Cåracal (NA)
: Yeah, I hope they take a darker skin into consideration for her, it'd be a nice change. Nowadays I just pray reaper ends up in my hextech. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} I got Reaper in the Your Shop I think I got it because I owned all of her other skins.
Cåracal (NA)
: 20 Soraka Skin Concepts
Succubus Soraka would be a dream{{sticker:sg-lux}} , they don't have many dark skins for her besides Reaper and that's never on the market
xelaker (NA)
: Just because you are "countered" doesn't mean you have to get destroyed in lane...
I think what's interesting is that people are quick to stray away from their counters. Of course you don't want to lose, but losing is an important part of learning. Outside of who has superior skill, and then finding a more casual game to implement this environment, go for that anti-counter and see how well you do. Play your counter as well, so you get a better feel of how their kit works.
: Theory time; Evelynn
This is a stretch but have you thought of some connection between Evelynn and the seal for the Shadow Isles? Why do they look eerily alike? Hair and all.
Zelnick (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zarkkast,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yXMVfYWu,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-07-27T20:51:48.423+0000) > > Like 1% of the playerbase honours their team mates. > > The system as it is is practically inexistent. Exactly, and that fact shows itself. It's time that changes, this makes honor a lot more flexible, you don't need to be in a match to do it so you can do it whenever you have the time and have analyzed the situation.
I suggest putting a time limit. Maybe within 24/48 hours. After that, you can no longer honor players in that game. ....maybe not 24/48 hours....1 hour max.
Zelnick (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BakedLotion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yXMVfYWu,comment-id=001300000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-28T14:28:24.226+0000) > > Except ive never gotten a warning or gotten banned in the 4 years ive been playing. So nice try. > Its funny because someone made a silly mistake. If theyre as sensitive as you are, then yeah its not funny. Ive never been reported by the people i tease. They all tease back and tend to have fun. I even get honors from the people im apparently being "toxic" to. You lack the ability to comprehend jokes and joke around. Thats your fault. > > Lmfao you must be so fun to play with. And clearly my argument is much better considering all youre getting is downvotes. And you ignore half of what i say by screaming "youre toxic" > I even gave you the definition of banter. Use it. Except unless your account is less than one month old, you definitely have been reported. So nice try. It's not funny because unless you're strictly with your friends, it has zero comedic value whatsoever, it's less than even a fart joke. Or, a simple explanation could also be that you're at bronze 5 or below, a place where trolling is so common that they have zero standards there. Lmfao you must get into fights with people every single game (explains your rank). And clearly my argument is much better considering I have numerous upvotes and my main topic has 40+ upvotes. And you ignore half of what I say by screaming "I have no standards."
I agree with BakedLotion, though everything has a time and a place. Zelnick, you're just being overly sensitive. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Personally I think the numbers are to high. I've been playing for only about 1 year, have over 200 teamwork and over 150 honorable opponent honors and I haven't gotten anything. At what point do you earn something?
Don't you also have to get a combination of the other honors, as well? I heard that receiving honor crests is dependent on the frequency and variety of honors received.
: Bots in ARAM...?
MUCH AGREED! Holy crap, I have encountered this SO much and it's increasingly aggravating. I'm at the point where I see what's going on and chalk up that game to an automatic loss. AND IT CONTINUES TO HAPPEN. It's so rampant now that there will be games with even 2 bots on one team, of course I report but does that even really work??? With the increase of bots in ARAM comes with my decreasing trust in Riot's Report a Player program.... It really sucked because we weren't even able to surrender with just a 3/2 vote. I think voting should be required. If you don't say yes or no then those don't count The vote is only out of those who have voted, not out of the 5 when 2 of them didn't even contribute.
: I don't want to lane against a draven mid. Most mid laners can't deal with that
Ah, I see....hmm there are some tactics you could try? Lane swapping, jg help (i.e. camp the mid lane), use more defense oriented tactics. ADCs like draven are pretty squish though so try to bully him out of lane. I don't know a lot so I hope this helps.
: Can ADCs stay in their lane?
Isn't that the point? Don't you want your ADC to be successful? They're the bulk of your team's damage.
: Random Freezing
I have actually just recently experienced a similar occurrence in a recent game. I figured it was lag and kept it moving, though I had not experienced any lag while at my current residence before. It happened in bottom lane (ADC) and right when the opposing champs were making a move to attack. Actually, it happened similarly to how a Mac will crash while there was a sudden exchange of a large amount of damage. Instead of staying closed, it picked right back up. (I don't know if this is any help)
: So you're feeding a single Poro more food than it can handle while all the other Poros watch you sadly from the corner. :(
As they say, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Besides....this isn't communism!
: Now you just need to have one team do it :P
True, I just ping the crap out of the fattest poro. I've seen this rare phenomenon a few times now.
: The one and only acceptable way of feeding
I love it when players on both sides come together to feed a poro until it explodes. One of the few times where teamwork is genuine.
: League of Legends, In gainesville fl.
email me: dkmelmo@gmail.com Would love to link up and play with some locals. Thanks.


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