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: What do you do / whom do you contact when Riot Support messes up MULTIPLE times and can't fix / escalate it to someone who can fix it? --- tl;dr: Why does Riot not have methods to escalate issues from Player Support to people who can actually fix things? (Note: Sorry this is a long post, just want to show evidence backing up everything I'm saying as these issues have been going on for 5+ years now and are only getting worse) --- The problems with Player Support (PS) not being able to do anything or find someone who can help are a constantly reoccurring theme I see pop up all over the place. The story seems to go something like this: player tries to get help by contacting PS, next PS says they can't do anything, then player tries to get PS to escalate issue to someone who can do something, and finally PS says they can't escalate it or pass it on to anyone who can help. PS does nothing, player gets no help, everyone is left frustrated and sad. See: "Agents told you eons ago wouldn't truly be wrong at the moment," where 'eons ago' is apparently less than 1 year ago ( / Seriously, I see this continually. Like the recent Morgana chroma debacle where a PS person said, "get used to it / hope u like it," when Morgana's chromas were mixed up ( Or when you try to get clarification over something confusing, like what content is Limited Edition or Legacy or whatever (, and get berated by PS saying, "dude cmon i didnt sign up for this," over minor things ( Likewise, even when PS says they will refer the problem to someone, it is often unlikely you'll ever see it fixed. For example, I've been waiting on the Limited Edition (LE) borders for "Happy Elf Teemo" and "Union Jack Fiddlesticks" being added for over 2 years now ( / Then we have major debacles with PS/Rioters saying one thing and something completely different happening. Here are 3 different PS people telling me that a lot of the 2018 Lunar Revel content wouldn't be coming back (Wukong emote, Ruby chromas, Gold chromas /, something I followed up with non-PS Rioters to clarify as well. Then when the content comes back after I spent over $100 on RP just for that content based on what I was told, I get a "sadly there's really nothing I can do here" ( You know what happened the last time Riot said content would "never come back" and then it did? Players got an RP refund, an icon, and a special loading screen border ( or at the very least got a special version of the skin (Championship Riven: / PAX Sivir: It wasn't like this in the beta. PS worked hand-in-hand with the rest of Riot. I know that can't happen due to the scale of LoL, but you'd think they would at least have a way to escalate key issues. Instead, you have to go to some social media platform, hope your story resonates with people, and get enough traction that some Rioter with influence takes notice and does something about it. Even then it is unlikely. Another example, it's been 5 years since Hippalus and Tryndamere promised to get back to original Limited Edition skin owners better compensation ("Hip himself is working on additional (longer term) projects that should also help our most dedicated players feel appropriately recognized" I really want to support Riot Games! I've been following them since early, early closed beta. But the company has really changed from being "Player Experience First" to "do whatever we can get away with" it seems. From major fiascos within the company to sleazy marketing schemes (, they've really changed over the years into something I barely recognize... and it hurts when a company I loved keeps doing these things and continuing like they aren't even trying to get better. Whew. Okay, so really, who do we contact / what do we do? Why is there no team dedicated to handling escalation and things outside of the norm? We have Rioters whose sole job is about managing talking to Influencers / Affiliates / Partners (, you'd think they could get someone to deal with the above issues?
You're absolutely correct. I have a good job and always loved League. I spend money on skins and have collected an army of them. A few months ago they changed my mind and I will never spend another dollar supporting this company. Their client messed up and double gifted a friend 2 good mystery skins for his birthday, when I wanted to gift just one. That's an extra 790RP. I contacted support and they said the only way I could get a refund is if my friend: - hadn't used the skins yet - created his own support ticket with my ticket number in the subject giving riot permission to remove the skins from his account. First of all, he already used both skins right away. Second, fuck that I'm not asking my friend go through all that just to refund my birthday present. I asked them to look at my account and see I had spent $200+ on the game in the last month, had never been punished for any kind of bad behavior, always achieved lvl 5 honor, and have been playing since season 3. They told me that because they robbed me of so much of their expensive imaginary money (that only works in THEIR digital store) that they couldn't refund me any amount or help me out at all. No sorry. No partial refund. No nothing.
: New Zac Skin Concept
I think that is a pretty awesome idea. Well thought-out too. Right when I thought of something that would go good with this theme, you mentioned it haha. Awesome concept. I also prefer the goofy skins to the more serious ones almost ever time =]
: Patch 7.5 notes
BORK? - "The primary purpose for Blade is now to be another compelling lifesteal option for champions who care about basic attacking a lot" what bout a % dmg option for AD champs? All we have now is Torment+Rylais for % damage and there's no option for AD champs? I thought bork was for attack speed and % dmg on hit..?
: Spring Split: 10 bans in pro-play
If we just gave the bans to the first 3 picks instead of the last 3, that would solve the problems in normal play. right now being one of the first 2 picks on your team is a total loss, you get no say in who to ban, AND you get countered because you pick first and cant ban your counter. being close to last pick is the real win, you get to counterpick AND you get to ban, and you probably wont get counterpicked yourself. the system was fine when pick order was determined in the same order as bans and what not, but now that we aren't fighting for roles anymore, just give the bans to the first 3 picks instead of the last 3. Easy Day.
