: Nunu Teaser is here
Was his character design really from Where the Wild Things Are? I'm getting that vibe that it is from looking at it x3
: Ty for answering that quick, I agree with you that that is a tricky problem and trust me it would change a game and especially the game it self. Ty for taking your time!{{champion:33}}
I've been having this issue frequently last week...
DieDong (EUNE)
: cant change my region
Service Status states that: Account transfer are not available until June 14, 2018 so you're just gonna have to wait until that day.
Rioter Comments
: That's not a purely defensive item.
: Hell, I want a defensive item to be a sword/an offensive item to be a piece of armor.
: Welp, as I'm sure you guys could have guessed, this turned out to be far more complex. There were actually two separate issues that had very similar symptoms (failure to load into the game) and we have a fix that we hope to push to servers by tomorrow (this is actually as soon as possible, as this change is a bit higher risk and we want to make sure we don't introduce other problems). Sorry for the inconvenience but thanks for the reports. I'll post again after the fix is live and see if anyone is still having it occur.
I wanna give an update on the issue. Well good news im loading in which is a plus. The bad news it takes a lot longer for me to get into the game and by the time i load in, it's already 2mins in...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 8
Have u thought about giving Jinx's some early game buffs? Ever since the item changes, I feel that she's a lot weaker after trying her out in some games.
: I've typed this in another discussion, but just in case, I'll resend it to this one. Possible Answer: Have you guys done a "Initiate A Full Repair"? If not, I suggest you to do it, since it might be a missing file after updating to Patch 8.11 You can find at "Settings (the little cog on the top-right of the client) < Client < General < Initiate Full Repair" Other than this, I suggest you to send in a ticket to Riot Games about your issue, or hope for a soon-to-come patch.
I did that in past and it still didnt fix the issue so im just gonna sit around until this is resolved. Adding to it, i even reinstalled the client all over again and nothing changed to fix it.
Jbels (NA)
: "You have been disconnected"
I don't think it's just ARAM Jbels. I have been disconnecting in normal games as well quite a few times.
: Hey Jbels, I'm trying to track down a potential issue. Just sent you a friend request in game
Is it ok if I can add you too to help out?
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Can I just wsay that Annie deserves a splash revamp just because of this video?
Quartze (NA)
: (CRASH)(Could also be a client issue, I don't know the specifics) Installer will only install 1 part
ive been having the same issue too.... i instantly crash once i head in game
Rioter Comments
: Trust me there will be some one who will post saying "Spam ping is punishable" but no one has ever been punished for it. No one on board ever even talk about they got punish for spam pinging so I highly doubt Riot is telling the truth when they say people get punish for it since I have never heard of seen a person complain about being punished from ping.
if the person is flaming and spamming constantly the whole entire game then it is possible to to get punished with that because your disrupting the game and distracting them.
Keyru (NA)
: Discord Verification
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: They said its on their list but its very low on their list, so basically once the new client has every feature the old one has then they will worry about item sets. I believe their current target is getting the new client to support all of the rotating game modes.
Rioter Comments
: Can't buy a champion with enough ammount of IP.
Your gonna have to go back to the legacy client in order to work because legacy and alpha are linked together.
: [Client] Top Menu Options Disappear
I've been having the same problem too ever since alpha client started.
Rioter Comments
: Your ip amount got de-synced with many other people two weeks ago. Launching the old (legacy client) will force it to update with the server-side amount. Hope that helps^^
alright let me check
Rioter Comments
: Game won't actually launch into the game
I have a similar problem but on mac my client just says reconnect and it wont let me i even tried to log out log back and still nothing changed...
Rioter Comments
: I think they can. Send in a support ticket if someone sends you a scam link.
We can ban them not to because their a hacker. We can ban them or the person's account to prevent further damage.
: I think they can. Send in a support ticket if someone sends you a scam link.
We can ban them not to because their a hacker. We can ban them or the person's account to prevent further damage.
WolvesTM (NA)
: [CRASH] Game is repeatingly crashing/bugsplating when loading into game
Mine just freezes and i have to completely close league relog in so fucking bullshit rn riot fix your god damn client
: Battle Bunny Riven q making no sound
your forgot one more thing her ult doesnt make sound effects either
Kouhey (NA)
: FPS drops after recent win10 v1607 update
I've been having the sam problem in game. Ever since ARURF came out and cs riven and zed came out the fps is dropping down hard on me. Nothing wrong with the computer did a performance spec no problems. Any ideas
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team: 6.17, the Pre-Worlds Patch
I am satisfied with the RIven buff that you implemented (haha RIven main :p) However, buffing her ult at a lv3 with mac dmg at 600 is out of line. Like yea sure she has been a bit weak over the last patches but can you make it to a point where her damage can lie into just getting damage off in time fights and not be too one sided when you just get blasted my an instant windslash that instantly deletes u. {{champion:92}} Overall why buff her when she is still powerful in 1v1 scenarios? she still has great damage in early fights and will never fall off throughout the game.
Aamano (NA)
: wait, i saw Taric's ult in the Ryze spotlight
It would be interesting to have golden bars around champions that have invulnerability or any ability that is being ready to activate. It can help players learn to not waste their abilities or use them in sticky situations for more interesting plays.
: Patch 6.6 Bugs are Overwhelming, Can we Get an Update on the Mac OSX FPS Drop Fix?
I don't know about fps drop but I'm getting random high pings... Even if i connect my computer to the router.
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: New free champion rotation: Cassiopeia, Talon, Teemo and more!
Lyte (NA)
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster system!
When will the new tribunal system open?
Salariel (NA)
: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/champion-update/dev-blog-champion-updates Last paragraph. Thank me later.
That only explains her update not the slash art.{{champion:78}}
Tysk (NA)
: New Champion Skin
PROJECT {{champion:114}}
: Do we really only get 2 Rune Pages?
You can buy another rune page for 6300 IP our buy the bundle. You can look at the rune page in the store.
: OMG you actually looked this! Now you're my personal favorite rioter <3 IMO the only skill that need some extra particles would be the Command: protect (E), which can have something like the Lulu's shield but with the rococo theme. I always thought that {{champion:61}} Orianna was a princess, or a *doncella* and this skin fits that idea perfectly! Sorry for my bad English, I'm just so excited, this have chances of happening? :p
I clearly have to agree with her because i really love {{champion:61}} and she's one the best champs I've used ever since she came out.
: yes but cooler and people might actually play this champ HAHA
yea, but i'm just more use to quinn kit than this kind of champion that's just it
: (Champion Concept) "Dracia "The Archer From The North"
Isn't she a bit like quinn? just saying thou
Jynx (NA)
: Arcade community creations roundup
Why dont they make a arcade lulu. That way veigar has a henchman or something lol

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