: A reasonable mage support, something more Swain or Morgana than Brand
I was definitely thinking something more akin to Morgana or Karma. Like an aggressive pick oriented mage support, not a midlane mage transplanted into support.
: New Darkin
I mean theres also no real darkin support, so that could be a cool concept. A Darkin Mage support :D
: It is a fine kit, might wanna watch out with that knockup duration (you need to tune your numbers) also E could also get some other effect besides just movementspeed and armor reduction :-)
Was basing it off of other vanguard ults, like Amumu or Malphite. And I made his ult fairly powerful at the expense of some of the rest of the ult, hence why his E is a bit lackluster.
SgtBuni (NA)
: Poro Tristana skin concept
So does she fire poros? or is her E explosive an ever growing poro?
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: Get ready for the 2017 competitive season!
When would fantasy drafting start? In about a week?
: > [{quoted}](name=JeansStrikerPhD,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=vqVxoM5g,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-01-19T21:31:07.980+0000) > > He's meant to be an off tank, like thresh. Can be built for damage, but would be better off being built for tanking. I might tweak some of the numbers to reflect that better. Ive actually done the math and can easily get about 3000 health with just his base stats, a ruby sightstone, locket, and righteous glory (some basic support items imo). > > and what do you mean by the first part of your comment? You want me to swap his Q and E? so you want the blinking ability to be his E and his Q to be the deflection shield? I meant switch the position of the abilities in just I like my movement abilities to be on the e button
Oh okay, I tend to place abilities in the order I think them up, but whatever works lol
: [Champion Concept] Keid, the Gravity Bender
Onimarus (NA)
: definitely needs to get bent
> [{quoted}](name=Onimarus,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=vqVxoM5g,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-19T04:31:36.258+0000) > > definitely needs to get bent Can you expalin what you mean by this? Do you mean nerfed or "reworked"?
: I like the idea but I would like his q to be his e. I think you should tone down health required for the bonuses. Unless he supposed to be a tank because he seems more Mage like to me.
He's meant to be an off tank, like thresh. Can be built for damage, but would be better off being built for tanking. I might tweak some of the numbers to reflect that better. Ive actually done the math and can easily get about 3000 health with just his base stats, a ruby sightstone, locket, and righteous glory (some basic support items imo). and what do you mean by the first part of your comment? You want me to swap his Q and E? so you want the blinking ability to be his E and his Q to be the deflection shield?
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Prozzak (NA)
: Rammus is currently one of the stronger champs in the game. If you buff him at all (QoL changes included) he will need to be nerfed elsewhere.
I mean I did nerf his AP damage, so there is that. Im planning on reverting the unit collision and damage changes on his Q, as well as getting rid of the turret damage on his ult and increasing the cooldown on his ult
Kaioko (NA)
: I agree with the jungler clear and to some extent the ultimate although it would need to remove the damage component on turrets then. Definitely don't agree with the roll not colliding with smaller minions as that's always what separated a good rammus from a poor one - could you hit the enemy champion while taking into account his minions. His taunt is so long that if he does it's pretty much a guaranteed successful gank so it definitely needs some form of counter play.
I do see where youre coming from, and that does make sense.
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: [Champion Concept] Jack Scratch, the Two-Faced Sinner
Medúsa (NA)
: maybe even throw in a phage to replace the jaurim's fists and have the speed on hit affect? and then mayve remove the long sword make it 40 armor, 400 hp, 40 attack, UNIQUE Passive - RAGE: Dealing physical damage grants 20 movement speed for 2 seconds. Assists on Cleaved enemy champions or kills on any unit grant 60 movement speed for 2 seconds instead. This movement speed bonus is halved for ranged champions. UNIQUE Passive - Being attacked by an enemy lowers their critical strike chance by 5% per auto attack stacking up to 25% lasting for 3 seconds? thoughts?
If you dont have the long sword youre paying a lot for the item (assuming you keep the 3200 cost) and at that point i think it may do too much utility? Although its not a bad idea tbh, it does give phage more options to build into. or alternatively you could use all 3 items (Chain vest, Jaurim's Fist, Phage) and make the item cost say 3700 (800+1200+1250+450) and have it grant more stats (like 50/500/50)
: I really like the lowering enemy crit chance mechanic. THis should be used somehow, even if it isnt on an item (maybe a champion?)
I say an item more than a champ. Having it on a champ makes the champ rather niche but useful.
: New Item?
As for a name, what about something like Titan's Gauntlets?
: New Item?
