: Upvote this if you're not an INDEPENDENT Laner and you need ganks to win Lane
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: When you're playin a Late Champ hoping you can just farm the game out until You Power Spike but then
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: star guardian lux-->elementalist lux-->whatever the fuck is now lux=3 lux skins way too many mf has 7 skins and a chroma, what the fuck is this argument?
>what the fuck is this argument >mf has 7 skins and a chroma Mf has 10 skins. Seeing how the argument YOU made is wrong, i dont think you're in a position to say "what the fuck is this argument.
: Miss Fortune only has 7 skins currently. Super Galaxy was Annie's 11th skin, for the record. Meanwhile, Ryze has 10 skins but only 3 of them are actually buyable.
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: Everyone and their fucking mother turns gold nowadays
Nonono, ignoring an entire mage combo (including their ult) and getting a free 300 gold due to a minor rune is balanced, what are you talking about kappa
: When will Lux get a new skin?
Lux has 7 skins at the moment. Not 13. 7. Half the champions you listed are <2 years old. Lux is over 7 years old.
: > [{quoted}](name=JamesTheMage15,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=J9W9ava8,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-18T03:31:04.447+0000) > > Because each other keystone has a **niche** that makes them unique and creative. So lemme use you to try to explain this. > I never said it was &quot;hitting the enemy 3 times&quot;. > > Quote from OP: > > A DIFFERENT OUTCOME FROM THE OTHER 3-HIT KEYSTONES ...and the outcome of Electrocute is *early game burst.* So what is the niche, or the point, of Electrocute? **EARLY GAME BURST** > If you were &quot;politely informing&quot; me, you wouldn&#x27;t have used this sentence. I am politely explaining it to you. I'm not cussing or insulting you. I'm not degrading you. However, I'm slightly annoyed that you aren't getting it yet. That's all, though.
You choose to completely ignore everything i respond to you with and continue arguing your own argument. Yeah, no, sorry. Im not.
: > [{quoted}](name=JamesTheMage15,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=J9W9ava8,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-01-18T00:38:15.233+0000) > > No they aren&#x27;t. > > Niches are an aspect of something that make it unique/specific/not general, or only applying to a small population. > > Niches are not Based on your definition, how is anything you described in the op related to what you just said? The counter-play of something or the gates to something's usability isn't that thing's niche. Electrocute, for example: Electrocute's niche is early game burst. It is NOT "Hitting the enemy 3 times". The **niche** of Kleptomancy is to scale faster, not "Auto-attack or you don't get any benefit from this rune". You still don't have a solid understanding of what a niche is, and this is me politely informing you.
>Based on your definition, how is anything you described on the op related to what you said? Because each other keystone has a **niche** that makes them unique and creative. >Electrocute's niche is early game burst. It is NOT "Hitting the enemy 3 times". I never said it was "hitting the enemy 3 times". Quote from OP: >each of them has a different outcome so i think they're unique enough A DIFFERENT OUTCOME FROM THE OTHER 3-HIT KEYSTONES >You still don't have a solid definition of what a niche is, and this is me politely informing you. If you were "politely informing" me, you wouldn't have used this sentence.
: Uh...Aery's niche is supposed to be for aggressive enchanters. Aery has a niche, but its low cd makes it pretty generally applicable beyond that niche. Also, reading the thread, you don't know what a niche is. Niches aren't functions of a thing. Niches are *the point of a thing.*
No they aren't. Niches are an aspect of something that make it unique/specific/not general, or only applying to a small population. Niches are not >*the point of a thing*
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: Agreed. This shit {{champion:96}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} all need DIRECT NERFS Along with small nerfs to a few items like {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3085}} (preferrably cost nerfs over anything that directly hurts stat efficiency ASSUMING THE ABOVE MENTIONED CHAMPIONS RECEIVE DIRECT NUMBER NERFS).
Increase costs of zeal items by 200-300, decrease shiv's damage by like 30%, lower IE passive to 35% crit damage and take 10 AD off of it IE is op but doesnt need to become more expensive imo
Omen46 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=JamesTheMage15,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zAQYmP7q,comment-id=002c,timestamp=2018-01-17T00:44:01.570+0000) > > Oh well, thank you for whoever read that fat wall of text. Probably nobody. Venting feels so damn good. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} It's ok. I prolly am nobody.
You aren't nobody to me. I love you baby.
: 2018 Ranked Placements Venting post!
