: > Do you want to go back to the lane swap meta (without first tower gold) which was even more boring to watch and no one tried to win/shove lane? Clearly I said I wanted self snowballing, so no.
Then why are you whining about map rotation? That term is so broad and you just casually throw it around like it didn't happen at worlds. After a dominant top laner won, he usually rotated bot while the rest of the team rotated mid and top depending on TP availability. When bot lane won, they rotated mid. This is common practice but you just whine as if this type of play didn't happen. But your response is to answer a rhetorical question? Great response lol. Just because map rotation doesn't happen in your low elo games, doesn't mean it didn't happen on the world stage.
: Consider this Preseason the ultimate and final trial for the Balance Team
I agree with you that Riot's design philosophy hasn't aligned well with real results and that things have been slow to be nerfed/changed. But your comments on World's are completely stupid and short-sighted. Did you even watch the games? The meta constantly evolved across the tournament and multiple styles of play were used to win. "Where's the self-snowballing and skill expression of map rotation?" Do you want to go back to the lane swap meta (without first tower gold) which was even more boring to watch and no one tried to win/shove lane? There was even less action back then than now. Misfits and SKT used Leona bot lane multiple times to establish dominance and hard-won lane. Varus and Caitlyn were prioritized to shove and win the lane over the meta hyper carries. Did you not see Faker be a roaming god on Galio, Ryze, and Karma in the early to mid game, carrying his team on his back? Did you not watch Huni play Gnar, Trundle, and Jayce split pushing? Cuvee even played the split pushing game and beat Huni at his own playstyle. How do you see teams grouped up as five as "death balls"? They are strategically roaming the map as a team unit, usually trying to protect their carry and huge influential team fights can spring up at any moment. They have to be together to get vision control and one mistake can lead to a championship game point. Team-wide snowballing isn't as bad as you make it out to be. This year's champions made it look easy because they bought literally 100+ control wards every game (every team member bought at least 5). Their macro play was impeccable. Meanwhile, SKT's carries only bought 1 or 2 each per game. Samsung's vision superiority choked out their opponents and no one else could do it like they could. Every opponent choked against SKT except them, and SKT came back from 10k gold deficits. Ardent censor was definitely super OP and skewed the meta, but worlds was enjoyable and action-packed. The world's game experience is completely different from your solo que experience, and you shouldn't bash it nonchalantly to support your qualms about the meta.
: Why are series still so blatantly stacked against you ?
It might have to do with the time of day when you play League. Dong Huap explained it pretty well in his video, and I can agree. I went from playing in the afternoon to 1-4 am and my match quality went from fair to absolute shit fests.
: I hate to say League isn't fun right now
It feels so just.... off. Wrong. Unbalanced. The flame never bothered me too much from the start. The biggest issue for me is that the gameplay doesn't reward different play styles like it used to. Now the main strategy is to brute force overpower the enemy. The jungler has so much influence over the map. Lethality is stupid powerful. Learning other champs is extra painful because it's just a stomp fest most of the time. I've never stopped playing League unless it was because of other life duties but now I have no desire to play.
: When you're adjusting your masteries in champ select, but you take too long and get no keystone
: I've got the same problem. Found any fix?
Just download and use VLC player. Works fine.
: Why pick Garen over Darius?
I'll give the legitimate reason other than the dumb "he's an easier champion" argument. I play Garen over Darius because Garen can split push more effectively and if he gets the right flank on the villain, can quickly kill them in a teamfight, swinging the favor immediately into your team's favor. Garen has faster waveclear mid game and self speed buff to push side lanes and roam better. In teamfights, obviously Darius has an easier time running head first and getting multi-person Q's while using two types of CC. You can't play Garen like Darius. You try to flank and go for vulnerable targets/villain. Once you assassinate the villain, you either clean up the fight by going for the next villain or go split push with passive HP regen. In conclusion: {{champion:122}} brute force teamfights and shit. {{champion:86}} splits, roams, assasinate (have access to single target true damage nuke without prep) villains. Granted, Darius can do all of these things, but Garen is more well-rounded.
Ibn La Ahad (EUNE)
: Buffing lethality ADC was the best thing You've done Riot!
Hey but {{champion:67}} isn't meta anymore. Huh? Yeah yeah? High fives everyone**
: League of Legends, then vs now
Really informative read. Thanks for this and helping explain the problems of League. Honestly, so well put.
