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: When is TFT phantom dancer getting CHANGED?
Wild 4 and RFC counters PD, Shen, and Yordles.
Thilmer (EUW)
: If they wanted a 5 stars ranger, Twitch could be ranger+hextech, or something like that.
I like this idea, but i'd say he'd be like...Ranger + Wild (cuz he's an animal) plus that combo would be insane for a 5 cost unit , making it worth his special move can be his Spray n Pray ult, letting his basic attacks pierce units at a very far range
tires (NA)
: Why is Kai’sa a ranger
Kai'sa doesn't have guns. Her attack animation shows her emitting void spikes from her hands.
: Tft not granting exp
I disagree with allowing TFT to give account exp. The reason why game modes get removed is due to bots. It's why dominion got removed, and is why twisted treeline is next to go. Since TFT is able to be played (normals AND ranked) starting at account level 1. The last thing you want is to not be able to play normal matches due to ALL other 7 players being bots. This is how it'll go-- Match starts > All bots never move > they die to minion waves / each others starting units > once dead, their account gets exp. However, I do agree that TFT needs more rewards.
: wukong changes pls :/
Right? we've been waiting so long...
Jaxi (NA)
: What ever happend to the announced Wukong buff?
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: Glacial is really weak honestly. Just take Wild/Shapeshifter/Dragon or Wild/Shapeshifter/Brawler and you'll never have anything to worry about except assassins.
The issue with glacial is just HOW dominant it is vs nearly every other comp. You shouldn't /need/ to go wild/shapeshifters or Assassins to beat it. You play anything else? Too bad, permafrozen. They should introduce items (banshee's vield, Zhonyas) or champs (olaf would be perfect) that can ignore CC. That way if built tanky, he can remove CC when his mana gets filled from taking damage.
: Items only affect items not champion passives, rapidfire is an intended response to phantom dancer.
I built a phantom dancer on my Tristana against a nidalee who had RFC, and she landed all hits on me. A Yordle with PD does work however it seems to also enable them to be hit by RFC due to it trying to respond against PD.
: How the fuck do you make a 2 star Darius?
Exactly what LastShadow said, and just to make it a little easier for you-- LastShadow means 3 of the SAME champion. 3 Level One Darius = 1 Level Two Darius 3 Level Two Darius = 1 Level Three Darius It takes 9 Units Total to get a level three.
: Unpopular opinion.
I love playing Lulu too, very solid champ to have on most teams, but against champs who deal real damage , fights don't happen long enough for her to be useful. https://youtu.be/Z-Qv_21XlK4?t=1251
Acekill3r (EUW)
: I really like your idea on the re roll pool number, giving more options to players to make a good buy or to waste more gold would reward good plays even more so you could've feel less ring influencing you.
The issue with this doesn't change the fact that multiple people could be wanting the same champ. 6 champs for you is also 6 champs for the enemy. You can still get unlucky and they can steal you champs from you, but now it's even more of a chance since they'd have a bigger pool size too. Doesn't change the issue, only makes it sharper.
: Remove Champs from your Rerolls at certain intervals
The issue with that is , you're supposed to have them at the ready for if/when you get counter build against. There's been many times Hafu (the #1 player in TFT atm) would have a team comp, then nearing late game would sell and make a completely new one. If your suggestion went through, then let's say...you really needed a few glacial to help against what the enemy has, well now it doesn't show up in the shop and you just lose. HOWEVER, your idea is interesting though but instead of outright banning the champ-- make it so where the chance of them appearing again is lowered until it doesn't (example- You see warwick, refresh (now is a 50% chance to see him again), you see warwick again, refresh (15% chance to see him), you see warwick , refresh and see on and so forth). There's just SO many different champions in the pool later in the game once like..4 players die out, it really floods for what you're looking for. So I agree with the idea of lowering priority of champs you refresh on
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: Can we PLEASE get item sets back???
Logged in just to upvote this. Don't know why they're purposely pruning things that are enjoyed by a mass amount of players.
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: State of the Season: Preseason Progress
> For our next class update we'll probably be looking at some immobile mages. This will definitely be a long-term project, so a very rough guess is they won’t be out before the middle of the season. We can, however, talk through some details in terms of which champions we're thinking of working on (and why), early this year. DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ANIVIA! I KNOW YOU'RE LOOKING AT HER! D:<


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