: So...Ezreal? Short range outside of Q, and no CC of any kind.
There’s a difference. Sivir barely uses her Q outside of waveclear, Ezreal’s entire playstyle revolves around his Q.
: People keep talking about Shaco being useless and yet we forgot about Wukong
Both champions can oneshot you from invisibility and are not healthy for the game.
: im sick and tired or range champions getting to freely auto attack me while taking no minion agro
Can this stop being posted please? I see this at least once a month. There is no correlation between attack range and provocation of minion aggro, that is a fact and no amount of arguing or replays will get around that. Instead of dividing melee and ranged champions even more we should be uniting and discussing how minion aggro is extremely RNG in the first place regardless of range, you can attack someone once and multiple minions will literally chase you into your turret, or you can attack someone 5 times in a row and the minions will ignore you. It has nothing to do with range (stop saying it does) it is simply that the system as a whole is completely random and needs an overhaul.
Lubeth (NA)
: Is Kled sleeper op or balanced?
His ult is too strong and has almost no counterplay, thats my only issue.
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Swarovsko (EUW)
: Genuine question: what's a funnel comp?
A funnel comp is when a player gives up their farm and spends the majority of the game supporting one person, typically a hypercarry champion like twitch, vayne, kai’sa or yi. Examples of this are kayle/yi where kayle would rush ardent censer than give up her farm to the Yi for the rest of the game, taric/yi, lulu/yi, etc. A more broad and general description would be where one or multiple players on a team intentionally make themselves less useful in order to pump the majority or all of the team’s power in to one champion.
: Nerf Pyke
Aftershock and his base stats make him too tanky, if they’re going to make him overloaded as fuck then he should at least be able to take return damage.
: {{item:3123}} How{{item:3165}} do {{item:3033}} kill {{summoner:14}} that {{champion:90}} which {{champion:86}} has {{champion:62}} no {{champion:240}} life {{champion:36}} ? edit: Hey boys and girls. I know the league boards dont like it when people post possible ways "to make laning against *champion here* easier". I should have known the easiest way to beat a champion is to make a post on the boards complaining about them. Spare me for my ignorance.
> [{quoted}](name=Quiet Dude,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tblIJmQH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-11T17:45:18.204+0000) > > {{item:3123}} How{{item:3165}} do {{item:3033}} kill {{summoner:14}} that {{champion:90}} which {{champion:86}} has {{champion:62}} no {{champion:240}} life {{champion:36}} ? Ok? You reduced 40% of his healing. Now what? He still has insane AoE damage and his healing is so large that 60% is still extremely high.
: yorde synergy is broken
They should buff the 3-yordle bonus and nerf the 6-yordle bonus, like the difference between a 20% and 60% chance is so fucking massive. Make it 25/50 instead of 20/60, it would make it feel better to “build” and less annoying to fight.
: Promos
You cant do this because (and this applies to many other things, not just league) if you lowered the LP from 100 to 99, then 98 would become the “new 99” and so on, there will always be a number that is just below the requirement and lowering it will not change this. Delete promos though.
Larflix (NA)
: Is Vladimir good?
He is too strong and that is because his early game is not punishable enough for how good his lategame is. It is extremely hard to kill him early since he has a mini lissandra ultimate, free sustain and no mana/energy (for some reason) all on basic abilities. His early all-in potential is also unreasonably high for such a lategame 1v5 carry.
: AI Ahri tosses orb of deception at nothing half of the time but still that's not fixed. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Right? She’s not even just missing because the enemy moved or something, she’s literally just throwing it at absolutely nothing.
: Real Talk: Lux Changes
Ultimate hunter is multiplicative, not additive, so the ultimate is reduced by (in which X = base cooldown) 0.55(0.75X) If we plug X in as 40 at max rank, we get 0.55(0.75x40) = 16.5. If we plug X in as 50 at max rank (current number), we get 0.55(0.75x50)= 20.6. So, basically, with cosmic insight and ultimate hunter (i dont think lux would ever leave sorcery but) the ultimate was reduced by just over 4 seconds.
: Worst TfT Champion?
Elise > Lissandra > Fiora Idk how to buff elise because shes really weird Lissandra needs more HP and a little bit more damage Fiora needs more HP and her ult needs more reliability
ßoro (NA)
: Yet another glacial rant
They should change it to lowering attack speed rather than stunning, then remove the RNG as compensation. It could be like (2) Attacks from glacials slow the enemy’s attack speed by 20% for 2 seconds (4) Attacks from glacials slow the enemy’s attack speed by 30% for 2 seconds (6) All allies
: Does anyone ever take font/shield bash instead of Demolish
The other two runes arent even “bad” they’re just underpowered bc their numbers are hilariously low. (1% Max HP?) You could argue it for mage supports like lux, morg, karma but they only take resolve because of aftershock or bone plating in the first place so that doesnt really count.
: Aftershock + Lux Support is Still the Core Problem
Aftershock should just be removed in general, its been nothing but problematic.
Kiwi Ink (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Baron Barian,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hR4Hewmj,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-07T00:23:27.015+0000) > > Have you seen the winrate of just about every new champion (and occasionally their re-work)? This is honestly normal. Except for Zoe and Yuumi who had both excellent winrates early
Didnt yuumi have like a 29% winrate on the first day
: Have you guys seen qiyanna's win rate? yikes!
Idc about jungle but DO NOT buff this champions lane, she is extremely antifun to lane against and does not need to become midlane tahm kench.