I say this is more for bruisers like Olaf or Trundle, but the crit % is throwing me off. I like the passive though, is it an aura or a proc when you attack or when an enemy attacks you? Personally I say if youre going for "tanky AD item", change the build to be more "tanky" like: Chain vest (800) + Jaurim's Fist (1200) + Long Sword (350) + 750 (Keeping your original price the same) That way you get say 40 armor, 400 health, 40 attack, and your anti crit passive
: [Champion Concept] Talitha, the Gravity Bender
: [Champion Concept] Erelim, the Radiant Guide
: [Champion Concept] Thrym, the Frost Giant
: nerf plox
Nerf? Nerf in what way? Could you be more specific?
: [Champion Concept] Thrym, the Frost Giant
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: there are six project skins but i feel like there are going to be a total of 10 skins and two teams
I say if there are more project skins, I would say Braum for support (again a legendary skin sort of deal) or honestly bard (sci fi dimension jumping yo) and as for a top laner, maybe Shen or Irelia. I would also throw in the idea of a project Vayne or Project Twitch tbh (Twitch def would be a legendary skin though)
: That wouuld help with his clear and stuff, but the problem is that that isnt a QoL change that he needs because he clears just fine. So it makes sense, but probably wont ever happen.
True true, but its just something that bugs me. Although it make his scuttlecrab control extremely powerful
SSmotzer (NA)
: [Ability Concept] Fiddlesticks passive "Always Watching"
I really like this, but I dont think it should be a brand new trinket just for Fiddles (Riot tried that with Rengar and didnt like it). Maybe something like Azir's passive, he just write clicks in a bush and poof scarecrow. Idk maybe upon reaching a certain level (say 6) he can upgrade his passive. If he wants to change it, just click the passive icon :D
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Foerk (EUW)
: I'm definetly thinking of a tankier version than he is atm. So he could stand in the frontline, but unlike juggernauts potentially fire over the enemy front line into the carries. To encourage this playstyle, he would definetly need some damage scaling with defensive stats, but I would propably still give him some kind of ad scaling. I'd like to give him juggernaut like sustained damage against squishies, but not that much power against tanks. Balance might be quite difficult, as there is no champion like this in the game, however it should be just a question of numbers.
Im sort of seeing just a tank here or idk a mortar cannon, something that can cause widespread damage to vulnerable targets.....but isnt effective against reinforced targets. I guess flat pen would be better than % pen if youre going for that style of play (after all ignoring 10 armor [example #'s] is much worse for someone with 60 armor than 160). He's essentially going to be anti-artillery cannon, which would be great against a team with multiple ADC's, like a team with Varus mid or Kindred jungle. Perhaps include an AS debuff to further emphasize his anti-marksman ability? I like this idea, but Im having trouble determining how to go about it.
Foerk (EUW)
: Ideas for an Urgot rework
So if Im reading this right, you essentially want a ranged juggernaut sort of champ? Basically a tank in a RTS military game? High damage, tanky, but slow and rather immobile with limited range? Not a bad idea for a champ, but would he scale more off health and defensive stats or still keep his AD ratios? He's already built bruiser-esque due to kit as well as his dependence on mana, so hard focusing him to be tanky could potentially backfire if not properly numbered/tweaked
Kinjishi (NA)
: Probably not Marauder as there is already a skinline with that name.
And that my friend is why I offered up a second alternative name
: Ya just my first thought, woad whatever Diana. The woad theme would look amazing on her
It definitely would! Give her a more druidic aspect to her lunar powers.
: Woad Warrior Diana [woad skin concept]
Maybe a different name though? Woad Marauder? Woad Stalker?
: Holy/ Saint skin line?
Solash is right, or the justicar skins. Both are light-based skins
: Rework dianas w and she would be balanced.
In my opinion, Diana shouldn't even be an assassin.I personally find building her as a bruiser to be much more rewarding than full AP "burst this bastard" Diana.
NemeBro (NA)
: "During this period, Tryndamere cannot activate his abilities, summoner spells, or items" Into the trash it goes. Good job making Tryndamere one of the worst champions in the game. I'm glad you're not on the balance team. Also: Tryndamere isn't a juggernaut, nor should he be reworked into one.
It acts similarly to Sion's death passive so Im not sure what your beef is, sir. Also this is just an idea I'm throwing out there, no need to be so negative about it.
