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: > [{quoted}](name=IncrediPhiLL,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=lE0kjsyh,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-09-09T05:07:34.553+0000) > > > He's a regional player and if you want to be successful regionally, then DL is your guy as long as you have strong laners who can carry him... but he's a paperwieght in international play. TL better off trying to trade him before Worlds even starts. Well TSM already tried what you suggest. How did that work out for them again?
3 consecutive split victories then he left.
Zeyphel (NA)
: He said in General, not ahead in the game. If someone from the balance team has that opinion, then there is no hope for League.
I know. Not the first time something like this happened. Actually this is fairly common sadly. At least it has not been as bad as juggernaut release or the worst point back in the lethality meta for a while now.
: TBF they made galio into such a generalist that whenever he was good he was pick/ban. His original kit, and even the one he has now is good on paper but his numbers both damage and cd wise are kept bad until they think of how to fix him.
> kept bad until they think of how to fix him. Ah yes the old RIOT special. Make the champion garbage and near impossible to play as until they age like a cheep wine and are slightly reworked with 2 new skins and/or a chroma.
Zeyphel (NA)
: Riot August: "Champions like Rengar One-shotting you is GOOD FOR THE GAME. The game becomes a lot more 'bland' when it is all about skill shots" Do I have to point myself his IQ level?
If he was fed, or it was right at his item spikes AND vs an appropriate target then maybe, but anyone regardless of items from a very early level screams unbalanced champion a.k.a "bad for the game".
: Since Darius doesn't have any marker showing him if his ult is going to execute the enemy or not, it wouldn't make sense for him. Also, showing allies the execute ranged for all their allies would be kinda confusing if there are multiple champions with executes on the same team, wouldn't it? For example, if I am playing Urgot and our supp plays Pyke, then it would have to show our allies 2 different execute borders.
Maybe mark it with a color or a small icon of the champion. Maybe an arrow or something could work as well.
SCP 106 (NA)
: BELIEVE IT OR NOT GUYS, RIOT NEEDS MONEY AS A COMPANY TO KEEP RUNNING, I know this is a lot to take in, but its just the truth
This amount of money wont save or break them. They make so much more from sponsors, general merch, and the skin/champion trade. Plus it would not surprise me if pro streamers had a portion of their income from stream donations taken.
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: Not really sure why TSM benched Grig when he and TSM were 4-0 with him and even improved from his 2018 performance. TSM legit went full 100 Thieves when they benched Akaadian and Grig similar to 100 Thieves after an impressive Finals(Meteos) and weeks before Worlds 2018(Codysun). Also, I've been saying this for 3+years now, "Bjergsen plays too damn passive" especially in today's league/meta where the aggressive players/plays gets the WINS. He's a better version of Froggen.......he farms well, he needs every blue, it's a meme "SOLOMID" with the years of constant camping for such, plays passive each game.... and for what? To barely win games around the 40 min mark each split? People can say all they want about Bjergsen and **YES** he's a **GREAT** player! but let's stop acting like you can't replace him. Caps left Fnatic for G2 and Fnatic literally found a replacement just like that and NA could honestly just find another EU mid. Cloud 9( Hai - Jensen - Nisqy) it is possible to actually MOVE ON. Bjergsen has been the constant variable on TSM but never gets the blame.... Reginald {{champion:62}} Go to Europe and scout mid laners..... don't want to spend $ on an EU Challenger player that's fine! You can legit get a Gold EU player that will match the skill of the NA players.
I would say it is management and or other staff, not necessarily team players. Bjerg is playing differently because that is what they want him too. Also, the META may shift to more aggression, but without solid side laners, what is he going to do? BB and Sven were underwhelming for most of the series. And after 2 games on Sej when you lost both times badly in the jungle, maybe let him go onto a new champion.
