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: Hey guys! The issue with the current progression is that the mission needs to be active for it to count. Each mission is "watch 3 of your team's games" over the course of the 2 weeks that mission is active. If you watch all 4, you get the mission granted and one of the games is flagged as watched but doesn't count towards the next mission since it's not active yet. The trick is watching when the "watch your team" mission is active, and you can't watch a game you've already watched. I'm actually in the exact same boat on my passes, and we're working to make some changes to the progression so that this issue is more obvious and solvable. Kammaram, based on what I see you should get your next on after this coming weekend.
So for those of us who have watched all of our team's games on time, are we now unable to complete out team passes? I've been stuck at mission 3/8 with 2/3 games watched and the games this weekend didn't count towards completing the mission for some reason. I'm now worried I wont be able to complete the pass after spending money on it. Also, are you saying that we needed to wait for our mission to activate instead of just watching them when they aired? Because if that's the case, anyone who was actually keeping up with their team is now unable to finish their missions. The missions should have been sequential so that as soon as you complete one, the next one is available so this problem didn't occur. It's just really frustrating to be keeping up with my team and not able to make progress on the fan pass missions because of it.
Eiyamaya (NA)
: Watch and Earn for Team pass bugged
I've been having the same problem. I've watched every single C9 game except the one from yesterday (mostly because i'm afraid I won't be able to complete the missions if it's not counting correctly), but my team pass is stuck at mission 3/8 and having only watched 2/3 games. We've had 10 games now, I've watched 9, and it should have completed mission 3/8 by now. I'm worried about actually being able to complete the mission pass now because of how it is bugged. I understand how you guys wanted to reward early adopters and not let missions pile up that couldn't be completed yet, but the missions should be given to us as soon as we would be able to start on the next one. It's creating a problem where people are watching games that a mission isn't showing up for yet. Anyways, if someone could help me with why my mission is bugged, that would be great :) I don't want to keep missing my favorite team's games because I won't get credit for them if I do.
: Thank You...
Same thing happened to me, but it's going down for maintenance. That means bugs we're experiencing will be fixed and it will overall be better. If you watch, you should be able to get back in pretty quickly when it comes back up! Good luck in your queue attempt!
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O Teu Pai (EUW)
: Border/rank Bug
The same thing happened to me and it's honestly super disappointing. I grinded to get to Gold and now it's showing my highest was silver. I really hope it gets changed back.


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