: [Champion Rework] Tryndamere, the Barbarian King
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I assume the scythe acts as a catalyst for his magical auto attacks. Plus it adds to his creepiness
: Maybe, that could lead to a jungle item being useful on him, I usually play Fiddlesticks as a tank anyways and grab Cinderhulk though XD
Maybe a rework where riot made him into a melee mage juggernaut sort of deal. Like his tankiness comes from his healING more than actual stats lol
: I have a slight idea for a Fiddlesticks update, making him more of an AP tank Passive: Terror: for .5 seconds after being affected by one of Fiddlesticks spells the target's sight range is reduced. Q: Hysteria: upon activation Fiddlesticks fears all nearby enemies affected by Terror for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds. W: Drain: Fiddlesticks sends out a line skillshot that latches to the first enemy champion hit and any minions it passes through up to a maximum of 3/4/5/6/7 units, slowing Fiddlesticks but dealing damage over 5 seconds, leaching 40% of the maximum damage, and giving Fiddlesticks 1/2/3/4/5 Armor and Magic Resist per enemy hit. If Fiddlesticks casts a spell or the target leaves the range, the tether is broken. E: Dark Wind: really just the same but remove the silence, instead it stops channeled abilities and it launches in a skillshot before bouncing R: Crowstorm : after a brief channel Fiddlesticks blinks to target location with a mass of crows circling him dealing damage every .5 seconds for 3 seconds, if Fiddlesticks uses Drain then the slow is removed while the Crowstorm remains. Don't have any solid numbers right now, constructive criticism is highly appreciated
I would say dark wind should be something like Sivir's W, where it modifies an auto attack. Keeping the silence and just tweak the numbers (like say the bouncing damage is what would be added to the auto attack) so he can use items like runeglaive or the ice fist
: So, since fiddlesticks is just flat out bad right now, can we revert some of the nerfs he got?
I would say Fiddlesticks needs more than just nerfs. I think he needs a gameplay update to make him a bit more viable and have his kit feel less clunky. I wouldnt say he's in a terrible spot as Ive seen him done well, I would just say he's outdated and could use a bit of freshening up.
: Remove the Armor/MR Passives, The E Coldown reduction per unit killed, and the Fear, and i will support this Change, for very simple reasons. 1. With bonus armour, people are just gonna keep building him Crit, so you just made him harder to kill. 2. Tryn can already clean out regular minion waves with his E (or at least the caster minions), imagine jumping into a fight with E, you killed 5 minions with it on your way in, and now you have a free E again... not fun bro. 3. Removing the Fear makes him balanced, because it gives the enemy time to converge on him as retaliation. with the fear, he can kill, retrn to team, and reatack them wihtought loosing life. Example of your Tryn idea. teamfighting, you jump in to kill adc jinx (with E, taking a few minions out on your way) You crit the crap out of her, you kill her, turn to Assasin/Mage(next damage dealer, Ult them, Execute them with ult, the rest of the team is feared, so you use your already Prepared (thanks to its passive) E to return to your team and jump the rest of them... all of this happened with you losing almost no life because youre very tanky and you have a bloodthirster + Crits. So basically, you didnt fix him, you made him into the next Darius/Garen/Mord/Skarner... bad form man, thats just messed up. because league noobs aren scared of darius and Garen right now, you wanna make tryn into a monster too? We already have a Satan {{champion:17}} we dont need another.
I replaced the armor passive with a different passive as well as replace the fear with another form of utility. Hopefully those changes flow a bit better.
: To be fair it does have a ridiculously long cooldown, the fact that the cooldown is so short is what makes trynd strong right now. (If he gets fed because he can snowball with higher level because the cooldown is reduced so much) What he doesn't need is 4 passives plus true damage and undying. These stats and scalings need to be very very very scaled down.
I'll give you that one. Scalings and Stats are not my best creation aspects. I would most likely reduce the damage on his ult and get rid of the passive on his R because then your dealing with an undying fighter with over 70 bonus attack for 5 seconds.
: So wait you want to make what makes him broken as an ult into a passive?
I personally find the free crit chance coupled with the undying rage made him broken. It didnt feel very strategic nor fun to play against. At least with this, you have a much better sense of knowing when Tryndamere can go raging. I would personally include some sort of visual cue when his passive is active, like a red glowing aura or something akin to that. Im not saying you still cant build Crit on him any more, Im just trying to get him away from being purely a crit class sort of champion.
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SpeedWisp (EUNE)
: Sorry dude but this isn't really good and his ulty would be used for trolling and i think u don't know how much is 800 lenght it's really much
Anivia has a 800 unit long wall with a range of 1000 soooooo not seeing the complaint too much here.
Archon X (NA)
: Q is Anivia's W W is Skarner's R E is a castable Leona W R is Urgot's R
Which is why I tried adding different things to the abilities to try to make them unique. Also I would say his W is more like Darius's Apprehend, except you can do it at any angle. Also with Urgot, you cant target an ally nor does he have a good reason to use his ult half the time. Zeth here has more of a reason.
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