: Ranked ARAM
I think Ranked ARAM is long overdue considering how many people now play ARAM. I would like to suggest though that instead of picking champions as that would take away half the fun of ARAM that we could get more re-rolls, say 5? And maybe raise the min champs owned a little higher. I don't understand why people would say no to this, if you don't like the idea don't play the game mode. Why would you not want others to have a ranked of their favourite game mode. A lot of us ARAM players view SR very poorly but we don't complain about changes being made to SR because we know others enjoy that game mode more.
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: nah I figured it out after being pissed, its in your loot. I felt like a dummie when I found it there. GL HF
I clicked my loot icon and a notification popped up saying my new BE balance would be 50k higher but I never received it.
: About Aram and endless heroes!
I like the idea in general but I think a more effective solution would be to allow players to accumulate up to 5 re-rolls OR keep the 2 re-roll system but reset it each game so you always go into a new game with 2 re-rolls.
: Is there a way to gain RP without having to buy?
They used to give free RP many years ago but it seems to be a thing of the past.
: Cant log in
Same thing happening to me!
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Joxcab (NA)
: What are you even talking about? In a 1v1, the mage can CC and burst delete almost any ADC. The squishy-oriented survival items aren't going to help much. Tank mages aren't a thing anyways. Tanks are tanks. ADCs eventually outscale and shred them. Mages aren't supposed to be even slightly good against tanks. That's the whole fucking point. Tanks are strong against burst (read: mages) and weak to DPS (read: ADCs).
Swain? Albeit not a full fledged tank but I would consider him a tanky mage
: Hide mobile users from friends list
paisy (NA)
: Why? It's a mode where luck is too big a factor in which team wins
There is very little luck involved in ARAM aside from the randomness of champ select which could easily be fixed by having Ranked Draft/Blind ARAM. The team fights are almost always 5 vs 5 so communication and coordination are extremely important. ARAM is also faster paced and requires split second decisions more often than on SR. There is less room for error even by 1 player in ARAM vs SR.
: Your farm is too low. With arams, if your KDA is great, but you're just shy of an S-, it's typically not enough cs.
Their cs is actually high for an ARAM where the match only lasted 16 minutes. Even had the highest cs out of all players in that match.
: Oracle's elixer renders teemo useless on aram
When I get Teemo in ARAM I always build him on hit. Lich Bane first and then Hextech Gunblade, Nashors Tooth and Guinsoos is a really op core build for Teemo is ARAM. It still gives your shrooms decent damage and you will also own anyone in a 1vs1. Your Q and 1 auto attack will take nearly 90% of a squishies health.
: In many ways, ARAM can be harder, simply because of how random the champs received can be. I burned out in SR because of how long it took just to really have any action in game. I've been on ARAM for a long time and there should be some form to get the mastery tokens for those of us that aren't living on SR all the time. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I feel the same way. SR is so repetitive and gets monotonous after a while and ARAM offers more action. I would like to add that in ARAM there is a higher difficulty in winning fights since almost all fights are 5 vs 5 and small skirmishes are rare.
: 500 g for 40 ad? bf sword costs 1550 and gives 50.
As i said the numbers and price are up for debate. Its the idea of getting some rings with 1 flat stat into the game that appeals to me. On a side note more realistically it would be 15 AD at 500g.
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: [Champion Update] Yorick [Reverse Zed Idea]
One problem I see if the whole essence thing, why even have it? why not use energy? If all it's doing is acting as a second health pool and what about essence regen? If I get into a fight and both bars are say taken down to half my hp will regen yes but what about my essence, if there are no items for essence regen that means next fight in essentially going in with half essence which means faster death. I play Yorick on a regular basis and find him to be in a sweet spot atm. Very high burst early/mid game and good sustain late game. Overall his kit works very well imo.
Zazusha (NA)
: indeed. Many a time am i contemplating mid escape "if i cast E to run away faster, will i actually cause myself to get caught?" GP is a speedy little Bruiser/Melee ADC. his kit needs to flow. While their at it, they should fix the problem where, when he casts ANY of his spells, it cancels his last movement command. Zed, FUCKING ZED, continues on his last movement command when he Casts his W, and dashes to it.
Lol I've contemplated the exact same thing many times and it's usually a 50/50 chance you'll get caught, hence my suggestion :)
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