: How did that "What's your favorite Shaco skin" get in there..
Pesky artifact from the last interview, fixed now! Thanks for the catch :)
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GrimYael (NA)
: Well this build will be impossible to do soon. XD
Definitely true, as a Vlad and Kennen player I'm sad to see WotA go the way of Heart of Gold. Saw this video as a fun way to celebrate the life of old Gunblade and WotA, so we can remember them as they were... RIP
: -They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast!
Last thing I remember, I was running for my tower
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: Add Zilean bombs for even more fun
Metamancers, ASSEMBLE!
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Mârty (NA)
: If you're looking for general ways to improve and climb the ranks, these are what I recommend: 1. Spectate games. At your rank, I'd recommend spectating high diamond games. Luckily for you, those are easily accessible via the landing page. There's always a high elo ranked game being played. Check out the live games at the bottom right of the landing page, let directed camera do its thing, sit back and enjoy the game. You'll get better watching people who are better; this is true for all sports. 2. Pick some sort of rhythmic game that lets you improve the speed at which you can process information and make a decision, and get really good at it. Popular examples include Osu, Tetris, Guitar Hero/Rock Band. There's tons of these sort of rhythmic/puzzle games, and getting good at one will make you a better league player. While you won't suddenly improve in three days, over time sticking to these two practices will vastly improve your personal play. On top of those though, just don't forget about having fun. Solo queue isn't about winning every game you play. It's about improving your own gameplay, and your rank is a reflection of how you generally perform over a large sample of games. If you consistently win 55% of your games, then you are well on your way to challenger. Of course, that means you are losing 45% of your games. Don't let those 45% get you down. So long as you're performing well in those games, it wasn't a wasted game.
> Don't let those 45% get you down. So long as you're performing well in those games, it wasn't a wasted game. This was my biggest challenge when I first started playing ranked. At first I saw a loss as a waste of time and energy for me ESPECIALLY if I thought someone on my team threw. Once I shifted my mindset from the result of the game to my personal play I found myself winning a lot more games and enjoying that process a lot more than living and dying by a win or a loss.
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: Backdoor ----- {{champion:432}}
It only counts if you Magical Journey through the nexus for the last hit
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Mewtwo (NA)
I played with someone who liked to run full AP mid {{champion:20}} . Their strategy was to sit in random brushes near an objective waiting for the team to wander by. Full channel ulti + a couple of snowballs = free objective.
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: You are literally destroying my hopes and dreams
Hey all, I reached out to some folks internally based on your responses to see if someone has more context on the PBE and can answer your questions and concerns a bit better. Stay tuned!
: can we get PBE to test balance on champions in the game?
You can absolutely apply to be a tester! Here is a link with more info: https://pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/pbe
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IiIiana (NA)
: Skarner is probably still the strongest in there, but in this patch specifically I'd say the changes benefited {{champion:99}} Lux or {{champion:56}} Nocturne the most. The least benefited I'd say... {{champion:40}} Janna. Yeah
With the ulti buffs, {{champion:56}} feels like {{champion:102}} + {{champion:107}} since he likes to power farm, can use the Devourer/BotRK combo nicely, and has a high-impact level 6 gank from a variety of angles.
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: Only Phreak can approve that comment. Sorry, Jaws.
I've heard whisperings that if you say his full name three times he may appear...
: It'll be hard to Gage the Titanic changes in this patch. So I think i'll just juggernaut do it.
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: Global skillshots are one of the most satisfying things to succeed at in LoL.
This clip is one of those moments that ADs with long-range executes dream about...
: If you think hes doing no damage you're playing him wrong, he does tons if you execute the play properly with Flay.
The passive AA bonus on his Flay deals a sneaky high amount of damage too if you let it charge up.
: I'm more impressed by the Jarvin's quick thinking to trap someone in with baron and flashing out of his cataclysm to net the kill.
Yeah, the {{champion:59}} /{{champion:267}} lockdown to keep {{champion:53}} and {{champion:60}} in the Baron pit and split the fight really gave {{champion:84}} the breathing room she needed to set up those first two kills
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