L0ngball (NA)
: Team Pass Very Underwhelming
>a TSM emote as the only half decent thing out of 12 weeks of effort. Sadly speaks for the team as well. Hope someone shakes up coaching and/or management or whoever decided that series of "fuck-ups" were the best strategies to win. I mean, 1 weekend (2 games) of decent play is enough proof you are good for playoffs? Sure you are talented and did alright, but you did just alright vs 100 Thieves who didn't even make playoffs, and got beat (badly) by a "throw comp" vs TL. But yeah, not giving Braum or the base skin was kind of a bad idea considering you did require players to pay for it.
: For some reason i think that -as an EU watching NA teams- that C9 is the strongest team. With strongest is that they survive and pull their weights and win the crucial games. The proof is their presense in Worlds each year regardless of highs and lows in regular season . Aslo is this 2 or 3 seasons straght that in Worlds, C9 consistenly play the 2nd week with 3 games in a row make it out of the group stage strong and convincing. After in the knockout stage they play decent and represent the NA very well ( at least in my eyes). In the end they give NA more results and face in international stage and thats for me C9 is the strongest NA team- its not important how many times they fall, they will always stand up and fight ( plus I find sneaky adc performance more stable than any other adc in NA). On the other hand, TSM and other teams with World stage experience they choke in big matches or important matches and fail at the last leg of the tournaments/Worlds etc
C9 is consistently reliable. TSM is now likely to be seen as what was once the big showcase team for NA. But after today, likely all of that image has been broken for the near future for a majority of the viewers. The ones to blame for that are the coaching and managing of TSM who could not decide on an identity and build towards a solid core foundation aside from "Bjerg will hopefully pull us out if we cant win by sheer talent and enemy mistakes." TSM is great at capitalizing on mistakes and drafting big name players. Aside from that, its anyone's guess. The players have the aptitude to win, but without consistency, or some adaptive game plan, you cant expect to win. TSM likely has the best potential for all NA teams since all of their players have a lot of talent. Enough to fumble their way into playoffs with almost no set of easy win conditions besides scale for late game, split push, and poke comp (the 3 most played types with obvious and many counter strategies known). But without any sort of guiding objective / image to try and build a team around, that potential is wasted. The thing about back when it was "Bjerg and 4 wards", was that it worked. It is the original funnel strategy. Also I still cant understand how you dont make significant adaptations after 2 games of best of 5 have proven something was an issue.
Undustas (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Barkley,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=85Ec89lj,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-07-30T04:13:31.728+0000) > > Dear Silver 1 TFT player > > hi, plat player here... > > TFT is about half RNG and half skill expression in its current form. Whover gets the: > - Cursed blade lucian w/ gunslingers > - Thornmail/Dragons Tooth/Warmogs Braum w/ just about anything. > - 4-piece glacial w/ just about anything. > - 4-piece demon w/ just about anything > - 6-piece yordle (its not hard) > - Warmogs/Gunblade Shyvana w/ shapeshifters or elementalists or both. > - Gunblade/Warmogs Aatrox w/ demons or blademasters or both > > First...... wins. > > Now i'll grant you -- getting to some of these strats does require some resource management and discipline -- which could be perceived as "Skill" > > But still -- its about half RNG. > > Thank you for your time. I 100% disagree. The game has rng elements for sure, but 50%???? Then explain people with 65% win rates? Explain Scarra getting 2 accounts to Masters? Explain how Masters are winning no matter what is thrown at them? Im only silver 1 for now, i only have 35 games played. I have a 64% win rate for top 4. Just lucky i guess!
There is no promotion system. Just get to 100 and you rank up. Place top 4 and you gain LP. The high elo players tend to play ALL DAY LONG. It is their full time job to do so. Most players could be that high if they played for the majority of their time spent awake. Just placing top half is why it requires "skills" to get high leveled accounts? You need simply be luckier than 50% of players. Anything more is just a bonus.
