My friend Gold 4, I am silver 4. I get 25-27 lp when I win games with him. and lose 15-17 when I lose my games. And I started to get high silver/low gold players in all my games even without him. I still win around 50% but it was a steady climb for me. Play with higher elo players boost your MMR significantly because Riot system "thinks" you're a good player and matches you with better players than your elo. I recommend climbing with a Low diamond/high platinum player for a while and win games so Riot systems will give you higher elo players to play with and you gain big fat LP when you win and lose little LP when you lose.
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: Why punish me for doing well? (Ranked)
Welcome to the league of low elo! Anyways, either improve your mechanics and game knowledge and carry your way out, or you stay there forever. It's all the games and experience. watch higher elo players play style and try to use it in your games. Also, I personally think that jungle/bot would be more of a significant role in games that are easier to hard carry your team. All my friends got out of silver/gold by hard carrying their games.
: The key is to think small. Control your emotions? No, that's a very large thing and very hard to do. People are allowed to have emotions. You want to control your **reactions** to your emotions. Daily at work I'd like to send certain e-mails to certain colleagues, but I choose to control my reactions rather than lose my job. Same thing works in League or any scenario. Swear out loud, get a drink of water, punch a pillow or something. Choose a reaction that doesn't involve others.
That's very good advice. Thanks a lot, I will do that actually if I get had a bad day on league of legends. Mostly I don't tilt and have zero toxicity now.
: First, if you feel emotional, do not type in chat. Yell outloud if you must to get the frustration out, but do not start typing. That alone will help a great deal. Remind yourself that this is just a game. It's meant to be fun first and foremost. People get too caught up in being competitive to remember this point. Games are meant for enjoyment, not to be unkind to one another. Sometimes you will have people intentionally trying to get reactions out of you. Do your best to ignore them, whether it's them typing away in chat, spamming pings/emotes, etc. Whether that involves muting them in game is up to your judgement. It helps some people.
I will try to implement that into making my gaming experience better, thank you for the advice!
: everyone is gonna say its wrong to be toxic. but ik how it feel lolol best way to avoid it is especially if ur low elo and have nonsensical players all the time is just mute from beginning.
I'm not exactly low elo, but communication is sometimes important through chat in game. I can't just ban everything all the time if you can understand what I'm trying to say.
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: i agree with you irelia esp in her early game is kinda shit and it's hard to carry with her without a lot of skill but at the same time i don't want irelia spammed in my games after buff cuz shes cancer to play against
Yes, rito always design cancerous champions, including this rework. They found out that her kit was too strong, and nerf the s**t out of it and now she too weak.
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: shut your mouth {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
No Way, rito do smth pls
: Now that Yuumi has been released, can Riot please put a VETERAN designer on the next support champ?
I mean, Riot designs good and bad champions. Nobody is perfect including their design team, just live on with the new champ. It is enjoyable from my perspective. I enjoy playing league of legends even Rito does some bs nerfs to my main.{{champion:39}}
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: League of Legends Garen Carry S9
: Have you been here for when Irelia was strong? She was meta for a season, it's time for her to take a break.
Oh yeah! Last season later patches Irelia was very op. And can easily punish top lane, she was one of the most banned/picked champs for a while until I believe the 8.24 or 9.2 patch she received two nerfs and some changes. Overall a great champ but I guess you're right! Maybe play some meta champs.
: Irelia is a champion that is EXTREMELY easy to punish if you do not know how to play her. There is a three step process when it comes to her. You need to know her mechanics, you need to know how to deal with her matchups, and you need to know her power spikes. If you are weak in any of those categories you will get stomped on her plain and simple. She will prolly lose to the very top tier top laners but thats just because those top laners are over tuned and not because she is weak.
My mechanics aren't the best, my play style was not as aggro as before the nerfs. But I land most E's and can easily follow up with a proper gank with minions around. Even solo kills are not that hard. But the movement speed early game is just miserable. most champs are just too fast to catch up. Especially champions like Jax, his E straight up rapes me in lane. And Fiora W. Because Irelia is a champ that relies on auto attacks since the passive stacks and abilities usually build off quick continuous auto attack damage. But items with attack speed and damage usually do not associate with Health and sustainability.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jamlance,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ENEqKors,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-16T12:43:31.150+0000) > > True that extremely good players can play Irelia very well. But you know most people like you and I do not play league 24/7 and cannot play like pros. They don't have to buff Irelia, they can nerf other champs, I don't really mind. As long as it makes the game more forgiving. Her WR is appropriate to her difficulty, if anything its slightly higher.
I made a point about buffing the abilities, and a little bit movement speed. If WR does not climb even after buffs, then it would be a player mechanic problem. According to op.gg, we are sitting at ~47% overall win rate. Which places her 133/144 champions in league of legends
: Yet the boards still think she's OP because...reasons?
Playing against Irelia is annoying, but not enough to kill you in lane. With almost no mobility without minions as I mentioned and extremely vulnerable when enemy jungler ganks. I do not know why people think she is OP. She does need a buff.
: Irelia has a Delta of 60% WR meaning people who know how to play her are doing well, i wouldnt hold my breath if you are expecting buffs to her
True that extremely good players can play Irelia very well. But you know most people like you and I do not play league 24/7 and cannot play like pros. They don't have to buff Irelia, they can nerf other champs, I don't really mind. As long as it makes the game more forgiving.
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: When you create a poll with two options with no middle ground it's kinda hard to choose an appropriate response. I don't think Irelia needs buffs, she's still very strong in the right hands but can be hard for a lot of people to play and master.
Thanks for the advice! First time posting on discussion boards actually. Your argument is perfectly valid. These are just personal opinions about the champion. As an Irelia main, I obviously wish that she could get buffed. You know Riot talks a lot about "balance of all the champions". It just seems impossible.
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