Critty92 (EUNE)
: Dont hate the champion, hate the players
If a champion is losing more than twice as much as it’s winning then the champion is bad.
: We have to give a nod to this patch
They should have been nerfed months ago.
: My problem with Yuumi
The champion design is not flawed. Her numbers are just extraordinarily low. * She has the lowest health in the game. * Her Q does 40 damage at rank 1. * Her W gives 5% adaptive stats at rank 1. * Her E gives a 25 heal at level 1. Keep in mind that all of these abilities are single-target, too. I’m not sure why the numbers are so low but I expect them to get buffed.
: She just need to CC, ward and keep her team alive. That's like saying nobody plays Soraka because all she does best is heal, since her damage numbers are shit and her silence can be walked out of.
She doesn’t CC and keep her team alive nearly as much as other supports because her numbers are complete shit. And every support wards.
: Yuumi can infinitely dash to allies, doesn't have to aim Q, ult takes up entire lane
: Would it be better if Ignite didn't proc Dark Harvest?
: RITO, shouldn't Tryndamere be part of the rework vote?
1. Agree 2. Id still vote for mundo, braindead ball of stats champion.
: How do you guys deal with pregame anxiety?
I had this a few months ago, it went away after a few weeks and i was able to play again normally.
Hardstück (EUNE)
: From 0 to 4 how long do you guys think
It took me like 6 months to go from 0 to 3 last season (and i played like 2-4 hours a day) so you can get an idea using that.
: Sigh, I'm forced to be a support main.
Also this new 4-5 man camp bot lane meta is absolute cancer to play against for everyone involved, specifically the team recieving the hard camp.
: Fix Lux.
Im not saying you’re wrong, but there are (HOOK) other champions that currently need this much more than her and right now it seems Riot has no intention on fixing them so i wouldnt get my hopes up.
: League now has 144 champs, but it feels like it has 20.
What are you talking about? Rek’Sai and Kindred are in every game right now.
Critty92 (EUNE)
: New rune concept
Quick-Charge could also make it so that you can purchase mana potions.
: When you are chasing someone while your nexus is under attack you can be 100% sure that they are going to stop your recall at all costs if you don't kill them.
>chasing down Im referring to a situation in which you are not nearby or in the vision of enemies and can therefore safely recall, but you would choose to leave said safe position to kill the enemy kai’sa or something. Not when you are already in the process of chasing someone and your nexus falls under attack during the chase.
: Ideas to make Neeko's kit more interesting and synergized.
I love #2, but her ult is extremely overpowered and is kept in check by the fact that its hard to hit and puts her in extreme danger. So this can’t get implemented unless she gets heavy nerfs to her ult first. Personally i think they should remove either the stun or the damage and then implement your #2 idea, so it becomes a bomb if you combine it with another ability. (Like D.Va from overwatch.) This would make her both more satisfying to play and to play against (because if you get hit by her ult as a squishy carry you’re 100% dead, and nobody likes that.)
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Orodruin (NA)
: Why can 5 man teams be queued with solo duo queue teams in draft
Riot’s effort to decrease queue times is the only reason for this and many other problems such as autofill.
: Say the reasons you dislike the current state of the game
- Champions being left grossly overpowered for months or years. - Damage being batshit insane. - Lack of communication from Riot to their playerbase. - Immobile champions being a chore to play in this age of mobility creep.
OHminus (NA)
: The junglers I see being played in diamond+ on a consistent basis: {{champion:421}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:120}} and occasionally {{champion:113}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:6}} I don't see any other junglers being played except for by one tricks ({{champion:35}} - Chase {{champion:121}} -Lesu,etc {{champion:107}} - Scrubnoob {{champion:203}} - ForestWithin). Fyi, here's champs I consider junglers (doesn't mean they can't play other lanes) that I didn't list: {{champion:32}} -rip {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:154}}
: What if... when you hit Rengar with non-displacement-hard-CC during his passive/Ult leap...
Riot: We hear your request to introduce more counterplay to rengar’s jump and have decided your request to make him stopped by immobility crowd control is valid. These changes will ship out in the next patch. As compensation buffs, Rengar will recieve a +40% bonus AD scaling on all abilities and his Q will gain 20/40/60/80/100 more base damage at ranks 1 to 5 respectively. See you on the rift!
: Guinsoos is a broken item
Guinsoos is a good idea with poor execution.
GigglesO (NA)
: Why aren't we nerfing Riven, Vayne, Zed.
Nami/Soraka are only “good” right now because all of the other enchanters suck so when the team comp “calls” for an enchanter support they will always be picked. Im not here to defend any of the other champions you listed though, just thought I needed to defend those two so unnecessary bandwagoning doesnt happen against them.
: Are there any champions that actually use HexaFlash?
Champions with point and click engage make use of it, so like alistar and maybe leona? (Im aware leonas engage is 80% skillshots but her E is remarkably easy to land.)
: Sure, if her name is Zed.
: Just ban Vayne if you can't beat her?
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Azwel (EUW)
: Riven almost 54% winrate over 10% pickrate.
vvasya (NA)
: You know what'd be nice? Changing Guardian-Angel and Banshee-Veil back into pure defense items
I miss having GA 3rd-4th item on mages. I feel so dependent on zhonyas now, which isnt as protective as (old) GA.
: honestly, I think everyone would prefer an ezreal level rework to the guy instead of just a straight buff
He needs Poppy-level changes.