Undustas (NA)
: Oh? Then explain how people are climbing ranked? I'm 1 game from gold.. how did I make it from bronze?? Just all of if are lucky I guess... All them Masters ranked Elo players just lucky every game, no skill involved. You don't know how to play yet to you chalk it up to RNG because you can't fathom the idea that you're the one who is playing bad. This isn't new, that's literally what half the posts on these forums are... Breaking're losing because of you.
Im not saying there is no skill involved, because there are some good (and bad) habits and strategies many players use. However, the main game play is all RNG based at its core. You cant decide what items drop, you cant decide which champions you can select from when you rr. All you can do is hope what appears is something usable or at least not too far off of your current comp that it is worthless to pick up. I have lost many games simply because of item differences. And not just by item types, but by quantity as well. How can I beat a player who has 7-8 full items with my 4, even when we are about equal comp wise? I cant control how many items I get, champions I get to chose from, the opponent I face next, who my champions attack and focus, because it is all up to RNG.
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Undustas (NA)
: Games not rng. Do better.
It is heavily RNG based. WTF are you playing, because it is not TFT?
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pryda022 (NA)
: ranked needs to be solo q only
That is just general strategy any solo can do. No one says you have to use every champion you buy. This game mode is always a solo game at the core.
: Tell me a time where you've ever been stomped by an Ashe without Glacial. Exactly. She's fine, Glacial isn't. And Sej takes a ton of mana to use her ability and thus typically only does it 1 time per fight and requires investment into T2 Sej (sometimes even with more defense to survive long enough).
Ranger comp
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: now you're making a wrong comparison. The glacial buff works only glacial units. It can affect all enemy units, for sure, but Yordle buff also affects all enemy units in the way they have 30%/60% chance to miss.
You can make any champion a glacial though. Cant do the same for Yordles.
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HeeroTX (NA)
: The main problem is that EVERYONE will tel you that NA solo-q is garbage. That's known and I'm sure there are several reasons for it, but it means our "farm system" is just awful. (as proven by the age of our best team vs all the other top regions) I think in "original" league, NA is better or at least on par with EU, altho worse than Korea and probably China. In "Team Deathmatch League", (that Riot seems to be aiming for now) NA is worse than EU. Where we'd stand vs Korea & China is questionable if we stabilize. I think China will likely be better than us for a variety of reasons and Korea would POSSIBLY be like EU was IF we get over our fear of them. We did badly against Korea at MSI because we wanted to play the Korean style and they're better at it than us. But it'll be interesting to see which playerbases abandon the game first. Right now it looks like NA will be the leader on that, but if the game keeps in this direction Korea could run for the door also.
I agree, its because the farm teams are toxic af players who either enjoy OTP play-styles over team comps based ones, or are not skilled enough without abusing "META/try-hard/broken" champions to do half the work for them.
: You no longer seem to gain exp while overfielding.
I guess that could be a cost, but you would likely be over-fielding when you are fully set, in other words, no significant need for exp. Also you could always buy exp if you have the spare gold.
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: I get the feeling that riot wants to keep the shroud as a defense tool because it kind of defines akali. She presses W and gets a safe zone to work in.
Plus without it, dealing most of her damage in a fight outside of the 1v1 would be almost impossible. Her kit is all around delays and combos. if you get hard cc chained you are fucked before anything happens, which the shroud prevents a little bit (she can be cc'd if if she is hit by aoe stuns).
NY64 (NA)
: I’m not a fan of how they’ve changed the game either but here is my explanation on why they have made them. They made it this way because in the past, as soon as the game was going downhill for one team, they would simply turtle until everyone had all their completed items, and thus were back on an even playing field. Riot has made the game more high stakes to punish turtling by doing stuff like, objectives giving better rewards, turrets being weaker. Damage being higher so it’s better to be ahead, weakening defensive options in the game such as items and peel champions.