: Switch Dragon and Baron's places
I mean top laners already have a tough time with the new jungle changes. Everyone and their uncle is getting screwed over by the jungle changes. Junglers are just so strong -_-
awdaf (NA)
: "I must win my lane" No, you don't have to, going even is better than losing lane
Oh. I'm reading this after tilting and feeding my ass off. I guess I'll chillax more. Thanks.
: Crazy Idea for Assassins.
Just nerf exhaust. That summoner spell is a bit too strong IMO. Maybe also buff cleanse / barrier to get some summoner spell diversity.
Meep Man (NA)
: When You Are the Only "Rylai's Is My Life Essence" Champion to Not be Affected
: riot's boards are so polarizing.
Because Boards is cancer, full of whiny, circle-jerking idiots who are low elo and only upvote or downvote posts based on a few sentences.
: What if Randuin's active removed Crit Chance for a few seconds?
A few seconds late game would be about 5 autos and since crit ADCs usually have at least 50 % crit by late game, it would be too oppressive. Unless you want armor pen ADC's to be meta again. Not me.
: Elementalist Lux's abilities are too hard to see
"I've finally upgraded my computer. Watch as I turn my graphics setting from medium.... to medium high. AND THERE IT IS. A MASTA-PIECE." But yeah I have a hard time seeing the abilities too.
: Can we give Lee's ulti a 0.25 sec longer cast time ?
: It's late, so take this with a grain of salt.
Hahaha that was a great meme XD
: Riven with Courage of Colossus IS NOT OK.
"No longer possible to trade in 90% of matchups"? Lol that's kinda exaggerated. It's harder to do but not impossible. She's still squishy early game.
Swegmec (NA)
: Please don't say "You banned my champ!" if you didn't declare your champ in the first place...
Vayne mains go fucking bonkers when I ban their champ and only after I ban it. Like cmon. Vayne is FOTM pick right now. Deal with it. One guy actually trolled and picked my champ instead.
Meddler (NA)
: There are a few things we're hoping to accomplish by adding a shred to Garen's E: 1. We want to buff Garen moderately. He's underperforming, and has been for a while. At the same time though when he's strong his kit leaves some opponents feeling unable to deal with him. He's certainly not unique in that regard, he is one of the tankier champions to have that trait though, with a really reliable combat pattern in those match ups. A moderate, rather than large, buff is our target for a single patch as a result. 2. We want Garen to be more impactful on team compositions. We want champions in general to have a moderate degree of impact on which champions you pick alongside them. Garen at present's pretty soft in that regard, with a low degree of team power contribution (as opposed to personal power). Adding an Armor Shred, rather than just increasing his own damage, makes it more attractive to pair him with multiple other champions with significant physical damage. It also means that Garen getting a lot of kills, as he can be prone to do with his ult in particular, feels like a better use of those kills than at present - the items and XP he'll be getting from them should at least somewhat improve his ability to keep that shred up. 3. We want to increase the impact playing well as Garen and playing well against Garen has. The shred comes all at once after 4 E hits, rather than gradually stacking, to both slightly reward good Garen play and good play against Garen more (clear success/fail cases). 4. We'd like Garen to be a bit more target agnostic. When ahead Q/E/R can burst squishies pretty hard. When behind though he can really struggle to have any impact of note on tankier enemy champs. A % armor shred evens that out a bit. In terms of listening to Garen mains we always want to get some understanding of how the most frequent players of a champion feel about that champ's current state. That can offer some really good insights. At the same time though listening to mains doesn't necessarily mean doing what's asked. Some players do a great job of separating out personal feelings from suggested changes and offer really nuanced feedback that solves problems. Others however will push for buffs to their favorite champs until those champs are the strongest, or close to strongest, members of their class, without regard for the impact on other champs or the game as a whole.
I totally agree with your points and the moderate E shred buff looks appealing for his team contribution while not adding too much raw power to his kit. 1. As an avid plat Garen player, can I ask if you can look at his HP and HP per level stats. Out of all of the juggernauts, his stats seem very low. If you are looking for another moderate buff this would help synergize with his passive, help slightly in laning, and survive amidst team fights better. Other juggernauts have shields or heals, but Garen only has a 2 second damage reduction for a large portion of the game on 22s cd, the ability which he levels up last. Or buff his W duration / cd. 2. Another weakness of Garen is his reliance on his Villain mechanic. I might be one of the few people who actually like this mechanic and think it's thematically fitting and contributes to gameplay. However his team fight pattern goes like this: charge in and ult the villain. Escape the team fight to recover for CDs. Go back in to kill the next villain if it even changes quick enough. Outside of that, his damage isn't that impressive and his ult true damage is SO much of his total damage. Maybe you can give him some more usefulness / cool reward after successfully ulting the villain within a team fight. (Darius dunking, Morde ghost, Cho nom, etc.). Thank you for trying to listen to players, and I hope you make Garen good but not OP :)
: My Last Few Games Have Been MISERABLE.