**WARNING: INCREDIBLY HONEST AND BRUTAL, YOU MAY BE OFFENDED** First game of placements I win lane hard and im 3/0 against the enemy ahri (i also had a kill on their evelynn jungle) My jungler doesnt gank the entire laning phase, meanwhile enemy evelynn literally ganks me 8 times by the 15 minute mark. My jungler flames me for apparentally "not being able to land a bind" and thats "why she never ganked my lane." Then i prove that that's complete fucking bullshit, so she makes up a scenario about how she "ganked ahri, but ahri flashed away and i missed my bind". Funny, because that never fucking happened, and she even soon contradicts herself by saying that "ahri ulted away" (she originally said it was a flash.) Doesnt matter, everyone else (including the jungler) loses incredibly fucking hard, feeds them like 20 kills by the 20 minute mark (i was 5/4 at this point because they fed ahri and the enemy ashe so fucking hard that my lead was no longer important and i couldnt fight anyone.) Its like they say, win lane, lose game. Second game of placements My mid gives up first blood before the 3 minute mark to a yasuo. My top dies 30 seconds later. My adc is constantly eating poke from the enemy zyra with {{item:3303}} so she has like 400 gold from it when i have <200 and HAS 30 CS WHEN THEIR ADC HAS 70. Our jungler comes and we kill zyra, jungler dies 20 seconds later to the enemy adc and jungler. The enemy team has both the enemy lee and yasuo (in addition to the zyra and cait) stay bot for a solid 4 minutes to get our tower while our midlaner and jungler continue dying to the enemies sieging (they're 0/4 and 2/5 at this point). Soon after they get turret, enemy caitlyn overstays with no summoners and like 50% health while me and my adc (vayne) are in lane near her. I am a janna with mobi boots, a fully maxed W, and flash and ignite up. I engage on the enemy cait, my vayne continues farming while i have caitlyn slowed and am gonna ignite her (cait has no summs and is oom btw, also like 40% health). I get my first death of the game soon after because vayne refuses to get the easiest kill in the world by engaging with me on caitlyn. I say nothing to vayne because im not in the mood to hear an adc make up bullshit excuses for why she made an absolutely retarded decision. Vayne then says "janna you're fucking dumb i cant catch up to caitlyn" (i had her slowed, she had no sums or E and was very close to us) and more generic bullshit ive heard 3000 times like "you made a bad decision, dont try to argue ( i havent even spoken to anyone yet at this point)" "caitlyn is too fed for me to fight (easiest kill in the world, vayne had full health and cait was <30% with no sums/mana and ignited)" etc. I cant remember what else she said but holy fuck it was the most retarded bullshit ive ever heard in my life. I defend myself and say "caitlyn couldve easily died if you had stopped farming if you engaged on her with me. she was very close to us and i had her slowed and ignited. she also had no sums or mana. you were full with flash. you aren't right, deal with it." For some reason that is seriously unknown to me, my entire team (besides our top, the one person besides me who was actually doing fine and being pretty chill) starts flaming me ( i guess they needed to get their anger out because they knew it was their fault they were losing) and i just mure everyone and proceed to watch my team feed for the next 12 minutes before they end the game. I was 1/1/3. The three people that flamed me were 0/5/2, 3/7/1, and 0/5/1. To the vayne, graves, and ryze that flamed me: fuck you, you feeding assholes need to go ruin someone elses game. I am trying to win and get a good placements here while you're dicking off and getting 3 deaths each before the 10 minute mark. Vayne: you're a fucking horrible adc, never adc again. You literally miss your rightclicks on the enemy caitlyn with 10 health and hit the zyra instead. nor ever speak to other human beings again if you're gonna sound like a bratty 5-year old Graves: you're a toxic asshole and i don't even think you know what game you're playing Ryze: please dont ever play ryze again. just dont. you are so bad at this game i want to shove scissors into my nostrils and open them. you are also incredibly rude for someone who died twice as much as me, and has less kills than the janna. Im so fucking done with life after experiencing those two bullshit matches. Oh well, thank you for whoever read that fat wall of text. Probably nobody. Venting feels so damn good.
: Just played a match where both teams had multiple Bruisers and no ADC.
VulDread (NA)
: About the same time that it was ok to randomly call people kids on the internet and treat it as a legitimate insult. If you're going to complain about toxicity, don't follow it up with things like > 5-year olds on this game throw around like its absolutely nothing because they cant control their temper or think they're being funny and intimidating. Grow the fuck up.
Toxicity =/= im not mad and im giving an actual fact in slight hyperbole Toxicity = throwing out random shit because you're mad
: Hey man, I understand your frustration. Are you from America? If you're not I understand where your coming from because I believe America is the only country with true free speech. Now if you are from America then you need to learn that words are just words. Don't let your mind be so weak to let a random person on the internet affect your emotions.
I dont take offense from the word autism/autist/autistic What i do take is annoyance in the fact that some 5-year old on the internet is using that phrase every 3 seconds with no punishment. They probably dont even know what autistic means.
: if you got called autistic four times in one day you are doing something. i dont know how you are trolling and i dont care but people arent throwing it out there that much that it could happen to someone 4 times in a day randomly.
..no. I played the game like a normal person, minded my own business and did not feed in any of the games that i was called autistic in. The people died and then took their anger out by verbally abusing me, who had done absolutely nothing to provoke this, with the word autism. My duo partner who i played 3 games with was also called autistic in two of them, and called someone autistic in the other one (i really didnt care for that). The term is used way too oftenly and loosely because people dont realize what it actually means.
: Being unsure if I am going to get permanently banned for saying something unintentionally offensive.
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gottrjr (NA)
: Where is the GC and the balance team are doing a terrible job and should be fired choice?
