: Need chill people for Clash
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: My reaction to the TSM/P1 game
http://memesvault.com/wp-content/uploads/Surprised-Patrick-Meme-14.gif At least maybe the pressure for the perfection run is off now.
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poo2c (NA)
: Hextech refilling
I would think one a week. They said 4 chests a month.
roar2001 (NA)
: I know that I am new to league, but what was the Big Game Hunter originally?
I believe it was the old Moonflair Spellblade icon
: When you are excited to use your new skin, but you realize you forgot to select it
DogIsGod (EUNE)
: Optimist vs Pessimist vs Realist
I think I am a realist by nature But deep, deep down I know what I really am http://i.imgur.com/uK0iUTJ.png
: League Pokemon types chart.
This is really cool. Gotta buy em all
: For Major Face Reconstruction: Contact Dr.Shen (Surgery Specialist)
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: Happy Thanksgiving! -From all your favorite champions (Who's YOUR favorite champions?)
{{champion:161}} We just connect so much on an intellectual level. Happy Thanksgiving!
: [CHAMPION CONCEPT] Nollok, The spectral shadow
I don't have much of an opinion on it's abilities but I really do like the concept art! I think he will fit in nicely.
: When Your Jungler Keeps Giving You Blue
: Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. How tough are ya?
I'll have you know I played a game with verbally abusive teammates without muting and I only cried for twenty minutes.
: Gnar And Teemo Trying each others weapons! :DD
Equifox (EUW)
: KENNEN - rioter skin + particles
Ooooh these are nice. Would it be like Sona and you can switch between all three?
: Kindred one-for-all
Aren't those Alpacas though? xD
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naagza (NA)
: There's a new champion being released....
{{champion:24}} "Imagine if I had a real weapon" THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE UNDERTAKER TOLD JOHN CENA...
Lumii (NA)
: That actually is from a Rioter as a skin concept an art he drew! Obviously I would be all for it!
Your name...coincidence? I THINK NOT!
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: Just found this abomination of a thing...
Looks like something my old art teacher would hang on his wall.....yeash
Elfezen (NA)
: Deep Terror Kha'Zix Skin
Those claws are brutal
: ***
That's what I thought too. Maybe one of her blades.
: When you hit your power spike
The mom's face has the same expression as the enemy team no doubt.
: They went through with it, THEY WENT THROUGH WITH IT.
: When you have a DJ Sona on your team
Man, Patrick Stewart is so cool....
Mhija (NA)
: Pets Named After League!
I don't have any pets, but it would be cool to have a koi fish named Nami.
: Are you joking? I can't tell
: Riot what could this possibly be
What do I type in the command prompt to enable this?
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: When you're supporting an ADC that is winning lane but calling the other team "F@#$ing Noobs"
: How it feels when you are Garen, and you fight a massive minion wave
And how it feels when you get back to base http://i.imgur.com/mUEksMq.jpg[/img]
: Champ Update Exploration
These are really good. The Eveylnn, Caitlyn and LeBlanc and Taric ones I like the most. I'll definitely check you out on Deviant.
: Wasn't there a post on the boards not too long ago about the exp quints working really well and putting you up a whole level once you hit 6?
Oh, I'm not sure. That'd be great though
: Why do some champions cost 6300 IP? Are they better? But to answer your question, some of the more expensive runes are indeed better in what they ultimately give you. The more expensive runes are "safer" to choose because they usually give dual coverage on stuff. Scaling health quintessence runes, hybrid penetration runes and movement speed runes come to mind as some of the 2050 IP runes. They cover both damage types, and when doing solo queue into the unknown, are a more reliable choice to pick from. Basically these are the runes that if you have limited rune pages these runes will always be useful no matter what you're up against. But not all 2050 quintessence runes are worth buying. Something like Greater quintessence of energy regeneration is a pretty pointless buy so use your noggin before buying them thinking they are guaranteed to be useful.
I wish I did use my head before I bought experience quints
freya od (NA)
: league explained by spongebob
The duo bot http://i.imgur.com/h4soxKW.jpg[/img]
FlubbyDG (NA)
: I've got it - bring back the HUD from '09 beta!
I didn't play in beta... bless those who did
: GP was disabled due to Draven Glitch
Are we supposed to even be able to attack allied Gangplank barrels? I was Alistar and I could auto one forever
: ***
Yeah it does feel like a new game. I actually got a little overwhelmed with the additions of all those new items. I think if they did bring some of them in, they will be one at a time.
: When you main support....
took me a while to understand what you meant lol. Botrocker1 and his good pal Botrocker 2
: ***
That was just a jest. Any thoughts on what I was saying though?
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: Upvote VS Downvote Threads
but my artist posts don't get upvotes
: http://new2.fjcdn.com/comments/Yfw+bill+could+eat+two+wieners+_650db9077815f54e2d73e8f47f1cf7e1.png
Shoot, wish I was as cool as Bill...
: > [{quoted}](name=JesterSummoner,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=7TlXaBEk,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-27T22:06:55.291+0000) > > Yeah I remember when I first played. In my opinion people haven't changed much. I just ignored them. I played bots for a while then I jumped to normal. > > Not sure how many smurfs there were in 2012 though. It's a shame because we could use more casual players. Are you sure he won't try it again? No, I'm pretty sure he is done. The way this community thinks is do well or get flamed and he just didn't want to bother with that.
Ah ok. He isn't missing out on too much. Irrelevant now but I just wanted to input that a group of 5 premade friends is one way to avoid toxic teammies
: League is not a very welcoming game.
Yeah I remember when I first played. In my opinion people haven't changed much. I just ignored them. I played bots for a while then I jumped to normal. Not sure how many smurfs there were in 2012 though. It's a shame because we could use more casual players. Are you sure he won't try it again?
Fritterz (NA)
: If someone is being a real jerk to you...
I hope they kiss me on the head too
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