Maybe you should roam more as a toplane. No one wards or pings MIA in low elo so it's easy fam.
: In light of the PBE buffs to Liandry's
I guess it's movement impairment as it causes ADCs to attack move less often.. haha.
: its funny how fervor is being buffed back to op status after being weak for a couple of weeks.
Grasp is almost unnoticeable outside of laning phase. In team fights, you can barely tell you proc the effect. But that's just my opinion.
Dorado (NA)
: Taking away exp from Raptors and giving it to Krugs was a shitty idea
So do Know Krugs and Raptors give the most experience? Doesn't this skew one side of the jungle to have more experience? I haven't jungled at all this season.
Lenad (NA)
: [Skin Idea] Big Chicken Shyvana
Hahaha that was funny as hell! I just imagined Shyvana going "BA-KAWWWW!!" while ulting into the enemy team xD
: Irelia is up for a rework. Pantheon is up for a rework. Guess who isn't?
Oh look another Tryndamere complain thread. Just more circle jerking.
Sciela (NA)
: So, you know Rito...
Meddler did address this. The developers are working on fixing the issues of why people don't like to play support. I have the same sentiment as you. Hopefully they have more stuff planned after the preseason. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/free-rotation/some-thoughts-support
Rioter Comments
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: Can we get plants to stop triggering things such as Poppy passive and Kled W?
I thought they fixed those issues in the new patch or are they still working on it?
: Actually the stealth is a problem and one of the main reasons late game Vayne is impossible to do anything about and target.
I wouldn't say "impossible“ lol. That's a bit over dramatic.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: Imagine if Draven's Q could crit with the bonus %AD damage critting as well
Crett (NA)
: Whenever Riot comes out with a new champ I die a little inside
Yeah I agree. It's why choosing tank just feels awful to me. Like I get blown up in the same amount of time as a tank would versus a fighter or juggernaut but I deal little damage. I'm not making an argument either, it's just a sentiment. Maybe it's a tank itemization issue.
ExHentai (NA)
: If you are a club owner and it still exists but you can't back in it, you can submit a ticket to support and they'll fix it.
Oh ok thanks fam. How long does it take?
: Patch 6.23 - The Elder Scrolls VI: Demacia
Rioter Comments
Tentaku (EUNE)
: "We are buffing Shen because there won't be much competitive gaming for a while
What if they nerfed the range on his ult instead of being global to semi global like TF? That way you have to plan out your roams or counter roams. Idk I'm not a Shen player but that's where his power is most loaded even when they nerfed all of his damage and tank stats
SlownD (NA)
: [Skin Idea] Pyromancer Yorick
Instead of digging graves he makes funeral pyres lol. Nice skin idea!
: i honestly think yasuo is only good right now with his tank build, i played him a lot, but not now cause i dont like being forced to build tank on him. I lose when i use his normal build and win if i were to go tanky. i think a problem is how every time a champ is nerfed to stop them from building tank another one pops up.
Personally I think the Frozen Mallet build is just decent. His normal build is much better at carrying if you know what you are doing.
Wygol (EUW)
: Yeah, I should've elaborated on that. It's mostly his laning phase, but such a potentially strong laning phase allows him to snowball very easily, and become unstoppable. This is personal experience, but about 4/5 Yasuo's I see still build Frozen Mallet, which I would consider toxic and makes him more than tanky enough.
I see. The full AD build is honestly better but I didnt know people were still going FM. I personally hate going that build and always go IE second.
Wygol (EUW)
: Is Riot ever going to address how Yasuo removes his opponents agency from the game?
Are you saying that his laning phase is broken and that his only weakness is that Yasuo players have a tendency to throw? Because that's what Dopa said. By opponent do you mean just opposite laner or the whole enemy team? i believe there is plenty of counterplay as a whole team but yes Yasuo's laning phase is fairly busted depending on the match up. As a side note, I would like to argue that the recent nerfs have put him in a good spot and have forced him to go full crit instead of the toxic tank build.
Rioter Comments
: Laughing Fish's 150,000 Lifetime Upvote Spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
You make boards better Laughing Fish. https://media4.giphy.com/media/10W0oaf0FjmpQA/giphy_s.gif
Meddler (NA)
: Buffing underperforming marksmen like Kalista or Kog isn't the same as buffing every ADC to Vayne level. As per that quote you posted (the actual one, no the one you made up for your thread title) whenever looking at a possible balance problem we think it's really important to keep an open mind to figure out what the actual situation and best approach are. Maybe that's nerfing a problematic champ. Or maybe that champ's just a symptom not the actual problem. 'Nerf the thing people are currently yelling about' isn't the right approach however.
