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: Okay Nerf or Rework Tryndamere, it's not funny anymore.
I know the game is full of mechanics and stuff I don't completely understand so I don't like to give many thoughts about nerf versus not nerf debates but I do have a question. They nerfed Aatrox's ult because him being able to go into a fight and exist for an absolute minimum amount of time was hard to play for, it forced people to pay attention to him, waste CC and generally weakened a team for nothing before a fight really started. Or at least this is how I saw it, I could be wrong. Isn't this the same for tryndamere? No matter what happens he gets to live a specific amount of time and either do at least a certain number of attacks or waste precious CC that is needed more and more now that everything has many dashes. Is this unhealthy? I don't play top lane so evem though I don't beat him ever I think that's just me not being good enough.
: Death recap.
Agreed, that's really the only big change I want to see, at least to the point where I don't take 300+ 'mixed damage' from some unknown source. I get that development is hard but the recap is such a good idea for self teaching how to build reactively... If it were reliable. Edit: I don't think any of you will read this but thank you so much for the new death recap thing Riot people. It can be a little weird at times but it's so much easier to read than the other one and has helped me a lot trying to learn to build. Especially in lanes I don't play a lot against champions I don't know super well.

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