Likely another major reason (while not really ever mentioned) was for employee's benefits. No one wants to sit and cast 5 hour+ long games every weekend where no excitement ever happens. Long hours and sometimes almost no differentiation between games makes the job really boring. Remember lane swap meta where the first 10 minutes were nothing but tower taking with 0 conflict? I cant imagine how frustrating that would have been to cast because it was annoying as hell to watch.
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: Nah man, "that's just how Ezreal wants to play." Although it's programmed to prevent champions who can't possibly use a rune from bringing it. So he'd be switched to Grasp automatically.
While yes, it would adjust. But the point is they should not be taking it in the first place because they forgot to swap out rune pages, not choose a bad rune page intentionally.
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Rimien (EUW)
: Let us ban a role in draft?
Good idea if Support could not be banned because I want to play today, not 2 days from now when the queue finally pops because 80% of all players ban the support role. Best thing to do is find 2-3 champions who you can run support and get good at them. Recommend Thresh, Morgana, Zyra, Leona, Nami, and Alistar for choices. Thresh is best for just about every situation so make one of your 3 him for sure.
: Nerf illioi e cooldown
Maybe up her E mana cost a tad, but already she can be pretty easily shut down if she cant get any good early fights or is against a lot of hard cc. Champs like Kennan and Teemo are pretty effective since both can poke from a distance and Teemo's Q can flat out make her W useless if done right (no W = no Illaoi burst).
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: I'm fine with your reasoning up until you mention LB who was reverted because she was OP not weak.
WTF OP? She was nearly impossible to play when she had that stupid delay.
: I personally want to Nerf her True damage which I think actually makes her so reliant on being bursty because it takes far too much of her power since mid to late game her true damage can be upwards of 1k with one Q. I think that is very unhealthy. I also think that her W becomes relatively useless later into the game due to the long delay and how it delays her burst so I would like to see her actually use all of her abilities when she fights. I want the overall change to be powerneutral, but I think the Q True damage should be nerfed. So, yes maybe buffing her base stats or scaling to make up for the general power lose with her absurd True damage would be necessary. Again I'm not say she is strong right now I'm saying her Q is very powerful and it is also not healthy currently.
She is fine as is. She is a burst dive champion you know. If she has to fight for 5+ seconds when diving into a full team in order to get any meaningful damage done, then she is worthless as a champion because others will do it better. Remember how Bad LB was before they reverted her rework? She will basically become a version of that if her Q is gutted.
Terozu (NA)
: If tehyre so influential, ward them.
I personally try to, but I am not the 4 other team members or the countless other players who do not simply because they want more damage and do not get a SS, dont leave their lane at all, or just cant be bothered because of whatever their reasons are. Also, since you can directly launch into the pit, so warding the surrounding brush is not enough which is sometimes at most what other players do.
: What do you think of Summoner's Rift map?
Looks nice, favors blue side still, and if the objectives (baron/Dragon) were not set to spawn in their respective pits but instead could spawn in either, it would be much better.
: Or just revert the massive root buff and gut her on-hit damage.
TBF most of the issue is in rageblade's passive. This _Phantom Hit_ passive has never not been an issue once some champion decides to go "on-hit". Ever since Sated Devourer was a thing at least. Mostly because RIOT loves the "Every X AA then next is a buffed AA" mechanic. So many champions have this it is crazy. Simple change would to just make rageblade's passive apply to items only, or make it so only melee can have the AA buffed.
: nope just mid Doesnt have relevant jungle power doesnt have the kit to allow her to consistently trade bot because if you dont land everything the support point and clicks will out trade you Cant play top because the best you can do is be a dick and sleep for a jg gank and cant go ad because you will be out powered all lane
Basically all of this. Plus her kit does not allow her to escape if on a side lane. At least in mid she has options for which route to take when escaping and is always closest to the jungler on average (the most they can be is half a map away where as on a side lane the jungler is a full map away at most).
