: What is happening to HoTS is heartbreaking.
I wanted to play Might & Magic IV/V professionally, but instead, I had to go to university and actually learn a marketable skill. :(
: Like, I get that China is league's biggest playerbase
Only the _smallest_ and_ indie-est_ of game studios would enter the Chinaland market without knowing exactly what that entails (eventually). HAL HAL HAL
: WTF happened to this game in the last 18 months?
I haven't played WoW since Cataclysm launched. I should re-sub to WoW and go post on the forums about how the game has changed and I don't understand any of it.
: China banned league???
Live by chi-combux, die by chi-combux.
: China banned league???
Too bad it isn't true --- League would be more enjoyable within one patch.
: If you could delete one champion from the game, who would it be?
{{champion:105}} hate the champion so much, so much {{champion:154}} hate the way a slime monster from Zaun (which should have been Urgot-esque in design) was made into some corny Disney superhero {{champion:157}} hate this guy for being what a 10 y/o Naruto fanvirgin thinks is a Japanese samurai
: The next Vs is????
(Re-worked) Volibear v. Zilean would be more lulzy
: Riot read
Rito James™ will only say _**"WELL WE DONT DO THAT SO YOU DONT SEE THREE DIAMONDS ON THE ENEMY TEAM AND THEN YOU GET TILTED CUZ YOUR TEAM IS 1 PLATINUM AND 2 GOLDS AND YOU JUST GIVE UP"**_ as the reason they don't display borders on the enemy team. But then most serious players are checking their opponents stats on OP.GG (or whoever) at the loading screen and can glean that information anyway. Their rationale would be understandable if it wasn't possible to just get that information from third-party sources anyway.
: Honest Question: What is Kai'Sa not good at?
She's probably not a great cook.
: How I imagine Riot after every awful champion rework they do
Looking forward to hating what Rito James™ does to Karma. :/
LukiSssssa (EUNE)
: Ban
Is FaceJournalr down????
: Anyone else noticing nexus blitz becoming more toxic?
Most players are in it for the missions. Getting stomped for 20 minutes and walking away with zero progress on a mission is frustrating.
: This is the sort of GD content I approve of.
> [{quoted}](name=The Djinn,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NPvQ81EK,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-11T17:53:21.854+0000) > > This is the sort of GD content I approve of. Yeah, finally something that isn't terrible, albeit still "low content"
oh boy, Intermediate Bots -- yay! Why can't DoomBots Level 1 be a permanent thing? > _because that might result in more players fighting bots rather than participating in the thrilling new Fortnite version of Summoner's Rift_
: What they did to Yorick was a crime
Old Q -- fine Old W -- fine Old E -- change to a skillshot so it's not a _"LOL I CLICK U AND U TAKE DAMAGE AND I HEAL LOL"_, or it could have been reworked to have similar functionality to Mourning Mist now Old R -- it's basically a Sion passive that can be cast on another player. It just needed more clarity on when it was cast on an ally.
: What they did to Yorick was a crime
TRU-FAX: Yorick and Poppy are the only champions I've ever asked Rito James™ to remove from my (alt) account, because the re-works were intolerable garbage.
: If this meta is to continue with this crazy amount of damage... Braum needs a MAJOR buff
No, see -- this means Braum will get nerfed. Anything that stands in the way (literally, LOL) of the new _**"LOL UR DEAD IN <5 SECONDS DEATHMATCH LOL"**_ meta will be nerfed into the ground.
Jikker (NA)
: **PSA for those of you that are attempting the Watch & Earn All-Stars Event**
Leaving a tab open for 24 hours with the sound muted worked just fine /emote /emote /emote
: So I got Chat Banned for this
If you had any friends/social connections outside this game, you wouldn't feel compelled to run your wordhole nonstop all over Summoner's Rift.
Tulare (NA)
: How Old Are You?
Reagan was elected, but Carter was still president.
: Help Someone Stole My Account and won't give it back!!
Can you post a screenshot of the reply from Riot Support that says _**"LOL THE ACCOUNT WILL NOT BE RESTORED GG NERD ROFL"**_.
: I'm kind of sad their isn't a Christmas Eve skin
Christmas Eve and Christmas Tree Ivern -- the only bundle with exclusive ruby chromas that everybody wants, **but nobody will ever get. :|**
Xavanic (NA)
: Plz make nexus blitz permanant
Nemesis Draft is only fun when it's combined with another RGM. Otherwise it's just _**"oh boy, Summoner's Rift with non-meta champions oh wow how exciting"**_ (which is what Nemesis Draft would be on RGM too, but at least Nemesis Draft Ascension, Nemesis Draft Nexus Blitz, Nemesis Draft Hexakill wouldn't be as stale as Nemesis Draft Summoner's Rift).
: Nexus Blitz Feedback
I think I'd like Nexus Blitz more if the start of the game was more like ARAM (Level 3) and Twisted Treeline (800G). Leave the champion XP at 0 (so it's a long climb to level 4, like ARAM used to be) -- or tweak the experience gain such that champions hit level 4 either right before or right after the first event.
: Riot agrees: ChickenWrap is 5 times more cool than the average player.
...three key shards are 250 blu'ssence. h'okay ... uh. well... yay
: Riot agrees: ChickenWrap is 5 times more cool than the average player.
... oh, this reminded me that I got an Honor-5 capsule that I haven't opened yet
SuperHornio (EUNE)
: Stop guving riot shit for the new yi skin
For fanboi cringe-posting, this thread is especially cringe-worthy.
CLG ear (NA)
: Netflix will release new Ghost in the Shell animu in 2020
If it picks up in the same "world" that is SAC1 and SAC2, that sounds cool. Big fan of those. The"Arise" reboot was less interesting.
