realizes. Yes, {{item:2049}} was OP for how much you have to spend on it, but on a support's budget you NEED the item. Dropping from 4 charges to 3 really hurt the item and the role overall. This was the first time I felt like I got nerfed as a player. The {{item:3340}} {{item:3363}} also hurt. It doesn't matter at what point of the game, it never feels like I can get enough vision anywhere. You guys want to know why {{champion:12}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} are the OP support picks right now? because everyone else feels so much weaker/ineffective. Why is everyone else weaker and ineffective? Because of the support's budget and experience penalty for being a support. Everyone else needs the XP to get the utility they need to be effective. I keep hearing you need to play tanky supports to make an impact in the game (as a {{champion:267}} main, I can tell you, you can make an impact with any support), but for tanky supports not named {{champion:12}} , you need items too. It feels bad being a support nowadays because unless someone on your team gets fed, you can't be effective. This is also assuming you're playing a easy to play champ too, if you're playing a high skill cap champ like {{champion:267}} or {{champion:412}} you don't get rewarded with carrying potential like other higher skill cap champs like {{champion:157}} or {{champion:268}} . As a main of one of these 'high skill cap supports', you just have to work harder to end up with the same problems with everyone else. Low income, low experience, low carrying potential unless someone on your team is already fed. What makes it worse is games nowadays also feel harder to come back from. I know that games have the same come back potential as before but it feels like games are won or lost by the 20 min and it's just a matter of ending. If you're a support on the 'losing' team. It doesn't feel like there's much you can do to turn it around and if you're on the winning team, it doesn't feel like you can stop your team from throwing. Again, I'm talking about the 'feel' of support, not what can actually happen.
: She gets played both lanes successfully and will continue to--we're committed to keeping her strong in both lanes. Balancing for support is about acknowledging that most Zyra players do play her there. Trying to force her into a new lane isn't part of our goals with the update, but if she ends up mid we'd still be happy with her.
You probably already know this but I just wanted to put it out there. You should really consider why exactly people choose Zyra support over another support and why people choose other mages mid over Zyra mid. Figuring this out might help you balance her for both lanes better.
: What's not attractive about support exactly?
The fact that your game is not in your hands and that you can't carry your way to victory no matter how good you are when your "carries" are feeders.
: Towers should randomly destroy an item in the champions inventory when they get hit.
LOL that'd be hilarious
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Jamener (NA)
: Post your Jhin success stories here!
Willing to bet no one will post here.
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: 45 second death timers @ 26 minutes
This is the reason why suicide Karthus isn't played anymore.
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: RP Price Adjustment in Canada on 2/15/2016
: You have to edit the the Rune page name then hit enter, then you can Save Changes.
Thanks! I'll try that tonight
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Eyesack (NA)
: I'm just not gonna play until dynamic queue is back
I miss the Dynamic Queue too! When is it coming back??????
: I'll give my opinions on {{champion:143}} since she's my second main champion after Sona. _1.What aspect is most core or sacred to their identity? _ - It's a bit obvious, but I would say that **the plant summons are the most iconic aspect to Zyra's kit**. The Q is there as a harass tool & wave clear tool, but it's main use is to summon the thorn spitters. The thorn spitters are probably the most useful plant if Zyra wants to do a large amount of sustained damage. A combination of her Q's low cooldown and the sustained plant damage puts her at a **halfway point between burst and sustained damage**, and I think she is definitely good at both if she pulls off a full combo. - Her E is the primary source of Crowd Control to defend herself against incoming enemy champions. It also serves to summon the thorn lashers, which are useful for providing a nice little slow zone for incoming enemies.** Grasping Roots in combination with the thorn lasher is an incredibly useful tool for evading ganks**, even if you miss the root! I do think that the snare projectile is a bit slow, but it does hit every single target in it's path in comparison to other linear skillshot roots. - The ultimate ability is mostly used as a counter-engage or a post-engage tool in a teamfight. However, **I don't think many people appreciate the attack speed buff** that stranglethorns give to Zyra's plants. _2.What issue bothers you the most when playing them?_ - My biggest issue with playing Zyra is that the **Plant AI can still be a little bit frustrating **to work with (despite the earlier improvements). When I manage to do a nice Q + W harass combo on an enemy champion, the plant would auto attack the champion once and then immediately switch to a minion when the enemy champion did not walk out of the plant's range. - In team fights, I do think that **Zyra's plants die too quickly from all the outgoing AoE** damage. Maybe we can consider giving the enraged plants more durability if they are enhanced by Stranglethorns? - As happy as I am to give the plants the attack speed steroid from her Ultimate, **it is sometimes hard to presummon the plants before activating her ultimate**. Is there a possibility that stranglethorns can leave some sort of "fertile soil" for a short amount of time after it's activation that would allow Zyra to summon more "enraged" plants? - Her **passive is not very interesting or useful for a "plant mage". **It sounds a bit more appropriate for a suicide bomber type of champion? - Stranglethorn's damage portion is sometimes hard to hit if you did not initially snare or slow the targets. I understand that the delay is there to give counterplay to the powerful large AoE knock up, however I think that the damaging portion of the ability should be activated a bit more rapidly.