I dont want my thread to be deleted {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Blașca (EUNE)
: Brats crying and making drama on boards.
I dont know if you're referring to this post or not but this post is in no way crying/making drama. If you think it is please explain
gileskd (NA)
: OTHER: I say either revert the runes, or just remove them entirely. in the old runes I had 3 pages I used most of the time 1. full (scaling?) mana page (I made it for ryze and singed(old singed passive)) 2. full magic resist (for galio before he was removed from the game) 3. and the most common page I took was my armor page(flat and scaling armor) I used that for every single champion {{champion:44}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:54}} (main abusers) some examples, I pick annie mid lane, enemy team picks zed or talon, grab the armor rune page I pick annie again, but this time enemy team picks leblanc or orianna, I grab the mr runes. I pick galio support, enemy team goes full ad, switch the mr runes for the armor runes. etc, etc. they removed my defensive options buffed the "masteries/new runes" so now we can all deal more dmg (YAY! /s) {{sticker:cass-cry}}
I was gonna do runes but i could only do 10 options
: I just single-handedly cost my team a game in champ select.
Shırø (NA)
: "You should be executed in front of your family"
I was diagnosed with autism and suicidal thoughts today by my toplaner. ###### I didnt even know i had them..
: Can I choose more then 1? D;
I wish.. I also wish i could add more than 10 options because there are like 7 other things i wanted to add but couldnt
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noukinn (NA)
: I wish there was a way to skip to Gold, Silver matchmaking is awful
Low gold is pretty good but then it gets really bad I thought silver was shit too but then i hit gold 3 and i wanted to die
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: Wish Riot would charge 10$ for the game.
No because they will get less players if its a paid game and riot isnt willing to lose that money they can make off the newbies.
Foolz (EUNE)
: [CHAMPION] Taliyah ULT Assists
If they come in contact with the wall it should count as an assist. (To clarify, when the wall is already deployed, not when its spawning.)
: Not really GP is on nasus lvl of broken Tier1: nasus gp mao ornn shen Tier2: Illaoi sion malphite camille fiora jayce jax Tier3: everything else is garbage
I love how mao has been tier1 top for like, what, 2 seasons now and he has not been fixed in any way yet
: Just had a 47 minute game.
I always have this lategame fanstasy when i queue to play {{champion:163}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:61}} of me using a game-changing rank 3 ult. Then the game ends when im level 12.
: Other mages can't do it every 4 seconds
No, but ADCs can. ###### and nasus
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: Please revert the Zoe Q change and actually nerf what people complain about
"Omg!! I stood still next to a wall for 3 seconds as a squishy ADC with no lifesteal items, and the 11/3/4 enemy burst mage killed me with her entire combo! Wtf riot, nerf!!!!1!1!1!1!"
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: find me one of them that are exactly like one of mine kinda hard but hers a few that are the same problem :) (just today btw) https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/uUiVPQWl-a-deeper-look-into-an-adcs-build https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/7UJm8BNa-shiv-rfc-is-so-stupid-the-amount-of-power-this-combo-gives-is-worth-more-than-5200g https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/ZALVBrdQ-why-does-marksmenadc-have-the-cheapest-itemization-in-the-game how do marksman get more gold then any other lane? explain that please ty youre "explanation" is backed up with no evidence and nothing to support it. #1 gold income will always be situational.
Because they have the most effective DPS in the game = most efficient cs'ing and killing. More cs and kills= more gold I refuse to read any more posts that you mindlessly type at this point. I am talking to a brick wall and i am not doing it anymore. Good day.
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/zEGlB4Og-why-do-adcs-and-supports-have-the-cheapest-3-item-cores-yet-they-scale-the-hardest you never explained why/how adcs are op btw https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/NlEk6LNH-a-full-mage-build-cost-about-17000-while-an-adc-cost-15000
>spamming the gameplay board *finds **two** posts that are barely examples* >you never explained why how adcs are op btw ????? >Class with #1 gold income is also 1k gold cheaper than every other class.
Slythion (NA)
: Idk how this effects the price outcome, but shouldn't shiv be replaced by GA or Lord Doms for the assassin build?
I dont really know hos assassins build, but i usually see them taking shiv. Ill edit my post though
: have you never seen the posts about adc items being cheaper then the others? idk but they're usually spammed on the gameplay boards
find me which one of them is exactly like mine and ill agree with you and by exactly i mean lists every classes itemization with math and totals, compares them to ADCs, and legitimately explains how the ADCs are op.
: i wonder how many times this has been posted
Posts that say ADCs are op with no evidence? Maybe like 15000000000000 Posts that use actual math and reasoning to show how ADCs are op? ..i dunno, i havent seen one
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: Id say it was like 1 month and maybe a week, but i play like 6 games per day.
Santozed (EUW)
: How many time between 2 and 3?
Id say it was like 1 month and maybe a week, but i play like 6 games per day.
Santozed (EUW)
: Is it normal that my honor gets unlocked after only 1 week and a half since I've been unbanned?
I was unlocked after like 2 weeks, took like another 3 weeks to hit honor 1, another 4-5 to hit honor 2, and i just hit 3 last week
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