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: For masteries, I do this. Tanky Supports 0/21/9 Supports like Janna/ Sona 9/0/21
Can you explain what this means? I'll see people post numbers like this, but don't really know what they mean.
: OK, so you get {{item:3302}} on tanky supports, so champs like: {{champion:201}} or {{champion:89}} you get {{item:3303}} on AP supports, or poke heavy supports, like: {{champion:25}} or {{champion:37}} you get {{item:3301}} on champs that synergize with the movespeed, like: {{champion:40}} or {{champion:53}} or if you're unsure on what to get, this is the jack-of-all-trades income item. As far as Soraka or Lulu, I would recommend {{item:3303}}. Do not start any other item, or you will be behind on gold. As soon as possible, you want to upgrade your support item({{item:3302}} {{item:3303}} {{item:3301}} ) and get this wonderful item: {{item:2049}}. This item is basically the best one in the game for supports. What this item does, is it carries 4 wards in itself, and refreshes when you go back to base. As a support, one of your main jobs is to ward. I cannot stress this enough, warding is the single most important skill in this game. Since I see that you are level 16, and probably still learning the game(I know I was at level 16) I will tell you some warding tips. First, the main places you should ward as support, are: the Tribush(that bush that has 3 sides right underneath Dragon.) the river bush(the long bush directly across from the Tribush) and the Dragon pit itself. There are 2 types of wards, the green one({{item:2044}}) this one is invisible to the enemy team, and is the type of ward that {{item:2049}} places, and the pink one({{item:2043}}) this one is visible to the enemy team, so try to place it in a bush. Even though it's visible to the enemy team, it more than makes up for it with its special power, it reveals the enemies wards in an area around it. This is super useful, always try to have a pink down at all times. I hope this has helped you! Feel free to ask me any other questions. :)
Cool. Thanks for the information. Any tips for the Mastery page? Right now I'm mainly filling the Utility section.
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