Griefing (EUNE)
: How Long do i have to wait for my 7 rp?
Likely won't make it on time. Typically support takes about 48 hours for most games, in my experience it could get longer than that.
shoe6535 (NA)
: friend got hextech annie from chest, odds?
Odds are very low, but your friend has RNGesus by his/her side.
: Wasn't ARURF created because of balancing and repetitive games issues?
Why not just make 5v5 SR into all random since there always seems to be a meta in that too.
: Still level 2...
It doesn't look like you play much.
: I LOVED Urf, I LOVED AURF, but this...
i don't like it too but tbh, it's not like they hide it from you or anything
: Every time when new URF comes it feels less and less fun...
Rito's way of saying "champs 2 hard to balance let's just remove them"
Ra1uga (NA)
: What exactly is "Gravitational Waves Detected"?
I think I see lots of scuttlers around.
Bilby (NA)
: Across games--doesn't matter how many rounds or games. You just have to dunk at least 33 threshes over the course of the event
Oh ok, thanks! Relieved that it's so easy now.
Bilby (NA)
: Doesn't have to be in one game--it's 33 across games. You will still get the icon if you go over, so feel free to flay that 34th thresh into the abyss
Across games as only all the rounds or as in I can play a game, then lose both rounds, then play another?
: And again...Yorick's ultimate feels useless
That would be nice, but I feel that with his ult, he's already pretty strong.
: Why is it ALWAYS the Yasuo-Player that feeds and flames the hardest?
Yuneira (NA)
: New client
Let me see if I can test it
Shniper (NA)
: Possibly Game-breaking Pantheon Bug
He was basically able to do that before it got removed, just not as long as what you showed. Nice find there. tbh I wouldn't mind being able to throw a spear while in the air.
: Bronze 5 promos
You should at least try for more than 0% KP.
Rioter Comments
: Best stand alone ap damage item?
: You're right to have your mind blown. Because URF was only fun the first day of its first release. Then it formed a meta and became the worst of the worst modes.
There were always those people who broke the meta and dominated the meta champs anyways.
  Rioter Comments
: When you find out your best champs
It means what champs in those positions you play best with, not as.
AhmCha (NA)
: Lucian chased an enemy all around the Rift
: We still hate Yasuo, right?
Mosts Kills vs {{champion:81}} Most Deaths vs {{champion:81}} Recommended Champion for 2017: {{champion:81}}
: So, Eric Trump is going to be sent to jail for breaking the law yesterday, right?
I'm gonna say he's likely not. He'll probably just pay his way out. Daddy can't own America till January.
: Caitlyn is in every game...
No she isn't. I only had her in 4/5 of my past ranked games. /sarcasm
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
This is all compared to my experience playing with my friends, who are all plat+. Objective control is so much better with them.
: Good summary... So while people are trying to take objectives or "be good" by warding they push their limits and just die?
You see your 8/0 mid laner start to jump someone bot lane, but then gets solo killed and then by the end of the game goes 9/8. The team, when 3 enemies are dead, decides to recall instead of pushing for more towers/objectives. No one decides to ward with the trinket they have either.
: Bronze - Gold Players: Tell me why you think you can't climb solo queue
Everyone, for the most part, does not know how to capitalize and get caught out.
Totalis (NA)
: It is absolute bullshit that a team can have 6 players to play based on whose playing better
: Made top 0.25% in pick em this year
I made 98 points, puts me somewhere close to there.
: Club bug
I've seen some people have this problem, so you're not alone. rito just deleted my club
: I feel like Banshee's could use some work.
Banshee's is a great buy. Often times it can be the aspect stopping you from getting caught out and dying vs living. It also a good item to stop assassins from ripping you a new one because they have to pop it or they can't get a full rotation off.
: Client crashing
Seems to be a very common problem at the moment.
Valkyyr (NA)
: Crashed as entering champ select, given loss and -IP
Every single person I'm playing with just crashed, first one in the first champ select, next one me, in the next champ select, and the third one just on client.