Sëtíer (NA)
: 100% Agree, Especially about the base stats of champions, that will help me decide what i want/need for my comp. Clarity of what Items do, and Percentages. Ex. "cursed blade has a low chance to reduce their star" or something. Also Useless item if your already attacking a 1'star... it should do something like 'reduce that champs damage or defense' so it can affect everyone.
“Low chance” could be anywhere between 10 and 40%, and high chance (forgot the name of the item) could be anywhere between 60 and 90%. Some items literally just say “chance” too. Its not okay to have this level of uncertainty, especially if they want to make this a ranked mode too.
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: someone could literally go 0/100 and the system wouldn't catch it and people would still defend them saying that they just had a bad game
Also you can intentionally feed and the person who called you a troll is more likely to get banned than you. The 0/47 ghost/cleanse ryze jungle with mobis is less at risk than the janna who said “i hate trolls.”
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Pyrosan (NA)
: You're able to delete one champion from the game, who goes?
{{champion:105}} Basically the definition of “i can kill you but you cant kill me.”
Galiö (NA)
: Galio changes on PBE
Was his W not the reason he had to be kept in the dumpster? Why are they massively buffing it?
Shìv (NA)
: A fix to accidentally placing a ward immediately after a teammate in the same location
I do agree that there should be some kind of prevention to the double warding, but this could have unintended effects. For example, a ward is about to expire (lets say 5 seconds) and the area of the ward will not be safe for you to be in 5 seconds later when it expires. Currently you can place a ward in its spot (sacrifcing 5 seconds of ward lifetime for safety) but with that change you wont.
: Why did Lux's shield seemingly double her HP Late game? I'm mistaken right?
You’re either mistaken or just plain lying. Assuming this was a midlane mage lux (not the aftershock utility etc) from your post, Lux’s shield at any stage of the game will not surpass 50% (you said 100%) of her health. Since you only said “lategame” and did not specify her level, ill give you benefit of the doubt and say she was level 18. At level 18 with morellonomicon, which Lux is basically guaranteed to buy, she has 2235 health. Her maximum value shield is 330 (+60% AP), which with 700 AP (slightly above average AP for a lategame lux build) which means her shield upon returning was no larger than 420+330= 750 health. Because Lux cannot proc aery on herself and this is not a support build Lux (Im pretty sure support build would be lower actually), Lux’s shield amounts to (750/2235) 33.5% of her health. And this is only factoring in morellonomicon, she could also have health runes and other health items but it is unlikely.
Noper (NA)
: Viegar, why does he not prioritize lower level champions?
While it would make sense, and veigar could use a buff in my opinion, that would be too reliable, and almost no champions are reliable right now so i think that would make him unfair.
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Rultar (NA)
: [Gameplay] Smart pings - Alert pings don't have a chat message.
Not only this but it also makes it significantly easier to detect wintraders.
: Creating a toxic environment for the rest of the players is literally why nubrac got punished. You're just wrong
I agree, punishment shouldnt be exclusive to intentional feeding. Anything that ruins the experience for both teams should be subject.
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: There is a work around for this. Buy a champion you dont want from the shop, equip them with an item, and experiment with mouseover combinations. When you're finished experimenting sell the champion back to the shop.
This wouldnt be “abuse of the system” if riot implemented a recipe book so that not everything needs to be a memory test.
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Sucction (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Akali is SO HOT,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BpLjlY7r,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-29T09:29:06.411+0000) > > Veigar's E Veigar's E is 2.25 seconds. It is a stun, and you could also argue it's a better ability, but it's as strong a cc.
Its also significantly harder to avoid and a stun is better than a root in every situation.
: Definition of how every feel when playing TFT and lose
Attack speed gives you both more attack speed and more mana so i think it should be lowered in comparison to other items but its really not.
iainB85 (NA)
: Can we make the AI a little smarter?
AoE units like MF and morg are even more rng than item drops lmao
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: You say 'boards' like it's one hive mind? I for one dislike champions going to multiple lanes/roles, each champion should be balanced around one lane. Mages shouldn't be top, bruisers shouldn't be mid.
> Mages shouldn’t be top, bruisers shouldnt be mid. Couldn’t have said it better myself. {{champion:157}} {{champion:39}} are cancer mid, {{champion:85}} {{champion:518}} are cancer top. Both of them would be much fairer to play against if they were balanced for their actual lanes.
: Top always gets shit on is why they don't want ranged tops. Everytime you have to deal with {{champion:67}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:112}} it feels unfair because most toplaners aren't made to deal with getting harassed from ranged all game at early levels.
Most midlaners arent made to deal with bruisers with stupidly high base stats and mobility like {{champion:39}} {{champion:157}} but they’re allowed in the game.
: Who's Your Current Perma-Ban (If You Have One)?
{{champion:8}} if im mid cause he’s broken {{champion:412}} if im adc or support because he’s in every game and extremely overloaded
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: Remove anon pinging
If you voted no can you explain to me why? Cause i see no reason why it should be left anonymous.
: Fuck Jungle
Gank meta needs to be deleted, im fucking sick of my lane being decided by which jungler ganks more.
: As someone who plays a fair amount of Yuumi, she should not exist
I have no problem with her being untargetable, its the fucking Q, an undodgeable ability should not have that much range. Her Q is literally a mini cait ult on a basic support ability,
Haze97 (EUW)
: I am giving up Katarina.
They should delete gunblade and then balance her around her actual self instead of that cancer item.
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