: Sion is even slower i mean by the time he is done channeling Q the game is already over
: Ah I figured it out- I was only including top-laners. I made a list way back in the day cause I was tilted as all hell that multiple times an enemy that was almost dead just walked away from me and I could do nothing about it- that laner was Swain- he has more movement speed than Mordekaiser. I remember specifically being annoyed the *cripple* was faster than Mordekaiser.
True, he IS a cripple, but Morde is some kinda undead guy weighed down with tons of metal.
: Patch 9.3 Notes: Lore Edition
This pointless patch broke my client and the repair tool isn't working either. You suck RITO!!
: Patch 9.3 Notes: Lore Edition
Did they really make a patch for JUST lore?


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