Trap Nap (NA)
: tfw u get 19 FPS in a teamfight with everything on very low.
AMD sucks, I have AMD. I did notice that 6.6 killed my FPS as well.
: If they need to nerf anything, it should be corkis passive. changing all his AD physical damage to deal magic damage is a cool concept, but the ratios dont work out. You build AD and you gain AP ratio, thats the way akali was but then you changed all her skills around and screwed around with her mechanics. The only thing that needed to be changed about akali was her W, the additional armor and magic resistance were useless so giving it the bonus movement speed was a better change.
You don't gain any AP ratios from Corki's passive. It just makes half of his damage from autos magic/physical.
Mizaya (NA)
: So I used to think that girl gamers were all kinda nerdy looking and not really attractive.
Atuko (NA)
: I thought Aurelion Sol was gonna have his offical reveal today...
I might just end up calling Aurelion Sol "aussie."
Vacus (NA)
> [{quoted}](name=Vacus,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=y6vGG1El,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-07T02:22:50.382+0000) > > I was in this for some romance but all I got out of it is the devil and the hero making the world progress.
: Elfen lied.
> [{quoted}](name=Rusty Justy 7,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=1nL8qWt0,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-03-08T03:51:35.893+0000) > > Elfen lied. Goddam that's so dark I can't even finish.
: I Can't Wait For the Vi Buffs
I don't wanna get one shotted more by a tank Vi.
Niggest (NA)
: Who do some champions remind you of?
{{champion:161}} Eye of Sauron {{champion:412}} Heinrich I from Wolfenstein
: When the support steals all your cs
When Thresh can't pop targons.
: Aurelion Sol's Abbreviated name should be...
: fiora's really really healthy
Might as well play an assassin top lane basically every tank gets melted in 3 seconds.
: What beats the Lucian Alistar lane right now?
Alistar headbutt is slow enough to be condemned by Vayne.
: Champion Update: Shen
He has no good hp regen anymore. I'm gonna miss that 150 hp/s with his q
Rioter Comments
: Just got rooted by minions... Anyone else had this?
: Why is there no longer a true-sight elixir or trinket? Every season since I have played (season 3 onward) there has always been an option for true-sight while full build. Oracles elixir could be purchased with all item slots full (just like other elixirs), and would auto-consume and give you true-sight. After it was removed, we got 2 true-sight trinkets (the upgraded red trinket and the pink ward trinket). Now, this pre-season, we have nothing. There is a trinket that gives you "warning particles" but it doesn't reveal the stealthed champion, so you can't target them. This is a problem, because MOST stealth champs are assassins, so unless you're a tank those warning particles aren't going to do anything - if they're more fed than you they're going to one-shot you with no counterplay. If you are a non-stealth assassin (or an ADC) the stealth assassin is going to kill you with no counterplay almost 100% of the time (EDIT: because they get the first-strike). And if you've reached 6 items, you can no longer purchase vision wards, the only current item you could "outplay" them with. Do you guys plan to do anything about this? (I honestly have not played one game this preseason, and won't play at all this season if there are no viable anti-stealth options while full build - it's not about whether I can or can't climb, it's more-so that it is completely anti-fun to be against a stealth champ and not be able to do anything about them, so if a game isn't fun I'm not going to play it, because games are supposed to be fun) PS: I main Eve, and with no vision ward trinket, you've made it impossible for people to counter me late-game. I used to play in tournaments, and almost every time the enemy team would buy 5 vision ward trinkets to make me useless and unable to sneak up on them. You should honestly bring back all the old trinkets and scrap the new ones, because I don't want my champion nerfed again. And yes, this is a stealth champion main complaining that you have removed all viable anti-stealth items - I hate stealth just as much as everyone else, even though I PLAY it, and items to counter it SHOULD exist for it to be a healthy game mechanic.
The new sweeper is pretty much the same and is wicked cool since it can see enemy champs in bushes.
: Graves OP or not?
Tank sup, armor, block, 0 damage.
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