Totally agree on your thoughts on the passive. Any good Zyra player will remember to always stick in range of her plants to maximize her damage. I've always felt that this lent itself to the theme of: _**"I'm Zyra. I created this garden. It's my playground and you're going to be stuck in it for as long as I want you to."**_ To that effect, her abilities--especially the root and the large area of her ultimate and knockup--really came together to fulfill this character. A cool thing you could do to emphasize this theme is, during her ultimate, give Zyra farther attack range so she can better control her plants and visually have her raised up on a throne of vines as her plants carry her around the battlefield. Also, have Zyra laugh when she ults to really play up on the theme that Zyra loves nothing better than to trap you in her garden with her plants.
: League never has been or will be better than the Cinderhulk meta
I've seen a thread like this so many times before
: Champion Update: Shen
Shen was the first champion I ever bought. Thank you for finally updating him.
: How is anyone supposed to beat TL this year? Every game with them is 10v5. Seems pretty unfair to me{{champion:48}}
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: I've been playing a lot of Fiora lately. It's actually not too hard to keep on vitals with the right items and/or Ghost/Flash. At max CDR you can dash every 1.9ish seconds and her E helps too. As well Phage and its Rage passive speeds you up a fair bit. Combine all this with Ghost and you're set. In lane you can actually back up until your opponent is out of range to reset the passive and potentially put the vital in a better position, something my opponent is also capable of (though most don't realise it). I do this a lot to harass my opponents to the point of staying away from their own minions. What I personally don't like about the vitals is the hitbox on them is so fickle. Often I think I'm going to hit the vital but it doesn't pop. Tends to happen a lot if I'm right on top of them.
The ult is also delayed and clunky. You can ult a person, Q right after, and still manage to miss a vital. One time, I was standing right on top of a person I ult'd and managed to never hit a vital even after 3 or 4 AA's. Also, apparently if you're hitting a person diagonally you can also miss vitals.
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: Petition to change Tanks to TITANS? Juggernauts and Titans, Marksmen. Let's make them sound cool guys.
Juggernauts, Titans, Marksmen, Mages, Assassins and... supports? Can't think of a good support name.
: > [{quoted}](name=ShenpaiNoticeY0u,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=X6qHhOvT,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2015-08-21T02:39:19.188+0000) > > Its either he dominate his lane, or he get shred to death. He is a tank he need a spike somewhere... right? We dont want a useless tank at every stage of the game right? Or they could be killing the effectiveness of jg shen where he can literally farm forever thanks to his sustain
Please. Jungle Shen died with the nerfs to Skirmisher's and Cinderhulk. Also, Devourer killed all the jungle tanks anyways.
Afeee (EUW)
: Playing botlane this patch is the most horrible experience i've ever had playing this game
Anyone know how the LCS ADCs are feeling about their current role right now? Personally, I don't think Riot is going to deal with ADCs until after worlds because they are all focused on the Juggernauts and buffing assassins up (both of the roles that are made for killing ADCs). Just look at their patch history and current PBE changes. Most ADCs haven't been touched in a long while. So, unless you main one of the meta ADCs you should probably just avoid Ranked or play another lane.
