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: Not a worry! My only regret is that I can't draw - I'd love to be able to do these.
One thing I love about Kindred is they aren't good or evil, and their form is just what people of their time have given them, so maybe the void creatures see death not in a dark way but a light way. What do you guys think? This skin also provides a little roleplay, what I mean is Kindred have no control over how they are seen, as the player your champion changes because of the values of other champions, you learn what is important for those of other regions in Runeterra!
: I like this idea a lot, but one thing that Ultimate skins also try to do is push what is possible with a skin. Pulsefire Ez was the first, and brought with him evolving models, minion kill death animation, and a "flying" animation on a walking character (previously everyone else either walked or flew). Pretty sure this paved the way for champions like Kha'zix Spirit Guard Udyr also has an evolving model (which is really 4 different models if I recall correctly) and basically fancier spell effects. I can't really recall anything else that was special about him, but I really hope there's more. DJ Sona added evolving music to the mix, pushing how sound interaction worked with the game. Her musical theme is affected by what's going on in the game, and gets more complex over time. This probably impacted Sion's rework, as his VO becomes more coherent as you fight. Elementalist Lux was a study on how to save memory space on rolling out a skin. They wrote a blog post about it, which I have forgotten the details of, but basically they were able to make her abilities in layers and then combine them to do the different colors or something. Anyway, the push there wasn't so much "in game" as "behind the scenes." So how can this idea help push the technology of the game? It's a question that I don't think we can really answer as players. I hope people at riot see it and think of stuff it could advance.
Actaully as players we can! This skin would put to test how much extra interactive content they can put on one skin. We already have the Lissandra and Ashe interaction, Jinx Caitlynn Vi, etc. Thus far those have only been small little games they've tried doing but with this we get another level of interaction. Your form changes off of something you do in game but doesn't affect the actual gameplay. Awesome!
: **Perhaps Lamb and Wolf take the form that relates to the origin of the one they hunt. For example, if they were hunting Warwick, they might take on a Zaun-related theme, allowing them to exact their toll as the reapers of their target's home town.** Just a few suggestions: *** **Shurima:** Lamb wrapped in sand-coloured cloth, obscuring her body and her mouth and leaving her golden eyes to stare out at people. Wolf becomes a predator of the sands; leaving behind a trail of sand as he travels to consume those who refuse to accept the desert as their tomb. **Piltover:** Armed with a bow of hextech origins and covered in a cloak woven from magic-infused fibres, Lamb seeks to track her prey down while Wolf tracks them as he leaves a trail of hextech magic in his path: They are the true law of this city, a law between life and death. **Zaun:** Radiating a green-toxic energy, Lamb seeks to grant a swift death, using a metal compound bow infused with toxic properites, from the endless radiation that would kill someone slowly. Wolf revels in the slow death of radiation, and emanates a dark, green aura as he hunt his prey, leaving behind a trail of smog to follow him. **Freljord:** With a bow made out of the same true ice native to the region, Lamb hunts her prey dressed in a white/light blue snow outfit while wolf travels underneath the ice, waiting to crash through the ice and take an enemy to their freezing death as he leaves behind a trail of ice and snowflakes. **Some quick others:** **Demacia:** Light-themed, seeking justice. **Noxus:** Dark/Evil-themed, seeking vengeance. **Void:** Dark Purple themed, seeking to drag souls to the void as payment. **Bilgewater:** Blue-Green themed, involving sea-themed ability models, seeks to drag enemies to the deep to their watery grave. **Bandle City:** Could be similar to the Elderwood skin bard possesses. I have seen an Elderwood Kindred concept, and it looked amazing. Perhaps check it out if you haven't already, it can be found under the ***"Best"*** tab of **Concepts and Creations**. **Shadow Isles:** Another dark theme but tinged with a white/blue energy by both lamb and wolf. Wolf would leave behind a trail of black smoke and white energy, while Lamb hunted enemies with arrows made out of pure spiritual energy found only on the shadow isles. **A Theme For Those Who Do Not Belong To One Region, Such as Kayle and Morgana:** Dressed up in travellers garb, they appear to blend in with the others who travel the roads of Runeterra. Lamb, armed with her oak bow and "iron" arrows while hiding behind a wooden mask, seeks enemies across the continent to bring swiftly to their deaths. For those who run, Wolf will chase by any means. As a denizen of the forest, Wolf's visage could be one of a bark mask with sharp teeth, leaving behind a trail of green/brown leaves wherever he strays. The wooden mask on Lamb also fits the Kindred's theme by resembling a travelling Bard who uses masks to put on performances - found in her lore is a story about her hunt for performers such as those.
You got the right idea thank you very much for such a great response. PS the edit got rid of the quote didn't mean to do that.
Kinjishi (NA)
: Good idea, Tofo. Nice way to integrate lore with a skin. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
> [{quoted}](name=Yasu Yoru,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=UV2aMpN6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-20T20:53:03.776+0000) > > Good idea, Tofo. Nice way to integrate lore with a skin. > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Thank you! Side note now we need to make a skin for the amazing {{champion:154}} {{champion:92}} combo. Lol jk{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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