: So when will Vayne get nerfs?
TomiMan7 (EUNE)
: Sure if you want him to have halved mana/lvl, cos thats in the package too.
AntiSJW (NA)
: Someone suggested teemo w be a "roll then ms buff"
Can we stop trying to feed mobility creep
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Sylas heal is still total bullshit
He has too many defensive options after building purely offensive.
Saianna (EUNE)
: The ult buff came out of nowhere and with no drawbacks. She was pretty fine without it. It's one of those "we favour our posterboys and girls, so here, have a free cookie"
Didnt she get a prestige skin in the same patch? Thats why the buff happened
Vekkna (NA)
: I've had 7 ranked games that lasted past level 16 in the last **four months combined.** Pretty sure we'll just have a very weak early game that smoothly transitions into an open nexus.
Sucction (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JamesTheMage15,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UNY3sRA1,comment-id=00020007,timestamp=2019-02-22T01:27:16.854+0000) > > If they buy seekers first you just permashove them in with your resourceless massive waveclear. Once you get a dirk it takes you 3-4 seconds to kill non-cannon waves and your combo will be back up for the next wave. They’ll be down at least 30 cs by the time they get lost chapter. Trust me, zed has more options than just killing the enemy outright. Not quite. With a Seeker's, Zed loses every trade rather hard. With proper mana management you can do just fine.
Zed isnt trading if they have seekers. He’s shoving them in without interacting. With only seekers the vast majority of mages will have to back every 2.5 waves.
Sucction (OCE)
: He was buffed so he can escape a certain situation which is forced onto him in most games. Assuming both players are decent, Zed will have to concede early lane. He has the tools to pressure waves and to poke, but these come at a hefty cooldown cost and remove his only mobility and cc for 24 seconds. After early laning phase is over and both champions have backed, Zed will return with a Dirk, and the enemy with a Seeker's. This is where it gets worse. Seeker's is a crazily gold efficient item. Although buying it means the enemy mid laner is delaying their other core items like Lost Chapter, it essentially completely denies any threat of Zed's all in. After that point, all a Zed can do is try to hit all his abilities during short trades, while hoping he can dodge all of the enemy's. He has a small opportunity to roam before the enemy buys a Lost Chapter on their 2nd back, but if this opportunity is missed then the champion is relegated to afk farming sidelanes, hoping the enemy top laner is behind enough for him to win a duel to get back into the game. Zed can be very oppressive when ahead, but it's extremely difficult for him to actually get ahead without the enemy disrespecting him or making constant, major mistakes. I can't say for sure whether Zed being viable is a healthy thing for the game, but considering Zoe and Yasuo are both even better, I can't imagine Riot has much problem with Zed anymore. Fortunately the changes actually nerf him just slightly in low elo, where he's doing fine, and are a sizable buff in higher elos, where he was struggling. Hopefully the buffs don't push him over the edge in either elo.
If they buy seekers first you just permashove them in with your resourceless massive waveclear. Once you get a dirk it takes you 3-4 seconds to kill non-cannon waves and your combo will be back up for the next wave. They’ll be down at least 30 cs by the time they get lost chapter. Trust me, zed has more options than just killing the enemy outright.
: A Compromise to make Morgana a little more viable, without actually making her OP
Rioter Comments
: Can we corale mages out of the support position
No. Mages are being played in support because they got pushed out of midlane by assassins and bruisers. Im agreeing with you that i dont like seeing mage supports every game, but if you want to push mages out of support you need to fix midlane first.
: Ranged champion hatred.
You said it perfectly tbh
Aarron (NA)
: \>Level 6 vs Level 5 \>Both summoners used by Zed \>Cass doesn't have a defensive summoner and flash is down \>Zed has already bought items \>Cass has no armor \>Doesn't respect his level 6 spike \>Lands nearly everything save for a 3rd Q (which is usually not needed) I fail to see the problem Also your complaints on ignite fall flat when you realize that ignite got the damage buff reverted _**which means it currently deals the same damage it did several seasons ago**_
>Doesnt respect his level 6 spike Shes literally a centimeter from her tower
: Zed overkill at pro play from 100-0
Zed mains be like “Just play better” after watching a fucking pro player get oneshotted an inch from their tower.
: Instead of overbuffing Sylas, can you like maybe add AP Bruiser itemization?
They would need to admit to their mistakes to do that, so im not expecting anything.
: Let's talk about "Forced 50% Winrate"
>Your opponents get better, your teammates get better No lol. If this was true then nobody would think that this “forced winrate” stuff is happening.
Hügö (EUW)
: Yes he needs more jumps and dashes and 3 hit passives.
What about knockups, displacements, true damage and true stealth?
: My team vs enemy team: always same story.
I thought i was the only one experiencing this. I dont think i’ve successfully ff’d a game in like a month but ive probably seen the enemy team FF 1/3 games i play.
: Or just revert the Charm buff that made it 1.4s base, that way she returns to the 49-51% she was before then. What you're asking for is overcompensating for a minor overbuff, and ruins the kit's viability when she's just a solo queue noob stomper.
Exactly. Nobody asked for that buff except for skin sales, and Riot should be listening to their playerbase instead of skins.
Rioter Comments
: Nobody's going to talk about Shaco's winrate/current state?
Uhhh? Hes fine at 55% but 50% is underpowered? How delusional is this playerbase lmao
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