Yes the title was misleading since that is no t what you said. Maybe if fervor was buffed slightly, lane bullies could come back and lower Vayne's dominance.
: I can't be the only one who hates supporting Ezreals...
Yeah holy shit I agree. Ezreal players tend to be pussies who love gettimg shoved into tower and eating harass from the enemy. I have to tell them to push the damn lane and try to not be a farm bot.
Nahui (NA)
: But your citing a nerf to Rengar specifically for Twitch and Eve. That's not grounds for a nerf. Grounds for a nerf is reducing duration, increasing CD, etc. Those are general nerfs because they were overall too strong. You're calling for nerfs so that your champion is indirectly buffed. Simple, don't play Twitch vs Rengar. Learn more than one ADC. If this is a problem, ban him. If not, accept that Rengar will always see camo because it is simply fair. He has an aspect of his kit that is designed for counterplay of other aspects. Otherwise, please call for nerfs on Olaf's ult because he can't be CC'd, Tahm's Devour because the enemy is saved for about free, and Cass's W for champs that need mobility.
LOL There is more counterplay for Olaf, Tahm, and Cass than for Rengar. Even the champs that they "counter" have more ways around it than Twitch does for Rengar in this instance. The team can at least see the Olaf coming at you. You can CC Tahm instead and end up catching two champs or simply disengage. Cass's W is easy to just walk out of the way if you respect the range. On the other hand, Rengar has a 30s ult duration at max levels with 45% movement speed. That is so much time to just sit and pounce -- even into 3 members of a team. I've seen this happen multiple times and the adc doesn't have to be Twitch. It's overwhelming when the only escape you have is camouflage. Even against Eve you can camouflage away with proper positioning. Rengar just pounces on you as an ADC, and he can proc his speed boost often due to low cooldowns-- very little counterplay and even less for Twitch. I'm asking for this because it's better to nerf some extraneous power than to just keep nerfing numbers like they did BEFORE the assassin rework. People want _counterplay_. If a Blitz support is picked into a Soraka, it's a counter yes, but you can hide behind minions until the end of laning phase. Rengar scales immensely into the late game, and all you can do is pray that your team hasn't fed him enough for him to just go on a rampage. If the change I wanted happened Twitch has 10 seconds to try and outrun Rengar to safety. If he can't and Rengar just get's close enough to reveal him, then Twitch mispositioned. That's fair and he dies like the rest of the ADCs. It's a mixture between Rengar being too strong and being a counter to Twitch. Now that people think Twitch is the 2nd best ADC and Rengar is permabanned, I don't really care about this discussion anymore.
Nahui (NA)
: Well your complaint seems now to be at general Rengar, which is fine. Originally, it seemed like you were calling for Rengar nerfs specifically for a couple of champions, which is nonsensical. Statistically, very low chance Rengar is in game with Twitch or Evelynn. Not enough to warrant nerfs. His CC immunity isn't a factor in his ult. He simply has an ultimate ability that has a longer CD, but of course it's better than Twitch's Q in every way due to being an ult. He's a counterpick. They exist. Could argue it's unfair that Zed can't really ever fight Lissandra once Zhonyas is built, or that Vayne/Gnar shit on slow melee tops. Counterpicks.
When Rengar is in every game I don't think it's statistically low that a Twitch will face against Rengar. Twitch is apparently the second best ADC now (didn't expect that). You say range top laners is a counterpick for slow melee top laners yet many players complain that the match up is too skewed in favor of ranged champs. My argument is the same. I'm fine with counters but there should still be a reasonable amount of counterplay. It goes both ways.
Meddler (NA)
: Patch 6.23 is locked for new changes at this point. A combination of non balance pre-season follow up, MMR issues making balance assessments trickier than usual and shifted patch dev cycles due to Thanksgiving means it's going to be a lighter patch than most balance wise. We are talking about whether we should make changes to Vayne in 6.24 (the patch we're working on now), given she does look pretty strong. Twitch isn't currently on our radar, though possible that could change. Other stuff we'll likely be looking at includes Courage of the Colossus, Fervor, overall increase in magic damage from Aegis removal, Syndra, Fiddlesticks and more.
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Wolfess (NA)
: If the Justice League could play League of Legends, who would be the first one banned?
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