Dynikus (NA)
: lol? that would be a _massive_ buff to fizz for no reason, and completely change how he's played.
"Rebalance his kit around being a semi-stealth roaming assassin." was in my post for a reason... rebalancing means that this wouldn't be a buff. They'd nerf other aspects of his kit to make the net change smaller. Do forum commenters read?
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: We're still iterating on them - though likely to not be drastic changes before 8.11.
Atma, Spear, Black Cleaver, and Death's Dance all serve the purpose of granting AD and defensive effects that are pretty creative. The combinations of them on champions like Illaoi and Darius are something I'm really looking forward to being utterly broken.
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Fearless (NA)
: Not every rune has equal power on every champion. Champions that already like spell blade items are more likely to like this rune. We also can use the loot you get to broaden the audience.
Are there any plans to publish the loot tables, with or without chances included? At minimum I feel like having a list of the items you can get from it would be a big deal for most of us, especially those with a distaste for RNG.
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