: whats the diff between a weeb and otaku
: Wooglet's Witchcap
: GAMEPLAY wooglets witchcap additional ap does not work
: Not a Member of a Club I Own
Same here. Shows me offline even for others still in the club when they look at other club members. Since I'm the only leader, I cant even invite myself back to my own damn club. Nor can anyone else
: [GAMEPLAY] Wooglet's witchcap not giving bonus AP (Twisted Treeline Hexakill)
BUMP same thing every time it gives zero bonus AP and I forget till after I buy it. This is a pretty cored item, too.
: Patch 6.24 notes
"Implemented colorblind improvements for Elementalist Lux's Fire and Magma form W - Prismatic Barrier shields" THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
: Mouse bug?
Just happened to me... seems to be a rare but long-standing bug. as soon as victory logo appeared mouse was stuck in the middle of the screen like a touchpad or something was constantly pulling it there.. on alt tab the mouse jumped to the top left and wouldn't move. upon al tabbing back to the game it stuck back to the middle and every mouse movement kinda pulled it away from the middle and it would immediately snap back. ctrl alt delete closed that shit, everything fine new game, everything's fine priority level = .02 weirdness = solid 8
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
AWESOME! Don't worry, we will find exploits and glitches easier but that means you can fix them easier!
Jasonxhx (NA)
: Awesome! I am always impressed by the thought and reasoning you guys put behind even the smallest changes. All other competitive games really stand to benefit by studying your philosophy.
and this "Talon looks like the type of dude who would hang out on top of a building all day waiting to jump down and kill you. Just you. Nobody else. What a jerk."
: Road to Pre-Season: Assassin Update
Awesome! I am always impressed by the thought and reasoning you guys put behind even the smallest changes. All other competitive games really stand to benefit by studying your philosophy.
: This I love yas, and find that currently he is pretty balanced, but what side of you he blinks to when he ults needs to be consistent. That's one of my only complaints against him.
> [{quoted}](name=JhomasTefferson,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zpJt5K3h,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-18T21:19:30.817+0000) > > This > > I love yas, and find that currently he is pretty balanced, but what side of you he blinks to when he ults needs to be consistent. That's one of my only complaints against him. He blinks to wherever is clicked
Jasonxhx (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Graves' E will not proc Spellblade (Iceborn Gauntlets)
Sorry, found old post from 4 months ago. Same problem.
: [Gameplay] Graves-E (Quickdraw) does not seem to proc Iceborn Gauntlet Spellblade
It only seems to function incorrectly if you let graves auto attack immediately after dashing. It seems if you input a move command right after the dash, then attack, it works correctly.
Rioter Comments
: Dragon has a unique targeting bug. Morde mains are asking for a fix.
After watching the video "When Plays go Extra Well" it's clear that the obvious solution to immediately fix this behavior is to remove Morde's ability to enslave the dragon.
: Ethernet vs. WiFi: Ping, Packets, & Playing Better
Look at that straight af linear progression on "Percent of Games Played by Connection Type by Tier".
: Victory forged in fire
Using Edge browser on windows 10 and it says "This type of video file isn't supported." I'm not missing anything usual and every other video has worked for me from league. weird.
Quadle (NA)
FALSE DETECTION! go into Malwarebytes and RESTORE the file, then make sure to add the League of Legends folder to the MALWARE EXCLUSIONS folder in Malwarebytes or you won't be able to play.
Quadle (NA)
BUMP. Same thing Virus.Injector.LoL it didn't find it when I played earlier today. Found it in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\\deploy\LolClient.exe
: The Keybind Wars: Which Key is Best for Flash?
Awesome. I like this post. For no reason, you've gone and collected data I've always kinda wondered about and then elaborated on it in some intelligent ways. I always go D for flash and 3 for my main active item. I feel like my middle finger has the best reaction time and usually the most important/highest cooldown abilities with E.
: Featured Spectate Games are all ARAM
same here, what gives and how come we're the only 2 that have noticed this?
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: logged in to upvote this
Why else would you have logged into this page?
: If you're talking about the Featured Matches in the upper lefthand corner of the live client, we'll still have the ability to put those matches on the landing page, but the update lets us replace it with news or content depending on what's relevant at the time. If you're talking about Spectate in general, you'll still be able to spectate your friends through the Friend List! {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:161}}
I watch featured games all the time. I really enjoy watching higher ranked players use the champs I'm trying to learn. PLEASE keep this a steady feature!! P.S. - My friends aren't near the level of diamond/challenger players in the featured games... watching them is more hilarity than a learning experience. =]
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: Big Plays Spotlight: Akali’s reset party
Usually when I see these Big Plays I'm just blown away. But I play a ton of Akali and I feel like I've pulled off more amazing scenarios. Voyboy has some amazing Akali fakes too involving her shroud and dashing different directions. Regardless, this is still pretty cool. Now please stop showing people how powerful my Akali is!


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