: Well going off the video you must first exist in order to survive. Edit okay you posted something. You were quite slow to react to sion you could have just went up and to the left which also takes you away from zyra. You didnt have much reason to turn around after sion ulted you as zyra already blew her snare so you could have just kept running forward after that. You may have actually survived if you went the other way there too. Also trying to go for a long range q like that is risky. Was she even in range to get hit because she looked to be well out of range.
: the video dont work
https://youtu.be/EHkzxE1c-74 i made it public so maybe that'll fix it
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: So when can we stop only gutting AD Assassins?
How about we just delete the assassin class from the game
: > She dashes directly at you, making her EXTREMELY vulnerable to return damage I am legitimately confused. Doesn't literally every single dash in the game travel in a straight line? I have never seen anybody else claiming that as counterplay to any other champion. Is that somehow a problem for leblanc and no other champion with a dash? I have never seen anyone talking about how Shen is super susceptible to return damage because he has to dash directly towards you to taunt you.
Did you just take only that one line out of my comment and ignore everything else? Because I just explained this.
naymless (NA)
: After playing against leblanc and seeing challenger players struggle against her
I really dont get whats so hard about playing against leblanc. She dashes directly at you, making her EXTREMELY vulnerable to return damage, unlike stuff like Zed/Talon/Fizz with the bullshit blinks, invis, untargetability, etc.
: > Ignite sucked before the buffs. You didn't respond to the argument.
You said ignite sucks and i responded with no it doesnt, what did i not answer?
: Share your OWN thoughts on how you'd nerf Kai'Sa, Graves, Irelia, Aatrox, Urgot & Akali
{{champion:84}} - Replace her shroud entirely. I cannot see that ability being healthy and i think she should just have a new ability. {{champion:145}} - Her Q stops firing if the target leaves range. {{champion:39}}- Q doesnt reset on her E/R anymore. Only on kills. {{champion:104}} - Lower his AA damage cap to like 110-120%. It's currently way too high (im talking about how it does more damage as you get closer.) Also his E doesnt stack. {{champion:164}} - Idk why she isnt on your list, but massively reduce her mobility. {{champion:266}} - Get rid of his knockups and displacements. Exchange them for stuns or other types of cc but at least make tenacity do something against him.
: The problem with Yasuo
I would have no problem with the champion if his windwall didnt exist.
: > However, i'd be fine with this if ignite got a small damage nerf as well (in addition to the revert.) Ignite sucked before the buffs. You want to nerf it further?
You think that a SUMMONER SPELL doing 205 true damage at level 6 is ok?
: what if we reverted ignite damage buff but gave it true sight
It didnt even need buffs in the first place, so i dont think it should get compensation if it's reverted. However, i'd be fine with this if ignite got a small damage nerf as well (in addition to the revert.)
: when are you going to make brands passive scale with ap again?
I think a 2.5% ap ratio is a bit much Most mages have 600-700 AP lategame, so on top of the 5% base it would be as high as 20-22.5% lategame. And thats just one spell. Id say 1-1.5%. Or make it not max hp damage.
: Will Hexakill ever return?
I agree, give us hexakill. ~~Do RGM's even exist anymore?~~
: You would think Riot would have something for it, but smol indie company.
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: 7/10 top tier champions for mid lane are AP champs...
3/7 of them are assassins 3/7 of them are mages who are designed to counter assassins 6/7 of the AP champs are either assassins or counters to assassins HMM
: Yeah so when junglers are supposed to gank then? You're acting like junglers shouldn't be allowed to enter lanes before idk, 10 minute or lvl 6, which is just stupid.
There's a big difference between 10:00 and 2:15.
: Just my experience playing mage mids vs "OP Assassins"
Anivia is supposed to counter assassins in the midlane. Have fun playing Vel'Koz or Lux into that Zed.
: Do you have a reason why it feels bad?
I think it has something to do with how it makes your damage feel inconsistent. It feels unsatisfying landing two abilities and having a huge damage difference between the two. (I hope that made sense.)
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: {{champion:34}} bananivia {{champion:1}} banannie {{champion:25}} morgabanana
Rioter Comments
: Nomad's Medallion! They were there yesterday I thought...
The items that got removed a while ago. Frost Queen's Claim, Face of the Mountain, and the yellow circle speed thing. {{item:3312}} {{item:3309}} {{item:3306}} {{item:3096}} is still here
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: So, counterplay to Grasp gangplank as a juggernaut/tank?
: Someone miss FOTM (Face of the mountain)?
Anìmê (NA)
: What is Up With Zyra
Sometimes the plant doesnt attack at all, sometimes it aggroes the randomest shit for no reason. Linguine
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: Just tell them to get friends to do it with. If they ff its literally a 10 second queue time even in onslaught.
Then the same thing happens the next game. Literally as im typing this i have two people afk in my game because i didnt go 2 augments.
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Jaegaer (OCE)
: kayn lmaoooooooo
Red and Blue form abilities are almost identical. This champion is not that.
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DankSan (NA)
: I miss nexus blitz
I thought it was supposed to be permanent what happened?
: How has Graves/Jhin avoided nerfs for the past few patches?
>Nah, actually better yet, nerf Fizz one patch after you give him buffs because people have no idea how to play safe in lane against an assassin. Yes, when i got 100-0d under my tower by an 0/1 Fizz with only {{item:3145}} it was because I wasn't playing safe enough.
: I'm gonna be impressed af for the people who do onslaught with just Ziggs/Sona
: What do you think is the most balanced class in League of Legends?
I say mages but y'all are just gonna quote my name and say im biased so ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯
: Can Lux's E have either a forced delay or at least have its damage scale with charge time?
Entirely skillshot reliant, one of the most telegraphed kits in the game, and is squishy with no mobility.
Rioter Comments
: When the enemy assassin dashes towards you
Then you realize turrets dont do anything and the assassin deletes you
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Posts something asking for advice in Gameplay
Hey guys, any advice on fighting X? Thank you in advance! "LEARN TO PLAY"
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: It might take ages for them to explode their options.
> [{quoted}](name=MrHaZeYo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eie5Naam,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-09-10T00:59:53.008+0000) > > It might take ages for them to explode their options. >to explode their options >**explode** Cant really disagree not gonna lie
: D or F: What's your flash key, and why?
{{summoner:3}} {{summoner:11}} = flash on f {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:21}} {{summoner:12}} {{summoner:6}} = flash on d
Aarron (NA)
: You made Singed automatically laugh when casting E and the same for Veigar when casting R
Zandernak (EUNE)
: High ping when connected to router
There was a patch that made my ping shoot up, i think it was like 7.14. Before that patch i was on a constant 20-30 ms and it never shot up to anything above 70-80, now im on a constant 40-60 ms and it shoots up to 200+ (pretty frequently.)
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: 5 champions you probably didnt see in game for few months
I see zyra and fiddlesticks like every game?
: Master Yi takes more skill than Zed: change my mind
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