MrEly (NA)
: Honestly, I dont get why this idea was downvoted. Incentivising people to not be dicks is a good idea.
Maybe it's the second paragraph of my post.
: All my friends have quit...
Maybe Riot could incentivize all these smurfs to teach rather than rage by making those Helpful honor system points actually mean something. Wouldn't it be awesome if Riot emailed you a code for an IP boost on any account you choose after receiving X number of Helpful honors from unique accounts? All you'd have to do is be sincere when giving a new player tips and then ask them to honor you at the end game screen. Half of them might not do it because they're new and don't know wtf they're doing, but the other half might genuinely appreciate it. Riot probably feels like they are too big to fail right now, which allows them to ignore their new player base because their profits and current player base is already so large. I'm scared of the day when their current revenue sources start to dry up and they realize all too late that they've seriously fucked up.
R110 (EUW)
: Actually, this was added with the SR VU. When you look at a destroyed inhibitor, there will be a glowing line that goes around the destroyed crystal. When the line makes a full circle the inhib will respawn. It's pretty subtle.
Nice, didn't notice that. Wish they'd make it more noticeable.
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: Petition To Have An Old Lady Champion
She should be a support that yells nagging comments to her ADC. "Get a job you lazy bum!" "When I was your age I crit all the time!" "You nanny-wagging whipper-snapper you!"
Aaravos (EUNE)
: Ori: You need to be very good in shoving the lane and harassing. A good Ori can deal with him if she use her utility perfectly Temmo: If you want to win forget him. He is fish food. Talon: Fizz just outtrade him i don't recommend him. And reveal his stealth. Ahir: She can do pretty well vs Fizz. Mobile enough to survive his all-in, and can poke him down. Maybe the best meta pick vs Fizz Diana: Same as Talon. If Fizz don't missplay or you don't outplay him he will win. Good picks against him are {{champion:103}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:31}}
Mordekaiser is actually pretty decent against Fizz too. You can bait out the troll-poll just by being near a Fizz because your E is instantaneous and spammable.
: There should be a simple vote mechanic at the start of each ARAM game, where you can vote either of the maps for that specific game. if it goes 5-5, well, any ideas for that? Will it just randomize?
That's a good idea, but some people might not want to take the extra 5-10 seconds voting for a trivial thing like that.
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Dr Poro (EUW)
: Why is Devourer more cost efficient than Warrior ON PURCHASE?
I watch the Youtuber Stonewall008 who gives this formula for damage: Burst damage beats Sustained damage Sustained damage beats Tank stats Tank stats beat Burst damage I agree with him that Riot should balance things with this in mind, so if a Warrior jungler goes up against a Devourer jungler early on they should have a 60/40 chance of out-dueling or out-ganking that Devourer and delaying that Sated power spike long enough for the rest of his team to build enough items to fight against it. Right now, I feel like in solo queue, Devourer outperforms all the others because teams aren't coordinated enough to actively invade the enemy jungle, secure river camps, and coordinate ganks together to delay those stacks. Maybe in higher level play they are? Personally, I feel like when I pick Warrior, I still get outdueled by a Devourer because my burst is no where near strong enough to kill them before they kill me. So much so that I've deleted all my tank, AD assassins, and mage jungle runes and masteries and just left one Attack Speed jungle page because a Devourer with one other damage item and the rest tank items will always out-sustain and out-damage any other jungler. The damage is diversified too with both AD and Magic on-hit damage.
ZeaI (EUW)
: Bilgewater theme reminds me of dog puke. down voted this with my smurf as well, and my frnds down voted it with there smurfs as well and ofc there orinigial. {{item:3751}}
Jamener (NA)
: Petition to keep the Bilgewater ARAM map in circulation
I did not expect this much of a response. Wow!
Jamener (NA)
: Jinx is an all-around better Cait. Cait has no niche.
Thanks for pointing all that out. I just made this post because I've been having tremendous success on Jinx lately and felt like she was amazingly easy compared to playing Cait, so I wanted to see what are the pros and cons of each of the two in comparison.
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