Jinxalot (NA)
: Why is Tyler1 a Celeb?
The takeaway is that toxicity is mmmbad mmmkay, _unless_ you have a large following of pre-tweens. In that case, Rito James will exploit your toxicity for profit, while permanently banning equally-toxic players who aren't streamers with a large following of pre-tweens. Why isn't there a bronze/silver/gold supporter bundle for T1's fanbase? What's the holdup, Rito James?
: I will never spend money on a game with microtransactions or loot boxes
Could you also resolve to stop making useless threads, or is that a bridge too far for your fabricated convictions?
Jinxalot (NA)
: Why is Tyler1 a Celeb?
It's a sop to the 12 y/o Fortnite demographic -- who somehow are now the most important nerds to cater to. I have nothing against Tyler1, but seeing him all but tongue-wrestling with Phreak was so cringe. I haven't been 12 since George HW Bush, so whatever "appeal" T1 has on pre-tweens is lost on me.
: So, why do the pros at All-Star get URF but we don't?
> Because they know what you want to play better than you do. /sarcasm > But who doesn't LOVE watching the pro skilled mans playing it. Rito James figures that the all important 12 y/o Fortnite demographic would rather experience dry orgasm watching Faker play URF than actually playing URF themselves. And they probably aren't wrong...
Manxxom (NA)
: My friend made me realize that the omega skin in fortnite is based off omega in final fantasy.
What a "_**FIRST!!!@" **_ in video gaming. Edgy _and_ unprecedented.
: Watching the Video Game awards has made me realize somethings
If the 12 y/o Fortnite demographic was into it, Rito James™ would have Phreak and Tyler1 tongue-wrestling on-screen during this All Star event "banter".
: How many days must I suffer this
I feel the same about a forum cluttered with usless FaceJournalr threads.
Is FaceJournalr down again_????_
: Boosting and issues with my account
Is the point of this thread that you're mad because Riot cant just completely delete your Season6/7 match history as if it never happened? You claim your account was permanently banned. Seemingly, you got it back. You should be grateful enough for that. Whatever caused you to "lose access to your computer" is not Riot's problem. You are still responsible for your account security. If you want a "normal" account (again), you'll need to make an entirely new account. _<Removed by Moderation>_
: Was PAX's no-males policy even necessary? (RIP DZK)
Ostensibly male humans who use the non-term "privilege" unironically are just beta-signaling that they're unable to give their virginity away and are desperately hoping some ostensibly female human comrade feels enough progress-pity on them to deflower them. There are no exceptions to this observation.
: Literally WTF
: Except, I don't feel like having to spend hours upon hours playing this game just to be able to pick one character. Shit is stupid, Riot.
> [{quoted}](name=The Highest Noon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WjBQc5Qi,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-12-05T18:08:53.597+0000) > > Except, I don&#x27;t feel like having to spend hours upon hours playing this game just to be able to pick one character. Shit is stupid, Riot. Ladies totally dig males who cry on the internet about having to work for something they want.
: I kinda miss passionate rioters, getting tired of these "stat" responses.
This was not a problem when Pendragon, Zileas, Morello, or whoever had no qualms with telling some raging incel to shut his cryhole or find another time sink. Now companies are terrified to do that because they (collectively) have zero testicular fortitude. This is not to suggest that somebody whose total RP contribution is <100 has nothing of value to say, nor does it mean somebody whose total RP contribution is >$4,000 (ahem) should be given Riot's ear when demanded. But why waste time and effort on anybody who clearly doesn't support your company in a significant manner (a single, $10 card isn't much stake in the game). If those nerds don't like what they're (not) hearing, they can go be a drain on another game/community. WoW has no different (although they arguably had a better case for being cucks because every forumgoer was a paying customer), but the eventually decided that, instead of controlling their forums by telling shrieking nerds to take their emotional breakdowns to a third-party site where it belongs ... they'd just stop posting. Rito James is no different, except that they tend to do more posting at said third-party websites themselves.
: Locking Victorious skins makes people more likely to buy accounts.
: For debate,
Teemo's ult does not need to be changed.
CLG ear (NA)
: blood moon sivir looks pretty good
There's something wrong with her teeth...
: Ivern's forgotten
Who needs Christmas Tree Ivern and Christmas Eve when you can have _**SLAY BELLE ANNIE**_ and _**REINDEER TEEMO**_!?
yeulx (NA)
: Riot needs to Chill out with the Prestige edition skins
Looking forward to the "**Prestige + Loading Screen Border + EXCLUSIVE RUBY CHROMA (_when you buy 7-8 other chromas_)**" bundle.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jeddite,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KqNnOmIv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-04T21:29:00.008+0000) > > No, it&#x27;s not a legally-binding contract. Good lord. Verbal agreements can be upheld in court, however, proving there was an agreement or the terms is the tricky part. Also convincing a judge not to throw out the case is a diff matter.
> [{quoted}](name=Hethalean,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KqNnOmIv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-04T21:42:30.046+0000) > > Verbal agreements can be upheld in court, however, proving there was an agreement or the terms is the tricky part. Also convincing a judge not to throw out the case is a diff matter. _**ACK-SHUALLY.JPEG**_
: Nerf rammus/ garen/ nasus
If this thread was a World of WarCraft raid, it would be 25 level 80 players repeatedly wiping to the first two giants in Molten Core for three hours.
: Are wager matches legally binding?
No, it's not a legally-binding contract. Good lord.
: There is no greater feeling in league than
Dont immediately decline the invite. Wait a short while -- accept the request (ideally, said madnerd is in another game), then send a _**"LOL @ U"**_ type message, and unfriend them.
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