Papa Stalin (EUNE)
: The Riot Games Balance team does not care about you or your feedback.
Riot in general doesnt care about feedback, not just the balance team.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 13
Like.... is there a reason you pick 6 to 7 people to respond to on each of these posts and just ignore the rest? Lol...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 13
: Again, Why Are We Buffing/Nerfing Karma if You are Canceling GU and Doing Nothing?
everyone says it but this game sucks lmaooo, like..... i have no words anymore
: New Riven skin splash looks like Azula from Avatar
nami looks like pearl from steven universe, horrible tbh ;x{{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: just gotta remove teleport from the game if people want it to be fun.
Terozu (NA)
: I... Greatly prefer the zoomed out one. I think the rest should be made to match it.
so you think her mini face and big poofy hair in that tiny little icon, looks better than ANY other champions icon? xd
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: Can't unsee. Thanks a lot OP.
: Star Guardian In Game Models and More!
neekos tail is missing its turn-tech mechanic on bother her SG skin and Prestige edition, hope yall can fix!
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Bazerka (NA)
: Whats up ya'll, I'm on my lunch break again
can you fix qiyanas portrait in the tab menu uwu, heres pics
: Are there any plans to revisit Karma's gameplay update at some point?
honestly I just want a new passive, a shield animation, and for her model to reflect how she looks in the awaken cinematic. They made her look so beautiful with her bracelets connecting to her cloak, then we get karmas ingame where her legs clip through her dress (Im looking at you traditional karma >:o )
Trapics (NA)
: Ahh it all makes sense to me, you're an Ahri and Lux main that lives in Howling Abyss. Lol. Have a good day. P.S. Howling Abyss is getting removed soon. Better make that jump to ARAM ASAP
you realized howling abyss is IN aram...right? xd
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 30
Could you take a look into fixing qiyanas portrait in-game to match her champion select portrait?
: I really like the new Star Guardian skins
i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love themi love them i love them i love them i love them i love them {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Crocele (NA)
: most people feel that spear of shojin should be removed
you know whats problematic? GA. Any AD champ can build it, gives armor and AD, and a fucking revive. Revert GA pls, such an unfun item to play against
Vathyrin (NA)
: 50-60+ ms?
Vathyrin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jenivie,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dusJYsdA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-25T21:37:33.114+0000) > > Yes, a lot of people experiencing this including myself, not sure why riot hasnt come out to say anything. I think its because of clash It makes sense, however, why is it affecting other regions aswell?
> [{quoted}](name=Vathyrin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dusJYsdA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-25T21:46:51.796+0000) > > It makes sense, however, why is it affecting other regions aswell? oh i had no idea it was affecting other regions, either way its something going on with riot i guess
: > [{quoted}](name=Nefas,realm=NA,application-id=6WpmgL9O,discussion-id=bm6MAFgU,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-25T19:17:22.607+0000) > > My ping has gone up 45-50 the last few days. Used to be high 20’s and is now consistently around 75. When you're playing League, you should run the steps for a trace route, see what your actual hops are from your PC to our servers. And ideally have a set run when you're seeing 45-50 ping normally, then you can compare where and why it's 50% larger. I personally recommend the download link to WinMTR there, it provides packet loss where a base tracert doesn't.
I find it funny how before clash happens i have 30 ping, and now that its here I have a consistent 77-85 ms....
Vathyrin (NA)
: 50-60+ ms?
Yes, a lot of people experiencing this including myself, not sure why riot hasnt come out to say anything. I think its because of clash
: Higher ping?
me too, i usually have 30 ping but now i have 77-80 ping. If u ask me i think its because of clash
: Ping is high only to league servers
i usually have 30 but now i have 77, honestly i think its because of clash
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: Anyone else getting a steady 50 increase in ping?
: qiyana is like mega stupid ass design champ with one interesting aspect
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 23
Could you please look into fixing qiyanas in game portrait? Its awkwardly miscropped and zoomed out compared to those of other champions. I made a reddit post about it also ( )
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: I can't do much, but I can upvote this.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 9
Please consider taking a look into qiyanas in-game portrait, its miscropped and looks awkward compared to portraits of other champs
Elipo (NA)
: I actually like it like that and I think also other champions would look better like that. To me when their portrait is too zoomed in is something you'd do if the splashart is crappy and want to avoid showing the ugly parts of it ingame
yeah but hers is the only one like that, and seeing that it does not match any others makes it look extremely awkward and out of place
Lapis (OCE)
: Hmm, yeah, that's a good point. I'll give you an upvote, hopefully you get attention.
: all the qiyana players mention this but they think we're just crazy.
right? this is literally my 10th time reposting this
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GankLord (NA)
: Zyra revert?
yeah i miss the old passive, her current passive feels VERY unreliable. im literally in lane and seeds are spawning BEHIND ME, like hello?????????
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: they don't believe us bro.
but you see it too right ;( i submitted a ticket and here what the rioter said, "Yes, the bug reports do mention the portrait and the way that it's cropped. They also contain a link to this ticket and your Reddit thread as well. So it has been shared with the team and it's entirely possible that they will address it, we just can't make any promises on when or if it will happen. I hope that clears things up a little." - this gives me a little bit of hope ;-;
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 9
Would you please please please, take a look into fixing qiyanas portrait in-game :( It's mis-cropped, and it does not look as good as portraits of other champions. Hers just needs to be zoomed in a bit, like how it is when you hover her in champ select. Pleeeease!
: Imo the portrait should be lowered and rotated around her 180 degrees to show off her best _ass_ ets Jk, needs the zoom like the others.
t h a n k y o u, i really need this post to get more attention, otherwise it wont get fixed!!!!! I already tried opening a ticket and they said they would send it to the devs, but who knows if thats actually true.
xelaker (NA)
: I mean close, far, or in-between ol Q-dog still looks like a low class escort anyways so...
it still looks awkward, would look nice if it was fixed
JiinxNya (NA)
: Illoai e+ jinx passive nolonger working
Honestly dont think that was supposed to happen though, unintended interaction for sure
: Fiora ,Irelia & Kayle.
i liked old fiora splash better but, i think new irelia and kayle are a really nice upgrade
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Teh Song (NA)
: rank is not mmr, and ranked and norms have seperate mmr. You see those diamonds in your norms because you and those diamonds have the same mmr.
why does this have a downvote lmfao, its true
Ellsi (EUNE)
: [GAMEPLAY] Qiyana 0 CD Q bug
looks rly pretty tho
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