Dynikus (NA)
: >So expecting teams to keep constant vision on it is expecting too much. Considering wards are on an extremely low cooldown, you have literally no excuse to leave either unwarded. If you lose vision of them, that's your fault. Expecting the absolute most basic vision control isn't expecting too much.
Normally I agree, this is simple for most players to do and understand. However warding is not the primary issue here. The issue is how influential to a win these 2 objectives are and given the natural unbalance of ARURF, one team usually will likely always be able to take these objectives naturally faster/quicker than the other. My suggestion is not because of laziness but of how damaging it is for the team that cant contest. All this would do is provide the team a chance to steal or at least prepare since not every champion can solo the elder. This is ARURF remember. Wards are either always in the lane or some bush in the jungle. However, the bigger point of this is that these 2 objectives have so much influence on who wins and loses, that usually the team who takes them first wins the fight for them again or flat out wins the game because they provide so much boost in team potential. Normal SR is nothing compared to their influence in AFRUF where already almost every champion is in a super powered state. Adding a 4 drake elder buff or a baron/Harold to the mix makes the snowball almost incontestable unless they champions themselves naturally are so weak late game that they cant be saved regardless. And we cant choose champions to counteract this at all.
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: I feel very weak compared to my main roles mid and top where
Until around 25 minutes expect to be less impactful unless you are playing the current bullshit or Draven. The current BS is either Ezreal, Ka'isa, or Lucian. Sivir is a close 4th but needs time. Anyone else is shit in comparison. This is because damage from items is high but expensive to acquire. But base stats are better on melee champions than ADCs and they have mobility and likely shields/healing. So 9/10 times, you will lost to a fighter/skirmisher like champion in the 1v1 until around 35 minutes. Then it drops to 50/50.
: If Yasuo build {{item:3046}} , he can no longer build {{item:3053}} and vice versa. The unique passive doesn't interact or stack with each other, the Phantom dancer proc and Sterak does nothing. They all build stattik Shiv now.
I think he would rather have a shield and a free item slot as a first item than have to buy a crit item and also sterak for the shield. Plus the shield is way better since Yasuo tends to not get many bonus health items.
: Sry look at Zoe she has 0 kills 0 assist yet she has a 600g bounty
I think she has a gold bounty from taking tower plates, dragons and such. According to the wiki: > If, since their last death, a champion has earned Gold 250 more gold from minions and monsters than the enemy team's average during that time, their bounty increases by Gold 50 gold, plus another Gold 50 gold for each additional Gold 150 gold their advantage grows by thereafter. Average is determined by dividing the enemy team's minion and monster gold by four, rather than five, based on the four sources of income on Summoner's Rift (top/mid/bot/jungle). Modes with smaller teams divide by the number of champs per team instead (ex. 3 for Twisted Treeline). The first part is the only grey area since there was no death, but there was a significant gold advantage from taking tower plates, dragons and such. Either way the wording is poor if this is the case and if not then there is a game bug. Or another possibility could be that the display was messed up and only the viewers saw it and it had no effect on the actual game. I am sure they would have paused and done something if this was not intended to be a thing.
: Riot ur bounty pls
Ok.. What is the issue you actually have here. Just linking a picture tells me nothing.
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Moody P (NA)
: the difference is that ranged already counters melee by default because melee is inherently risky and ranged isn't. you can beat wind wall by not opening with your strongest spell and understanding your CDs vs his. anything you do will be up at least twice as often as wind wall. sorry that there's a melee champion who doesn't autolose to ranged tumor
That is nice and all, but you forgot his massive shield that he just charges by walking and using his mobility, even in combat which is a 100% block of at least one damage source because only a few things deal more than 510 damage at level 18 vs full build Yasuo. Also, he now has another shield with {{item:3046}} which can block 210-600 damage, and opens up a space in his inventory since it can be one of his 2 crit items. Not to mention this is a perfectly fine first item for him. so first item gives him another shield on top of his WW and passive.
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